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Online Casino Games and Game Guides

Before joining an online casino, please read our detailed online casino game guide designed to introduce you to all the impressive and highly entertaining online casino games you can play in India. Here you’ll learn the basics like casino rules, online game strategies, winning tips, and much more, so you can be ready to join and win real money playing online casino games.

List Of Best Online Casino Games

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 Play at 1xBet Baccarat
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Play at Betway Roulette
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Get up to ₹50,000 Bonus
Play at 888Casino Andar Bahar
Join tradition and modern excitement
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Play at 10Cric Jhandi Munda
Win at the roll of the dice
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Play at 22Bet Jackpot Slots
Take advantage of progressive jackpots
Get up to ₹25,000 Bonus
Play at Jackpotcity Online Slots
Get the thrill of flashing lights and real money
Get up to ₹10,000 Bonus
Play at Betway Teen Patti
Play India’s favored street game online
Get up to ₹10,000 Bonus
Play at 20Bet Bingo Get up to ₹10,000 Bonus
Play at 10Cric Craps
Test your luck at online bingo
Get up to ₹20,000 Bonus
Play at Spincasino Poker
Win real money with low odds bets
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Guide to Playing at Casinos

No matter your experience with gambling, you can always stand to learn something new and make the most of your gambling time. The online casino industry is constantly changing, and you must do your best to keep up with the best online casinos and get the best gaming experience possible, even earn some real money.

We compiled a comprehensive guide to guide you through your casino gambling experience. We bet (pun intended) that you’ll find our guides invaluable, and you’ll be set to have the best possible casino-playing experience. Please check all the information we have provided for you here and the links below for some specific aspects of casino gambling.

Best Casino Game Guides for Real Money

We have prepared the best real-money casino game guides that any Indian gambler will find helpful. These provide indispensable advice and guidance that will help anyone become a better casino player. Check the top casinos you can choose your next game:

Online Roulette Guide

Watching the spinning roulette wheel is exciting, especially when you have put real money into the outcome. It is why online roulette is very appealing, and so many Indian bettors choose this game at their favorite online casino in India. Roulette is an online casino game entirely dependent on chance, and it comes with so many betting options and impressive jackpots at online casinos like 22Bet. To win at roulette, you need to place a bet and accurately guess which number the ball will fall when the wheel stops spinning. We have outlined the top roulette varieties in separate articles, and we’ve prepared a guide on how to play roulette:

Outside bets in roulette have better-winning odds but come with smaller payouts!

Online Blackjack Guide

Online blackjack is among the top real-money online casino games, deservedly so, as the blackjack win depends heavily on your skill as a player. It adds a healthy dose of excitement and gives you control of the game, and you should see how you fare at blackjack at 888Casino. The objective in blackjack is to reach a score of 21 without going over and having a better hand than the dealer. There are several options when you get your cards in blackjack, and playing your hand smartly can even lower the house edge to 0.5%. You can learn all about how to play blackjack and the different tips and tricks you can apply to your blackjack strategy:

Always split aces and 8s in blackjack, but never split 10s!

Online Teen Patti Guide

Teen Patti or 3 Patti is India’s favorite betting game, with simple yet exciting gameplay and appealing payouts. Teen Patti is played with a single 52-card deck and with up to 10 players. The players get three cards each and place bets on who has the best hand. Similar to poker, 3 Patti has different betting structures and winning hands, which we suggest you try at 10Cric. Three aces in 3 Patti is the best possible hand, and three 2s is the lowest winning hand. Please click on the links below to learn all you need to know about playing real money online Teen Patti:

There are over 40 Teen Patti variations, each with a different winning hand, and Muflis is the top 3 Patti variant!

Online Baccarat Guide

Real money online Baccarat is exciting, appealing, and fun to play. Baccarat depends solely on chance, and even though it may seem complex at first, it has simple playing rules and gameplay. In online Baccarat, you don’t get any cards for yourself; you can bet on the Player’s hand, the Banker’s hand, or a Tie. The objective of the winning hand is to get a score of 9 or the closest to 9. Many online casinos like 20Bet also allow side bets in Baccarat that add to the excitement and winning chances. Please find detailed guides on becoming a better Baccarat player:

The best winning chance in Baccarat is to bet on the Banker’s hand!

Online Slots Guide

Online slots are a game of chance; you only have to click on SPIN, and the computer will do the rest. Still, there is more that you should know about playing real money online slots in India. Online slots come in many variants, and more emerge daily, so you will never be bored playing online slots. Online slots come with impressive graphics and themes and even more appealing prizes and regular jackpots and 1xBet has a truly impressive slots offer. They are operated by RNGs that ensure fair and entirely random outcomes, whether a 3-reel, 5-reel, 7-reel or even progressive jackpot slots:

Mobile Slots

There are several mobile slots India available for many devices such as Android, iPad, and iPhone, where you can test skills and get entertained.
Read More

Opt for the free spins bonus to get more winning chances at online slots!

Online Game Show Guide

Online game show games arose from the TV game shows that were popular in the past, and these have become a staple among Indian casino lovers. The online game show games are live games with an actual person as the host, unique game patterns, simple rules, and great payouts. These interactive game show games allow a more immersive gaming experience, as they have impressive graphics and appealing designs. Once you make your deposit on your chosen online casino like Betway, the live dealer will welcome you to the game show game, and they’ll explain the rules and what you need to do, which makes the entire experience streamlined and appealing. You can play top live game show games at Indian online casinos like:

Casino game show games combine wheel, board, and game-show elements for an immersive gaming experience!

