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Online Blackjack Casinos for Real Money in India 2024

Playing blackjack online is a favorite past-time for many, and I like to do it occasionally. Since winning at blackjack combines skill and luck, I feel I’m the right person to guide you through the intricacies of playing blackjack online in India. I promise you will learn about the blackjack rules and strategies you must know, and you’ll also see the top blackjack sites in India.

Top Blackjack Websites 

10Cric Casino Review 2024
100% up to ₹20,000 Welcome Bonus for New Casino Players

1xBet India Review
100% Up-To ₹10,000

Great games and promotions for Indian players

20Bet India Review 2024
Up To ₹10,000 Bonus for Indians

Betway India Review 2024
100% up to ₹50,000 Bonus For All New Players

Very friendly for Indian players

Spin Casino Indian Review 2024
Up to ₹80,000 New Player Bonus

22Bet Casino India Review 2024
100% up to ₹25,000 Bonus for All New Players

Hands down, the best selection for Indian players!

Three Best Online Casinos to Play Blackjack

20Bet 10Cric Spin Casino
Payment Options Visa, MasterCard, Neteller, Skrill, UPI, PhonePe, ecoPayz, Perfect Money, AstroMoney Visa, MasterCard, Skrill, RuPay, UPI, Neteller Skrill, Paytm, ecoPayz, NetBanking Neteller, Skrill, Visa, MasterCard, PaySafeCard, UPI, MuchBetter, ecoPayz
Bonuses Up to ₹10,000 Up to ₹10,000 Up to ₹80,000
Customer Support Email chat Live chat, email, phone 24/7 Live chat
Mobile Use iOS and Android mobile casino app iOS and Android mobile casino app iOS and Android mobile casino app

20Bet – Great Blackjack Games and Trusted Deposit Methods

I chose 20Bet as an excellent example of a reputable online casino with impressive blackjack options for its players. The 20Bet platform has a simple, elegant design that is easy to navigate, and the same goes for its mobile app. 20Bet has an English and Hindi website version and a very appealing welcome bonus that players can use to play some casino games.

Any player will be satisfied with the blackjack games at 20Bet, as this platform has blackjack games from various online game providers. I bet (pun intended) that once you try it, you’ll be impressed by the 20bet India blackjack offer.

20Bet India Review 2024
Up To ₹10,000 Bonus for Indians

10Cric – Impressive Casino Games Including Blackjack

10Cric is one of the most appealing online casinos in India I’ve tried so far, and I’ve enjoyed every moment of my time on their site and impressive mobile casino app. 10Cric impresses with the Indian-favorite sports betting options, the seamless navigation and elegant design, and all the best Indian deposit methods.

The 10Cric casino offers over 2000 slot titles, 148 table game options, and a broad range of blackjack variants. You can play live dealer blackjack, lightning blackjack, etc., or a total of 12 different blackjack casino variants.

10Cric Casino Review 2024
100% up to ₹20,000 Welcome Bonus for New Casino Players

Spin Casino – Diverse Blackjack Variants and Bonuses

Spin Casino is designed to appeal to Indian and Asian gamblers, and the design and navigation are close to perfect. I love the beautiful details, elegant features, and seamless registration process. The platform has a Malta Gaming License, which is more reputable than the usual Curacao license, and has excellent security options.

Once you try it, you’ll be impressed by the online casino games, table games, live dealer games at Spin Casino, and the varied blackjack offer. For example, you can play live dealer blackjack, Air blackjack, Diamond blackjack, and many other exciting games.

Spin Casino Indian Review 2024
Spin Casino
Up to ₹80,000 New Player Bonus

Is Online Blackjack Legal in India?

Blackjack is classified as a game of chance, and per the outdated Indian Gambling law, it is illegal to play in India. However, the law does not mention playing online on one of the many online casino platforms that accept players from India. You can freely join any of these and enjoy a blackjack game unencumbered by local laws.

However, many Indian states have laws regarding online gambling and access to online casinos. To play online blackjack in India, you must learn the specific laws that govern the Indian state you live in, which you can find in the table below:

How to Start Playing Online Blackjack in India?

It is straightforward to start playing online blackjack in India: you must select the top online blackjack casino, join the platform, deposit money, and join a blackjack game. Here is a rundown of the steps you need to take to start playing online blackjack in India:

Step 1: Select and Join an Online Blackjack Site in India

Please consider joining a trusted online casino site like the ones I recommend in this text. Each of these has excellent blackjack options that appeal to a broad audience.

Step 2: Deposit Funds and Claim a Bonus

After you create your account, you must add a deposit method and make your initial deposit. Please note that the trusted casinos I recommend have the top Indian deposit methods and accept deposits in INR. After you do this, you can claim a welcome bonus, but you have to note the minimum deposit required to claim the bonus.

Step 3: Join a Blackjack Game and Start Playing

After you deposit money and claim a bonus (optional), you need to select your favorite blackjack variety, start playing blackjack and have fun.

What are Blackjack Hand Decisions?

