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Best Online Poker Sites for Real Money in India 2024

Poker was invented in the early 19 century in the USA, but it became a staple in the 1970s, and with the holding of the World Series of Poker, the invention of modern gambling really took on and slowly spread to most parts of the world. Poker saw another spike with the advent of online poker, and what this means for Indian players is that they can now play online poker from the comforts of their homes. Thus, here we’ll discuss the best online poker casinos for Indian players and much more. Let’s dive right in!

Top Online Poker Sites in India in 2024

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Is Online Poker Legal in India

Interestingly, poker is among the few games that enjoy legal status in India. According to the Indian Federal Gambling Law, there are two general types of games: games of skill and chance; poker is a game of skill. Thus, per the law, poker and its variants are legal to play in India.

The same goes for online poker, as India has no specific law against online gambling. It means that any person in India looking to play some poker online can freely do so and join an online poker site and play a poker game of their liking.

What to Consider When Playing Online Poker

Before you join an online poker site and play a round or two, here are the essential things to consider regarding online poker:

  • What types of poker games are available
  • What is the betting/playing style
  • What are the betting and table limits
  • Knowing when to bet and when to fold

The bulleted points above outline just part of the online poker options you must consider when joining an online poker site. However, it would be best to consider your skill level and confidence, as it can be easy to overestimate your abilities and lose a lot of money.

Online Poker Table, Hands, and Bets

Before we explain the hands and bets, let’s talk about the position on the poker table. The person sitting on the dealer’s right is the last to make a move, which gives an advantage as this player has the most time to consider the moves the other players have made before.

Here is a table with the positions for 10 players:

Terms Description
SB (Small Blind) Before the game begins and cards are dealt, the player sitting to the dealer’s left has to play a small bet.
LB (large Blind) The player at the 2nd position to the dealer’s left has to place a bet equal to the table’s minimum bet.
MP (Middle Position) The 4th to 7th position starts from the left of the dealer.
UTG (under the gun) The weakest position on the table. The first player in the betting has to take action.
HJ (Hijack) The player sitting in the 2nd position from the right of the dealer.
BTN (button) It’s the dealer position on the poker table and the position with the huge advantage.
CO (Cut off) The position to the exact right of the dealer button.

In poker, the players get five playing cards called a hand. Each hand has a rank, and the winner is decided based on the comparison with other players’ hands in the showdown. The hands belong to categories determined by the patterns and the ranking of the cards. Here is a table with some of the hands in poker:

  • Royal Straight Flush – five cards of sequential rank in the same suit with this order A-K-Q-J-10 (the best possible hand in most poker variants)
  • Straight Flush – five cards of sequential rank in the same suit
  • Four of a kind – a hand with four cards in one rank plus one random card
  • Full House – a set of five cards, three cards in one rank and two cards in another rank
  • Flush – a hand with five cards of the same suit without sequential rank
  • Straight – a hand with five cards of sequential rank in different suits
  • Three of a Kind – a hand with three cards of one rank and two random cards
  • Two Pair – a five-card hand with two cards in one rank, two cards in another rank, and one random card
  • Pair – a five-card hand with two cards in one rank and three random cards
  • High Card – a five-card hand with random cards, it is only vital if all the players have the same random card hands, and the highest-ranking card in the hand ranks it.

Now that you know the poker hands let’s talk about the poker bets you can make. The poker game starts with the player on the left side of the dealer acting first. Now, the players get to choose the following actions:

  • Open – the first voluntary bet to open the round
  • Bet – placing a bet means entering into the wagering part of the poker game
  • Raise – to raise means to increase the size of the existing bet in one betting round; it depends on the table limit, the poker variant, and the betting style.
  • Call – answering the betting call or raise by matching the bet equal to the current bet value of the online poker table; every active player must bet the same amount in one betting round.
  • Fold – discarding the poker hand and forfeiting interest in the current round.

