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Gambling Glossary 101: Important Gambling Terms for Indian Players

If you’ve ever wondered what a particular casino term means, you are at the right place. Here I share a comprehensive online casino glossary to guide you through all the gambling and sports betting terms you’ll encounter at online casinos. Read on and educate yourself on the definitions and most commonly used phrases, terms, slang, and abbreviations you’ll find at your favorite online casinos in India.

Term Use Definition
ACS General Automatic Card Shuffler
Action General A term referring to the total bet amount placed on a casino game or a sports bet
Active Payline Slots A term referring to the current line in play at the online slots game
Add-On Poker The action of adding more chips to the bankroll during a tournament
Advantage player General Referring to a player who can count cards/roll dice/play casino games, and knows how to turn the odds in their favor or use bonuses and game perks
Affiliate General The commission earned by promoting a brand
Aggregate Limit General The maximum payout limit paid by the casino, if the aggregate limit is reached, you may be forced to accept reduced payouts
Aggressive player Poker A player who frequently raises in poker
All In Poker Betting all your chips in one bet
All or Nothing Bingo/Keno A term referring to a player’s win if all their numbers are drawn or winning nothing
Andar Andar Bahar A possible bet in Andar Bahar
Annuity Lottery A lottery jackpot paid in installments
Ante Poker The mandatory stake you need to pay to enter a poker game
Arbitrage General Variation in the odds that guarantees a win
Arm Craps A player with excellent dice-throwing skills
ATS Sports betting Against The Spread
Term Use Description
Bahar Andar Bahar A possible bet in Andar Bahar
Banco Baccarat The bank, the bet placed on the Banker
Banker General A person who bets against all the players on the table
Bankroll General The amount of money you have at your disposal to use for gambling
Basic slot Slots A slot game with a single-pay line
BB General Blind Bet
Beef General A dispute between the casino and a player or between players
Beginner’s Luck General A term referring to a new player going on a winning streak
Bet layout General The area on the casino table where you can place your bet
Bet limit General The minimum and maximum amounts you can bet
Bet Wrong Craps A bet placed against the shooter
Big Bet Sic Bo A bet predicting the three dice will sum up between 11 and 17
Blackout Bingo When the player covers all the numbers on their bingo card, automatic win
Blind Teen Patti Placing a bet before you’ve seen your cards
Blinds Poker The forced bets
Bonus round Slots When a player hits a specific combination of symbols, they can be awarded a bonus round
Bonus symbol Slots A symbol awarding free spins or bonus rounds in a slot game
Bookmaker Sports Betting A person/entity that accepts bets on sports events
Break ever General When the won amount is enough to cover the losses
Break the bank General A jackpot or a massive win against the casino
Bug Poker A wildcard used to create a flush or a straight
Burn Card Poker A card that is discarded before a community card is drawn or a new round is dealt
Bust Blackjack A hand that is over 21, automatic loss
Buy In Poker The amount of money/chips necessary to enter the game
Term Use Description
Call Poker The action you need to take to match the current bet
Cap Poker The limit of the number of raises in a betting round
Card Counting Blackjack The action of counting the cards that have passed in online blackjack to improve winning odds and lower house edge
Caribbean Stud Poker A poker variant played against the house
Carte Blackjack A French term used to request a card t be dealt
Cash Bonus General Free cash bonus you can use to play a casino game
Cash Out General The action of withdrawing your winnings from the casino
Cashback General A percentage refund of your casino losses
Casino Advantage General House edge
Chaal Teen Patti Placing a bet after you’ve seen your cards in Teen Patti
Chase General When a losing player continues to play, hoping to recover the losses
Chat Room General The “room” on your screen where you can chat with other players in real-time
Check Poker Staying in the hand without betting but keeping the option to call or raise later in the round
Chemin De Fer Baccarat A French term for baccarat
Chip General Tokens used instead of money in land-based and online casinos
Chop Poker When two or more players share the winning pot in poker
Clear Poker Action where all the bets are canceled, and the money is returned to the players
Closing Line Sports Betting A final list of point spreads before the game starts