The goal of blackjack is to reach 21 or the closest to 21 without going bust and beating the dealer’s hand. But this casino game requires the player to make specific actions that depend on the dealt hands. Here are the blackjack hand decisions that the players can make:

Action Meaning
Hit Get another card
Double down Double the initial bet when you have a good hand
Split Split the same suit cards into two hands
Stand Stop any action and don’t get any cards
Surrender Forfeit the hand and lose only half the initial bet

Online Blackjack – Rules, Strategies, Side Bets

Online blackjack is not different from land-based blackjack, but the key difference is that you can play online blackjack from the comfort of your home or anywhere you want if you use a mobile casino app. So, to help, I’ve prepared this guide where you will find all you must know to start playing online blackjack in India.

Blackjack rules

Blackjack has simple rules that the players and dealer must follow. The blackjack rules for the dealer are always the same, while the players can adjust their gameplay based on the hand decisions.

Blackjack dealers always follow the same rules; players can plan their gameplay!

Blackjack side bets

Apart from the direct bets the players can place, there are several side bets in blackjack. These additional wagers can enhance the stakes and provide an extra winning chance. Please note that these are not available in all online blackjack games.

Side bets in blackjack rely solely on luck, and they encourage players to play for longer!

Blackjack strategies

Blackjack is basically a game of luck, but there is strategy involved, and this directly relates to the outcome of the game. Blackjack players can use a card counting strategy to improve their winning chances.

You can adjust your blackjack strategy, count cards and lower the house edge!

Top Online Blackjack Variants

You will encounter a broad range of online blackjack variants that may appeal to you. Also, not every variant is present at every online casino, so you should opt for one that carries the exact blackjack variant you want to play. Here I’ve listed the most popular blackjack variants that you can find at trusted online casinos in India:

  • Live Blackjack – live blackjack is played against a live dealer that sits in an online casino studio and runs the game. I’ve enjoyed excellent live blackjack games at Betway, which I recommend you try.
  • Speed Blackjack – speed blackjack is very similar to live blackjack, but the gameplay in this variant is high-speed. The players must make decisions quickly; a round usually lasts less than a minute. You should try playing speed blackjack at 888Casino!
  • Bollywood Blackjack – Bollywood Blackjack is specially designed for Indian players. It is run by Hindi-speaking dealers that run the game from the online casino studio, and you should test the Bollywood blackjack tables at Spin Casino.
  • Infinite Blackjack – infinite blackjack is played with a limitless number of players and decks of cards. This blackjack variant allows multiple players to play, and the particulars depend on the game provider. You should check the 20Bet Infinite Blackjack version!
  • Power Blackjack – this blackjack variant has different rules where the 9s and 10s are removed from the card decks. The players can make power doubles and power splits, and they can double, triple, or quadruple their bets.
  • Lightning Blackjack– Lightning blackjack comes from Evolution Gaming, and this variant is fun and exciting because of its lightning card multipliers. The RNG-generated multipliers go from 2x to 25x, and should the player win the round, they use the multiplier in the next round, and if they win the next round, their winnings are increased by the multiplier. It may initially seem confusing, but this blackjack variant becomes clearer once you start playing. I suggest you try lightning blackjack at 10Cric!

Blackjack Betting System

While blackjack relies on luck, you must use a good blackjack strategy to increase your winning chances. For that matter, you can also use a betting system that can help you manage your bankroll and get better winning chances:

  • Flat betting system– the most common system a blackjack player uses, which includes placing the same bet amount on every hand, and it allows better bankroll management and helps limit losses.
  • Positive progression betting system– when you are on a winning streak, you can increase the size of the bet with every consecutive bet you win. If you lose, you return to the initial bet amount and stick with it until you win again.
  • Negative progression betting system – useful when you are on a losing streak and wish to recover your losses. It involves increasing the amount you bet after losing, and you return to the initial bet amount when you win.

What Blackjack Games Offer the Highest RTP?

RTP or return to player is an essential metric for any casino game, and you should opt for games with the RTP closest to 100%. Still, this number is never 100%, but many blackjack variants come very close, and here are the blackjack games with the highest RTPs:

Blackjack variant RTP
Live Blackjack 99.3% to 99.6%
Speed Blackjack 99.5%
Bollywood Blackjack 99.4%
Power Blackjack 98.8%
Infinite Blackjack 96.3%

What are Winning Odds and House Edge in Online Blackjack?

The general house edge for inexperienced players is about 2%, meaning inexperienced players will lose about 2% of every bet they place on blackjack. However, there is a way to improve the house edge in favor of the player, and that is by using advanced blackjack strategies like counting cards. In such a case, you can lower the house edge to 0.2%, which is significant and significantly improves your winning chances.

Also, when it comes to payouts in blackjack, the traditional payout is 3-to-2 for blackjack, with some casinos having a 6-to-5 payout. However, the odds of winning blackjack can go up to 42.2%, the odds of losing are 49.1%, and the odds of a tie are about 8.48%. The odds depend on several vital factors, and the table below shows the player’s and dealer’s odds in blackjack:

Dealer Up Card Dealer Bust % Player Advantage % with Basic Strategy
2 35.30% 9.8%
3 37.56% 13.4%
4 40.28% 18.0%
5 42.89% 23.2%
6 42.08% 23.9%
7 25.99% 14.3%
8 23.86% 5.4%
9 23.34% -4.3%
J, Q, K 21.43% -16.9%
A 11.65% -16.0%

Please note that this table shows the dealer’s chance of going bust depending on their up card. Also, the column on the right shows the players’ advantage when using a basic blackjack strategy compared to the dealer’s card. The player gets a negative odds value when the dealer has a card higher than 9.

