Blacklisted Casinos in India (Updated List 2024 & Tips How to Avoid)

We have made it our mission to bring you as much info as possible on the online casinos that are available in India. So, we have made so many thorough reviews of online casino platforms, and we’ve come upon excellent options for you, but not all has been smooth sailing, as there are those that you should avoid at all costs. Here is what you need to know about blacklisted online casinos in India, with vital tips on avoiding them.

What Does Blacklisting an Online Casino Mean?

For an online casino to be labeled as blacklisted, it is regarded as unacceptable, untrustworthy, and should be best avoided. Such a casino has poor regard for its members and does not care if it puts its members in danger.

It is challenging to spot a fake/fraudulent online casino in India.

A blacklisted casino usually does not satisfy the games’ online safety and fairness standards and has poor or no customer service. Still, there could be online casinos that were once blacklisted, but they’ve improved their services so much that they’ve reached the trusted casino’s list.

Reasons for Blacklisting an Online Casino

There are many reasons why an online casino could be blacklisted; since there are no universal governing bodies that regulate or label online casinos, it is usually up to sites like ours to provide you with the knowledge and resources you need to recognize dangerous online platforms. Here are the main reasons why a casino could be blacklisted:

Uncertain or Lengthy Withdrawal

An online casino could be blacklisted mainly because of its uncertain payout. Online casinos with fraudulent policies usually provide excuses or prolong the withdrawal process. Should an online casino refuse to pay legitimate winnings to their members, they usually face the inevitable closing of operations.

But not all blacklisted casinos refuse to pay, as some disreputable online casinos have lengthy withdrawal processes that can prolong without explanation. If the online casino starts giving unrealistic reasons why the withdrawal is lagging, it is a sure sign that something is not right with the platform, and we recommend you avoid it.

Fake online casinos have lengthy withdrawal processes and could also cancel the withdrawal request.

Low Quality, Pirated or Rigged Games

Not all casino games are created equal, but all have a house edge built into them, so the casino always has the advantage. Still, some faulty online casinos have the need to mess up the games more and build in a higher house edge. Such practice is unfair and does not go unnoticed by the players, and these online casinos very quickly lose their clientele and go out of business.

Fake casinos will try to rig the RNGs and increase their winning chances, providing unfair games.

Poor Design and No User-Friendly Navigation

Design and user-friendliness are essential for an online platform such as an online casino. Any online casino with poor design or necessitates a steep learning curve is not a platform people would like to use regularly. That is why we always check the navigation, design, and user-friendliness of any online casino we test and provide you with an objective review.

Lack of Transparency

Reputable online casinos don’t have anything to hide, so they are transparent in their Terms and Conditions, Terms of Use, and Privacy Policy. But the opposite is also true, as some online casinos have very unpleasant T&Cs or an unfair Privacy Policy, so they need to hide these. Such a lack of transparency is unfair to the members, and they don’t have the members’ interests at heart. There is also the risk of gathering and selling the members’ personal information, which is a definite reason for blacklisting and avoiding such online casinos at all costs.

Fake casinos don’t care about users’ data and online safety; they can even sell the users’ data to third parties.

Poor/Incompetent/Rude Customer Support

Another proper reason for blacklisting an online casino is the lack of quality customer support. As the online casinos serve clients 24/7 and people can run into issues at any time, having a competent, friendly, and knowledgeable person is vital for the smooth running of any online casino. Suppose the online casino has poor, incompetent, or rude customer support agents or does not have any type of customer support whatsoever. In that case, this is an apparent reason that something is wrong, and the casino is not the reputable platform it tries to sell itself as.

How to Identify a Fake Online Casino

Now that we’ve shared the main reasons for blacklisting an online casino, here are the main signs to check if you suspect fraudulent activity at an online casino:

  • Unfair Games – if the casino’s games are rigged and are always in favor of the house, then you are right to suspect that something is not right
  • Not Paying Wins – a fake casino will find many reasons to skip paying legitimate winnings to its users, and some will go as far as paying out winnings in many small installments.
  • Unclear T&Cs – we always urge you to read the T&Cs before agreeing to anything online, and in the case of online casinos, the more convoluted the T&Cs, the more proof that something is fishy.
  • Massive Wagering Requirements – all online casinos have wagering requirements attached to their bonuses and promo deals, but reputable platforms have wagering requirements going from 1x to 40x. You have a reason to be suspicious if the wagering requirements are 70x or above, with some having them as high as 100x.
  • Unclear/Undisclosed License – several globally-accepted governing bodies license online casinos, which we’ve covered at length. If the online casino does not have a proper license or refuses to disclose its registration and license fully, this is a reason for suspicion and blacklisting.
  • Poor Online Reputation – people love to talk and share their experiences with various online platforms, including online casinos. If the online casino has a poor reputation or has been involved in significant scandals, this is a reason for concern and putting it on the blacklisted casinos list.

List of Blacklisted Casinos in India

Casino Issues
coolcat casino hindi  

* Bad reviews & ratings on google.

* Spam players.

* Pirated casino games.

black diamond hindi  

* Withdrawals are not guaranteed.

* Poor quality casino games.

* The wagering requirement is high.

casino x hindi  

* Withdrawal Issues.

* Third-party sources may intervene.

* Bonuses are valid only for few days.

clubdice hindi  

* High wagering requirements.Payment issues.

* False ads.

grand prive hindi  

* Unethical affiliates.Inconvenient payment methods.

* Spam players.

gold betting  

* Reported as spam.

planet seven  

* Low RTPPoor customer support

swiss casino  

* Unresponsive customer support.Rigged casino games.

