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Online Lottery in Maharashtra

Maharashtra is one of the 13 Indian states that run a legal lottery scheme. The state-run lottery is an offline, paper-based lottery, with no option to play it online. However, there is another option for Maharashtra residents who want to try their luck at the lottery and win massive prizes – the option to play an international online lottery. Read on as we list the government-run lottery options and tell you how you can access international online lottery websites from Maharashtra.Maharashtra

Best Maharashtra State Lottery Websites

The Indian state of Maharashtra has a legal lottery scheme first launched in 1969. As with other Indian government-run lottery schemes, the state runs an offline, paper-based lottery with daily and weekly draws that raise money for good causes. Alongside government-run lottery draws, the residents of Maharashtra are free to join online lottery websites and enjoy the excitement of winning massive prizes.

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The Maharashtra State Lottery is an offline, paper-based lottery with four daily schemes; each draw has a different name and differently priced pre-printed tickets sold at authorized vendors across the state. The Maharashtra lottery publishes the draw results on various online sites, in local daily publications, and with ticket vendors.

On the other hand, the state does not forbid its residents to join an online lottery website and play any international lottery of their choosing. Since it is not illegal, anyone from Maharashtra is free to find an alternative online lottery site, play their lucky numbers and get the chance to win millions.

The people from Maharashtra can play the government-run offline lottery schemes with paper-based tickets.

Maharashtra State Lottery

The state of Maharashtra was first launched in 1969 as a way to earn revenue for the state and provide employment for marginalized groups. The lottery has been organized since and regulated by the Lotteries Regulation Act 1998.

The state uses the lottery revenue to improve the infrastructure, provide health and education facilities, enhance women’s status, help child welfare, and invest in the agricultural sector. Also, the lottery employs people who have had problems finding employment and supports the state economy.

The Maharashtra government lottery holds lottery draws every day of the week except for Sunday and the three national holidays. There are ten draws per week; six weekly draws and four Mini lottery draws. The results are published on the Maharashtra State Lottery website and in local publications.

The price of the tickets varies per the scheme and goes from ₹12 to ₹50 per ticket. The table below explains the lottery schedule and possible prizes.

Day Lottery Prize Mini Draws Prize
Monday Sagar Lakshmi ₹5 Lakh Maharashtra Diamond Mini ₹2 Lakh
Tuesday Padmini ₹5 Lakh
Wednesday Akshay ₹5 Lakh Maharashtra Platinum Mini ₹2 Lakh
Thursday Akarshak Pushkaraj ₹11 Lakh Maharashtra Gold Mini ₹1 Lakh
Friday Vaibhav Laksmi ₹5 Lakh
Saturday Maharashtra Lakshmi ₹7 Lakh Maharashtra Silver Mini ₹1 Lakh
The Maharashtra State Lottery has different prizes for the various draws; the top one is ₹11 Lakh.

An Overview of the Maharashtra State Lottery

The Indian State of Maharashtra does not have a specific law regulating lottery draws; thus, the governing law is the Lotteries Regulation Act 1998. It was initially established in 1969 and has not stopped since. Alongside the state-run offline lottery, people from Maharashtra are free to join any online lottery platform they like and play an international lottery.

Maharashtra Lottery Laws

The first lottery draw in Maharashtra was established in 1969. Since the state does not have a specific regulating law regarding lotteries, the schemes fall under the governance of the Lotteries Regulation Act 1998. Under this law, the people of Maharashtra can only play offline, paper-based lottery schemes and cannot access any Indian-based online lotteries. Still, the law does not stipulate anything about access to offshore, international lottery websites.

Is Online Lottery Legal in Maharashtra?

Generally speaking, the people of Maharashtra are not free to play an Indian-based online lottery. Nevertheless, the law does not have anything on forbidding or allowing access to international online lottery websites. It is why the Maharashtra residents can go online, select one of the online lottery websites we’ve outlined on our site (as we only provide you with reviewed and trusted options), join it, and play any international lottery they want.

Maharashtra lottery laws don’t have any legal stops for accessing international online lottery websites.

Are International Lotteries Legal in Maharashtra?

Since the Maharashtra lottery law does not regulate the access to international online lotteries for its residents, the Maharashtra people can take advantage of the lack of regulations and play any lottery they want.

We must be clear that the federal Lottery Regulation Act 1998 does not limit access to international lotteries via online lottery websites that accept players from India, as long as there are no Indian-based lotteries on the website.

When someone from Maharashtra joins an online lottery website, there are several things they can expect. First, they can make deposits in Indian Rupees and expect to find all the Indian-favorite payment methods. It should be no surprise that reputable online lottery websites have most, if not all, Indian-favorite payment methods such as UPI, PayTM, PhonePE, NetBanking, Neteller, Skrill, Visa, MasterCard, etc.

The online lottery websites that welcome players from Maharashtra enable deposits in Indian Rupees and have many Indian-preferred payment methods.

The lucky winners of the offline, paper-based lottery in Maharashtra have only 90 days to claim their winnings. If the prize is lower than ₹10,000, it can be withdrawn from a local ticket vendor; any bigger prize must be withdrawn at the Maharashtra State Lottery headquarters in Sewree, Mumbai.

