Tips To Verify Account At Online Casino In India?

Before you can be free to enjoy your online entertainment like joining online casinos, online horse race betting in India or maybe online lottery in India, you need to take care of a few technical aspects. Account verification is a critical step that all reputable casinos have in place before they allow withdrawals. It is an essential requirement by all licensed casinos, and there is no way around it. We’ve checked a lot of online casinos that accept players from India, and we’ll talk at length about why it is vital to verify your account at online casinos in India.

Why Verify Your User Account at Online Casinos in India?

Most online casinos and all reputable ones adhere to the KYC and AML policies or Know Your Customer and Anti Money Laundering policies. That means that all customers will need to verify their accounts before they can make a withdrawal. These practices protect both the online casinos and the casino members.

It may seem like an invasion of privacy; still, by verifying your online casino account, you are proving your identity, thus preventing someone else from using your personal information and joining an online casino. Also, the account verification has legal aspects related to any financial activity online, so you will be free to legally and legitimately make a withdrawal of your casino winnings.

What Is the KYC Policy?

KYC is an acronym for Know Your Customer; it is a set of standards that ensures the institution (the online casino in this instance) has detailed information about its clients. The KYC policy serves to verify the customer’s identity, risk profile, and financial profile. It is a globally-accepted policy that most financial institutions have, and one of the essential things about the KYC policy is the requirement to know and keep records of the essential facts of each customer such as name, date of birth, address, income, income sources and the like.

Per the globally-accepted rules of KYC policy, the usually required documents are a government-issued ID card as proof of identity. The proof of address can be a utility bill where the name and address of the person are clearly stated.

All reputable online casinos require proof of identity and proof of address from all their customers as a part of the KYC compliance.

What Is the AML Policy?

AML stands for Anti-Money-Laundering, and this is a set of rules and procedures that help institutions and online platforms fight money laundering by asking their members for proof of the sources of the funds they place on the platform.

Online casinos that adhere to the AML policy require their members to provide suitable proof of funds for the money they place on the platform. It is usually done by asking the members to provide proof of income or a bank statement as a means to verify the deposited funds are from a legitimate source.

Per AML policy, online casinos require their members to verify the source of funds they deposit on the website.

Why Is Online Casino Account Verification Essential?

As we noted, all reputable online casinos in India comply with the KYC/AML policies as a way to comply with global financial rules. Still, there are many other vital aspects of why the KYC and AML policies are in place. One is the legality of the online casino and the prevention of financial crimes using the online casinos as coverage. Here we’ve prepared a rundown of the most important things why online casinos comply with the KYC and AML policies and require all its members to verify their accounts per these rules:

To Prevent Financial Crimes

The main reason online casinos require their customers to verify their accounts is to prevent financial crimes. The KYC and AML policies are in place for the casinos to ensure they know their customers and that their services can’t be used for nefarious activities. Without such policies, people could use online casinos to launder money obtained through ill-gotten ways or use someone else’s account to steal money.

Avoid Bonus Abuse

The account verification also serves to protect the online casino from abuse, namely bonus abuse. All casino members are required to verify their accounts to be eligible for withdrawal of any bonuses or winnings. Without verifying the account, members will not be allowed to make a withdrawal, thus being unable to take advantage of the online casino’s generosity and abuse any bonuses they are granted.

To Follow Legal Regulations

Account verification is part of a broader set of legal regulations preventing fraudulent online activity. Since it is nearly impossible to stop online frauds completely, account verification is one way the fraudulent activities can be mitigated. Also, the governing and regulatory authorities and the eCOGRA’s regulatory and compliance activities are more easily upheld when the members’ accounts are verified.

To Prevent Underage Gambling

Underage gambling is a crime, and no reputable online casino platforms allow players younger than 18 to join the platform and play the games. To ensure none of the players are underage, online casinos require the members to provide adequate documents to prove the player’s age by providing an ID document with the actual date of birth.

Keep an Eye on Problematic Gambling Behavior

Reputable online casinos that have licenses from reputable governing bodies support the initiatives for responsible gambling like GambleAware, and GamCare and even have measures in place to help excessive gambling. By verifying the user account, the users can better keep track of potential problematic gambling behavior and have insight into the member’s spending habits.

Most Common Verification Documents

Different online casinos require different verification documents, and we’ve reviewed many of the reputable online casinos in India, thus providing you with the most commonly required verification documents:

Proof of Identity

To prevent identity fraud, the essential thing the online casino users in India will be required to provide is proof of identity. The proof of identity can be a scan of an official government-issued ID card, a valid driver’s license, or a passport. It should clearly state the user’s first and last name, date of birth, address, and other identifying info like a photograph. The format can be a scanned copy or a glare-free photograph of both sides of the document.

Proof of Address

Proof of address is the other essential thing the online casino users in India will need to provide to prove they are the person they claim to be. The most commonly accepted proof of address is a utility bill in the user’s name no older than three months. It needs to be a scanned copy or a glare-free photograph of the entire document, and the account holder’s name and address should be clearly visible.

Proof of Identity and proof of address are the most commonly required verification documents.

Email Verification

Most online casinos in India will send their newly registered members an email with a confirmation code or link to prevent fraud. The user will need to click on the confirmation link or enter the confirmation code in their online casino’s account and prove they are the owner of the email account they’ve entered on the platform.

