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A Complete Casino Game guide

Explore the best casino knowledge with us!

Who wants to lose money and huge winning opportunities? We have everything you must know before you start the real money game; from casino rules, strategies, best casinos to the winning tips. We at ProIndianCasinos are into this online gambling industry for over a decade.

Let’s enjoy playing casino games without leaving the comfort of home. Play and win like a pro with our complete casino game guides!

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2022 Roulette Guides

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2022 Blackjack Guides

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2022 Teen Patti Guides

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Online Casino Basics

Are you a beginner to this Casino world? You have reached the best and authenticated casino platform. You’ll never regret following our easy to understand casino game guides.
These guides will give you a vague understanding of the basics like how to select the best casinos, bonuses and promotions, RNG, and do’s & don’ts of the casino.

The Best Casino Strategies

Though Gambling is a game of chance there are still some tactics, tricks, or strategies that can improve your gameplay and enhance your odds of winning.
Our game guides include all the tactics like card counting in blackjack, to reduce the house edge, and so on. It’s always better to know these tricks before entering the real game to not miss the big winning opportunities.

Online Roulette

Who doesn’t love to spin the wheel? Roulette is easy to understand and fun to play a mini wheel game. It’s a perfect blend of gambling and entertainment.

To know different variants of roulette, rules, and betting options; just visit our game guides. It will take only a few minutes to understand the roulette gameplay.

Online Blackjack

Blackjack or 21 is the classic card game with easy to understand rules. One needs to be lucky and strategic to excel in this game. We have put together everything you need to know about blackjack in these game guides.

Let’s learn the basic blackjack rules, different variants, betting options, and proven mathematical strategies to get the best out of this game!

Online Teen Patti

Teen Patti means three cards is a classic Indian card game. Also referred to as Flush or flash. It seems to be difficult and confusing at first glance but we make sure to prepare guides that are easier to understand for our viewers.

Learn the teen Patti variations, betting options, live teen Patti rules, strategies, and much more. Let’s get started!

Online Baccarat

Online Baccarat is the best card game meant for both novices and experts. This is one of the oldest brick and mortar casino game with the best winning possibilities.

Baccarat is a game of chance/luck with straightforward rules. Explore different versions of baccarat and learn how to play baccarat in less than 5 minutes!

Jackpot / Slots

Some casino games don’t need any of your thoughts; it’s all about your actions. Jackpot and slot games are one of those casino games.

Gambling is unpredictable; who knows if today is your lucky day? We’ll help you betting on the jackpots with the best odds so you can take away huge pots of money.
Our comprehensive slot guides include winning tips, benefits of playing slots, and much more!

Games Shows

Game shows can be described as the real future of live casino gaming. The super-combination of Live casino games and TV game shows. It was Evolution Gaming software that took the lead by launching the first game show ever ‘live dream catcher’ in 2017. 

Almost similar to TV shows,  casino game Shows are hosted by a live dealer. Experience live entertainment with HD graphics & audio-visual effects from dedicated live casino studios.

Take a look at the most popular and played interactive game shows in India!

State Gambling laws

Online gambling has become a trend over the past few years. So it’s almost legal in every part of the world except a few. India is a diverse country so are the laws.

In most states of India gambling is legal while some have strictly banned online gambling. But there are no such laws in India that reveal it’s illegal to play online casino games on foreign sites. So it hardly affects the regular punters.

It’s always better to be informed before than regret later. We have collectively put all the information on gambling laws in our casino guide. Keep reading!

Why fear when ProIndianCasinos is here?

Just wish for the game and we‘ll get you everything on our platform. Our game guides are easy to understand, grasp with the best winning basic strategies.

We make sure to provide the best and safest gambling environment for our players. Always keep in mind to only invest in the games you are comfortable with. It is always best to Play games after thoroughly studying the game guide. Else you’ll end up losing your bankroll in a single go!

Our winning tips

Online gambling is half your luck and half your action. Winning is not guaranteed but if you know the rules and best strategies that can even out your losses and boost the odds, you have probably high winning opportunities.

Reading our casino games guide will surely fill you up with enough knowledge and confidence that you may win!

Keep Emotions Aside!

Always remember to not get carried away with emotions. It doesn’t matter if you are losing or winning.

It’s better to have something than nothing. Losses can be frustrating but never chase your losses to fill that gap. Do not rely on the betting options generated automatically while you are playing. Be practical and make the best decisions like the right time to quit the game otherwise you’ll regret later.

We advise you to keep a check on yourself by taking online self-assessment tests that’ll alert you if are losing self-control and are getting addicted to gambling.

To Select the legal and authorized Casinos

We keep advising our viewers to play safe and beware of rigged casino sites. Otherwise, you’ll end up losing all your hard-earned money. Always check the reviews, terms, and conditions of your selected online casino.

A legal site will always display the accredited label somewhere on the top left or right. We at ProIndianCasinos recommend only the trusted and most reputed casinos. You can check our casino guides to select the casino based on your game preferences, payment options, etc. So relax and enjoy it!

Always use the convenient payment method

Do you know the payment options that work in your favor? There are plenty of options like Paytm, Google Pay, and NetSkrill that even offer VIP & loyalty schemes to their regular customers.

Our all recommended methods use high SSL technology that ensures the personal data of each user is encrypted and safe. You’ll also get exclusive promo codes, cashback, scratchcards etc.and even an opportunity to spin the wheel!

How to make most of the bonuses and promotions?

No one better than gambling sites knows how to lure and delight the punters with mouth-watering offers. Our casino guides make sure to help you get the best out of these bonuses and promotional offers.

The main purpose is to engage and encourage the players to play casino games using real money. Almost all the reputed and trusted casino sites offer bonus money to try demo game sessions of any of the available casino games. Get ready for your chances of extra winnings!

The Do’s & Don’ts Of Casino Gambling

Do’s of gambling

  • To Know the Rules
  • To learn Strategies before game
  • Set your minimum and maximum limits
  • To be prepared for losses
  • Know when to walk away

Don’ts of gambling

  • Rely on Betting system
  • Chasing the losses
  • Getting rude to dealers and other participants.
  • Getting lured by incentives and rewards.
  • Using hacks and strategies on restricted sites

Myths about online gambling

Gambling is a rich source of entertainment where the chances of winning and losing are 50-50. Who knows you may win the next moment? No genuine casino site will guarantee to win, if they say so, you are just being fooled.

The truth is the tricks, hacks or strategies will only boost the odds of winning and improve your gameplay.

You’ll find many casino sites who claim the guarantee winning. We advise you to stay away from such fraudulent and rigged casino sites. Allow us to reveal some more myths you’ll found on the internet so you can differentiate between fake and original sites.

  • Winning is all about luck: That’s not 100% true! There are many casino games with lower house edge and the chances of winning are higher like in poker, Blackjack, and much more.
  • It is illegal to count cards: It’s bogus, counting cards is mind work that needs skills. It’s a strategy so can’t be called cheating and overall it is almost impossible to count cards while playing online.
  • Keep Playing to win more: As per gambling ethics, it’s best to walk away after a certain period of time; whether you are losing or winning it doesn’t matter. So, always fix your time frames.
  • Casino can change the outcome– It’s almost impossible especially in online versions where RNG (random number generator) technique is used to draw the numbers randomly. Plus live dealers are there to make sure the results are not biased.
  • Bet higher to boost winning odds– All the betting amounts have equal opportunities to win. Yes, there are some slot games where higher bets enhance the odds. Else this statement is just a myth as exceptions are always there.