Which Is The Most Secure Website For Online Gambling?

When it comes to online gambling, you should select the best for your buck, but more importantly, you need to select an online casino website that provides safe and secure services. Luckily, you’ve come to the right place, as at Pro Indian Casinos, we do all the work and provide you with the best options for safe and secure online casinos in India, along with the best games, features, and more.

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What Makes a Secure Online Casino?

Before we discuss other matters, let’s outline what constitutes an online casino. Primarily, an online casino is considered secure if it has legitimate means of protecting its clients. A safe and secure online casino has an active SSL certificate and proper data encryption.

A secure online casino also ensures it has handled all the pertinent legal matters like license and registration and has not been a part of any significant security breach or other scandals. But a secure online casino also ensures they have a reasonable Privacy Policy and don’t collect too much user data or share it with third parties.

For an online casino to be considered safe and secure in India, it must have a proper license from a reputable licensing body and all the security measures that ensure the user’s online safety. Also, online casinos should have fair games and good payment options that accommodate Indian players.

What Does Safe Casino Really Mean?

Statistics show that you are likely to lose all your money while gambling online; still this is something you do at your discretion, and the online casino should provide you with all the safe and objective playing opportunities.

A safe online casino in India should provide you with fair games run on objective RNGs, and the players can rely on the fair outcome of the games. Such behavior is ensured by regulating the body, so Indian players can be sure they will be treated fairly.

A secure online casino has fair RNGs that always provide random results!

A fraudulent or unsafe online casino does not provide fair games, and they don’t operate objectively regarding the fair and entirely random outcomes of the games. Unsecure online casinos don’t subject themselves to audits and testing of their RNGs, so players can’t be sure they are getting safe, secure, and objective services.

Top Security Measures at Secure Online Casinos

Now to the important stuff – what are the security measures secure online casinos have in place for their members, and what to look for when checking the security and safety of online casinos in India:

Up-To-Date License

The most obvious thing to check for at an online casino in India is its license. The online casino’s license should be up-to-date and come from a reputable licensing authority. If the online casino is licensed correctly, then you can be sure the other services the online casino has are also legit and safe for you.

Still, having just about any online casino license is not enough, as there is much more you need to know when checking for the casino’s license; we have covered this at length and shared all you need to know about online casino licenses.

Secure online casinos always readily publish their operating casino license!

Active SSL Certificate

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer, and it is an online encryption security protocol that ensures data transfer from the client to the server. It is now more common to find TLS protocols, which stand for Transport Layer Security; both ensure the connection between your device and the online website is encrypted and as safe as possible.

The online casino you select should have an up-to-date active SSL certificate, which is easy to check – just look in the upper left corner of your browser where the web address is located and check for the locked padlock sign. Also, all browsers today check for this feature and provide a warning sign before you enter the website.

Secure online casinos have active SSL/TLS certificates – the locked padlock in the search bar!

Quality Data Encryption

Online casinos gather plenty of information about their users, and how they store them is vital for both the users and the online casino platform. The secure, reputable online casinos store user data in secure servers and employ adequate data encryption.

Such activity is essential for keeping user data safe and secure and ensuring casino users get the most out of their online gambling experience. No one wants the hassle of stolen identity or more severe data breaches as a hacker accessing your banking info.

Secure online casinos rely on secure servers to store user data and encrypt sensitive data.

Third-Party Security Agencies Checking the Website

The online gambling industry is generally an unregulated field, as no single regulating entity is responsible for regulating the various online casinos worldwide. Still, one agency that can be considered a governing body is eCOGRA, the eCommerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance agency. It was founded in 2003, and it is an approved testing agency and certification body that regularly conducts compliance assessments to ensure its clients comply with the respective requirements of each jurisdiction.

In short, eCOGRA ensures that online casinos run fair RNGs, testing, inspecting, and confirming the games are fair and the results are random, among other services. eCOGRA also tests RTP, data integrity, and other safety tests.

So, when looking for a safe and secure online casino in India, you should look for one with eCOGRA approval. It is something reputable online casinos are proud of and usually boast about by placing it on their homepage.

Secure online casinos boast their eCOGRA accreditation!

Other Security Measures

Many online casinos also have other security measures that ensure users’ safety. One of these is user account verification. While reputable online casinos that comply with the KYC policy need to verify the player’s identity before allowing withdrawals, some online casinos also require their members to verify their accounts by confirming their email addresses.