Cold Slots A slot game that hasn’t been paying out
Cold table Blackjack A table where the players are frequently losing
Column Bet Roulette A bet on one of three columns on the online roulette table
Combination Bet Horse race betting Bet on horses to finish first and second in either order
Come Bet Craps Betting on the shooter to win
Come-Out Bet Craps The first roll of the dice in the game
Commission General The percentage the casino takes as profit from games without house edge
Community Card Poker The cards are placed face up on the table that all the players can use to create a winning hand
Comp Points General Reward or loyalty points the casino awards to players
Corner Bet Roulette Bet on four numbers by placing the chips on the corner between four numbers
Crapping out Craps The numbers 7 or 11 rolled on the first throw where all the Don’t pass bets win
Croupier Roulette French for the dealer, the person who spins the wheel and collects the bets
Cut Blackjack The action of cutting/dividing the deck into two parts and placing the bottom on the top
Cycle Video poker The average number of hands in video poker before the top payout wins
Term Use Description
D’Alembert General A gambling strategy you can use to recover losses; the idea is to double your bet after every loss to recover your losses
Dead Heat Horse race betting When two horses finish in a tie
Dealer General The person who deals the cards to each player
Deck General A set of 52 cards
Deposit General The money you pay the casino to play real money casino games
Deposit bonus General The bonus money the casino gives you as an incentive to join and play the games
Dime General A bet of $1,000
Dog Sports Betting Sports term for the underdog, the team/athlete with a perceived disadvantage over the favorite
Dollar General A bet of $100
Don’t Come Craps Betting on the dice shooter to lose
Double Craps A bet placed on the numbers 2 to 6
Double Down Blackjack Double the original bet and get one more card
Down Card Blackjack The dealer card placed face-down on the table
Dozens Roulette A bet on one of the three dozen on the roulette table
Draw Blackjack Take one more card, also referred to as Hit
Draw Lottery The results of the online lottery draw
Drop Blackjack Fold, drop out of the game
Drop Percentage General The percentage of your win that goes to the casino because of the house edge
Term Use Description
Easy Craps A number combination by rolling dice with different values
Easy Way Craps A dice roll of 4, 6, 8, or 10
eCOGRA General eCommerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance
Edge General The advantage of a casino
En Prison Roulette A rule giving you a chance to recover the even bet money when the ball falls on 0
Encryption General A security measure by online casinos to keep user data safe and secure
European Roulette Roulette European roulette is a roulette variant with 37 pockets and a single zero pocket
Even Money Bet General A bet that pays the exact amount you wager
Exotic bet Horse race betting Any bet type in horse racing other than a straight bet
Expectation General The amount you expect to win on average based on the adds/probability
Term Use Description
Face Card General Any card with a face – J, Q, K
Favorite Sports Betting The team expected to win the match
Fifth Street/River Poker The third round, where the last community card is placed in Texas Hold’em poker
Fifty Cents General A bet of $50
Final Roulette A side bet in roulette placed on numbers that end in the same digit
First Half Bet Sports Betting A bet you place only on the first half of the game
Fixed Odds General A casino or a sports bet with predetermined odds
Flash General Online software required to play some casino games
Flat Bet General Betting the same amount on each hand
Flat Top Slots A slot game that has a fixed jackpot amount
Flop Poker The action of dealing the three community cards face up in Texas Hold’em poker
Flush Poker/Teen Patti A card hand with cards all in the same suit
Fold General When the player resigns from the round
Forecast Sports Betting Predictions for the possible outcome of the sports event
Fourth Street Poker The second round of betting in poker, where four community cards are on the table
Free Spin Slots The chance to spin the slots without having to bet your money
FTW General For The Win
Full House Poker A hand with two hands in one rank and three cards in a second rank
Futures Sports Betting A sports bet placed on the outcome of a future event
Term Use Description
Gambler’s Fallacy General A belief that the future outcome depends on the outcome of previous hands
Gambler’s Ruin General A strategy that is bound to ruin the gambler
Garbage hand Poker A poor hand that should be discarded