Now for some fun stuff: you’ve probably seen movies where poker is a big thing and have heard poker terminology. In case you don’t know what some of it means, here is a nice illustration outlining the most common nicknames used in poker:Common-nicknames-used-in-poker-pic-1-559x1024-1.webp-min

Online Poker Strategies

Poker combines chance and strategy, which lets us share some basic online poker strategies you can use next time you decide to sit at a game. We have to be clear, as poker strategy is a long and complex thing, that here we’ll only cover the basic strategies that you can find helpful.

Learn All the Ins and Outs of the Game

As with all other casino games, you should learn the ins and out of poker, the poker hands, the betting structure, and more, as it provides you with the best possible winning chances. This is especially true for novice players, as playing online poker is much different from playing with friends.

When Possible, Play Premium Value Hands

A good strategy that can pay off big time is to turn to play premium value hands. Novice players should keep their gameplay simple and focus on learning the game; once you gain enough experience, you can move on to more confident gameplay.

Play in Position

As we outlined above, the positions where the players are seated at the table have a strategic difference. The earlier position players usually need stronger hands when betting/raising than the players in the later position. Thus, please take advantage of the position, as it is one of the most critical elements in a successful poker strategy.

When to Bet and When to Fold?

An essential aspect of online poker is that you can’t see the opponents directly, so you should focus on your cards and your strategy. Usually, the best course of action is to have a strong hand and bet or raise, and if you have a weak hand, folding is the best option. As a rule of thumb, if your hand is not enough to raise with it, it is not enough to play.

Online Poker Variations

Online poker comes in plenty of variants, and this is a fast-paced, dynamic game with an aggressive betting style. The beauty and excitement of online poker is that you get the chance to play a game with people from all over the world, and you can set your budget and stick to it, turning online poker into a fun, low-risk gamble.

Here is a list of the most famous and widely available online poker variations found on the top online poker sites:

  • Texas Hold’em: the most popular poker game in the world, Texas Hold’em is found on many online poker sites, bringing this game closer to people. Also, many worldwide poker tournaments use Texas Hold’em poker variation.
  • Omaha Poker: has very similar rules to Texas Hold’em and is a widely popular online poker variant. In Omaha poker, the players are dealt four-hole cards and can use only two.
  • 7 Card Stud: among the oldest poker variants, this is an exciting game with very different rules than Texas Hold’em. The players (2-8 players) are dealt two cards face down, and one card faces up, and the player with the lowest-ranking card opens that betting.
  • Draw Poker: an online poker variant where each player is dealt a full hand before the first round, and the players later develop a hand with subsequent drawing cards.
  • Razz: a form of stud poker played for ace-to-five low, and it is the oldest form of poker where the ace always plays low, and flush is not considered a winning hand.
  • Caribbean Poker: developed from five-card stud poker, Caribbean poker is played against the house, and there is no option to bluff in this game.
  • Video Poker: in the interest of full coverage, we need to add video poker to the list of online poker variants. Video poker is a game played on a “video” machine, run entirely on RNGs, without live dealer involvement.

How We Select the Best Online Poker Sites in India

For an online poker site in India to find its place on our recommended websites, it must pass our rigorous testing and reviewing process. When we make the selection, our team of researchers tests and checks the following aspects of an online poker site:


Having an up-to-date license from a reputable governing body is essential for any online casino site, and we always check the casino licenses on online poker sites. Online poker sites’ most commonly found casino licenses are from the Curacao Gaming Board and the Malta Gaming Authority.

Available Games

A great online poker site has to have an excellent selection of available games from reputable game providers. We always test this feature and look for a good variety of casino poker and live dealer poker games.

Design and User Experience

A well-thought-of and well-designed website is vital for any online site, especially for online poker sites and online casinos in general. User experience is vital, as it helps online poker site members get the most out of their online activity.


A way to introduce new members to the online poker site offerings, the casino bonuses are free money players can use to get the lay of the land. We checked the online casino bonuses and attached terms and conditions.

Mobile Apps

Mobile apps have now overtaken many things in our lives, and we’ve come to rely on them for so much. Subsequently, online poker sites have created mobile apps to bring their games and services to the smartphones of their members.

