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5 Best Online Horse Race Betting Sites In India – A Quick Guide 2022

Looking for the best online horse race betting in India sites ? ProIndianCasinos is giving you the chance to bet with freedom on your favorite horses.

In this article, you’ll get to know everything from upcoming grand horse race betting events, horse racing markets to best horse racing odds.

Wondering how to bet on horse racing & win real money? Read this detailed horse race betting guide & Check below the list of Top #10 Online Horse Race Betting Sites in India.

Best Horse Race Betting Sites In India

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Jackpot Guru Casino India Review 2022 Jackpot Guru Casino India Review 2022
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Is Horse Race Betting legal in India?

Yes! According to Indian gaming law, PGA 1867; Horse racing is considered a game of skill that reduces the chances. One needs to learn about horses, players, jockeys, and racetracks. So, whether it’s online or offline; horse race betting is absolutely legal in India.

There are various horse racing tracks/ Turf Clubs in India where you can watch & place live bets. Check below the list of the 8 Most popular Racecourses in India.

  • Mumbai Turf Club: It’s a beautiful oval-shaped & sea-facing turf club that organizes Indian derby races every year from November to April.
  • Mysore turf Club: The horse racing events are organized here from November to January and again from April to June.
  • Madras Turf Club: One of the most famous racecourses in Ooty conducts horse racing events in summer from April to June.
  • Delhi Race Club: This race club organizes about 70-80 horse races every year with about 400 horses, 30 jockeys every year in the monsoon & winter season.
  • Royal Western India Turf Club: It’s a 2.8km long race track in Pune that organizes Thoroughbred races every year from July to October.
  • Hyderabad Turf Club: This racecourse conducts Deccan/Thoroughbred horse races in both the winter and summer seasons.
  • Royal Calcutta Turf Club: The races are held every year from November to march during the public holidays & weekends.

Another option is to place online bets at Indian or International horse racing betting sites. All you need to do is choose the best one and start placing pre-match/ Live horse racing bets.

Did you know? “Elusive Pimpernel and Squanderer trained by Rashid Byramji are the most incredible horses till now that have run on Indian Turf. Both these horses have also made their mark on international platforms. “

How does Horse Race Betting In India Works?

Horse racing is one of the most popular & royal sports in India. People just love to place live bets. Now, coming straight to the point! Let us tell you that there are two possible ways to start betting on horse racing:

  • Physical Betting: That means you can bet visiting any of the horse racing tracks in India.
  • Online Betting: You can bet anytime & anywhere by signing up on the best horse race betting sites

“According to PGA 1867, Horse Race Betting has been categorized as a Game of Skill. That means it’s 100% legal and safe to place bets online or offline.”

In this game guide, we have concentrated more on online horse race betting in India. The benefit is you don’t need to travel several km & leave the comfort of your home to place bets on national/ International horse racing events.

Moreover, it has been proved that Indian online betting sites give you better chances to win real money. A lot of horse racing bettors have moved to the digital world for placing bets with more accuracy.

How to bet on Horse racing sites In India & win?

Step 1: Sign-up on your favorite horse race betting site.
Step 2: Confirm & verify your account.
Step 3: Make a deposit.
Step 4: Click on the horse racing events you want to bet on.
Step 5: Select horse racing odds & place single/multiple bets.
Step 6: Now wait for the results to be announced!

Indian Payment methods for Depositing at Horse Racing Betting Sites In India

As you know, Online horse race betting in India and lotteries are the only legal betting sport in India. So, you can bet either way, offline or online (Local/ International betting sites). The best part is it has become a lot easier to deposit and withdraw money using India’s most trusted payment methods. Check the list below:

Google Pay
Master Card
Net Banking
Local Bank Transfer
Astro Pay
Eco Pay

Pro Tip: Do not waste your time spending your precious time 7 energy looking for the best horse racing betting sites in India. Pick and play at any of our shortlisted sites!

Top 5 Best Horse Racing Betting Sites In India

Our experts have shortlisted the best horse racing betting sites after thorough analysis and reviews. Not only do these sites offer great odds, but they also offer generous bonuses, free bets & winning predictions. Take a look!

Join today on any of our recommended sites for the ultimate live betting experience and a vast betting market!

Why Bet365?- Best Horse Racing Odds In India Guaranteed!