What Will Happen if You Play at a Blacklisted Online Casino in India?

If you happen to play at a blacklisted online casino in India, you are putting yourself in an unpleasant situation. First of all, you are risking your money, and more seriously, you are risking your personal information. Also, playing at a blacklisted online casino in India risks your device, as it is not safe from catching something, especially if you’ve been asked to download and install something from the casino website.

It is easy to fall victim to a fake online casino, as there are no apparent pointers to spotting a fake casino.

However, if you do happen to learn that the casino you’ve joined in India is not precisely reputable and is blacklisted, then here is what you should do:

Don’t Panic – breathe and stay calm, as casinos get blacklisted for various reasons, so you may not be in the wrong situation you imagine. Some casinos get blacklisted for not disclosing their license, which does not mean your money is at risk. Don’t start screaming at everybody or call customer support and complain. Instead, remain with a steady, calm demeanor and follow the next steps.

Cash-out Your Money – your money is at risk at this time, so you should start cashing out everything you have on the blacklisted casino. Look for the quickest method to get as much of your money as possible, as you will still have some fees you’ll need to pay.

Ask the Casino to Delete Your Personal Data – if the fraudulent online casino was after your personal data, it is probably too late for you to do anything, but it does not hurt to try. After you get as much of your money from the casino as possible, contact the casino’s customer support and ask them to delete your account and delete your personal data. It may be a long shot, but you never know.

Look for a Reputable Online Casino – if you wish to continue your online gambling entertainment, you should look for a reputable online casino in India to join, one that takes care of its members and ensures their online safety and security.

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What We Check for to Decide the Legitimacy of an Online Casino?

When we test and review an online casino in India, we make thorough checks on several aspects of the casino, like:

License and Legality

We always check the license and registration of the online casino. Reputable platforms readily publish their licenses and even share links to the licensing body’s website so we (the users) can see the proof that they are legitimate and legal.

Legal, legit online casinos in India readily publish their license on their website.

Online Reputation

We check the most commonly used online review websites and read all user-submitted reviews about a platform we review. Sometimes there could be one or two bad reviews from people who’ve lost their funds, and sometimes there could be troubling comments in the reviews. Still, user reviews always serve as an excellent pointer to the online reputation the online casino enjoys.

Reputable casinos have not been involved in significant scandals and enjoy good reviews and ratings.

Game Variety and Game Providers

The more game variety an online casino has, the better. Also, it must have games from plenty of software providers, as this provides variety and a better user experience. Thus, we always check the game variety and what game providers are on the website, looking for the obvious choices like Evolution Gaming, Microgaming, NetEnt, Novomatic, Playtech, etc.

Reputable casinos have games from different casino software providers.

Cross-Platform Optimization

Reputable online casinos want their members to enjoy themselves as much as possible, so they strive to provide as many playing options as possible, including playing on different devices. When checking the online casinos in India, we test mobile use, cross-platform optimization, and mobile apps. We must note that fraudulent online casinos usually lack proper mobile use or cross-platform optimization.

Reputable casinos either have mobile apps or excellent cross-platform optimization.

Payment Options

Having plenty of payment (deposit and withdraw) options is a trait that most reputable online casinos in India share. Conversely, the fake online casinos lack a variety of payment methods and usually have one or two available payment methods. Checking the available deposit and withdrawal methods is one way to check the online casino’s legitimacy, as it is challenging to spot a fraudulent online casino in India.

Legit online casinos in India have plenty of deposit methods for Indian players and accept deposits in Indian Rupees.


Reputable online casinos have excellent security starting with an active SSL certificate and having 128-bit encryption to protect the user data. Another layer of security that reputable online casinos in India have is the option to engage a 2F authentication. On the other hand, fake or fraudulent online casinos have very little regard for the users’ safety and online security. They can have an expired SSL certificate, no data encryption, and unsecured servers.

Legit online casinos in India ensure they have all the security measures to provide their members with a safe and secure online gambling experience.


Why should you check the legitimacy of an online casino in India?

You are putting your personal data and depositing money to the online casino in India, so you should always check the casino’s legitimacy, as you don’t want to expose yourself and your money to unnecessary risks.

Why avoid joining a blacklisted online casino in India?

Never join blacklisted online casinos in India, as you could lose your money, put your personal data in danger and even expose your device to risk. Also, since the online gambling industry in India is unregulated with any laws, you can’t ask for legal help in case something unsavory happens to you.

How to check an online casino’s license?

Reputable online casinos will publish their licenses on their website. It is usually placed near the bottom of the page, and most legit casinos in India put a link to the issuing body, so you can click on the badge/link/image and see the casino’s license.

What are the risks related to joining a blacklisted online casino in India?

There are plenty of risks involved with joining a blacklisted casino in India, the primary ones being putting your money and personal data at serious risk.

What are some trusted methods to help me spot a fake online casino?

Spotting a fake online casino is actually tricky, but there are some things you can check by yourself. These include checking the casino’s license, registration, SSL certificate, withdrawal policy, verification policy, and online reputation.

Do fake online casinos have good welcome bonuses?

Actually, many of them have tempting welcome bonuses, but they often have very high wagering requirements, written in fine print, so you will be tempted to skip over them.

Do casinos ever improve and get off the blacklist?

It depends on the reason for blacklisting the online casino in the first place. Suppose the reason for ousting the online casino is something like poor customer support. In that case, the casino can potentially improve, hire and train better customer support agents and get off the blacklist. But if the reason is as severe as rigging games or refusing to pay out winnings, these casinos rarely improve their practices and usually end up closing their websites.