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Nancy Sharma: Our Strategist!

ProIndianCasinos is one of the best sites dedicated to Indian players writing honest reviews about the top online casinos in India. We aim to list only the legal and profitable casino sites where you can earn real money. Nancy is one of the official faces of our site who brought up the idea of evolving online gambling in India. She is a passionate casino expert with a keen interest and knowledge about online casino games, casino software providers, and strategies to win casino games.

Nancy Sharma

Personal Information
  • Born:24-06-1990
  • (ECE) from ACET, PTU
  • Job Profile:Chief Editor at
  • My Favourite Quote:“I know I’m not perfect and I don’t live to be. The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.”- Socrates

Know Something about me: Who am I?

Whether it’s about playing at online or offline casinos; casino games have always captivated me. The fact is gambling is a part of rich tradition and culture in India. Gambling is complete leisure if played consciously and under control. The gambling status in India is evolving every passing day.

Internet and technology have made it easier for online punters to experience live casino entertainment of brick and mortar casinos while sitting at home. That’s what I like the most about online gambling.

I was born and raised in the small city of Punjab, Amritsar. I completed my master’s in electronics & communication engineering. Hailing from a technical background, gaming was my favorite thing to do.

Also, I am a huge cricket fan and started exploring sports betting sites and casino sites. No doubt gambling is one of my keen interests but it’s the casino features and associated software that has always fascinated me. I started trying new casino games like roulette, baccarat by different casino providers.

And fortunately, I met with Pooja from the marketing and mass communication field in a campus placement cell.

That’s when we discussed our hobbies and found similar interests. Finally, we decided to start a project to make Indian players aware of online gambling with an aim to bring a new wave in the gambling industry.

We launched the project of website on 22 Feb 2020 with Rohit Parmar who turned our Idea into a real business. The site is a result of hard work and our consistent efforts.

My Fair opinion on  Gambling in India

Medieval Indian history is proof that gambling has always been there from the time of Mahabharata, Mughals, and Sultans. Also, it is a tradition in India to gamble on special occasions like Diwali, Holi, etc. Still, The status of gambling in India lies in the grey zone. Gambling has been a topic of debate with no final solution.

On one side, Indian gaming law, PGA 1867 strictly prohibits any kind of gambling activity and game that involves money. Whereas on the other side; the law also allows the states to conduct gambling within their own state boundaries. and, What’s legal in one state might be illegal on another side of India.

Personally, I found it confusing and one may have to face legal repercussions. There is always a sword hanging upon your head. 

So, What do I suggest for Indian casino players?

As an online casino expert, I suggest opting for international gambling sites based out of India. They are absolutely legal and safe. Moreover, Indian gambling law doesn’t hold any right and control to ban such sites. So you can play and explore the online casino world without any fear of legal prosecutions.

Even if you pick any casino out of our recommendations; make sure to pick the reliable and licensed casinos with convenient payment options like G-Pay, Paytm, Master/VISA cards, etc.

My Job Description: What I really do?

As a chief editor, I have lots of responsibilities and tasks to complete on daily basis. Plenty of casinos and software providers are available on search engines. But finding a genuine and reputed casino that entertains Indian players is not an easy job to do. The content we provide is well researched and written from the player’s perspective as well as from the designer & developer’s view. Thin

  • To know technical details, license, and regulatory authority.
  • Evaluating the past performance of every casino.
  • The associated casino software providers.
  • Finding the casinos with generous bonuses & best winning odds.

We as a team believe in Agile methodology. So we make sure to follow the pre-defined and strict guidelines while writing and listing the online casinos for our Indian players. We work with a futuristic approach to maintain long-term relationships with our Indian players.

Need to Ask Anything?

Do you play all the listed casino games in the review?

Not each of them! But I try to cover as much as I can do in a day. It takes a whole day to write a single casino review, test payment methods, checking reviews and ratings. But we make sure to not miss the important sections.

Have I ever won in online casino games?

Yes, I have won a considerable amount of money playing strategic casino games like Blackjack, Poker, Teen Patti. The amount you’ll win depends on the size of your bet.

Which are the best casino games with better RTP?

There are various casino games like card games, dice games, money wheel games, and table games. Honestly speaking I have tried them all keep switching my favorites every week. For better RTP, I suggest you trying the games that rely more on skill than luck such as Rummy, Poker, Teen Patti, and Blackjack.

Any Suggestions for beginners?

Maintain your bankroll and always start with placing low-value bets. Winning or losing is not fixed while gambling. Don’t take your losses seriously.