Get down General Make a bet
GG General Good Game
GLA General Good Luck All
Grind Poker A player who plays plenty of online poker games with small stakes to build a profit
Gross Winnings General The sum of all the winning bets
Term Use Description
Half Time Bet Sports Betting A bet placed in the second half of the match
Hand General The cards the players have
Handicap Sports Betting Points awarded to the team less likely to win to even the odds against the favorite
Hard Craps A number achieved by rolling dice with the same value
Hard Way Craps A dice roll of 4, 6, 8, and 10 before a roll of 7
Heads Up Blackjack A single player on a live blackjack table
High Bet Roulette A bet placed on the high numbers 19-36
High Roller General A player who plays high-stakes games
Hi-Lo Craps Bet that the next roll will fall on a 2 or a 12
Hit Blackjack The request for another card
Hit Slots Spinning a winning pay line
Hole cards Poker The facedown cards the players get
Home Field Advantage Sports Betting The advantage of the home team
Hot Slots A slot game that pays out at a higher rate
Hot game Sports betting A sports event attracting a lot of attention
Hot streak General When a player is on a winning streak
Hot table General A casino table where players win frequently
House General A term referring to the casino
House Edge General The casinos take from every bet you place
House Rules General The rules of a particular casino
HU General Heads Up
Term Use Description
Implied odds Poker The odds that can’t be calculated in the initial bet but are based on the expected wins in a given hand
Inside Bet Roulette A bet placed on the inside section of the table, placed on a specific number
Instant games General Also known as a flash casino where you can directly play the games
Instant win General Casino games that instantly determine the winner
Insurance Blackjack A side bet in blackjack, you can place that the dealer will have a natural blackjack
Term Use Description
Jackpot General The largest amount you can win at a given casino game
Jacks or Better Video Poker A popular video poker variant
Jhandi Jhandi Munda The symbol that appears the most in Jhandi Munda
Joker General Additional cards in a deck that can be used as wildcards
Term Use Description
Keno Keno A type of lottery game where you can place a bet on numbers from 1 to 80
Term Use Description
Lady General Common slang for the Queen card
Lay Bet Craps Bet that a 7 will be rolled before the point
Lay Down Poker To fold a poker hand because of poor hole cards
Lay Odds Sports Betting To make a bet on odds that are favorable for the other side
Limit General A term referring to the limit of the bet size or limit of the possible winnings
Limit Sports Betting The maximum amount you can bet before the odds are changed
Lines Sports Betting The odds provided by the bookmaker
Live Dealer Game General Online casino games are run by real human dealers and streamed live via multiple camera views
Long odds Sports Betting High odds, generally higher than 10:1
Longshot General An unlikely winner
Low Bet Roulette Bet on the low numbers from 1 to 18
Loyalty program General A program run by an online casino where loyal players get special perks
Lump Sum Lottery A lottery winning paid out in a single sum
Term Use Description
Margin Sports Betting The difference between the competitors at a given event
Martingale General Casino betting strategy designed to minimize your losses and maximize winnings
Maximum bet General The highest possible stake you can bet on a game
Middle Sports Betting To bet on the underdog at one point spread and the favorite at another point spread and win both sides
Minimum bet General The lowest possible stake you can bet on a game
Mobile Slots Slots Online slots games that you can play on a mobile device
Money Line Sports Betting A bet on the winner of an event without point spread odds
MTT Poker Multi-table Tournament
Multi-Hand Games General Casino games where you can play multiple hands
Multiplayer Games General Casino games where several players can play simultaneously
Multiplier General A wild card/symbol that multiplies the payout in different games
MVG General Most Valued Guest
Term Use Description
N1 General Nice One
Natural Blackjack A two-card hand that sums up to 21 and is automatically a winner
Natural Craps A come-out roll of 7 or 11
Natural Baccarat A two-card hand worth eight or nine points
Net Winning General The amount won after deducting the initial stake from the winnings
NH General Nice Hand
NL General No Limit
No Action Sports Betting A bet where you don’t lose or win money
No Deposit Bonus General Free money you receive as an incentive without needing to make a cash deposit that you can use at an online casino
