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Mega Ball Online Casino Game Show for Real Money in India

Mega Ball is a live casino game show that has gained quite a popularity. Created by Evolution Gaming, Mega Ball provides thrilling online game show excitement with fast-paced gameplay and massive multiplier chances. You can consider Mega Ball as a combination between bingo and lottery, and you can play with up to 200 cards in a single round, which means you get 200 winning chances. Read on as we discuss the particulars of Mega Ball and outline where in India you can play this exciting live casino game show.

India’s Best Online Casinos to Play Mega Ball Game Show

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How to Play Mega Ball Online

Playing Mega Ball online is exciting and straightforward and involves several stages. Here we’ve outlined the Mega Ball gameplay and the separate stages, so we’ll note that you need to set your budget before you start, and you’ll be ready. The Mega Ball cards have 5×5 grids with random numbers, and you need to mark five numbers in a line/row to win a prize.

  1. Betting – Buy cards
    The initial stage when playing Mega Ball online is to buy your cards; you can buy as many as you like, from 1 to 400. The game allows you to set the value of the cards from ₹1 to ₹1000.
  2. Change cards
    While the betting time is open, you can change the value of your cards, and the new value will be applied to all your cards. All your cards are displayed on your screen, and you can zoom on each card at any time.
  3. Ball Draw
    There are 51 balls in the drum, and 20 of them are drawn in the first round, and these numbers are automatically marked on your cards. The software updates and sorts your cards, so you can see the cards closest to winning or have won at the top of the screen. The software also shows you which numbers are needed to win at one or more of your cards. When all 20 numbers are drawn in the main game, you go to the Mega Ball round.
  4. Mega Ball multipliers
    The Mega Ball multiplier can be any value from 5x to 100x and is RNG-generated on the studio screen behind the live host. You will see the colors changing as the size of the multiplier is drawn, and the colors of the Numbers needed to win will also change.
  5. Mega Ball drawing
    After the multiplier is chosen, the machine draws the last Mega Ball, and if you are lucky enough that the Mega Ball completes a line in any of your cards, you get a payout that is multiplied by the Mega Ball multiplier. If you don’t complete a line using the Mega Ball, it will not contribute towards multiplying the payout.
  6. Showing of the results
    The software automatically arranges all the cards and leaves only the winning cards on the screen after the Mega Ball is drawn. It will also calculate all the winnings, or the closest cards to winning will be displayed on the screen.

Mega Ball

Credit: Betway

Mega Ball Payouts & RTP

Mega Ball is a fast-paced and exciting live casino game show, and it comes with appealing payouts, which is why it is so popular among Indian punters. The theoretical RTP of Mega Ball is 95.40%, based on one card, but the actual RTP will depend on the number of cards you choose to play. The table below has the payouts you stand to win depending on the number of winning lines, and these payouts are the same with all online casinos in India, like 888Casino:

Lines Payouts
1 line( horizontally, vertically, diagonally) 1x your original bet
2 line 5x your original bet
3 line 50X your original bet
4 line 250X your original bet
5 line 1000X your original bet
6 line 10,000X your original bet

Mega Ball on Mobile

Like all the live casino game shows created by Evolution Gaming, Mega Ball is compatible with all platforms. That means you can play Mega Ball on tablet, desktop, and mobile devices. Also, the game is very popular in India, and all the reputable online mobile casino apps carry this game, allowing you to play an exciting live game show anywhere, anytime. For example, after trying many of the available mobile casino apps, we’ve found that 10Cric is one of the best ones where Indians can play Mega Ball.

Where to Play Mega Ball in India?

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How does the Mega Ball game show work?

Mega Ball combines bingo and lottery and is a fast-paced and exciting game. You purchase your cards, set the value of your cards (your bet amount), and wait for the machine to draw the numbers while the software crosses out the drawn numbers on your cards. To win a prize, you must cross the 5- number lines (horizontally, vertically, or diagonally) on the cards. If you win a prize with the Mega Ball, you stand to win your bet amount times the Mega Ball multiplier.

What’s the max payout at the Mega Ball casino show?

The max payout in Mega Ball live casino game show is 1,000,000x your initial bet. The max Mega Ball multiplier is 100x, and the 6+ lines payout is 10,000x, giving 1you a max payout of 1,000,000x your bet.

Can you use strategy in the Mega Ball game show?

Mega Ball is entirely based on luck, as you don’t have any input in the game’s running or the results. Thus, you can’t use any particular strategy when playing this live casino game show.

What is the best online casino in India to play the Mega Ball game show?

After thoroughly testing and reviewing the available options, we’ve found that you can get the best online experience playing Mega Ball online in India at 22Bet, 20Bet, 1xBet, Betway, Spin Casino, Jackpot City, 10Cric, and 888Casino.