Online Baccarat Casinos for Players in India!

Want to know every single detail of baccarat? Are you new to this online gambling industry? Well, It doesn’t matter whether you or a novice or veteran casino player. Baccarat is meant for every category of players from old to new and low to high stack rollers.

Known by different names like Punto banco. Chemin de fer; Baccarat is both a luck and skill game. It’s among the favourite casino games that are equally enjoyed both at brick and mortar & online casinos.

Baccarat is the perfect game for punters who want to use their skills. That’s what makes this game even more engaging than poker or blackjack.

This page is dedicated to all our Indian punters. It contains all the information about baccarat that’ll help you play like a Pro & win a massive amount of money! Take a look, what this article is all about?

  • How to play baccarat
  • Different variants of baccarat
  • side bets
  • Tips & Tricks to win baccarat
  • baccarat statistics
  • the Best casino sites to play baccarat online.

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Learn How to Play Online Baccarat in India?

Baccarat rules are pretty simple to understand and once you are aware of all the facts; no one can stop you from winning. Baccarat game is played against the dealer/ banker, not other players. 

What makes baccarat special is you don’t have to get the highest value cards! Rather you have to bet on a player’s hand or the banker’s hand. There are 3 possible outcomes:

  • Player’s Win
  • Banker’s Win &
  • A tie.

The goal of the game is to get the total card value close to 9. Let’s read how the cards are valued?

  • An ace is worth 1
  • The King, Queen, jack and 10 are worth 0
  • Cards from (2-9) are counted on their face value.

How each round of online baccarat is played?

  • Step  1: You have to place the bet/side bets on 3 possible outcomes before the cards are dealt.
  • Step 2: Two cards are dealt with both player and banker by the dealer.
  • Step 3: To calculate the total card points, one close to 9 points will win the bet.
  • Step 4:The winning hand will be paid 2:1.


  • if the total card value reaches above 9 points; the first digit is removed.
  • If the player’s card value is 5 or less, the third card is dealt with the player.
  • If the player’s total card value is (6-7), the third card is dealt with the banker.

Various Side bets in Baccarat

Side bets may vary depending on casino sites and online game providers. It also depends on the variant you have opted to play with like live baccarat, speed baccarat or squeeze baccarat etc. Following are some trending and most available side bets that you can find in any casino online:

  • P Pair: The Player’s first two cards must make a pair; payout is 11:1.
  • B Pair: The Banker’s first two cards must make a pair; payout is 11:1.
  • Either Pair: In case the first two cards dealt with either the Banker or Player makes a pair, Payout is 5:1.
  • Perfect Pair: the first two cards dealt with either the Banker or Player is a suited pair. The payout is 25:1.
  • Super 6: In case the Banker’s total hand value is equal to six.

Different versions of Online Baccarat

Take a look at most common versions of baccarat that you’ll find in any online casino or traditional brick and mortar casinos!

Classic Baccarat

classic baccarat

This baccarat table can accommodate up to 3 dealers and 14 players. With advanced baccarat versions available in the market, you’ll hardly find this version.

Mini Baccarat

Mini Baccarat

the smaller version of online baccarat. Instead of 3 dealers, there’s only 1 dealer. You can easily find this variant at any casino site.

Punto Bunco

Punto Bunco

This version from Cuba can accommodate up to 14 players. It is played with 6-8 deck of cards. ‘Punto ‘refers to the player while ‘Banco’ refers to the banker.

American Baccarat

American Baccarat

An American version of Baccarat that is played exactly with the same set of rules as in Punto banco. Also called as “North American Baccarat”.

Chemin de Fer

Chemin de Fer

This french variant of baccarat is played with 6 decks of cards. The rules are a bit different. The player has the opportunity to act as a banker in chemin de fer

Baccarat Banque

Baccarat Banque

This version is quite similar to Chemin de Fer. It is played with 6-8 decks where one player has to act like a dealer.

Live Baccarat 

The perfect version to feel like playing at traditional casinos. Multi-camera view, high stakes and high payouts are some of the features of live baccarat.

Live baccarat is streamed live from dedicated casino studios around the world. You get to communicate with the live dealer and the players around the table via a chat window or live camera

A player interface is available to place bets. To ask any doubt or queries about the rules of the game, you can access the chat window. Betting limits, winning payouts are displayed on the screen.

The benefit of live baccarat is only a single user can place the bet at a time. You can also place free bets using the freehand option.

To finish the game at any instant you can press the deal now button to end the game. 

Different variants of Live Baccarat

Classic Live Baccarat

Classic Live Baccarat

The simple and best version for beginners to make real money. Each coup(round) is of about 50 seconds. Besides the main bets of baccarat, you can only place Pair side-bets. The cards can be dealt face-up/down.

