How to play Teen Patti in 3 minutes?

Learn how to play Teen Patti in this easy to understand game guide. Teen Patti or 3 Patti is the most loved desi card game of India. The game quite similar to the poker game and is also referred to as Flash/ Flush or 3 card brags in other regions of the world.

As the name clearly indicates; 3 Patti or 3 Cards; the game is played with 3 cards. A card game, with the best combination of luck and strategies.

Whether you are a beginner or a professional card player, this easy to understand article will help you learn to play 3 Patti in a few minutes.

Let’s get started!

How to play Teen Patti in 3 minutes

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Basics of Teen Patti that you should Know!

Whether it’s online or offline Teen Patti, the game is played in almost a similar manner.  The game is best played with 3 to 7 members to predict the cards becomes quite Difficult.

  • 3 Patti uses a single card of deck with 52 cards. No jokers are used in the game. 
  • Like other card games rummy or poker, bets have to be placed before the cards are dealt.; referred to as Ante
  • A Fixed amount or boot amount is placed in the pot in the centre of the table.
  • Now,  each player is dealt with 3 face-down cards along with the dealer in the clockwise direction.

The next action is to make a call or raise. if a player opts for the call that means he will continue in the game without adding any money in the pot. Whereas raising means, increasing the bet amount and adding the money in the pot.

Note: The players who choose to raise has more risk of winning or losing the bets than other players.

Let’s learn how to play offline and online Teen Patti in easy steps:

Teen Patti Online


Offline 3 Patti

Log in to your favourite casino site.
Choose the dealer ( the player who has the highest card value.)
Select your 3 Patti table.
Place the ante bets & collect the money in the pot.
Place your initial bet (ante)/ side bets (optional).
The dealer will distribute the cards starting from his leftmost player.
The cards are dealt; now choose to Play or Fold your cards.
Decide to call/raise or play/fold as per your card values.
A player with highest card value wins the money in the pot.
You can also request for sideshow / Showdown.

Teen Patti Betting Process

If you have heard and played poker game earlier, you must be familiar with two terms i.e. to raise or to call. A player has to take the action (raise or call) after 3 face-down cards have been dealt.

That’s the only similarity you’ll find in the poker and 3 Patti game known as the desi poker of India. Rest the entire betting process is different.

  • To raise means to increase the size of the bet according to the bet placed by the previous player and adding more amount in the pot. So, there is always a risk of losing more money.
  • To call means to continue in the game keeping the size of the bet the same. The risk of losing money is low.

In case you are consistently losing a big sum of money; you can opt to fold the cards at any point of the game.

To Remember: In teen Patti, all the players have to raise the stakes in equal amount. For example, if a player used 2 coins to place a bet, the next player will have to raise at least an equal amount of bet.

As the betting rounds progress, the pot value keeps on increasing till the game round finishes. The winner of the game is decided based on the highest to lowest hand ranking system.

Do you know?   

Learning how to play Teen Patti Online is much easier to play than traditional 3 Patti. Also, the winning chances are better when playing online.

Who is the dealer in 3 Patti? The player with the highest card value; he has to reveal that card to act as a dealer.

The current stake amount is equal to the boot amount for the first 3 Patti player. In case the first player happens to be a blind player. The current stake amount can be the same or double the boot amount.

Fold is a situation when a player can quit the game by throwing the cards on the table.

Show: The show is a situation in which cards with both the players are exposed. and, the player with the higher hand value wins the pot.  If both the players have the same hand values, the one who has paid for the show takes away the pot money.

A player cannot ask for the show until two of the players have been dropped out from the game round. Following situations may arise:

  • For Show, the blind player has to pay an amount equal to the current stake amount. They can only see their cards after adding money into the pot.
  • Show option is unavailable for a seen player. They can only bet or drop out.
  • In case both players are the seen players; one of them can request for a show paying twice the current stakes amount.

Sideshow(Compromise): It’s a situation when you are not confident about your cards winning and has already placed a bet. A sideshow is a request made to the last player who placed a bet on your cards It will let you reveal the cards with that players on the table. The best hand wins. 

To Remember: The other player can also refuse to accept your request. Each of the player on the Teen Patti table is liberal to take any action or move in Teen Patti.

Show Down: Any of the two final players can ask for a showdown to end the game by revealing their cards. The player having the best hand value wins. Three situations may arise:

  1. In case a seen player request a blind player to showdown his cards; it becomes essential for a seen player to bet 4 times that of the present bet.
  2. If both of the final players are seen; any of them who requested for showdown has to double the bet amount.
  3. A blind player cannot ask for a showdown.

So, now the question may strike; Who is a Blind and Seen Player?  

  • A Blind player; that places the few initial blind bets without seeing his cards. The blind bets are the riskiest bets. A blind player may opt for the show, pack and blind. The blind bet value can be equal to the current stake amount or twice the current stake amount. That means the next must bet equal to the bet placed by the previous player(blind).
  •  A Seen player is obviously the one who places the bets after seeing their cards. Also referred to as Chaal as a seen player can take actions according to his card values. A seen player can opt for Show, Side Show, pack or Chaal. A seen player has to place bets twice the current stake amount or four times the current stake amount.

