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Online Lotteries in Kerala

Of the 29 Indian states, 13 have legalized the lottery, and Kerala was the first one. As with the other government-run lottery schemes in India, the Kerala State Lottery has offline, paper-based lottery draws. Here we’ll share all the relevant information and options on the lottery in Kerala and share the top online lottery websites you can use from Kerala. Please note that all the information shared here comes from our expert team of researchers who have researched and tested all the options to play the online lottery in Kerala.


Best Kerala State Lottery Websites

The Indian state Kerala is one of the states with the longest-running government-based lottery scheme, available in the state since 1967. As with other government-run lotteries in India, the Kerala lottery is exclusively offline based, with pre-printed paper-based tickets. Still, people in Kerala can join lottery websites that accept people from India and play one or more of the international lotteries on online lottery websites and apps.

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The people of Kerala have the option to play paper-based lottery tickets every day of the week. The tickets are sold exclusively offline from over 35K approved lottery agents and over 100K retailers in the state. The draws take place at 3 PM, and the results are published in local daily publications, with authorized lottery ticket vendors, and on the Kerala State Lottery website. However, Kerala does not have specific legislation regarding access to online lottery websites, provided these are not hosted in India.

The people from Kerala get to play the government-run offline lottery with paper-based tickets.

Kerala State Lottery

The Kerala State Lottery was the first-ever government lottery in India, established in 1967. The idea behind the State Lottery in Kerala was to generate revenue for the state and provide employment for the marginalized members of society. It has proven successful, and 12 other Indian states have followed Kerala’s example, establishing their government-run lotteries.

The Kerala State Lottery has seven weekly draws, all taking place at 3 PM. The tickets cost ₹30 and ₹100 for the four bumper draws on significant holidays. Players can’t select their lucky numbers, as all the tickets are pre-printed. The prizes vary per the draw and go from ₹50-65 Lakh to ₹1 Crore for the Sunday draw. The bumper draws have more significant prizes of up to ₹12 Crore.

Day Lottery Name Draw Time Top Prize
Monday Win-Win 3 PM ₹50 – ₹65 Lakh
Tuesday Sthree Sakthi 3 PM ₹50 – ₹65 Lakh
Wednesday Akshaya 3 PM ₹50 – ₹65 Lakh
Thursday Karunya Plus 3 PM ₹80 Lakh – ₹1 Crore
Friday Nirmal Weekly 3 PM ₹50 – ₹65 Lakh
Saturday Karunya 3 PM ₹80 Lakh – ₹1 Crore
Sunday Bhagymithra 3 PM ₹1 Crore
The Kerala State Lottery has different prizes for every day of the week; the highest jackpot is ₹1 Crore!

An Overview of the Kerala State Lottery

Kerala was the first Indian state to establish a government-run lottery in 1967 to employ marginalized people in society and provide a good revenue stream for the state. Since then, the lottery has been organized every day since the first draw on 1 January 1968.

In 2005, the state government took over the gaming and lottery industry. It established a strict no-online ticket sale, so anyone looking to play the Kerala State Lottery must find authorized vendors and purchase their tickets. Still, the people of Kerala can find a reputable online lottery website without a connection to India and purchase tickets to an international lottery game.

Kerala Lottery Laws

The first lottery legislation in Kerala was enacted in 1967, with ticket sales starting on 1 September 1967. Since then, the State of Kerala has continuously been at the forefront of lottery, as this provided a successful revenue stream for the state and employment for the marginalized members of society.

In 2005, Kerala changed its laws and regulations. They forbade the online sale of lottery tickets in Kerala, forcing anyone looking to play the lottery in Kerala to purchase paper-based tickets in person only. However, the state has no restrictions regarding access to international lotteries via offshore online lottery websites and apps.

People from Kerala are free to join any offshore online lottery website.

Is Online Lottery Legal in Kerala?

The State of Kerala has banned all online sales of tickets to government-run lottery schemes. It was done to support the marginalized members of society who can only work as lottery ticket salespeople. On the other hand, there is no law regulating access to international online lotteries via offshore online lottery apps and websites.

Kerala lottery laws don’t limit access to international online lottery websites.

Are International Lotteries Legal in Kerala?

In a word, yes. Still, this Indian state has no specific law regarding access to international lotteries. It does not forbid or allow its residents to search, join, and play online lotteries at offshore online lottery websites. These stipulations allow all Kerala residents to join any reputable online lottery website and play any international lottery, as long as these don’t have legal ties to India.

The reputable online lottery websites that accept people from India (Kerala Included) most often accept deposits in Indian Rupees. Also, most of these have payment methods that work with the usually-accepted payment methods of Indians. That is why you can find Indian-favorite payment methods like UPI, PayTM, PhonePE, NetBanking, Neteller, Skrill, Visa, MasterCard, and more on the top online lottery websites.

Reputable online lottery websites that accept players from Kerala allow deposits in Indian Rupees and have most Indian-preferred payment methods.

We should mention that anyone purchasing a paper ticket in Kerala should immediately sign their name and address at the back of the ticket, as this is the only way you can prove you are the winning ticket owner. Also, claiming the prize in the Kerala State Lottery depends on the won amount; for smaller prizes, you can withdraw your winnings from the local vendors, but for the higher prizes, you will need to visit the Kerala State Lottery headquarters and claim your prize.