Customer Support

Having a good way to contact the customer service of an online poker site in case you have an issue is critical. Thus, we always check the available ways of contacting the online poker site customer support.

Payment Options at Online Poker Sites in India

The top reputable online poker sites in India all have payment methods that work in favor of Indian players. To respect Indian laws, online poker and casino sites need to accept deposits and withdrawals in Indian Rupees, and they should have the most commonly used payment methods in India.

All the online poker sites we’ve recommended for you in our list here have excellent payment methods; they support deposits and withdrawals in Indian Rupees and use adequate safety and security technology to protect user data.

The most common payment options Indian players have at online poker sites are:

Google Pay
Master Card
Net Banking
Local Bank Transfer
Astro Pay
Eco Pay

Why Online Poker is Popular 

From everything we’ve shared here, you can certainly note that online poker is quite popular entertainment. It is because poker is a relatively simple yet exceedingly exciting game to play, as it combines skill and luck. The online live poker game is played by real people worldwide, and the appeal of winning the pot is so strong.

Another reason online poker is so popular is that the game is relatively fast-paced, and it relies on the quick, decisive actions of the players: it is also a game where some aggression is welcomed. With many online poker options, Indians can freely enjoy their favorite entertainment.

History and Lesser-Known Facts on Online Poker

The essential things covered here are a short history lesson regarding poker and a list of lesser-known facts about online poker:

  • Poker was invented in the USA in the early 1800s; it was played with 20 cards and 4 players. In 1834, a complete set of 52 cards was added to the poker game, slightly changing the rules and establishing poker as we know it today.
  • In the early years, poker was played for gold coins, gold nuggets, and gold dust; later, poker chips made up of ivory, wood, and clay were introduced, which are now exchanged for real money in casinos.
  • In 1973, the Poker tournament was first televised in Las Vegas. The top 5 prizes in the best online tournaments can reach up to $44,202,738. So it is valued as the most lucrative game in the world.
  • The largest poker tournament was held in Onchan, Isle of Man. This event holds a record in the Guinness Book of world records.
  • Bluffing is an integral part of Poker games, and bluffers use the eye-to-eye technique to win the game.
  • Do you know 300 million+ hand combinations exist for 7 card poker games?


Is online poker legal in India?

Yes, poker is legal in India, as it is considered a game of skill. Still, make sure you play poker at legit online poker sites that are hosted outside India for a genuinely excellent experience.

Where can I play online poker for real money in India?

Online poker is readily available at online casinos and sites like Betway, 10CRIC, 22Bet, 1xBet, LeoVegas, etc. For more options, check our list of recommended online poker sites, as we’ve recommended only reputable online poker sites that accept Indian Rupees and Indian-preferred payment methods.

Where to play online poker games for free?

Many reputable online poker sites may provide their members with a free game. Also, you can test the online poker offerings at online poker sites by using the welcome bonuses provided for new members.

What is rake in poker?

The rake in poker is the scaled commission fee taken by the online casino. Generally, the rake ranges from 2.5 to 10% of the value of the pot.

How to differentiate between original and fake poker sites?

Original online poker sites have all the traits we’ve checked and outlined above: adequate license, sound design, varied game selection, and excellent customer support. Fake poker sites lack a proper casino license, have poor design, and have a limited game selection.

Is it necessary to play every hand on a poker table?

No, you don’t have to play every hand on a poker table, and you can still sit on the poker table and skip a hand.

What does Big Blind mean in poker?

The big blind is the betting option you have while playing a few initial rounds of poker. When playing big blind, players generally stake a minimum bet amount without seeing the card value, and high rollers and professionals mostly play it.

Which is the best online poker site?

There is no unique best online poker site that we can select for you. Instead, we can share a list of the best online poker sites you can join and get an exciting online poker experience. Take a closer look at these online poker sites: Betway, 10CRIC, 22Bet, 1xBet, LeoVegas.