Real Money Blackjack Casinos Bonus Offers

Every online casino runs promotions for new and existing players, and casino bonuses can be a great addition to your bankroll. Still, many online casinos only have bonuses for playing slots, and not many have specialized bonuses that you can use to play a table casino game like blackjack. However, after testing the waters, I’ve noted that you can use the bonuses at Betway, 22Bet, and 888Casino to play any of their blackjack varieties.

Betway India Review 2024
22Bet Casino India Review 2024
888Casino India Review 2024

How to Choose the Best Online Blackjack Casino?

Not all casinos are the same, so you should be careful when choosing the best online blackjack casino. That is why I’ve created the following bullet list with the most critical points you must note when selecting the best online casino to play blackjack:

  • Variety Game  – you want an online casino with more than one online blackjack variant
  • Design and Navigation – choose an online casino with a beautiful design and simple navigation
  • Varied Deposit Methods – play at an online casino that accepts INR and has varied deposit methods
  • Casino License – choose an online casino with an up-to-date casino license proving its legality
  • Safety & Security – play at an online casino with data protection measures and an SSL/TLS certificate
  • Customer Support – you want an online casino with 24/7 knowledgeable and friendly customer support

Mobile Blackjack Online in India

Most top online casinos have mobile casino apps where we play our favorite casino games, including playing blackjack. I’ve come to really enjoy playing my favorite casino games on my smartphone and have tried many mobile casino apps. Here are the main advantages of playing blackjack on your favorite mobile casino app:

  • User-friendly features and betting interface.
  • Reliable digital payment methods are available.
  • Smooth navigation
  • Wide range of casino games

Also, it would be best if you tried the mobile casino apps from 10Cric or Betway, as I’ve found these offer a better gaming experience than their desktop sites and have all the benefits you may expect.

Free Vs. Real-Money Blackjack in India

Any beginner should try their skills by playing free blackjack, and after getting the knowledge and experience, they can move to real money blackjack. By playing for free, you learn the rules, hone your skills and test strategies, and learn the online blackjack terms.

Once you feel you are ready, I suggest you move to RNG-based blackjack and live dealer blackjack games. Because playing for real money is serious, I suggest you start when you gain good experience playing free blackjack games.

Please note that the online casinos in India I’ve suggested for you here all provide you with the option to play free and real-money blackjack, and you can find all the experiences playing online to match your skill level.

Top Online Casinos in India to Play Blackjack

Now to wrap up this guide with the good stuff – here I share three online casinos in India that check all the marks of reputable online casino platforms. These have active licenses, accept INR deposits via the top Indian deposit methods, and have good safety and customer support. You should give each of these a try and play free or real money online blackjack:

22Bet Casino India Review 2024
10Cric Casino Review 2024
Spin Casino Indian Review 2024
Spin Casino


Is it legal to play online blackjack in India?

You can legally play blackjack online in India if you join international online casinos that accept players from India and accept deposits in INR, like 22Bet, 10Cric, or Betway.

Which is the best casino to play blackjack online?

I can’t single out one, so I’ll give you my suggestions for the top online casinos where I’ve played blackjack, and I believe you’ll find these appealing: 10Cric, Betway, 22Bet, 20Bet, Spin Casino, and 1xBet.

Can I win real money playing online blackjack?

You can win real money playing online blackjack, but this depends on your choice of an online casino platform. I recommend you try playing at 10Cric, Spin Casino, or 22Bet where you can get excellent game options and good odds.

What is insurance in blackjack?

Insurance in blackjack is a side bet you can take if you believe the dealer will have a natural blackjack.

How to play blackjack for beginners?

Beginners should select free or low-stakes blackjack to learn the game and gain experience before trying a higher stake game.

How much is an ace worth in blackjack?

The ace in blackjack is counted as one or eleven, depending on the situation.

How to play online blackjack?

You must join an online blackjack casino, deposit, and select the blackjack variant you like the best.

Which is the best version of blackjack?

The best version of blackjack is the one you enjoy the best. Personally, I like live blackjack, but you may find you enjoy lightning blackjack, Bollywood blackjack, or any other version.

Can you count cards in online blackjack?

It is nearly impossible to count cards in blackjack as the gameplay goes on very quickly, and there are measures like reshuffling the decks after every game.

Does the basic strategy work with online blackjack?

The basic blackjack strategy in online blackjack works only if you are fast at math and very good at calculating the odds in your head, as the online blackjack gameplay goes on too fast for most people to successfully use this strategy.

What are some best live blackjack sites in India?

The best live blackjack sites in India I’ve tried are 10Cric, Betway, and 22Bet.