Legit Online Casinos In India – How To Find Them?

In an online climate full of multiple choices for everything and anything, it is easy to get sidetracked and make a not-so-smart choice, especially where money and personal info are involved. As the online gambling industry is very well established, it is full of various choices – some legit and some with blatant disregard for legitimacy.

At Pro Indian Casinos, we have made it our mission to bring you all the vital knowledge you will need to successfully navigate the online casino industry, find all the best places that accept Indian players and provide excellent entertainment opportunities. Before we go into detail on the things to know about legit online casinos in India, here is a list of trusted, legit online casinos in India:

Legit Casino – What Does This Mean?

More and more people are turning to online casinos because of changing trends and the convenience of playing your favorite casino game from the comfort of your home. But the online casino industry is very different from the land-based casino industry; thus, it relies on different rules and regulations. For an online casino to be legitimate, it is registered in a jurisdiction supporting online gambling. It also means that the online casino has an active license from a suitable governing body.

Always join an online casino with a valid license from a reputable governing body!

Still, to be legit, the online casino needs to have proper payment methods, support various currencies, and user-friendly customer support, which we’ll discuss at length below. Also, among the more critical factors for a legit online casino is the online reputation – how well other users found the overall user experience. That is why we’ve made reviews of the top online casinos that provide their services to players from India.

How to Identify if a Casino is Legal in India?

Now to the important part, a guide on identifying if a casino is legit in India. We’ve covered every aspect you need to check, as we also use the same criteria when identifying the legit casinos in India. Also, you need to note that all this data is readily available on the casino’s website; you only need to know what to look for. Here is what you need to know to identify a legal casino in India:

License and Regulating Authority – the first thing to check for at any online casino is where it is registered and check the license. Legit, reputable online casinos always publish their license number, proudly outlining their legitimacy. It is often near the bottom of the homepage, and some even have quick links to the actual license, with the license number and its validity clearly stated.

Legit online casinos are licensed by a reputable casino governing body.

Casino Software and Game Providers – a legitimate, reputable online casino always has casino software and games from reputable game providers. You can simply check this, as all the legitimate online casinos in India (and everywhere else) proudly display their game providers and casino software.

Legitimate Indian online casinos have games and software from reputable online game providers.

Customer Support – a legit online casino will have quality customer support available in at least two methods. Legit, reputable online casinos in India usually have lengthy help and FAQ sections on their websites, and they also have customer support agents that you can talk to live. Customer support at legit online casinos is usually available via phone, email, or live chat, and many Indian casinos have it available for their clients 24/7.

Legitimate online casinos usually have excellent customer support and 24/7 live chat support.

Payment Methods – the legitimate online casinos in India usually have a lengthy and varied list of available payment methods. Also, the legit online casinos accept deposits and support withdrawals in Indian Rupees to accommodate Indian members and comply with the Indian FEMA law of 1999. Indian online gamblers prefer to make deposits via e-wallets like Skrill, Neteller, PayTM, PayPal, or Google Pay.

Check the casino’s withdrawal method – it is a crucial indicator of the casino’s legitimacy.

Bonus T&Cs – almost all online casinos have tempting bonuses and promotional deals for their members, but you will need to check the accompanying T&Cs. In the case of legitimate, reputable online casinos, the bonus T&Cs will be reasonable, and the wagering requirements will be within reason, often going from 1x to 40x to 50x. Illegitimate online casinos usually have outrageous T&Cs attached to their bonuses and wagering requirements of 100x or more.

Always check the bonus T&Cs before accepting the bonus offer!

Online Reputation – the online reputation is difficult to fake, and all online businesses, including online casinos, know this. It is why we urge you to check the online reputation of an online casino in India before joining the online casino. Checking various online review websites and reading other people’s user experiences with your chosen online casino will help you get a more detailed picture of the casino and read first-hand testimonials from satisfied and dissatisfied users alike.

Before joining an online casino in India, check the online reputation and rating of the website!

Navigation, Design, and User Experience – one more thing we check when we test and review an online casino is the design, navigation, and overall user experience. The legitimate online casinos put a lot of thought into the look and feel of their website and usually have a very short learning curve, making it effortless for new members to get the look and feel of the website, register easily, and start playing the games.

Opt to join online casinos in India that have good design, excellent navigation, and high user satisfaction!

