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Editorial Guidelines 

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Editorial Guidelines

Here at ProIndianCasinos, we have established editorial guidelines that ensure brand consistency and the provided content is in style and line with the expected quality and standards.

Why Establish Editorial Guidelines?

The editorial guidelines at ProIndianCasinos are the rules that all content creators on our platform must follow to ensure you, our readers, get the highest standards when providing relevant and engaging content that brings value to you.

The editorial guidelines are for our content creator staff: the researchers, copywriters, content creators, editors, and the editor-in-chief. Our editorial staff established these as a guide to ensure every team member will adhere to the same rule and produce high-quality, consistent, and exciting content.

Who Makes the Editorial Guidelines?

At ProIndianCasinos, we have a team of exceptional experts who are professionals in their fields. They follow the editorial guidelines that ensure we continuously provide you with excellent content, information, and news on the Indian online casinos and gambling.

The editorial guidelines were created as a collaborative effort by our editorial and writing staff, combining their skills and expertise, ensuring the content we deliver to you is always of the highest standard. The editorial guidelines ensure all our members follow the same outline, format, and standards, and here are the core editorial rules at ProIndianCasinos that all our staff swears by:

Editorial Code

Accuracy Based on Facts

Before we publish a review of an online casino operator, we test its services, games, design, payment methods, and customer service. It is how we can provide accurate information based on supported facts and how we can stand by our reviews.

Unbiased, Objective Content

Our team is unbiased in their reviews, as we test everything and write the reviews bias-free. We will openly share our opinion on whether the online casino is excellent, good, or bad, and we’ll emphasize what we think are their strong suits and their weaknesses.

Clear Easy-To-Read/Easy-To-Comprehend Content

Our India-based writing team is obviously familiar with Indian culture and Indian-preferred online playing habits, so we tailor our content to fit you – our Indian readers. We’ve made specific outlines that we always follow, and our content is relevant, understandable, and comprehensible.

Regular Updates That Follow News

The online casino industry is dynamic and constantly changing and updating. That is why we constantly follow the updates, review the changes and update our content accordingly. We try to stay on top of things, so if you note anything amiss on ProIndianCasinos, please get in touch with us so we can update and fix our errors.

Responsibility, Transparency, and Owning Our Mistakes

We strive to be as open and transparent with our readers as possible and always disclose our sources, whether a casino website, a government site, or a licensing website. Also, if we have made a mistake, please forgive us, as we are human! ☺ We make sure we own up to our mistakes and review and amend the content to make it up-to-date, relevant, and correct.