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Top 40 Most Played Teen Patti Variations

Teen Patti is probably the best-known and most-played card game in India; it draws its roots from ancient times and is one of the favorite games in South Asia. But the popularity of Teen Patti has attracted online game developers who’ve created an online casino game based on the many Teen Patti variations. Here we’ll outline the top most popular and most played Teen Patti variations, and you’ll learn where you can play most of them.

Trusted Casinos to Play Teen Patti Variations

Before exploring the top 40 most played 3 Patti variations, let’s also cover where you can play most of these online. Remember that we only suggest trusted online casinos that uphold our review standards. Each online casino in the table below is licensed, accepts deposits in Indian Rupees, and has all the best payment methods. Also, each of these has excellent customer support, and all an Indian player needs to enjoy one of the many 3 Patti variations:

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An Overview of Teen Patti: What is Teen Patti?

Teen Patti is a card game very similar to poker; well, a simplified version of poker, also known as Flash or Flush. The game is usually played with three to six players, a maximum of ten players, and a single 52-card deck.

The game is played clockwise; each player enters a boot amount before the game starts, and each player gets three cards face-down. The players can play blind or seen; the players can fold, call or raise the bet. Generally, Teen Patti is similar to poker; what differs in Teen Patti over other games is how the bets are made.

Here is a simplified explanation of the betting structure at Teen Patti: If a player bets two coins, the total bet becomes four coins, and the next player must place a bet of four coins. The game ends when only one player is left, usually with the best possible combination of cards. There are many possible combinations to win the game, like straight flush, color combination, three cards of the same rank, pair of cards, and more.

Game Type: Cards gambling
Maximum Players: 10
Required Skills: Counting
Number of decks: 1
Similar games: Poker, Flush/ Flash, 3 Cards Brag

Teen Patti Variations with DIfferent Hand Rankings

We’ve compiled a list of the various Teen Patti variations that include different hand rankings. Unlike the traditional Teen Patti, the winning hand in these variants can vary greatly:

1. Muflis – The Most Famous Teen Patti Variant – ★★★★★

Muflis is maybe the most commonly played variation of Teen Patti in India and is also known as Lowball, and works very similar to the standard Teen Patti variant. Instead of the highest combination, the winner is the player with the lowest combination. The catch with Muflis is the reversal of the ranking of the hands, so essentially, what was considered the best hand is now the worst, and what was the worst hand in standard Teen Patti is the winner in Muflis. The best hand in Muflis (Lowball) is 2-2-2, which you can play at 10Cric!

Tip to win: Learn to create good hands before you play real money 3 Patti.

2. 999 – Aim for Nines – ★★★★★

The 999 variation of Teen Patti aims to get as close to 999 as possible or to have three nines in your set. In this variation, the face cards count as 0, the numbered cards have their face value, and the nines have the highest value. The winner is the player with the score closest to 999; for example, if one player has 3-9-7 (which can be arranged as 973), and the other has 9-8-2, the winner with the 9-8-2 (982 is closest to 999).

Tip to win: We suggest playing the 999 Teen Patti game for free; if you are a beginner.

3. Closest to 555 – Aim for Fives – ★★★★★

This game works in the same way as 999, only in Closest to 555, you aim to reach as close to three fives. The royal cards count as 0, the numbered cards have their face value, and you can arrange your cards in the order that gets you closest to the 555 targets. The five (5) card is the most important in this Teen Patti variation.

4. Odd Sequence – Collect Alternate Sequences – ★★

The Odd Sequence Teen Patti variation is almost identical to the regular Teen Patti game, and the catch is that the players must form alternate number sequences. For example, the sequence in this Teen Patti variation is 3-5-7 instead of 3-4-5.

5. Face Off – Only the Face Cards are Used – ★★★

The Face Off variation of Teen Patti uses only the face cards, and the numbered cards are removed, so the deck has only 20 cards. It allows the players to get quality, winning hands more efficiently, and the rest of the game is played as usual.

Tip to win: When in doubt, Pack

Teen Patti Variations with Jokers

The following are Teen Patti variations that include jokers, and not the joker cards from the deck, but any card from the deck can be used and substituted as a joker:

6. Rotating Jokers – All Players Can Choose Their Jokers – ★★★★

In the rotating jokers Teen Patti variation, each player has three cards – one opened and two closed. The open card is the personal joker, which every player has. As people fold and leave the game, their joker card is available for the remaining players to use (to rotate): the catch is that once another joker becomes available, you can’t use your own joker in your hand.

Tip to win: Place low initial bets and ask for a sideshow if you are not confident about your cards.