No Limit General A game without limits on the bet amount
Non-Sticky Bonus General A casino bonus that you can withdraw after completing the T&Cs
Nosebleed bet General A bet with a massive size
NP General Nice Play; No Problem
Term Use Description
Odds General The ratio of winning to the stake you enter
Odds Sports Betting The set probability that a team/athlete will win the match
Off The Board Sports Betting A game that is not offered for sports bettors
Omaha Poker A poker variant with multiple betting rounds played with a single deck of cards
One-Roll bet Craps Betting on the results of the upcoming dice roll
Online Casino General The online version of a traditional casino where people can play from home
Outlaw Line Sports Betting The earliest line in sports betting is not available to many players
Outside bet Roulette Even money bets like red/black, even/odd, high/low
Over/Under Sports Betting A bet on whether the outcome of the game will be over or under a specified number
Overdrawn General A number that is drawn more frequently
Overdue General A number that is drawn less frequently; players believe it is due to come up very soon
Overlay Sports Betting Odds that are higher in favor of the player
Term Use Description
Pair Poker Tow cards with the same value
Parlay General The step of adding your winnings from the previous to the upcoming bet
Pass Line Craps Betting on the shooter to win
Passive player Poker A player who raises infrequently
Pat Blackjack A hand worth 17 where you don’t take any more cards
Payline Slots A line of symbols that pays out when the winning combinations of symbols are shown
Payoff General The money received from a win
Payout Percentage General The statistical percentage of every bet that will be returned to the player also referred to as RTP
Paytable General A chart that shows the payout structure for the different hand combinations
Pick Sports Betting Bet, wager
Pineapple Poker Poker variant with multiple betting rounds and community cards similar to Texas Hold’em poker
Place Bet Craps A bet that wins if a specific number is rolled before the end of the round; a bet that loses if a 7 is rolled before the specific number
Playthrough requirements General A requirement that a specific amount of money should be wagered before you can withdraw your winnings you’ve won using the bonus amount
Point Craps The number set by the come-out roll, and it can be any number other than 7 or 11
Point Spread Sports Betting Points are awarded to the underdog to even the odds
Pot Poker The total amount of money gathered by the ante, blinds, and the bets
Pot Limit General A game with a fixed bet size per round
Progressive Slot Slots A slot game where the jackpot grows over time as more players play the game
Proposition Bet Sports Betting A particular bet offered by the bookmaker on a unique event
Provably Fair General An algorithm used in online casinos to ensure the casino games are fair
Punto Baccarat A term referring to the Player in baccarat
Punto Banco Baccarat A term referring to the baccarat game
Push Blackjack A tie where neither the players nor the dealer wins, and the bet is returned to the player
Term Use Description
Quads Poker A hand with four cards of the same rank, four of a kind
Quick Pick Lottery A computer selects the numbers for you
Quarter Bet Roulette A bet on four numbers
Qualifier General The criteria you need to fill out to qualify for betting
Term Use Description
Raise Poker Action that increases the bet size
Rake Poker A fee that the casino collects from each poker hand
RNG General Random Number Generator: an algorithm that provides random outcomes for casino games
Re-Bet General A bet size equal to the previous round
Reel Slot The rotating element of a slot game is covered in symbols; slots games have from 3 to 9 reels
Reload Bonus General Casino money you get when you make a subsequent deposit to your account
Return General The total winnings on a given bet
River Poker The dealing of the final community card in Texas Hold’em poker
Roll Craps Throwing the dice in online craps
Roulette Wheel Roulette The rotating wheel with numbered pockets determines the winning number
Royal Flush Poker The top-ranked hand in poker: A, K, Q, J, 10 in the same suit
Rundown Sports Betting All the relevant information on a particular event
Term Use Description
Scatter Symbol Slots Special multiplier symbols that raise the bet or trigger free spins or bonus rounds when two or more of these appear on your screen during a slot game
Scratch Card Lottery A type of instant-win lottery game where you need to scratch out the top layer and reveal the symbols to see if you are a winner
Seven Card Stud Poker A poker variant with no community cards, but the players get one card in each of the seven rounds.
