How to play baccarat Online? – Complete guide for Indian players

How to play baccarat online?  This question may strike to all the beginners in the casino world. So we at Pro Indian Casino will help you know every little thing about  Baccarat. It’s fun, exciting and 100% luck game and you will love to play it again and again. There are no hard and fast rules.

it is a popular card comparing table game played at Indian casinos. you don’t need a massive bankroll to play it. different versions of baccarat like Chemin de fer,  punto banco, live baccarat etc. makes it even more interesting. Once you have acquainted the strategy, you can master it.

How to play baccarat Online

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How to play baccarat online in Indian Casinos?

Baccarat is a player-banker game. Before you begin, you must know some facts about baccarat that will improve your chances of winning. We advise you to fix the time slots each time you play. Don’t bet all of the money in one go.

  • All level of players from low to high rollers can participate.
  • How to bet and what should be your initial bet?
  • You just need to know the dealer’s strategy and gambling pattern.
  • To Know the score points of each card of the deck
  • To know Third card rules and natural win

The good thing about baccarat is house edge is very thin compared to other casino games. If you want to play like a professional and win some serious money, here are some guidelines and rules on how to play baccarat online?

  • Rule 1: three kinds of bets are available. You can bet either on the player, on the banker or a tie. But you have to place the bet before the cards are dealt.
  • Rule 2: at first, two cards are dealt with each to player and banker.
  • Rule 2: face cards count as 0, An ace as 1, cards from (2-9) counted on their unit value.
  • Rule 3: calculate the total card points; the one who score 9 or close to 9 wins.
  • Rule 4: the third card is allotted to the one having a total of cards between  6-7.

If the player wins he will get the money equivalent to his bet. if both of them have equal points it a tie. In case if the total of the cards comes out as 0, the person is declared as baccarat. Baccarat is among the oldest casino game, from past experiences and reviews,  it’s always best to bet on the banker. Avoid betting on ties, they rarely happen. Not necessarily all the time but if you have that gut feeling and potential to guess the strategy, go for it.

Where you can play online baccarat in India ?

The online casino industry is growing each year in this digital era. Online casino is not legal everywhere but not illegal too. If you are looking for online baccarat casino in India we are here to serve you with a list of most trusted and genuine sites. They offer you different bonuses, range of payment options and low wager requirements.

  • Luckyday casino
  • Jackpotcity
  • Spin casino
  • Betway casino
  • Bodog casino
  • Royal panda

You can even play for free on many gambling sites to increase your pace and understand the gambling environment. if you are playing online baccarat, you need to be skilful because winning by guess chances are quite low. So you must go through the playing criteria of the selected casino. As many fraudulent or rigged casinos are available. Look for the accreditation on top of the site, whether they are legal.

Start with fun deposit and don’t wait for a long time if you are not winning. Learn how to play baccarat online analyzing the strategies and pattern they deal with. You can even talk to dealers about any of your doubts. So, get an idea, Place a bet and earn real money.

Playing online baccarat is thrilling and fun for card lovers. It can be a hard job to find the real casinos online. Baccarat is the perfect game if you are new in the online gambling world. No genuine site can ask you to make a high deposit.

How to Play online baccarat on mobile?

Fortunately, playing baccarat on your mobiles, tablets is also possible now. Either play by downloading different casino games from the app store or via your browser. You can access baccarat’s variants like high rollers from mobile. Make sure you have HD –streamed connection for a lag-free experience.

Some Do’s and don’ts of online baccarat

No doubt baccarat is simple, thrilling and full of suspense. It’s the dealer who is operating this game. So the player needs to be skilful. But before you head to trying online casino, we suggest you go through our list of do’s and don’ts while playing baccarat online. They will surely help you play like a professional and win huge money.




Manage to handle a separate bank account for online casino gambling.
Never hold on long enough whether you are winning or losing, as baccarat is all about luck.
Keep in mind, there are 3 types of bets and are placed before the cards are dealt.
Beware of some rigged casinos that may offer you huge bonuses but have high wager conditions.
Know the rules, payouts and dealer’s strategy before depositing money in casinos account.
Do not use your full bankroll in a single bet even if you are damn confident.
Make sure that the online casino site is legal, authorized and accredited.
Always avoid betting on tie wager, because they rarely work. go with the winning odds.
Start with a minimal deposit and fix your Time slot each time you play.
Despite it’s the low house edge, if you are playing an online version of mini-baccarat you have to make 150 decisions in a single game. So it might affect your bankroll.

