Evolution Double Ball Roulette Casinos 2021

Evolution Gaming, the global gaming solutions launched this advanced version of Roulette in 2016. This innovative game was designed in partnership with games marketing. As the name reveals itself double ball roulette uses two balls instead of one that makes it unique from other available versions.

This version follows the same basic rules set as that of traditional European roulette wheel. You’ll get to play with two balls that are rolled on the wheel via a remote control mechanism by players. In addition to this, chances of winning are also doubled with double ball roulette.  

In a short period of time Double ball Roulette has managed to be among the top casino games. You’ll find this game almost in every brick & mortar and online casino as well.

Evolution Double Ball Roulette Casinos

Evolution Double Ball Roulette Casino Sites In India 2021

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How Double ball Roulette works? 

This variant uses a traditional double-zero wheel. It also features a layover system that uses two remote controls without batteries and is operated by the players. The best part is this layover system can be also used with a 32” Roulette wheel.

The two balls are dropped on the wheel one after another from a shooting tube. The compressed air mechanism is used to prevent them from colliding. Both the ball’s spin at the same momentum/pace and the second ball always follows the former.

Rules to play Double Ball Roulette

  1. Two balls are dropped via remote control by players only.
  2. Dealers are not allowed to roll the balls.
  3. This variant uses the same betting layout as in American Roulette.
  4. If both the balls lands on the betting numbers, outside bets are won.
  5. If one of the balls lands on betting numbers, inside bets are won.
  6. Each player has two chances to win the bet.
  7. A special bet, ”Double Ball Jackpot” can be won only if both the balls lands on selected numbers.

Betting Options & Payouts 

A player can place all the bets that are offered in traditional roulette. You can place Inside bets as well as Outside bets in Double ball Roulette.

Inside bets are the bets that are placed on the number grids or original numbers. You’ll find 7 bets under this category as Straight, street, corner, Trio, basket, split, and double street. These bets are available for regular roulette players. The odds of winning are low but payouts are the best in these types of best.

The real fun begins in placing outside bets. Outside are placed in combination or pairs of numbers. The top 5 outside bets are high/low, even/odd, black/red, dozen, and column bets. The chances of winning are 50% with low payouts.

Bet TypePayout
Bet TypePayout

Gold Bets

Double ball roulette offers two unique bets called gold bets. Placing a wager on the first gold bet can get you a payout of 35:1; the condition is both the balls must land on the same numbers you betted on.

The second gold bet can get you a huge payout of 1300:1. Who knows if you are lucky and smart enough, you can become a hero from zero instantly!


What is double ball roulette?

The name reveals itself. There are two balls instead of 1 on the European roulette table. The objective is to place the bets on a single number or double numbers where the balls will land after the wheel has been stopped.

How can I win Double ball roulette?

To win, it is always suggested to start with the minimum stack and set your maximum and minimum betting limit. Place the safe bets and know the statistics before you take any real money action.

What is the complete bet in double ball roulette?

The complete bet includes all the inside bets i.e. Street, split up. Straight, corner and line bets. The perfect bet for high rollers with no issue of budget. Also known as the maximum bet.

What are the different betting options in double ball roulette?

The bets are categorized into inside bets and outside bets. Inside bets include straight, street, corner, line and split bets. Whereas outside bets include column/ dozen, red/black, even/odd, 1-18, 19-36 and two balls on any number.

What are gold bets in double ball roulette?

Gold bets are the part of inside bets. This version of roulette two special gold bets. First, if the two balls land on any number and second if the two balls land on selected number. The payouts are huge with 35:1 for the former and 1300:1 for the later.

Which is the best casino to play double ball roulette?

To play double ball roulette; you can visit 10CRIC, jackpot city, Royal panda etc. Check the casinos listed on our page. All our recommended casinos safe and secure with SSL encrypted payment methods.

Which is the best double ball roulette strategy?

Most of the time its martingale, reverse martingale, parole, D’alemberts and Fibonacci. These strategies have proven to be foolproof tricks to boost the winning odds.

Which is the highest payout bet in double ball roulette?

It’s an inside bet also known as the gold bet. You have to bet on ‘two balls on the selected number’. The winning payout is 1300:1.


This unique innovation by Evolution gaming is a perfect blend of fun, entertainment, and innovation. The Double ball game not only adds the twist of thrill and drama but also enhances the odds of winning. The gambling environment is enriched with 3D video options, soothing background music, and multi-camera views. You can interact live with the dealers and other players as well.

If you have the potential to win the game you can take away a huge pot of money. We suggest you play this roulette variant at least one time. We guarantee you’ll love the real world like casino experience. Have fun!