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How to Play Andar Bahar Online For Real Money at Indian Casinos?

Online Andar bahar or Katti is a well-known card game in land-based as well as in online Indian casinos. It is a traditional Indian game that was originated in Bangalore, South India. It is a bizarre, elegant card game with easy rules. No logic is required, just be active while playing online. Several players all over India are making huge money playing this game daily with our recommended below casinos.

Best 5 Real Money Andar Bahar Casinos

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So, if you are looking forward to trying Andar Bahar online in India with a huge welcome bonus we recommend you to visit Royal Panda Casino. Despite being new in the market, the royal panda has become a brand name in online Indian casinos.

What is Online Andar Bahar?

Almost all ages of people can play this effortless and fun game. One deck of card is used with a minimum wager requirement. You have to place the bet on the lead card or game card as andar or bahar. Initially, you can start from 10 rupees to a maximum of 10,000 rupees. Andar means inside refers to the left betting spot on table and bahar means outside refers to right betting spot.

Some additional side bets are also available, either on the card that dealer is about to cut or guessing the card value above/ below the certain number. Also, the payouts are quite high in this game.

Its engaging work action attracts gamblers to play even more.  Any player can bet right away at any time of the game. Probability of winning or losing is 50/50. To win, you need luck along with skilled guesses. The evolution of this game has enabled users to experience this game on phones, tablets also.

Recommended 2 Real Money Andar Bahar Casinos In India?

All the categories of players from novice to high rollers can play Andar bahar as per their budget. Andar bahar is totally legal in Indian casinos. So if you want to make real money in India, we suggest you to visit some of our suggested sites below. All of them are legal with safe money deposits and withdrawals. You won’t regret your real-world like casino experience.

Lucky Days Casino India Review 2022
  • Payout Speed: 3
  • Win Rate: 96.71%
  • Live Dealer games
22Bet Casino India Review 2022
Hands down, the best selection for Indian players even in 2022!

Play Andar Bahar game with live dealers

Live casino is meant for you if you love playing in real-time casino. You can directly interact with live dealers and other participants as well. A high-speed internet connection is required because a live version is streamed in full HD mode. A betting budget must be decided prior to gameplay.

Every player is allotted their seats on the table. Generally, Bets are placed by clicking the card position on the table and then by clicking on the selected chip amount. The live dealer will announce when to place the bet, the winner and the payouts.

Most of the gamblers nowadays love to play more on mobile rather than using laptops and desktops. This is the special feature of the live casino. Thanks to this digital era as you can access your game anytime and anywhere. Leo Vegas is known as the leader when talking about live casinos. The gambling environment and cashback offer keeps you engaging on casino site.

How to play Andar Bahar Game in India

Before you start playing, ensure that the gambling site is reputed and licensed. Your money deposits should be safe and wagering limit must be low. Not all the sites have the same set of rules. So first step is to signup or register on a particular site if you are ready to play. The signup process is easy and simple as mentioned below.

  • You have to create an online account with some personal information.
  • Click on the activation link sent to your email id.
  • Select a deposit method and add some money to your casino’s wallet.
  • Now look for andar bahar table and start playing

Andar bahar is a single deck card game. Odds to win or lose are 50-50 in this game. The game starts with the dealer cutting the game card or reference card which is placed on the middle of the table. All other cards are dealt with the left or right of the table referring to the game card.

After players’ positions and the betting spot is fixed. The dealer will announce to place the bet. The players can place the bet against the dealer as well. the players have to place a bet either on andar (left) or bahar (right). The goal of the game is simple, that is to predict that the card rank is the same on either of sides.

Now dealer will start dealing one card simultaneously to each side of the table till the time same value gamecard is dealt with. If a bettor has predicted bet on andar and same value card is dealt, he or she will win else it’s dealt on another side i.e. bahar.

Rules to play online andar bahar game

If you want to win, it’s better to learn about the rules and strategies used in this game. Although this is a simple game of chance, we advise you to set your budget and know the betting limits. To follow are some standard rules to help you perform better.

  • A single card deck is used with their original card value.
  • It is player vs dealer game; facing each other.
  • A fair 50/50 odds of winning or losing with high payouts.
  • Players can choose the left or right side of the table.
  • After betting spot is fixed, cards are dealt with the andar and bahar betting spots.
  • If side bets are included, two cards are dealt with each betting spot and players are asked to place final bets.
  • If your predicted bet is on the right spot i.e. andar or bahar, you will win and will get your payout else you lose to the dealer.

How to place the bet to win Andar Bahar?