Based in the UK, Bet365 is a renowned and most trusted online gambling platform for
Indian users. Once you have signed up, you will be able to bet on different local and international horse racing events. Bet365 is by far the best betting platform for skilled and professional horse racing bettors. It offers fair chances to win real money. Take a look at some of their incomparable highlights!

  • The only site that guarantees the best odds.
  • They offer a huge horse racing betting market, welcome bonus & free bets.
  • Bet365 also offers Tote Placepot. That means you can place lower value odds.
  • You can get information on age, weight, form about different horses, jockeys, and trainers as well.
  • The winning amount depends on your odds, not on the starting price.
  • Anyone with some deposit on a bet365 account can access the live streaming option on a PC/tablet/phone.
  • Bet365 App is readily available for iOS/Android devices.
  • Subscribe to their newsletter to get upcoming race alerts
Bet365 Indian Casino Reviews 2022
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Why Betway? -Best Horse Racing Betting site In India for Beginners

We highly recommend the Betway horse racing betting site in India if you are a beginner. Betway offers all the trending horse betting options and decimal, fractional odds. The odds keep on fluctuating on Betway, so you have to be careful while placing a bet. Just Look at the features!

  • It’s easy to sign-up, make deposits and place multiple bets at a time.
  • Generous welcome bonuses are irresistible.
  • ‘Today’ option in the top menu will list all the ongoing horse racing events in India & around the world.
  • ‘Timestamp’ option to know the horse racing details in brief.
  • You can check the age/weight of the trainer, jockey, and horse.
  • Betway also offers a seamless live streaming platform.
  • Download Betway App free for iOS/Android users.
  • Betway keeps you alert with the latest news and updates about horse racing.
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Why 22Bet? Best Live Horse Racing Betting Site In India

  • Easy to place horse racing multiple bets at a time.
  • A wide range of horse racing betting options.
  • All the available Payment methods are reliable & accept INR.
  • 22Bet offers a generous welcome bonus & great horse racing live betting odds.
  • Download 22Bet Free horse racing betting App for Android/iOS users.
  • Sign up today to get the latest news, Horse racing betting predictions & winning tips.
22Bet Casino India Review 2022
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How Odds Work in Horse racing In India?

Before you start placing online horse racing bets in India, it’s important to understand the relationship between odds and winning amount. Well, The logic is simple here!

The higher the odds, the higher will be your winning amount and vice-versa. In other words, it’s your selected odds that decide how much you’ll win from a successful horse racing bet.

The two most popular horse racing odds you’ll find on almost every betting site:

  • Fractional: For Example, you have placed a bet of INR 100/- with Odds (7/1). It means you’ll win 7×100=700+100=800. Isn’t it amazing!
  • Decimal: Your stake amount is already included in such odds. Let say, if you have placed a bet of INR 100/- with odds(8.00), you’ll get INR 800/-

Want to place bets with the best horse racing live betting odds? Sign-up today at any of our shortlisted horse racing betting sites in India!

Horse Racing Betting Stats that can help you win!

Winning bets in horse racing depend on your knowledge and skills. Guesses won’t work here. To help out the newbies in horse race betting, we have compiled a list of basic stats. Take a look!

  • Betting on favorite horses works for 32% of the time.
  • 85% of the winners are shortlisted from the top 4 positions in the betting market.
  • Horses ridden by star jockeys win 90% of the races.
  • Track the official website of horse racing to get insider information.
  • Check the race distance, surface, current morning line & live odds.

Online Horse Racing Betting Market In India

Plenty of horse race betting options, from single to multiples, are available in the market. Presenting you on this page the list of most popular horse racing bets in India:

  • Ante-Post Betting: The bet is placed on the future races at least a day before. It’s a high-value bet preferred by most professionals. The risk of losing is high.
  • Each Way Betting: Two bets (win/place) are placed on a single horse to reduce the risk. The safest option to place bets. You’ll still win some money even if the horse misses the race.
  • Forecast Betting: You have to predict whether the horse will finish in the first or second position. This single bet is placed on two selections in the exact order.
  • Betting without favorite: The payout is usually low, but these bets adds excitement to the racing events. You have to place bets on the least favorite horses.
  • Super Jackpot: One needs to forecast the right winner of all the races to win this bet. If you missed even one of the 6 races, all you’ll get is a consolation prize. One of the hardest bets to win.
  • Jackpot: It’s a race card including 5 races. The bettor has to make the right predictions for all 5 races to win the jackpot. One missed race will simply get you a consolation prize.
  • SHP(Second horse Pool): SHP is a bet placed on a single horse who is likely to grab the exact 2nd position in a single race.
  • Quinella: An exotic bet that requires the bettor to place bets on two horses that will complete the race in 1st and 2nd position in any order.
  • Single/ Win Bet: It’s a straight and common bet placed on a single winning horse in a single race. The bet price starts from INR 10/-

