The Top #11 Most Played Teen Patti Variations

Teen Patti or 3 Patti is one of the popular card games of India. Teen Patti is known as Indian poker with slightly different rules. As the name reveals itself; three cards are dealt with each player and the game is played using a single deck of cards. 

In this digital age, when everything is available online; casino games are also a click away. Plenty of exciting international to Indian traditional games like 3 Patti online are available. 

You can play these games at your selected casino’s sites or download free Teen Patti Apps on your smartphones. So, Invite your friends, enjoy the bonuses, cashback offers and an opportunity to earn real money from the comfort of your home.

In this article, we have discussed Top 10  popular variants of Teen Patti that can be played in both online and land-based casinos.

Enjoy reading!

An Overview of Teen Patti

Game Type: Cards gambling
Maximum Players: 10
Required Skills: Counting
Number of decks: 1
Similar games: Poker, Flush/ Flash, 3 Cards Brag


So, Let’s start with the Teen Patti Variations!

#1. Mufflis: Turn your losses into wins

Mufflis, an exciting and interesting Teen Patti version. Also referred to as Lowball or Inverse Version of Teen Patti. The twist is, this teen Patti variant follows the exact opposite rules of regular Teen Patti. The Best hand is considered worst and the worst is best. Rest, the betting structure and rules to play the game remains the same in Mufflis. So, for all the players who usually get bad cards, Mufflis belongs to you.

For example, A player with a hand value with A-A-A will be considered as the lowest hand value and another player hand with 2-2-2 will be the best hand.

Tip to win: Learn to create good hands before you play real money 3 Patti.
Teen Patti Variations: #1 Mufflis

#2. Banko: Play against the Banker

Can you guess reading the name of the game; what is Banko all about? It must have struck some of the smart player’s mind. Yes! You are right! This card game is played against the banker or the dealer in spite of other players.

Like the regular teen Patti, three face-down cards are dealt with players and two face-up cards and 1 hidden card with the dealer. So, the bet is placed against the hidden card of the dealer. The Player has to predict if the hidden card value lies between the two exposed cards or not.

For Example, If two face-up card values and 3 and 9; you have to guess whether the hidden card value lies in between them or is a higher or a lower value card?

The game continues with the banker and all other players in an anticlockwise direction until a single player is left on the table.

Tip to win: Learn to open 3 hidden jokers as 10, 20 and 30.

#3. Sudden Death: Until you, Shout Stop!

The game is super easy that even kids can play. People love to play this exciting Teen Patti variant online. So, the game begins with distributing all and an equal number of cards with all the players.

You have to hold your pack of cards( face-down) between the thumb and ring finger. Now in a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction; all the participants will drop cards one by one in the centre until someone shouts ‘Stop’.

At this moment, you’ll have to stop dropping cards. Now, all the players will pick the highest card from their pack of cards. The cards are compared and the one with a weak hand has to leave the game. The game continues until a single player wins the game.

Tip to win: Luck matters the most!
Sudden Death

#4. Auction: A Fun to Play Game!

It is quite clear from the name of this teen Patti variant that players bid for an Auction of cards. ALmost like other variants of Teen Patti; three cards are dealt with each participant on the table. The dealers then place 2 piles of 3 cards in the centre of the table for auction. Each pile has two face-down cards and 1 face-up/ open card. The open cards act as jokers for the rest of the players.

The players have to place bids on the piles one by one before the game begins. If you won the auction, you’ll get the opportunity to replace your old pile of cards with a new one. The old pile is then discarded. The one who bought the pile has an option to play Chaal or Blind. Choosing blind means the player is not allowed to see the cards.

The player with the highest card has the advantage to refuse the bid on auction. The bidding money goes directly into the pot and the game continues until a single player wins the game.

Tip to win: Try to win the auction if you know your cards are not worth winning.

#5. Kiss Miss Bliss: The 3 Jokers

An alluring and fascinating Teen Patti Variants that you can’t resist to give it a try. In this funny variant of Teen Patti, 5 cards are distributed by the dealer despite 3 in the original game. You have to combine any two of five dealt cards to create a joker. Kiss Miss and Bliss are the 3 different jokers with different jobs.

  • Kiss: if, the pair have two consecutive numbers. E.g. 4-5, 6-7 etc.
  • Miss: If, the two cards have one miss in the sequence. E.g. 4-6, 6-8 etc.
  • Bliss: if two cards are actually a pair of the same ranks. E.g. 2-2, 3-3 etc.