7. Pack Jack – Selection of Jokers as the Game Goes On – ★★★

In the Pack Jack Teen Patti variation, the players get three cards each, and three cards are placed in the center of the table, available as joker cards. As the game starts, the players who fold place their cards on the table for the remaining players to use as jokers, replacing the original joker cards.

8. Buying Jokers Seen and Unseen – Two Rounds of Buying Joker – ★★★★

In the Buying Jokers Seen and Unseen, the players get three cards each, and before the game starts, the players place one of their cards face up on the table to be used as a joker. The other players can buy the joker card, and the agreed sum goes into the pot. The buying of jokers goes on in two rounds, and a player can also buy a joker from another player, which also goes into the pot. After two rounds of buying jokers seen and unseen, the game goes on as usual.

9. Lallan Kallan – The Odd-Colored Card Is the Joker – ★★★★

In the Lallan Kallan Teen Patti variation, the players get three cards as usual, and the card with an odd color in the set is used as a joker. For example, you get two blacks and one red, which means the red one is the joker card. If you get three cards of the same color, you are disqualified and must fold.

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10. Kiss Miss Bliss – Create your Own Jokers – ★★★★

In the Kiss Miss Bliss Teen Patti variation, every player gets five cards; the players choose three to play and use the two as one joker. Two consecutive numbers are called a Kiss, a pair of numbers is called Bliss, and the Miss is a pair with one number missing from the sequence. In each round of the game, you form one joker and discard one card from the game; by the end, you are left with two cards and the joker (made of two cards).

Tip to win: Know the rules and betting options of this complicated yet fun to play teen Patti game.

11. Kissing Missing – Creating Jokers – ★★★★

The Kissing Missing Teen Patti game is very similar to Kiss Miss Bliss, but the players start with four cards: two regular cards and two that make up the joker. If you have a pair, you get a Kissing joker, and the regular cards are called Missing. If you can’t create a Kissing or Missing joker, discard one and play with three cards, like a regular Teen Patti game.

12. One-Eyed Jack – Two Jacks with Special Meaning – ★★★★★

The One-Eyed Jack variant of Teen Patti uses the Jack of Hearts and the Jack of Spades, called one-eyed jacks. The player who gets them can use them as jokers, while the remaining jacks are used as regular cards.

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13. Folding Joker – Unseen Card Becomes an Extra Joker – ★★★

The Folding Joker variant of Teen Patti starts with each player getting four cards, one kept unseen. You create a hand using the three cards and show one of the cards in your hand to all the players, which then becomes a joker for all. When a player folds, his unseen card becomes another joker, filling up the missing card when the player folds.

14. King Little – the King Becomes a Joker Card – ★★★★

The King Little variant of Teen Patti uses the kings as jokers, and the lowest card you are dealt also becomes a joker. If you are dealt a king, you get to play with two jokers, having a chance to quickly create a winning hand, and you can try this variant by playing live 3 Patti at 10Cric!

15. AK47 – Ace, King, Four, and Seven – ★★★★★

The AK 47 variation of Teen Patti treats the ace, king, four, and seven cards as jokers, and these can be used as a substitute for any missing card. The rest of the rules follow the standard Teen Patti game.

Tip to win: Increase your ‘Chaal’ amount slowly to improve winning chances.

16. In-Out – Choose if You are In or Out – ★★★★

The In-Out Teen Patti variation starts with a pre-agreed bet the players pay that goes into the pot. The players get three cards, and three cards are placed face-up on the table to be used as jokers. The players state if they are in or out, and the ones that stay in make additional bets. If they play blind, the bet is 2x; if they play open, the bet is 4x. The players who go out leave their cards on the table to replace the jokers. The game continues until one winner gets a winning hand against the bank or the other players.

17. Temperature – In-Out Variant – ★★★

Temperature is a Teen Patti variant very similar to the In-Out version; each player gets three cards, with three jokers placed in the middle of the table. The players choose to play, opting for In, or fold, opting for Out; after this, a temperature card is placed open on the table for all to see. If the temperature card is between ace and 6, the lowest hand wins the game; if the card is between 7 and king, the higher hand wins the game.

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18. Wild Draw – Wild Card Changes Outcomes – ★★★

In the Wild Draw Teen Patti variation, the players get three cards as usual, but then a random card or a Wild Draw card from the deck is placed face-up on the table, and the card becomes a joker that players can use to form their hand.

19. Pairs Are Jokers – Collect Pairs – ★★★★

The Pairs are Jokers variation of Teen Patti starts with each player getting seven cards. If you get pairs from the seven cards, they are used as jokers, and if you don’t get a pair, you must fold.