Special Bets for Indian Horse Races

  • Accumulator Bet: This multi-race bet includes 4 or more selections in a single bet. The bettor needs to win all the races to get the prize money.
  • Bar Bet: The most exciting and reverse bet. It is placed on the least favorite horse that will lose the single race.
  • Jodi: It’s a single bet comprising of two selections in a single race. You can guarantee the prize money if either of the two horses wins the race.
  • Kenchi: This bet comprises 3 to 5 selections and the bettor needs to win at least 2 races to get the winning payout.
  • Tanala: The bettor needs to place 3 bets at 3 top positions in the exact order. Only the consolation prize is rewarded If any of the positions are reversed.
  • Treble: It’s a single bet placed on the first 3 outcomes of 3 different races. It’s essential to win all the 3 races to claim the prize money.

Popular Horse Race betting events in India

Online horse race betting in India is a mix of traditional bookies and pool betting. There are a total of 9 popular racetracks in India. Different horse races are organized each year in every summer, winter season. The Indian-bred studs are worth watching and betting on. Take a look at major horse race betting events:

  • Indian 1000 Guineas: This race has always been a part of Indian culture and is organized in Mahalaxmi racecourse, Mumbai every December. It even includes the fillies and thoroughbreds of 3 years. The winning horse is rewarded with 1000 guineas.
  • Indian 2000 Guineas: Both the colts & fillies of a minimum of 3 years can participate in the 2000 Guineas race. The event is also organized in the Mumbai racecourse. The mile-long race has been a part of Indian horse races for the past 75 years.
  • Indian Derby: The most awaited event in the entire horse racing calendar of India. It’s a 2400m long race offering the highest prize money to winners. Suraj Narredu is one of the star jockeys from India who has won this race.
  • Indian Oaks: The race is also referred to as ‘Ladies Derby’. The first Indian oak race was held in 1943 in Mumbai’s Mahalaxmi racecourse. It is restricted to fillies and thoroughbreds of at least 4 years of age. The race covers a distance of 1 mile and 4 furlongs.
  • Indian St. Leger: The last and longest horse racing event that is organized every march in Pune. The race is named after Lt. Gen Antony St. Leger. It is contested by 4 years old fillies over 2800 meters. Indian St. Leger is also the third leg of the Indian triple crown.


Which is the best Horse race betting site in India?

Following is the list of top-rated horse racing betting sites in India offering winning odds, betting options, and easy deposit/withdrawal methods:

Which is the best bet in Horse Race Betting?

An outright bet is the most popular bet where you have to bet on a particular horse that will win the race. It’s available at almost all of our recommended horse racing betting sites like bet365, 10CRIC, 22Bet, etc.

Where to bet Live on horse racing?

Horse racing betting gets even more exciting and interesting on live streaming platforms. Check our list of shortlisted horse race betting sites on this page with a seamless, HD-live streaming option.

Can I deposit Indian rupees on horse racing betting sites?

Yes, all our recommended sites like bet365, betway, Spinsports accept Indian players as well as Indian currency. So, there is no need to pay any money conversion charges.

How to get started with horse race betting?

The first and foremost step is to choose a trustworthy betting site already available on our page. Then,
Sign up on your selected horse racing betting site.
Make a deposit
Select odds & start placing as many bets.

Do horse racing betting sites offer a Welcome Bonus?

Yes! All the suggested horse race betting sites on offer a generous welcome bonus. Most of the time, these signup bonuses are in the form of the first deposit bonus or free bets.

Final Words

In this game guide, our experts have deeply discussed A to Z of online horse race betting in India. You’ll find everything here from popular horse racing bets, racecourse clubs & major horse betting race events of India.

We are 100% sure that all your queries and doubts will be cleared after reading our article. So, stop waiting and start betting live on our top-rated horse racing betting sites.

Need the best possible start? We highly recommend Downloading the most trending apps like Bet365, Betway on your smartphones. Get the opportunity to participate in national and international horse betting events. All the best!