On the other hand, the winners of international online lottery websites can quickly and conveniently claim their prizes, as these are loaded to their online accounts.

International online lottery websites have an effortless withdrawal process.

A thing in favor of online lottery websites is the massive prizes. The usual jackpots at the Kerala State paper lottery draw go from ₹50 Lakh up to ₹1 Crore, while the international online lotteries have jackpots from ₹150 Crore to over ₹7000 Crore.

Most international lotteries have jackpots going over ₹150 Crore; the Kerala State Lottery jackpots top at ₹1 Crore.

How to Buy a Kerala Lottery Ticket

People from Kerala can play the offline paper lottery and any international online lottery. Here we outline how you can buy lottery tickets for both:


The Kerala State Lottery is paper-based, so you must find an authorized vendor and buy your lottery ticket, which should not be difficult considering there are over 35K authorized lottery agents and over 100K authorized retailers. Like all Indian government lotteries, the Kerala State Lottery has pre-printed tickets, and you can’t pick your lucky numbers.

Please note that you should provide your Aadhaar Card, a driver’s license, or a passport when purchasing your ticket, and sign your name and address on the back of the lottery ticket; the signature on the back is the proof of ownership of the winning ticket. It is also the only way to claim ownership of your ticket and winnings.

Always sign the Kerala State Lottery paper lottery ticket; it’s the only way to prove you are the winning ticket owner!


Kerala residents don’t have any legal obstacles when joining an international online lottery website and playing any lottery game they want. They will need a smartphone, an Internet connection, an acceptable payment method, and some money to play an online lottery via an online lottery app or website. Here are the general steps for joining an online lottery website:

  • Find a reputable online lottery website that accepts players from Kerala and register an account
  • Deposit your money via your preferred Indian-favorite method
  • Select the international lottery game you wish to play
  • Select the lucky numbers, pay for your ticket and wait for the draw
People from Kerala can play any world-famous lotteries via reputable online lottery websites or apps.

The table below outlines the highlights of our favorite international lotteries that accept people from all over the world and are available to people from Kerala:

Lottery Ticket Price Draw Days Usual Jackpot Biggest Jackpot
Powerball ₹300 Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday ₹300 Crore ₹7300 Crore
Mega Millions ₹300 Wednesday, Saturday ₹300 Crore ₹199 Crore
EuroMillions ₹240-300 Wednesday, Saturday ₹142 Crore ₹199 Crore
EuroJackpot ₹350 Friday ₹84 Crore ₹159 Crore
SuperEnaLotto ₹160 Wednesday, Friday, Sunday ₹15 Crore ₹79 Crore

How to Choose from Online Lottery Games

The top international lotteries have massive jackpots, which is why people from Kerala find them attractive. Please note that we suggest reputable online lottery websites that accept players from Kerala and all over India. 

When selecting an international online lottery website, you should check the price of the lottery tickets. The price of paper lottery tickets for the lottery schemes in Kerala goes from ₹30 to ₹100. Most international online lotteries have priced their tickets from ₹160 to ₹350.

Generally speaking, most Indian government lotteries have lower jackpots than international lotteries; the top prize in the Kerala State Lottery draws is ₹1 Crore, while most international online lotteries have jackpots of ₹100 Crore and above.

The Kerala State Lottery tickets cost from ₹30 to ₹100; international online lottery tickets cost from ₹160-₹350.

You have to agree that nothing beats the convenience of playing some of the most popular international lotteries via the Internet. Online lottery websites like LotteryWorld, Lotto247, LottoLand, LottoSmile, and others have many features that appeal to lottery lovers from Kerala, like:

  • Select your favorite numbers
  • Get discounts and free tickets
  • A chance to win massive prizes
  • A chance to partake in syndicate play
  • Personalized notification with the winning numbers
  • A simplified way to withdraw your potential winnings.


How can I check my Kerala lottery ticket?

The Kerala State Lottery publishes the drawn lottery numbers on its official website, in daily publications, and with lottery ticket vendors.

Can I play an online lottery from Kerala?

You can’t play any Indian-based online lottery in Kerala. Still, you can access any reputable online lottery website with no legal ties to India and choose any international lottery you like.

Is the lottery legal in Kerala?

Kerala is the first Indian state that legalized the lottery in 1967. Today, Kerala runs 12 paper-based state-run lottery schemes, seven daily, one monthly, and four yearly draws.

Which is the best lottery in Kerala?

There is no uniquely best lottery in Kerala, as all 12 draws have their merits. Still, the most tempting and charitable is the Karunya draw; the proceeds from this draw go for the betterment of the welfare of people with handicaps. Still, the most impressive jackpots are found at international lotteries available via the many online lottery websites.

How can I buy a lotto ticket in Kerala?

You must purchase a paper ticket from an in-state authorized vendor to play any given draw of the 12 Kerala State Lottery schemes. To participate in an international lottery, you should check out the tried and tested online lottery websites we’ve suggested above, join one, select the most appealing lottery draw for you, enter your lucky numbers, buy as many tickets as you like, and wait for the draw.

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