Discover Top Live Baccarat Casinos Online 2021

Experience the sensational environment of VIP casinos while playing live baccarat sitting at home. Live interface with a real human dealer with other players wouldn’t let you step away from your computer. Players can stay at the top with live betting statistics. Everything is transparent and laid on a bean-shaped table. It is as exciting as any other casino game.

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Our Recommended top 5 Live Baccarat Casinos 2021

10 CRIC Casino Review 2021
Deposit ₹10,000 – get ₹15,000 EXTRA to bet with!
Omnia Casino India Review 2021
100% up to ₹30,000 with free spins

  • Payout Speed: 3 Days
  • Win Rate: 97.54%
  • Good Support

JackpotCity Casino India Reviews 2021
100% up to ₹50,000 Bonus To All New Players

  • Payout Speed: 2-3 Days
  • Win Rate: 97.26%
  • 450+ Real Games

LuckyNiki Casino Review 2021
100% up to ₹1 Lakh + 250 free spins
Royal Panda Casino Review 2021 {Guide 2021)
100% up to ₹10,000 Bonus with free spins

  • Payout Speed: 1-2 Days
  • Win Rate: 97.59%
  • Best Deposit Methods

Why You Should Play Live Baccarat Game?

Live baccarat is the simplest of all other casino games. One of the best live casino games for beginners. No skill is required; all you need is luck and money management. The game is all about the player and the banker. The object of the game is to score as close as 9.You can place the bet on either of them or a tie.

Playing online lets you interact not only with live dealers but other players too. The fascinating atmosphere around the tables can draw anyone’s attention. You can access it anywhere and anytime like on laptop, mobile or desktop.

Live baccarat is just like the traditional baccarat with a modern twist of technology. It is full of We advise you to always start with a low deposit and make a minimum bet.  Take some time to get familiar with professional dealers on the other side.  If you have the potential, why not play online?

  • It offers a low house edge which helps your bankroll lasts longer.
  • The only strategy you need to work on is how to make a banker bet?
  • It also offers you online bonuses; you can even cash out some of them.
  • Extended playtime

How Live Dealer Baccarat Works?

When you play live baccarat most of the work is done by the dealer itself. You just have to place a bet. It’s the live dealer who distributes the cards. Each card in the deck has a microchip that interfaces it with computer program.

Live Dealer Baccarat india

You can communicate via camera or ask any query through chat window.  Bean shaped tables along with real cards are used. Two hands are dealt by dealer in live baccarat. Each participant make bets electronically, dealer will see and react. Make sure you match the speed of live dealer and follow his instructions properly.

Before you make a bet you can also choose your dealer whether a man or woman. You can opt for dress code, music and casino environment. After the bet is placed, the one who is closest to 9 wins. There is no way; you can cheat the live dealer.  But there is a possibility that you might be cheated due to rigged software, interruptions by internet speed.

How We Review The Live Dealer Baccarat Casinos?

A variety of live dealer baccarat casinos is available in India and users often get confused. So it is really important that before playing live casino we must check the reviews and feedback. The casual gamblers must know how these casinos work. Reviews reveal a lot about casinos status and customer satisfaction. You can have an idea about RNG (random number generation) auditing and payout percentage which is issued in reviews. So you can check our live casino review criteria.


Security is our priority. We make sure the live baccarat casinos are legal and authorized. They must not misuse the customer’s data. All the online transactions must be secured using the highest level of Data encryption. Check the license terms and agreement before you chose to play. The winning probability is more on reputed sites.

Bonuses and Promotions

Offers and bonuses must be easy to use without complex conditions. We keep promoting our players by organizing live baccarat tournaments and side bets. No legal casino can ask a user to deposit money or play high stack games in exchange for bonuses. If you are among VIPs and royal customers, you can surely ask them for bonuses or rewards.


With the increasing trend of mobile games, online casinos can be accessed on mobile devices also. A reliable internet connection with high-speed data is the basic need if you love to play mobile versions of live casinos. Most of the game developer companies ensure that apps are compatible with different operating systems.

Customer satisfaction

Live casinos must have good customers service. There should be a chat window, camera or email option so that customers can contact them. Online casinos must honour data encryption. Many of the top sites offer direct interaction with the professional dealers where you can ask them any of your doubts regarding commissions, payout, bonuses etc.

Cash Withdrawal

Online transactions must be secured with minimum processing time. A cash withdrawal should be quick and easy with convenient banking options. RTP should be fair and visible on sites. Players must get high payouts if they win. Waging requirements should be low for cash out bonuses. Don’t forget to check if they accept different currencies or not.

What Bonuses You Can Get While Playing Live Casino Baccarat?