20. Joker Hunt – Everyone Hunts for a Joker – ★★★

In the Joker Hunt Teen Patti variation, the players get three cards each, and then extra cards are placed face-up on the table. The open cards are twice the number of players plus three. The players select one open card and discard one of their own; if a player does not pick a card, they must close one of the available cards, which will be removed after two rounds, and the remaining cards are left as jokers.

Tip to win: Learn to open three cards of hidden jokers as 10, 20 and 30 in this variation.

21. Two Lowest Wild – Aim for Low Cards – ★★

In the Two Lowest Wild Teen Patti variation, the players get four cards, and the two cards with the lowest rank become wild cards or jokers. The rest of the game continues as a regular Teen Patti game.

22. 1942 Love Story – Only Hindi Must Be Spoken During the Game – ★★★★★

In the 1942 Love Story variation of Teen Patti, the cards valued 1, 9, 4, and 2 are jokers that the players can use as they wish. Another critical factor while playing this Teen Patti variation is that all players must speak Hindi during the game; if anyone speaks English, they fold and are out of the game.

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23. Joker – Everyone Loves a Joker – ★★★★

The Joker variation of Teen Patti is fascinating, as each player gets three cards, and one card is randomly selected to become the joker. The twist is that all other cards of the same rank become the joker, meaning the players could get to play with two (even three jokers). You can play the Joker Teen Patti variant at 888Casino.

Tip to win: Try to play Blind for some initial game rounds.

24. High Wild – Lowest Card Becomes Joker – ★★★

The High Wild Teen Patti variation is played with the players getting three cards. The lowest card in the hand becomes the joker, and any other card with the same value becomes a joker. It is straightforward to get a trio with this Teen Patti variation.

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Teen Patti Variants with Changed Rules

The following Teen Patti variations include games that have changes in the gameplay and changes in the number of cards dealt. These are exciting and appealing, but some of them can’t be played at online casinos:

25. Discard One – Discard the Card that does not Work with Your Set – ★★★★★

In the Discard One Teen Patti variation, players get four cards instead of three, and they need to combine three of them in the best possible combination, discarding the fourth card.

26. Plus Sign – Choose the Cards from the Plus Sign – ★★★★

In the Plus Sign Teen Patti variation, the players get three cards each, and five cards are placed in the center of the table in a plus sign, serving as jokers that all players can use. The catch here is that while the jokers can have any value, the players must select the joker card from the horizontal or vertical lines of the plus sign.

27. Sudden Death – Yell Stop – ★★★

In the Sudden Death version of Teen Patti, all 52 cards in the deck are divided between the players. The players hold the cards between their fingers and thumb and drop them one by one until one of the players yells Stop! The players then form the best possible hand from the cards they have in their hands, and the player with the best hand wins the game.

Tip to win: Luck matters the most in this variation

Teen Patti Game Variants Best Suited for Playing Online

Among the Teen Patti variants, there are several that are ideal for playing online:

28. Auction – Buying an Alternate Set of Cards – ★★★★★

In the Auction variant of Teen Patti, which we suggest you try 888Casino, the players get three cards each and two piles of three cards with one open and two closed cards placed in the middle of the table. The piles on the table are available for auction, and the players bid on them before the round starts; the winning bidder gets the net from the table, and his deal set becomes a pile on the table, and the auction money goes to the pot. Both piles need to be sold, and the game continues as a standard Teen Patti game, with the open cards on top of the piles being used as jokers for anyone on the table.

Tip to win: Try to win the auction if you know your cards are not worth winning the money

29. Banko – Bet Against the Banker – ★★★★★

The Banko variation of Teen Patti is somewhat different, as each player plays alone against the banker, which you can try at 22Bet. The players pay the agreed stake in the pot, and the dealer places two cards on the table, facing up. Then the players bet if the third drawn card will be a number between the two drawn cards; for example, the cards are 4 and 9, and the players bet if the third card is between these numbers. If correct, the players stay in the game, and if they are wrong, they are out; the game continues until one player is left.

Teen Patti Variants with Alternate Gameplay

The following Teen Patti games feature alternate gameplay and some have very different rules than the original Teen Patti game. Still, each is fun and engaging!

30. Stud – Open and Closed Cards – ★★★★★

The Stud variation of Teen Patti is exciting, as the players get one face-up card and two face-down cards. Those who are face down are known as hole cards, while the face-up cards are known as street cards, and the difference is that all players get to see the street cards; the other rules are the same.

