Sheffield Shield Predictions & betting Tips 2022

The Sheffield Shield is made of silver, the middle plate portraying the Sheffield Park Cricket ground where such huge numbers of Australian cricketers have played. It is challenged between the 6 nations of Australia and the name arrived from Lord Sheffield.

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We are thrilled for sharing another release of the competition. We keep posting the latest updates and forecasts for all the scheduled matches in the tournament.

Sheffield Shield Predictions

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Sheffield Teams

The Sheffield Shield is among the most notable cricket competition on the planet. The historical background of the Sheffield Shield goes back to the English voyage through Australia in 1891 The Shield is as of now can be seen at the International Cricket Hall of Fame.

Below we are sharing various teams which will be participating in the Sheffield Shield or you can also call it as the Pura Cup, commonly named throughout the world:

  • Queensland
  • Victoria
  • Tasmania
  • New South Wales
  • Western Australia
  • South Australia

Who will win Sheffield Shield 2022?

Each group will begin the tournament with the common focus of winning it. The tournament will see the presentation of youthful players a significant number of whom would proceed to designate Australia in the years to come. However, a few teams have ruled the alliance in the course of the most recent couple of years. It is hard to pick a group that is probably going to succeed without quite a bit of challenge. Here we glance back at the presentation of the course of the most recent couple of years to provide you some insight on the possible champs for this year:


The shielding champions have been the most steady group in the course of the most recent couple of years, winning the title multiple times in the last five years. They’ll begin as one of the top choices. They ruled the alliance last year losing only 1 out of 10 matches in the tournament and we can hope to convey a similar structure this year as well.

New South Wales

The next in line last year they are the best group throughout the entire existence of the competition with 46 titles and would be hoping to add more to their list. It’s a dry spell of sorts for the side with their last title victory returning 2013-2014. The team was great last year just to lose in the finals and would need to give in some more efforts this year.

Western Australia

The team completed 3rd previous year setting up blended achievements. The Perth Boys haven’t succeeded since the beginning of the new century with their last victory was in 1999. The group would hope to end their years of losing titles and have an energizing pack of players returning back to the field this year.


The team began gradually last year and couldn’t stay aware of the pace towards the end completing 4th on the list. They previously won the title in 2018 yet couldn’t rehash a similar structure last year. The group has very good and qualified players among its positions and we can hope that they make a decent beginning to this new year.


They got their previous victory in 2013 and from that point forward hasn’t had the option to rehash a similar enchantment. They had a bad performance a year ago where they got succeeded in only 3 matches and never seemed to be in the chase for the victory. So we can hope that this year they might be looking for a fresh start with leaving all those bad performances behind.

South Australia

Hardly any cricket players have spoken to the side since their last title win in 1996. We have seen a descending slide from that point forward and have been base trackers on the list in the course of the most recent years. A year ago they neglected to win the title in a single game and this year they would hope to enhance their playing skills.

Sheffield Shield 2022 and Winner Odds

Sheffield Shield as we referenced above is among the best and hardest leagues around the globe. This is the explanation of why Australia has overwhelmed world cricket for such a long time. The sportsbook is yet to dole out Sheffield Shield champ chances for the season and we will refresh them and add them to the list when they are accessible:

  • Victoria
  • New South Wales
  • Western Australia
  • Queensland
  • Tasmania
  • South Australia

Sheffield Shield Prediction Tips

The Sheffield Shield events are performed for more than 4 days and the final event will take place on the 5th day itself. Cricket Australia has assumed the liability of restoring this type of event by tying in new patrons and making it progressively worthwhile to play in the group. The new league begins in October as consistently and each group will plan to make it to the finishing event. With New South Wales and Victoria giving no indications of easing back down, this could in all likelihood be an ultimate test for different teams. Most recent Sheffield Shield wagering tips and chances for 2022 league will get refreshed and added before each game in the article above.

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