Teen Patti: Rules, Variations and Legality

Teen Patti Rules

Teen Patti Rules

The rules to play 3 Patti online or offline is pretty similar. As mentioned earlier this card game is played with 52 cards with Ace as the highest card and 2 as the lowest card.

Each player is dealt with three face-down cards. The boot amount (the minimum stake value)is collected from each player and is added to the pot. The pot value keeps on increasing after every betting round. The last player who survives is the winner of the pot amount.

No doubt 3 Patti is an easy-to-understand game but before you invest your real money it is also important to know the hand rankings used in this game. A player must be able to recognize the hand patterns to place bets confidently.

Teen Patti Variations

Teen Patti has become a popular casino game in a short span of time. You can easily find this card game in online or land-based casinos in states like Goa, Sikkim etc. The credit goes to the advanced technology that plenty of Teen Patti Variants are available online.

Teen Patti online gives you the opportunity to learn how to play teen Patti and earn real money while sitting at home. Some of the popular Teen Patti Variants are 4X Boot, Muflis, AK47, 999 and many more.

Teen Patti Variations
Teen Patti Legality

Teen Patti Legality

Is teen patti is legal in India or not? Teen Patti belongs to India. It is considered as the game of chance as per Indian gambling laws. So, unfortunately as per PGA,1867; it is illegal to play any game of gambling.

But, somehow it’s not stated in the public gaming act anywhere that online gambling is illegal. So if you want to play Teen Patti and other Indian traditional games online like Andar Bahar; online gambling sites like Fun88, Luckyniki etc are 100% legal and safe.  All these sites are based out of India, so there is no fear of any legal repercussions.

Teen Patti Table: Limited Stake and Unlimited Stake

If you are a beginner, we suggest you play teen Patti on a limited stake table. A limited stake means the betting amount is fixed on the table. You can’t place bets of your own choice.

When the pot limit is reached, it becomes essential for all the participants to show their cards and the player with the highest card value wins the game.

Whereas unlimited stake indicates Player’s can raise and place bets as per their bankroll. There is no fixed bet limit. Usually, this table is meant for high rollers.

how to play teen patti

Know the Hand Rankings (Highest to Lowest)

Before you place real money on Teen Patti Bets, it’s important that you must understand the hand rankings used in Teen Patti. As you know the highest hand wins in Teen Patti. Cards in Teen Patti are sequenced from high to low. The player with the highest card sequence (A K Q) wins the game. Check the full Teen Patti sequence list:

  1. The Trail/Trio/Set: When a player has three cards of the same rank. This card combination is known as the highest card sequence. Example: Three cards of Ace, King or Queen( A K Q).
  2. Pure sequence/ Straight Flush: A hand with 3 consecutive cards of the same suit. Example: 4,5,6 or Ace, King, Queen and so on.
  3. Sequence/ Run/Straight:  Three consecutive cards from different suits. Example: 5 of the club, 6 of spade and 7 of heart.
  4. Colour: The card combination of any 3 cards of the same suit. Example: Highest being  Ace, King, Jack (A K J) or lowest being 5 3 2.
  5. Pair: The player hand with two cards of the same rank from different suits. Example: A pair of ace, king or 10s (A K 10).
  6. High Card: The lowest card combination when none of the above said sequence follows. In such cases, the highest card of the player is compared to declare the winner.

Just look at the image below to know high to low hand rankings used in Teen Patti:

Hand Rankings ( Hi to Lo) in Teen Patti

Invite Friends at Private Table for Teen Patti

Being the most popular game of India. Patti Teen is available to be played on private tables. Isn’t it exciting? Invite your friends through Whats App, Facebook or Instagram and start playing an exciting Teen Patti game session anytime and anywhere. So, what you have to do to create your customized teen Patti table?

  1. Select the private option before you start your game.
  2. Set the boot amount and the pot limit of the table.
  3. Now,  set the maximum number of Blinds and the bet value.
  4. Click on the ‘Invite’ button to connect with your Facebook friends.
  5. Or you can share Invitation links on Whats App.

Who wins the Teen Patti game?

As you know, only a single player who remains on the teen Patti table can win the game. So how is this possible? 

While playing you may face two possibilities:

  • First, if everyone on the table chooses to fold except 1. In such an exceptional case, the remaining player becomes the winner.
  • Second, out of the two final players, one player can pay to ask for a showdown with the opposite player. The card combinations are compared and the player who has the highest hand value (cards of the same suit, different suit or so on) wins the game.

Live Teen Patti- Download Apps!

Live Teen Patti also called sometimes three card poker in India. This interesting casino game is played against the casino or house instead of playing against other players.

The difference between regular teen Patti and live teen Patti lies in the hand ranking system. In Live teen Patti, the hand ranking of poker game is used. 

The second thing to notice is the availability of additional side bets in live teen Patti.

To play live, you can also download apps on your Android and iOS devices. Plenty of Teen Patti Apps are available on the play store and App Store. 

Another option is to signup at any of our listed casinos like Lucky Niki, Fun88, 10CRIC and enjoy the best gaming session ever.

Wrapping up!

We hope this mini-guide must have cleared all your doubts and issues regarding how to play teen Patti. If you think you are ready to play teen Patti online and place real money bets; 10CRIC, Pure casino, Jungleraja are the best Teen Patti casinos for Indian players.