31. 3-2-1 – Three Sets of Cards – ★★★★

In the 3-2-1 version of Teen Patti, all players get six cards, arranging them into three separate hands with three, two, and one card. The players bet on the first hand, then the second, and the third; the winner is the player who wins two or all three rounds, collecting the pot accumulated during the three betting rounds.

32. 3-2-1-1 – Lowest Outcome Wins – ★★★

The 3-2-1-1 Teen Patti variation is an alternate variant of 3-2-1. It starts with the players getting seven cards, which they can arrange in four separate hands with three, two, one, and one cards. The players bet on the three-card hand, then the two-card hand; in the third round, the highest card wins, and in the fourth round, the lowest card on the table wins the pot.

33. Two Cards Open – Playing with Seeing Two Cards – ★★★★

In the Two Cards Open variation of Teen Patti, the players receive three cards, two open and face up, while the third card is face down. The game continues with everyone playing with two cards facing up and one facing down, making bets based on the cards they see.

34. Cobra – Placing an Unseen Card on Your Forehead – ★★★

The Cobra or Maatha Teen Patti variation is played with each player placing the agreed amount in the pot and getting one card. Without seeing the card, the player places it on their forehead, and they can’t see the card, but the other players can; the game goes on with everyone placing bets, and the winner is the one with the highest card.

35. Draw – Players Pay for New Cards – ★★★

In the Draw variation of Teen Patti, the agreed stake goes into the pot, and the players get three cards each. The players then get to choose to discard one of their cards and get a new one, but for every new card, the player must pay the set stake.

36. High-Low Split – Two Lucky Winners – ★★★★

The High-Low Split variation of Teen Patti has two winners, the players with the highest and the lowest hands. The players must play three rounds before they show their cards, and the winners are determined. There are two variants of the High-Low Split game: declaration, where the player declares which hand they are after, and the cards speak, where the players don’t tell which hand they are after.

37. Three-Card Community – Similar to Three-Card Draw – ★★★★

The Three-Card Community Teen Patti variation is played by each player getting three cards – two facing down and one facing up. Then, three community cards are placed face-up on the table, and the players can replace any of their cards with the community cards.

38. Five-Card Community – Similar to Poker – ★★★

The Five-Card Community variation of Teen Patti is the same as the three-card community variant you can play at Betway; only the players get five cards – three facing up and two facing down. The players select two from the three upward-facing cards and one of the downward-facing cards and complete their hand. Next, the three face-up community cards are placed in the middle of the table, and the players can replace any of their cards with the community cards.

39. 4X Boot – 4 Times the Bet – ★★★★

The 4X Boot variation of Teen Patti has the same rules as regular Teen Patti; the catch is that the ante bet is four times the usual boot value. The pot gets very big very quickly in this variation.

Tip to win: Try reading the opponent’s face and predict his next moves.

40. Bust Card Draw – Crazy Exciting Teen Patti – ★★★

The Bust Card Draw is the last Teen Patti variation we’ll cover here. This crazy exciting game is played with the players getting three cards, and then a random card is drawn from the deck. All the players who have the same value card must fold.


How many Teen Patti variations exist?

There are 50+ Teen Patti variations, possibly more known and played at local level. However, the top online casinos in India like 10Cric, Spin Casino, Betway, 20Bet, 888Casino, and more carry several of the 40 Teen Patti variants we have listed for you.

Why are there so many Teen Patti variations?

Indian people love Teen Patti and have played this game for years. So, over the years, they developed and popularized many variations, some of which have found their way to online casinos in India.

Where can I find various Teen Patti games?

You can find several versions of Teen Patti online (the most famous ones are Auction and Banko) at top online casinos in India like 10Cric, Spin Casino, JackpotCity, 888Casino, Betway, 22Bet and 20Bet!

What is the best online Teen Patti variation?

Auction and Banko are the top favorite online Teen Patti variations you can play at top online casinos like 10Cric or Spin Casino.

How much is the payout in Teen Patti?

Teen Patti's payout depends on your hand; if you get a Set (three-of-a-kind) hand, you stand to win a 25:1 payout.


With Teen Patti becoming extremely popular among Indian and other online casino players, new Teen Patti variations always keep popping up. So far, we’ve covered 40 popular Teen Patti variants here, each with its twist and catch that makes it exciting to play. The Mufliss and Sudden Death are the most preferred Teen Patti variations among Indian players, and Auction and Banko are the online favorites. Each of the Teen Patti variations is easy to understand and play; more importantly, most of these can be found in reputable online casinos that cater to Indian gamblers.