What bonuses and promotions you will get while playing baccarat?

There are several casinos available online. casinos offer multiple bonuses, it varies.  Bonuses are the incentives or rewards to make the visitor stay on their site for a longer time. Customers are fascinated by the atmosphere just like the real world casino. Then many of them surely would love to play starting with a minimal deposit. So bonuses can change the way how you play online baccarat?

Signup bonus

Also known as welcome bonus, it’s given when user login for the first time. You just have to activate the link after signup. This bonus adds some extra cash into your account, which you can use only for gaming purpose. Baccarat Casinos keep offering you bonuses throughout your journey to hold you. No deposit is also another kind of signup bonus., it doesn’t cost you a single penny

Free Spin bonus

In India, free spin wheel bonuses are quite popular. Baccarat’s free spin bonuses increase the odds. Each time you get to spin, free play credits are added to your wallet. Free spins don’t worth much, but if you are lucky, they can punt your stack level. An average player can win a small amount from spins.

Deposit Bonus

Deposit bonuses are offered when you add a certain amount of money to your online account. It is usually low for genuine sites. online gambling is all about your playing skills.  More the deposit, more the money you will earn. Moreover, if you don’t want to continue playing, at any time you have the right to withdraw your cash.

VIP & loyalty Bonus

Many casinos offer loyalty bonuses to players who make additional deposits. such players are benefitting them with many transactions and deposits. VIP tables are reserved for high roll customers


Baccarat tournaments and baccarat tables are two kinds of  promotions that are hosted to engage the online gamblers more and more. Baccarat tournaments are organized live to compete with all the online gamblers across the world. In case you won the tournament, you can get serious money. Also, some top casino offers VIP Baccarat tables for high stack customers.

What are the deposit methods to play baccarat in India?

In most of the reputed casinos, wager requirement is kept low so that every range of players can participate.  But beware of some rigged-casino sites that ask for huge money deposit luring you for extra bonuses. Make sure the site you chose to play uses SSL encryption technique. Your payment transaction must be secure and safe. We advise you to use some of the following deposit methods, if available on the site.


Almost every person has heard about Mastercard in all over the world. The most trusted and accepted payment method in all Indian casinos. it is safe, secure and you can transfer a big amount of money.  If the card provider finds some suspicious transactions, they will contact you if you have requested or not? Also, payments via  Mastercard present you with additional bonuses.


In India, Paytm is a household name to transfer or accept online funds. All you have to do is open a Paytm account, add money to the wallet as much you need. Here you go, now you can add deposits in the casinos’ account. Moreover, this is a fast and reliable method. They never store your CVV number. Payment is done using 128-bit encryption SSL security.


It is the oldest method for online transactions. It is used globally both as credit and debit card. You can search for online casinos with visa gateway payment. There might be any genuine casino with no visa payment option. Once you are done with your deposits, you can immediately play online baccarat and other games like roulette, slots etc.


When you deposit money using this method, you can cash in some online casino bonus. With this method, you can transfer or withdraw money immediately. Online casinos can’t access your data via Netteller. They make sure your data is secured.

How To Play Baccarat FAQ’s

How many dealers are there in baccarat?

There is a total of 3 dealers at a time. Two dealers remain on one end of the table while the third stay at the middle of the table to manage and announce wins.

What are the odds in baccarat?

Most of the time, it is the banker who wins. Chances of a tie winning are very rare. The payout percentage is 98% that is pretty fair for the players against the house.

Can you count cards in baccarat?

No, it's not possible to count cards when playing online. casinos use RNG(random number generation) which distributes cards randomly.

Online baccarat games are rigged or not?

No, It’s not possible with online version. It’s up to the betters to chose because once the cards are dealt, it cannot be changed later.

Can you win consistently in baccarat?

This game is all about money and time management. If you are losing, leave it. And when you win, collect your money and run. Casual gamblers always have the fear to lose money as they are not regular and not familiar with gambling environment. there are some illegal casinos too, so we suggest you to search for a genuine site where you can play online baccarat.


Baccarat is not a game of chance, especially in India. Though it’s not a complex game once you get familiar with rules, gaming pattern and dealers strategy, you can win an impressive amount of money. one can easily understand How to play baccarat?   Before placing a bet, it’s important to know about the table arrangement, number of dealers and betting criteria.

Baccarat is amongst historical casino game and has still maintained to grab the gambler’s attention.  With different versions, you can opt from playing low stack to high stack. Moreover, it can be accessed anywhere, anytime whether it’s desktops, laptops or your mobiles.