Only a single joker can be formed in a single game round. You have to discard one card from the 5 cards to form a Teen or 3 hand combination (2- regular and 1 joker of 2 cards).

Tip to win: Know the rules and betting options of this complicated yet fun to play teen Patti game.
Kiss Miss Bliss

#6. AK 47: Aces, Kings, 4’s & 7’s

This special Teen Patti variant has been named after the most popular Russian rifle, AK47. you can take an idea from the name of the game AK47 that means all the Aces, Kings 4’s & 7’s acts as wild cards or jokers. Rest, all the rules remain the same as in the traditional Teen Patti version.

Therefore, this game has a total of 16 jokers. The jokers play an important role in winning. More jokers in hand mean better chances of winning.

For an instance, if you have any of these cards in hand, you can use them as a substitute for the highest missing card to form a better hand.

Tip to win: Increase your ‘Chaal’ amount slowly to improve winning chances.
AK 47

#7. JOKER: That Everyone Loves!

This joker themed game is thrilling, entertaining and full of fun. Three cards are dealt with each player on the table. Then one card is picked up by the dealer from the remaining well-shuffled deck; that acts as a joker.

The twist is the dealer can nominate all other cards of the same rank and same suit to act as a joker or wild cards. These wild cards help you to win the game by replacing it with the highest card value to win the game.

The rules for the joker teen Patti game are exactly identical to regular teen Patti games except for the joker part. Teen Patti joker in India is the best game for players looking for a fun ride.

Tip to win: Try to play Blind for some initial game rounds.

#8. 999: When face cards are worth 0

Another popular and easy to understand Teen Patti game with traditional rules. Three cards are dealt with each player. What makes this game unique is that the face cards ( K, Q, J) are counted as zero. The objective of this game is to get a hand value close to a 9-9-9 combination.

That sounds simple. Right! If you remember the game seems to have followed the concept of blackjack. Unlike getting a hand combination close to 21, the aim is to get a better close to 999 to win the game.

For example, if your hand cards are K-Q-9 that means a value of 900 whereas the opponent has A-A-A r that represents a value of 111. So obviously, you are going to win the game.

Tip to win: We suggest playing the 999 Teen Patti game for free; if you are a beginner.

#9. Rotating Jokers/ Revolving Jokers: A game of open card

Three cards are dealt with by every participant. The difference is two of the cards are face-down/closed and one of them is an open/ face-up card. The face-up card belongs to the player and can be replaced with any value.

The Player’s open card acts as a rotating joker in case a player opts to fold the cards. In such cases, players are not allowed to use their open card any further. So, the process continues in a similar way. When the next player folds the game; his open card becomes the joker.

Whenever a player loses the Fold/Sideshow; the dealer will assign new jokers discarding the old jokers/ wild cards.

Tip to win: Place low initial bets and ask for a sideshow if you are not confident about your cards.
Rotating Jokers

#10. Face-off: All about Face-cards

Known as the best game for beginners. Betting rules are similar to the regular version of Teen Patti. This game is all about high-value cards. All the Aces, Kings, Queens, Jacks and 10’s are referred to as face cards.

This Teen Patti table can only accommodate 6 maximum players. You get to play with only 20 cards. So, the game duration is short and hands are completed easily.

For example, if your cards are A-K-Q and the opponent has Q-J-10; you’ll win the game.

Tips to win: When in doubt, Pack!

#11. 4X Boot: The Game with a Bigger pot

Clearly, the name indicates that the boot amount is 4 times the amount in the original teen Patti version. The rules, betting structure are all the same, so there is no confusion. The only difference lies in the initial boot amount that has to be kept at the centre of the table in the pot before the game begins.

4XBoot is meant for high rollers. The risk of losing and winning the money is 50-50.

Tip to win: Try reading the opponent’s face and predict his next moves.
4X Boot

Teen Patti is the most loved game in India!

On an endnote, we hope you enjoyed reading different teen Patti variants. Why don’t you try playing teen Patti online? Don’t worry! You don’t need to spend any money.  Play Teen Patti with Paytm at our listed best teen Patti casinos for Indian players like 10CRIC and Luckyniki etc. Not only they are safe, legal but also have convenient payment options. Scroll up to check Indian Teen Patti casinos. Trust us, you’ll have the best gaming experience ever.