How to place the bet to win Andar Bahar

Placing bets is an easy task in this game. The wagering requirement is very low so that every range of players can participate. Before placing bets, you can choose your live or online casino table, fix your budget and gaming environment. You can even talk to your live dealer about any of your doubt and even ask for rules and conditions.

Other than two regular bets, additional side bets are also available. Bets are placed after game card or lead card is dealt with. To place a bet, click on appropriate chip amount and then by clicking on your card. Chances of winning are 50/50. Go through all the rules or guidelines that will improve your performance.

As per our analysis, you can have an advantage if you make small bets and use martingale strategy, it says if you lose, double the wager. But make sure you have a big budget in case you lose.

What are the basic types of Andar bahar game?

Andar bahar is a straight and naked game. There is no way, you can cheat. Despite being quite new in this online gambling world, the gameplay has managed to attract gamblers all across the world. If you are familiar with the rules and strategy to be implied, you can win a huge pot of money. This traditional Indian Gambling game is available in three different versions:

Live andar bahar

This is the most popular version with real-time casino experience. You get to play along with live dealers and other competent players also. Not only just andar and bahar bets but also side bets are available.

Speed andar bahar

This is the fastest version of the classic game including all features of live and online andar bahar game. With evolving technology, game developers have managed to add some other versions in the list too.

Xpro gaming live

This variant is almost same as other with the added feature of live chat with dealers at any time in between the game. You will get video quality adjustment in two switching modes. Some new commands that help you to place or remove bet fast.

Video andar bahar

It is computer vs you with everything virtual .you will get a virtual dealer and virtual score, virtual betting. But the money you win is real. This version is fully animated in 2D or 3D.

Ezugi andar bahar

This version comes with an enhanced number of side bets. You can place 8 side bets along with andar- bahar bets. Unlimited players can join the table. the player has to predict several cards to be dealt before the selected card is dealt with one of side i.e. left or right.

Super spade games

This is a fast-paced game that gives you just 20 seconds to place the bet after the card is dealt. It is streamed from live casinos in Belarus and is hosted by friendly and expert dealers. With excellent web-user interface, this version has gained so much popularity in a short while of time.

Play Andar bahar on mobile

With advanced technology, it is possible to play andar bahar game on mobiles also. Game developer companies have optimized their software to make them compatible with mobile and tabs. You can play live or online versions of Andar bahar game on any of operating systems such as Mac, ios or android.

Go to the play store or app store available on your mobile phones and download live casino games or you can play directly through the browser. All you need is to register on the selected casino app, verify your account via the code sent on your phone or your email. deposit money via different banking options. Here you go, select your game and table of your choice, now you can start playing and place any amount of bets.

How to get a welcome bonus to play andar bahar online?

How to get a welcome bonus to play andar bahar online?

These are usually given to first-time users when they log in or register. Welcome bonus or signup bonus are cashless rewards just meant to encourage players to play for fun and hold on their stay on site. The bonuses are valid for a certain period, otherwise, they get expired. Below are some steps to activate your welcome bonus points on one of the best live Andar bahar casino site betway. They offer the same bonus money equivalent to your deposit money. You can use this money anywhere on the site from a lot of games available.

  • log in to your account, now click on add cash button.
  • you will be redirected to the new page, make the payment and choose code WELCOME.
  • Click on continue and your bonus will be credited to your account.

Andar Bahar FAQs

What is the main game card in andar bahar game?

it is drawn in the first round and placed on the middle of the table. it works as a reference card when other cards are being dealt, either to left or right.

How to win in andar bahar game?

It is a 50/50 win or loses the game. Make sure to net place a bet if you are not confident enough. You must know how to bet and at what point of the game to bet.

What are some best online andar bahar casinos in India?

we suggest you begin with most trusted casinos like leovegas, 888 casinos and betway . you will be loaded with huge welcome bonuses.

Is Andar bahar game legal in India?

Yes, it is legal. But make sure that your selected casino fulfils all the norms related to privacy and security. It should be bound by international laws of a casino.

Can we cheat at andar bahar?

No, it is not possible in live and online casinos. casinos use RNG(random number generation) to deal with the cards. There are no such odds available. if some software claims to help you, it is a total fraud.


Andar bahar is a straightforward game with a heart-racing gambling experience. Despite its roots in India, it is trending everywhere across the world casinos’ because of its ease and simplicity. It is half your luck and half your strategy with fair chances of winning and losing.

To win, always go with online casinos that are not only legal but also provides quality user interface. Check for banking methods, reviews and feedback of other players. In this article we have covered all the aspects of Andar bahar game, one needs to know. It’s your decision, either to play free for the first time or directly dive in and play for real money.