Proof of Funds

The proof of funds is a document proving that the members of the online casino in India have the financial ability to support the funds they put on the platform. It can be in the form of a bank statement or a credit card statement verifying that the money the users put on the online casino is theirs and that they can legitimately spend them with the online casino.

Face Verification

Face verification is a newer form of account verification that some online platforms use and some online casinos have adopted. It uses AI-based software to compare the photo on the ID, passport, or driver’s license with the photo the user sends. It is an advanced way to confirm the user’s identity and that they are the same person.

Phone Verification

Some online casinos in India prefer the approach of verifying the customer’s phone number. It is usually done by sending a time-sensitive code on your phone that you need to enter into your account within a few minutes. Phone verification is essential, as the 2F authorization that some online platforms have (including some online casinos) uses phone numbers as one layer of security.

When Do You Need to Verify Your Online Casino Account?

The time of account verification depends on the online casino in India you join. For example, some online casinos require their members to verify the accounts upon initial registration, while others require this to be done later.

Still, all online casinos in India and anywhere else have in common that they will ask for account verification before any withdrawal is possible. Some online casinos have the verification process intertwined with the initial withdrawal request.

All online casinos will require their members to verify their accounts before making a withdrawal.

How to Send the Documents: Steps to Verify Your Online Casino Account

Now that we’ve covered the other stuff, here is the most commonly used method of account verification that many online casinos in India have. As we said, there are different verification documents, and many casinos send an email confirmation link to their newly registered customers. Hence, the verification process starts at initial registration to the casino website, but it continues until all the steps are fulfilled. Here is what you’ll need to gather and prepare to send to your selected online casino platform:

Gather the documents: government-issued ID, valid passport, or driver’s license as proof of identity and a utility bill not older than three months as proof of address. Make copies, scans, or photographs of the documents and save them in the file format requested by the online platform.

The sending of the documents again depends on the actual online casino website you join. Some may have a designated account verification form, others require you to upload the documents directly to your user account, and some websites may require you to send the necessary documents via email.

You need to follow your chosen online casino’s account verification process to get verified immediately.

How to Check If Your Documents Are Verified by an Online Casino

The online casinos in India always do their due diligence and will notify all their members of the status of the account verification process. If everything goes smoothly, you will get a confirmation email that everything has gone well and your account was successfully verified.

Most online casinos that accept players from India promise that the account verification process takes 24 to 48 hours after submitting the necessary documents. Please remember to check the spam folder of your email account, as sometimes essential emails can be put there by the online algorithms.

Suppose you don’t get a confirmation (or rejection) email within 48 hours. In that case, you need to contact the online casino’s customer support team for clarification and to resolve any possible issue as soon as possible, as the account verification is inherently involved with withdrawing your winnings.

How to Get Your Documents Approved on the First Try

Here is how you can prepare your documents and get them approved on your first try. Please note that you should read the account verification requirements your selected online casino has in place, especially the file format accepted by the website. Here are the things you need to prepare:

  • Gather all necessary documents: ID, utility bill, passport, credit card…
  • Take clear, glare-free screenshots
  • If possible, scan the documents and save them as PDFs
  • Contact customer support if something is unclear
  • Make sure all the documents match the data you’ve answered on the platform
To successfully verify your account, read the verification requirements and prepare all documents beforehand.

What to Do if Your Verification Is Refused

Should the unfortunate happen and your account verification gets refused, it can happen for several reasons. We’ve listed the most common reasons for rejection here and added advice on what to do not to get refused a second time.

  • You are missing a vital document
  • You’ve provided an older utility bill (most casinos require a utility bill no older than three months)
  • Your documents are not in the accepted format
  • Your documents don’t match with the data you’ve entered in your profile
  • You’ve tried to use someone else’s account and data

If you get refused, you can contact the online casino’s customer support and ask them for the reason why your account verification was refused. They are required to provide you with an answer, and if it is something that can be easily fixed, you can fix the mistake and have your account verified in no time.

If something is wrong with your account verification, contact customer support for more help and guidance.


How can I be sure my personal data will be safe at online casinos in India?

The reputable, licensed online casinos in India have online safety and security measures in place to ensure the user’s data is safe and secure. If unsure, you can check if the casino has an active SSL certificate and see what kind of encryption the casino has. The SSL certificate is the little lock icon on the left side of your browser’s search bar. If the online casino’s SSL certificate has expired, the browser will prompt a notification message. As for data encryption, reputable online casinos in India proudly boast of the type of encryption they have, and the most common type is 128-bit encryption.

Can I join an online casino in India without account verification?

Some online casinos that accept players from India will allow their new members to join and use the platform for a specific time before they are required to verify the user accounts. The timetable is solely at the online casino’s discretion, but all reputable online casinos generally require members to verify the accounts before withdrawing their winnings.

Do all licensed online casinos in India require account verification?

Yes, all licensed online casinos in India require their members to verify their accounts. It is necessary, as all reputable online casinos that accept players from India have active licenses and comply with the global regulations and KYC and AML policies.

What format must the verification documents be at online casinos in India?

Most online casinos in India accept scanned copies of the official documents in PDF or JPG format. You can check this at your account page on the chosen casino.

How can I see if a casino is real or fake before submitting my personal data?

You should check the casino’s online reputation and its license to see whether a reputable regulatory body licenses the casino. You can learn more about casino licenses here.