Seven Out Craps When a 7 is rolled before making a point and losing the pass line bet
SH General Short Handed, a card game played with less than the usual number of players
Shark General An expert card player
Showdown Poker At the end of the poker game where the remaining players compare their hands and determine the winner
Sic Bo General A casino dice game where you bet on the outcome of the roll of the three dice
Sign Up Bonus General Referred to as a welcome bonus, this is a bonus the casino gives to newly signed-up members
Single Sports Betting A straight-up bet, bet on a single team/athlete to win
Snake Eyes Craps When the two dice fall on 1
Soft Hand Blackjack A hand with one or more aces
Split Blackjack Splitting the initial cards into separate hands; is available only if the two cards are of the same rank
Sportsbook Sports Betting The company or website that accepts sports bets
SS General Short Stacked
Staggered Payout Slots A pay table in slots games that pay more to the gamblers who have made larger bets
Stake General The money you bet on any outcome
Sticky Bonus General A casino bonus type that can’t be cashed out but is only used to play casino games
Straight Poker A card hand with five cards with consecutive ranking
Straight Bet Roulette A bet placed on a single number
Straight Bet Sports Betting A bet placed on one team or athlete
Straight Flush Poker The second-highest winning hand; five consecutive cards in the same suit
Street Bet Roulette A roulette bet on three consecutive numbers
Suit General The different symbols of the cards: diamond, heart, clubs, and spade
Surrender Blackjack The option to forfeit a hand in blackjack and get half of your bet amount back
Symbol Slots The images, numbers, or letters on the slot machine that determine the outcome and won amount
Term Use Description
Table Limit General The minimum and maximum bet limits on a given casino table
Take the Odds Sports Betting Accepting or making abet that is not very favorable
Tapped Out General A casino player who’s spent all their money
Teen Patti Teen Patti An Indian card game similar to poker
Texas Hold’em Poker A poker game where the players get two hole cards and five community cards and create the best possible hand
Three of a Kind Poker A hand with three cards of the same rank
Ticket Sports Betting The sports bet you place
Tie Sports Betting A bet where you don’t win or lose money
Tie Baccarat A bet in baccarat that the Player and Banker will have the same score
True Odds Sports Betting The actual odds for a specific outcome
Twenty One Blackjack A term referring to blackjack
TY General Thank You
Term Use Description
Under Sports Betting A bet on the total points of the game will be under a set number
Underdog Sports Betting The team/athlete more likely to lose
Up Card Poker The cards placed face-up on the poker table
Unit General The smallest bet amount you can place at the online casino
Term Use Description
Value Sports Betting To get the best offs with the highest RTP
Video Poker Video Poker A five-draw poker game played on a screen
Vigorish/Vig Sports Betting The commission on a losing bet
VIP General An online casino program where members get exclusive prizes and bonuses
Virtual Casino Games General The online casino games operated by computers and RNGs
Term Use Description
Wager General A term for a bet
Wagering Requirements General Part of the T&Cs where you need to bet a certain amount of money to claim your winnings obtained with the casino bonus
Welcome Bonus General The amount of money the casino grants as a bonus to new players
Wild Card General The joker in many casino card games can replace any card and create a good hand
Wild Symbol Slots A symbol that can replace any other symbol on the slot reel and make a winning combination
Withdrawal General The process to withdraw your winnings from the online casino
Term Use Description
YHS General Your Hand Sucks
YW General You are Welcome
YO General The number 11