Live Speed Baccarat

Live Speed Baccarat

Almost similar to the classic live version of baccarat except for the duration of each round is reduced to 30 seconds instead of 50 seconds. The cards are dealt face-up that reduces the time in Live Speed Baccarat to review results.

No Commission Baccarat

No Commision Baccarat

No commission baccarat table clearly indicates there is no commission fee. That’s the reason this version of baccarat has gained immense popularity in a short span of time. Generally, there is a 5% commission fee in the regular version of baccarat.

Live Baccarat Squeeze

Live Baccarat Squeeze

The squeeze method of baccarat adds a little twist and drama to the baccarat game. The cards are slowly revealed by the dealer or player using the thumb and first finger. The cards are dealt face-down.

Top Baccarat Gaming Providers

Baccarat games are not provided by casinos themselves but by the top gaming providers. These gaming developers work really hard to evolve new versions of different casino games. Take a look at some of the top gaming providers. All these gaming providers are legal and licensed. They make sure that game sessions are safe, secure and unbiased.

Evolution Gaming: Evolution gaming is known as the world leader of live-streamed casino games. Multi-Camera Live Baccarat, live baccarat squeeze, live speed baccarat are some of their own innovations.

Playtech: Playtech is among the largest supplier of online sports betting and casino games. You can play regular, mini-baccarat, 7 Seat Baccarat prestige baccarat and Baccarat Squeeze by

Ezugi: Ezugi is the best platform for Indian punters who want customized baccarat tables. They offer digital (RNG-based) baccarat games to HD-live baccarat versions. It’s a renowned brand in live dealer casino industry.

Want to play at Top 3 Baccarat Casinos?

Baccarat Roads

These roads are the statistics that help you with predicting the best and safest bets. Though it’s not everyone’s cup of tea; but once you get familiar with the concept of roads; the odds of winning are 100% improved.

Baccarat roadmaps refer to different charts, formats inside the different grids on the player interface. Let’s discuss some of the most popular baccarat roads in the online gambling market!

Bead Plate

It refers to red, green and blue colour dots and circles in the player interface grid. These circles and dots hold the records of bets placed. Most of the time there are 12 columns and 6 rows that can hold the record of over 60 bets.

Big Road

This roadmap has 6 rows and columns ranging from 36-50. It’s quite similar to a bead plate with slight changes. Bets with same results are recorded from top left corner moving down. Top right corner is used for bets with different results.

Big Eye boy

It’s a quite complexed Road map to understand at first glance. You must own a Tzungi along with Big road map. The punter must be skilful and smart enough to recognize the different gaming patterns.

Small road

It’s pretty similar to big eye boy except for a single difference i.e. to skip the left column to the present entry. The small road is an easy task if you can master Big eye boy.

Cockroach pig

An advanced variant of big eye boy. The name cockroach was derived from Cantonese pronunciation while pig refers to roads in china. The difference is you have to skip 2 columns instead of 1 as in small road map


Which is the best casino to play baccarat online in India?

You can visit LeoVegas, Royal panda, Pure casinos to get the safe and ultimate gambling experience. These casinos also offer a sign-up bonus to all the new players.

Can I win real money playing online baccarat?

Yes, baccarat is fun and easy to understand casino game. Once you have acquainted all the rules and winning strategies; no one can stop you from making real money.

Is baccarat a card game?

Yes, baccarat is a card game that is played with 6-8 deck of cards depending on the size of the table, number of participating players and the variant of baccarat.

How to play online baccarat?

All you need to do is create an account on any online casino and select baccarat game. You can place the bet either on either’s player’s hand, banker’s hand or a tie.

Is online baccarat rigged?

No, that’s not true at all! You can play baccarat online for real money. Be careful when picking the casino site for you. Always check the license and legitimacy of the casino.

What are the betting options in baccarat?

In addition to main bets like Player’s win, banker’s win or a tie; there are additional side bets like P pair, B pair, perfect pair, super 6 and much more.

What are the different variants of Baccarat?

Besides digital(RNG) baccarat variants like mini-baccarat, American baccarat. Punto Banco, baccarat Banque etc; you can also try live baccarat variants like no commission baccarat, speed baccarat, baccarat squeeze etc.

What is online baccarat?

Baccarat is both luck and the skill-based game; where you have to predict the winner based on your gaming skills. To master baccarat and play like a pro, it’s important you must know all the rules, strategies and tricks to know the gaming pattern.

Ready to play Real money Baccarat

All our recommended baccarat casino sites are 100% verified, legal and safe for all our Indian Punters. The deposit and withdrawal methods are quick and SSL-encrypted. So, stop worrying and start playing right now! Pick any of our above-mentioned casinos like Royal panda, 10CRIC, Pure Casino etc. for hassle-free gambling experience. Enjoy playing real money baccarat & earn a huge pot of money!