Live baccarat offers both cash and cashless bonuses. As RTP ( return to player) is quite high in this game play, live casinos in India are unable to offer bonuses like in other casino games. It’s a low risk, simple game where players make fun deposits. Moreover, the house edge is quite low.

Welcome bonus

This is a onetime and cashless bonus in the form of incentives when you sign up for the first time. Many online casinos offer welcome bonuses to boost the playtime and stakes. Some websites may combine this bonus with the free spin wheel on shortlisted games. In India, free spins are one of the famous live casino bonuses. This welcome bonus is meant to engage and attract users to play free online.

Deposit bonus

Firstly, you have to deposit a certain amount of money as decided by an online casinos. Reputed and trustworthy sites always ask for low wagering requirements in the beginning. Most of the time the prize amount is equal to deposited money, but It varies from casino to casino. You have to meet the wagering requirements if you want to withdraw the winning amount later.

No deposit bonus

This trend is dying but still some sites are offering such bonuses. When you are successfully registered and verified by the casino, they will reward you this bonus which you can avail to play free games. The motive of the casino is to bring back the user again and again. You need to be cautious about some fraud sites that offer $10 or more as no deposit in exchange of wager on high stake games.

live baccarat No deposit bonus

There are many more bonuses like match bonus, Free Spin Bonus, VIP and loyalty schemes. it’s not over yet. Almost all the online casinos are fixing live baccarat tournaments where you can win some serious money.

Play Live Baccarat On Mobile

You will love playing live baccarat on mobile as you can access your phone anywhere 24X7. All you need is supported operating system and high-speed internet. Always check Bluetooth is off, for a lag-free experience. Mobile casinos work the same ways as your desktop. Sign up for an account, deposit cash and here you go. Play and enjoy!

Live casino concept on mobile is the future. You can download free live casino apps on mobile or play live through your browser. Casino apps are beautifully optimised for all the devices. These games use the advanced interface to provide you with fantastic real-world gambling experience.

There are various features of live baccarat in India, like baccarat multiplayer that lets all the players place bets on table in one go. So when playing with online dealers, make sure your app version is updated. You can visit jackpotcity, luckydays, Leo Vegas etc. some of the top mobile live casinos.

Rules to play live baccarat

Live baccarat is an easy to go game with full of suspense. There are no hard and fast rules. Three betting options are available; the player wins, Banker win, and a tie. It works on your potential of guessing. We suggest you go through with some predetermined rules to get a better scenario of the game.

Rule 1: to know the Scoring

It is played with 6-8 deck of cards. An ace scores 1, face cards and 10’s scores 0, cards from 2-9, counted at their value. The goal is to score closest to 9. If the sum of cards is greater than 9; only the unit value is counted. A hand with a sum equal to 0 becomes baccarat.

Rule 2: To know the odds

If you made a bet on the player hand, winning amount equal to the bet. But if you had chosen banker’s hand; you will get 19/20; deducting his commission. Bets must be placed on either banker or player before the cards are distributed.

Rule 3: Third card rules

In some live casinos, there is a possibility that a third card can be given to the player or the banker or both. It is given based on a total of points between 6-7.

Live Baccarat FAQ

People usually have doubts, misunderstandings about playing live casino games online. so we have tried our best to answer all your queries.

Can we talk to live dealers?

Yes, many live casinos nowadays are encouraging chat with dealers. You can select the chat icon and they will respond you verbally. You can interact and get game-winning strategies.

What are the tips for playing live dealer baccarat?

Make sure you use a high-speed internet connection, avoid the betting on a tie. Always keep an eye on banker’s strategy and other participant’s table.

Should we always bet on banker?

When playing online baccarat it is always advised to bet on banker’s cards. Chances of the winning banker are quite higher than that of a player. In the end, it’s your decision if you know his strategy.

Can we play baccarat game free online?

Of course, many sites offer to play free for the first time users without charging any money. If not, you can also use your welcome bonus points. Some of the sites even let you play demo versions without registration.

Whether it is safe to play live or not?

About 99% of the live casinos are legal and authorized. You can earn real money. But we advise you to start with less deposit always check the reviews. You can always check for accreditation label on top of the trustworthy sites.


Live baccarat may be easy, fun to play but somehow dealing rules are inflexible. Other versions of this game like baccarat squeeze, chemin de fer, punto banco make it even more interesting and engage a number of users. Many live casinos are offering this game due to its simplicity.

Most of the work is done by the dealers, you just have to place a bet based on your guessing skills. When playing live casinos, time management is the key .keep in mind don’t play long enough whether you are losing or winning. If you are losing leave it and if you are winning collect your cash and run.