What Can You Play at Legit Online Casinos in India?

Indian players have varied wishes regarding online casino games, and the online casinos that accept players from India make it their mission to satisfy as many players as possible. Here we’ve prepared a list of the most popular casino games Indian players can enjoy:


Baccarat is one of Indian casino players’ favorite games and is especially exciting. You get the best experience if you play with a live dealer, as there are many variations and side bets that make things more engaging.


Blackjack combines luck and skill, which is why Indians like it. You can find a great variety of online blackjack games, and live dealer blackjack is among India’s favored online casino games.


Maybe the only casino game based on pure luck, roulette has long been a staple in land-based and online casinos. When it comes to the preferences of Indian players, roulette is among the top games, with Indian roulette becoming a fan favorite.

Andar Bahar

Andar Bahar is a predominantly Indian casino game, and all legit online casinos that accept players from India have at least one version of Andar Bahar on their offer.

Teen Patti

We round up our list with Teen Patti, another Indian casino game many Indians enjoy. Reputable online game providers have created their versions of the game, and it is among the most played casino games by Indians.

Are Online Casinos Legal in India?

As we’ve said on several occasions, the legality of online casinos in India is a gray area, as the federal gambling law in India is outdated and has no stipulation regarding online gambling. That leaves many Indian states to fare for their citizens, which many have done. Thus, some states like Telangana and Andhra Pradesh have explicitly banned gambling, including online gambling. On the other hand, some Indian states like Goa and Sikkim have lax laws regarding gambling in general and allow land-based and online gambling.

The states that don’t have explicit state laws regulating online gambling are governed by the federal Gambling law. It means they can take advantage of the no regulation, and residents of these states can freely join any online casino platform that accepts players from India and enjoy the entertainment they provide.

Always check that the online casino is registered in a foreign country before joining from India.

Game Types and Game Software

Regarding legit online casinos in India, you should look for an online casino with game software from reputable providers. Some reputable providers include Evolution Gaming, NetEnt, Microgaming, Playtech, Yggdrasil, NextGen, Novomatic, BetSoft, and more.

Payment Methods in Online Casinos in India

For an online casino to be legit in India, it should have the Indian-favorite payment methods and accept deposits and withdrawals in Indian Rupees. The available payment methods must support the players’ wishes and comply with Indian laws. For that matter, the safest option is to use deposits in Indian Rupees using an e-wallet system, online banking, or the globally accepted Visa and MasterCard payment providers.

Most Common Bonuses in Online Casinos in India

All online casinos in India have bonuses for their players, and the most common ones are the no-deposit bonus, the welcome bonus, and the deposit match bonus. Each comes with accompanying terms and conditions and, of course, wagering requirements. We have made a detailed description of casino bonuses where you can learn all you need to know about bonuses and claiming them.


What is the status of the online gambling industry in India?

As of August 2022, the online gambling industry in India remains a highly unregulated field, as the federal gambling law does not have any stipulations regarding online gambling. Various Indian states have different laws regarding online gambling that regulate this field.

Is gambling legal in India?

Gambling is not legal, but it is not illegal as well. Still, online gambling is unregulated in most Indian states, except Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, where it is explicitly banned.

How to choose a legit online casino in India?

To choose a legit online casino in India, you must research and ensure the platform you opt for has an active license, valid SSL certificate, and an excellent online reputation.

What are the primary things to consider when selecting a legal online casino in India?

The primary things to consider when selecting a legal online casino in India are the casino’s license and registration, the website’s security, the game providers, the available payment methods, the customer support, and the online reputation of the casino.

Can I legally withdraw money from online casinos in India?

The online casino with legal services in India will always have good deposit and withdrawal methods that are agreeable to the wishes of Indian players. It would be best to use e-wallets to withdraw your winnings from online casinos in India, as these are very convenient global payment systems that circumvent the FEMA Act of 1999.

Do I need to pay taxes on my online casino wins in India?

Yes, you will need to pay taxes on your online casino wins in India, as the country has strict stipulations regarding income and personal taxes. Every Indian person lucky enough to win at an online casino should report their winnings and pay up to 30% income tax.

Can I play an online casino on my mobile in India?

Yes, all the legal and legit online casinos in India have mobile apps or excellent cross-platform optimization, allowing their Indian members to access the casino website and play the casino games using their preferred mobile devices.