A security measure reputable online casinos provide is the 2F authentication. The 2F authentication adds another layer of security to your sign-in process, ensuring only you can get access to your online casino account.

You can recognize a secure and safe online casino by promoting responsible gambling. All reputable and secure online casino websites have links to the Gamble Aware and GamCare websites and don’t allow players younger than 18 to join the platform.

Game Variety and Game Providers

Secure online casinos in India have excellent game variety, and they follow the trends and know what their players want. Also, reputable and secure online casinos ensure they have games from all reputable online game providers.

For example, Indian players prefer games of luck like slots, Andar Bahar, and Teen Patti, so secure online casinos that cater to Indians will have these games on their offer. These usually come from online casino software providers like Gamesys, NetEnt, Ezugi, Microgaming, Yggdrasil, Novomatic, and more.

A sign of a secure online casino is its variety of games from reputable game providers.

Security History and Online Reputation

The last thing you need to know about secure online casinos is their online reputation and security history. You can check the online reputation by checking the various online casino reviews on sites like Pro Indian Casinos. Still, you should also check online review websites like Trust Pilot and the like.

Websites like Pro Indian Casinos provide a detailed review of a particular website they test, which is an excellent way to learn more about a particular online casino platform. On the other hand, review websites provide reviews and comments from people who have used the platform and have a different approach to the review.

Also, a quick search on Google can tell you whether your chosen online casino has been involved in any major scandal, specifically related to security breaches or other security scandals.

Why Play at Secure Online Casinos?

From everything we’ve discussed above, you can certainly grasp the importance of playing at secure online casinos. There are many risks involved when playing at insecure online casinos, and the main one is losing your money.

While there is a reasonably good chance you’ll lose your money by playing casino games, this is ultimately your decision. The unfair thing is when unsecured and disreputable online casinos rig the games and don’t provide the promised chance of luck and entertainment.

A more severe problem with insecure online casinos is that the online casino gets access to your banking info which exposes you to the risk of them (or third parties) stealing your hard-earned money. The array of personal data you provide to the online casino is also at risk of exposure to third parties, and someone can steal your personal data. Identity theft is more common than one can imagine, so you should never share your data with insecure online platforms.

Safe Payments at Secure Online Casinos

The safe payment option is the last thing we need to note when it comes to playing at secure online casinos. The reputable, safe online casinos have most of the globally accepted payment methods like Visa, MasterCard, and PayPal.

Still, secure online casinos ensure they have more payment methods tailored to the needs of their clients. In the case of Indian players, they prefer local payment methods like UPI, PayTM, PhonePe, and even Google Pay. Reputable online casinos almost always accept payments in the local currency, meaning they accept deposits in Indian Rupees and allow withdrawals in this currency.

Secure online casinos always have plenty of payment methods for their members.

Secure online casinos don’t share your banking information with third parties, so your personal and banking data is safe and not exposed. It is why you should always, and we mean always, check the online casino’s credentials, checking the license, safety certificates, available games, and available payment methods. Each of these is an indicator of the security of the online casino platform!


Is online gambling legal?

Online gambling is legal in some countries and illegal in others. Countries like India don’t have regulations regarding online gambling, so online casinos take advantage of this and provide their services to Indian players.

Is the online gambling industry a regulated field?

The online gambling industry is a fairly unregulated field and lacks a globally-accepted regulatory body. There are various licensing authorities with different reputations but no uniquely accepted regulatory body.

Do online casinos rig their games?

No, reputable online casinos don’t rig their games but rely on RNGs for the results. However, there is a slight edge calculated in favor of the casino.

How does eCOGRA test online casinos?

eCOGRA runs several tests on the online casino, from testing the RNGs, RTP, casino software, technical security, live dealer studios and games, and more. It does this by using advanced testing methods looking for patterns, and employing ethical hacking techniques to check the website’s security.

What are the signs of a secure online casino?

Secure online casinos have active licenses from reputable licensing authorities, active SSL and TLS certificates, other safety measures, various games from reputable online software providers, and global and local payment methods. Secure online casinos also have a practical withdrawal process.

What are the signs of a fraudulent online casino?

Fraudulent online casinos usually don’t disclose their licenses, have a poor game selection, don’t accept local currency, and have fewer payment methods. Fraudulent online casinos also have fewer games, poor online reputation, lengthy withdrawal process, lack of data encryption, and don’t employ secure servers.