On the other hand, any lucky winner at an online lottery website can effortlessly claim their prize from the comfort of their home. Any member with a verified account does not need to do practically anything after verifying their account, as their winnings will be automatically transferred to their accounts.

It is effortless to withdraw your winnings from an international online lottery website.

As you see above, the most significant jackpot you can win at the Maharashtra paper lottery is ₹11 Lakh. On the other hand, the most significant jackpots one can win with international lotteries are from ₹100 Lakh to over ₹7000 Lakh.

The top Maharashtra State Lottery jackpot is ₹11 Lakh; most international lotteries have jackpots starting at ₹300 Lakh.

How to Buy Maharashtra Lottery Ticket

Lottery lovers from Maharashtra can play offline paper-based lotteries and online lotteries. We’ve prepared a short outline of how you can buy your lottery tickets:


Maharashtra runs an offline, paper-based lottery, and anyone looking to join in the fun must find an authorized vendor and buy their lottery ticket. As with all Indian government lotteries, the Maharashtra lottery has pre-printed tickets.

Any Maharashtra lottery player must sign their paper lottery ticket to retain ownership. The signature acts as proof of ownership and is the only way to claim your prize. If you happen to lose your ticket, your signature on the back of the ticket will protect you and help you.

Always sign your Maharashtra paper lottery ticket; it’s the only way to prove ownership!


Since the Maharashtra laws don’t have anything against their residents joining an international online lottery website, people can join any offshore lottery website or app and play an international lottery. We’ve outlined the basic steps to follow when joining an online lottery website:

  • Find a reputable lottery website that accepts players from Maharashtra
  • Create an account and deposit your money using a preferred payment method
  • Select the international lottery game you wish to participate in
  • Select the lucky numbers, purchase your ticket and wait for the draw
People from Maharashtra can play any international lottery via online lottery websites or apps.

We have gathered the main aspects of the top international lotteries that accept people from all over the world, including lottery fans from Maharashtra:

Lottery Ticket Price Draw Days Usual Jackpot Biggest Jackpot
Powerball ₹300 Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday ₹300 Crore ₹7300 Crore
Mega Millions ₹300 Wednesday, Saturday ₹300 Crore ₹199 Crore
EuroMillions ₹240-300 Wednesday, Saturday ₹142 Crore ₹199 Crore
EuroJackpot ₹350 Friday ₹84 Crore ₹159 Crore
SuperEnaLotto ₹160 Wednesday, Friday, Sunday ₹15 Crore ₹79 Crore

How to Choose from Online Lottery Games

The ultimate attraction of international lotteries is their massive jackpots and ease of use via the multiple online lottery websites and apps. The state lottery in Maharashtra has the highest jackpot at ₹11 Lakh, while the jackpots at world lotteries start at ₹15 Crore and go up to over ₹7000 Crore. You should know a few other things when selecting a good lottery option.

The ticket price plays a significant role when selecting an international lottery draw. The typical price of paper lottery tickets at the Maharashtra lottery schemes goes from ₹12 to ₹50; the international online lotteries have more costly ticket prices going from ₹160 to ₹350.

The Maharashtra State Lottery tickets are inexpensive at ₹12-₹50; international online lottery tickets cost from ₹160-₹350.

We have to note that the convenience of reputable online lottery websites like LottoLand, LotteryWorld, Lotto247, and LottoSmile is impressive; these have narrowed the options for people from Maharashtra down to an art form. Here are the main highlights people from Maharashtra can enjoy:

  • Selecting and playing with favorite numbers
  • Significant discounts and free tickets
  • Access to massive prizes
  • Partaking in syndicate play
  • Personalized email notifications
  • Seamless withdrawal of possible winnings


How can I check my Maharashtra lottery ticket?

The Maharashtra State Lottery publishes the daily lottery results on its official website, in daily publications in the state, and with local ticket vendors.

Can I play an online lottery from Maharashtra?

Any lottery lover can play an online lottery from Maharashtra; this Indian state does not have any laws forbidding access to the offshore online lottery website. They have a law banning access to online lotteries based in India, but they can freely and legally join any international online lottery website.

Is the lottery legal in Maharashtra?

A legal lottery has been running in Maharashtra since 1969. Today, Maharashtra has ten weekly draws going from Monday to Saturday.

Which is the best lottery in Maharashtra?

Maharashtra has ten weekly draws from Monday to Saturday; the standard prize is ₹5 Lakh, while the Thursday prize is ₹11 Lakh. The most tempting jackpots are with international lotteries that Maharashtra residents can play.

How can I buy a lotto ticket in Maharashtra?

The Maharashtra lottery tickets are paper-based and are sold only with authorized vendors and retailers in the state. The lotto tickets for international lotteries are sold via online lottery websites; you should check out the tested online lottery websites we’ve suggested for you here, select and join one, select the most appealing lottery draw for you, enter your lucky numbers, buy as many tickets as you want, and wait for the draw.

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