Online Andar Bahar Guide

Andar Bahar is derived in India, and this game of chance is simple yet immensely popular on the Indian streets, but it has found its way to online casinos. The Andar Bahar game is played with a single 52-card deck, and there is no limit to the number of players who can place bets. The dealer places a face-up card; the bettors place bets guessing which pile the matching card will fall. The dealer then places cards on two piles, the Andar (left) and Bahar (right) sides of the table.

You have a slightly higher winning chance when betting on the Andar side, but the Bahar bet pays slightly more!

Online Jhandi Munda Guide

Jhandi Munda is a traditional Indian dice game and a trendy option among Indian casino lovers. Jhandi Munda is played with specialty dice – instead of numbers, the Jhandi Munda dice have symbols, and the players get to bet on which symbol will be rolled in the round. A simple dice game, Jhandi Munda is the parent game of Crown and Anchor, a dice game famous amongst sailors. The six symbols in Jhandi Munda are Face, Flag, Spade, Club, Heart, and Diamond, and the player whose chosen symbol appears the most times wins the round.

Playing online Jhandi Munda is exciting, fun, dynamic, and has a high RTP percentage!

Online Craps Guide

Craps is an exciting casino dice game you can now play at online casinos in India. Online craps requires luck and skill, which is why many Indian gamblers love. It comes with 99.4% RTP, one of the highest RTPs of all online casino games. Online craps is played on a special layout table where you can place different bets. The come-out roll of the dice decides the gameplay, and if a 7 or 11 is rolled, the pass line bets win. If a 2, 3, or 12 is rolled out on the first try, this is known as crapping out, where the game’s name comes from.

The most popular craps bet is the pass line bet that wins if the first dice roll falls on a 7 or 11!

Online Poker Guide

Poker is the world’s most famous casino game, and Indian gamblers can play plenty of poker varieties at the top online casinos in India. Rated as a game of skill, poker is entirely legal in India, and this game of skill is exciting, engaging, and can be very suspenseful. Per the standard poker version, each player gets a hand of five cards, and they can change several cards to get the best possible hand. The players can make bets, raise the stakes, call or fold, and in the showdown, the hands are compared – the winner is the player with the best hand or who outsmarted the opponents. Online poker on top casino sites like 888Casino comes in different varieties, and we’ve prepared guides that can help you become a better poker player at online casinos in India:

Poker is a fast-paced game that relies on the player’s decisions, which is why it is an excellent choice for casino lovers who love immersive, slightly aggressive games!

How to Choose Which Casino Games to Play?

Choosing the online casino game to play should not be a complex process; instead, you should consider your wishes and the skill level required to play a particular casino game. Most online casino sites have hundreds of casino games that come in a great variety that you can quickly get confused about. Here is a simple guide on what to consider and how to choose which casino games to play:

  1. Consider all the factors – we list all the factors you must consider when selecting an online casino game to your liking.
  2. Find an online casino site that fits your needs – after you decide on a game you wish to play, you should find an online casino that provides all you want. Considering things like banking methods, customer service, bonuses, and mobile use is essential.
  3. Join a casino and play a game – join a trusted online casino in India and try your preferred real-money casino game for some excitement.
  4. Try different variants – after you try one casino game, you can go deeper and try different variants from your chosen casino game.
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Factors That Can Help You Make Better Decisions

Here is a list of the factors you must consider when deciding which online casino game to play. Please note that different people have different ideas, wishes, desires, and skills, so each should pick a game they enjoy:

  • Luck – in some casino games, the outcome depends solely on luck, and no skill is involved. Some casino players find these appealing, as they can quickly immerse themselves in action without any previous knowledge and preparation;
  • Skill – many gamblers want to experience the thrill and excitement of playing skill-based casino games where they can employ strategy and test their skills and knowledge in a particular game.
  • House Edge – the house edge is the statistical advantage calculated in every casino game, and it is the ratio of the average loss to the initial bet. You should select casino games with the lowest house edge for the best chances, like blackjack or craps.
  • RTP – Return to Player is the percentage measure of how much you can expect to win, on average, over a number of played rounds. For example, slots have an RTP of 96%, meaning for every $100 you bet on slots, you can expect $96 back.
  • Games volatility – volatility in casino games refers to the average number of payouts. For example, a high-volatility online slot is a game that pays more on average but pays less frequently, while a low-volatility game pays less on average but pays more frequently.
  • Rules – every casino game has its own rules, and you must consider these when selecting a casino game.
  • Decision-making – while some casino players don’t like to make decisions regarding the casino games they play, some want to make decisions and have an input in the game’s outcome.
  • Jackpot Potential – everyone likes to hit it big at the casino, as the jackpot appeal is very high. So, factoring in the jackpot potential is important when selecting an online casino game.

How to Play Online Casino Games in India?

People from India can join one of the top online casinos and play online casino games, as they have plenty of options like blackjack, slots, roulette, Baccarat, poker, and many more. Here are the essentials to know on how to play online casino in India:

  1. Check whether the casino accepts players from India
  2. Check whether the casino is trusted, secure and reputable
  3. Check whether the casino has your preferred games and check the game providers
  4. Check whether the casino has your preferred deposit and withdrawal methods
  5. Check whether the casino has a quality customer support
To help you, we suggest you try 888Casino, 10Cric, 22Bet, Betway, or 1xBet!
888Casino India Review 2024
Up To ₹10,000 Bonus for Indians
10Cric Casino Review 2024
100% up to ₹20,000 Welcome Bonus for New Casino Players
22Bet Casino India Review 2024
100% up to ₹25,000 Bonus for All New Players
Betway India Review 2024
100% up to ₹50,000 Bonus For All New Players
1xBet India Review
100% Up-To ₹10,000

Learn the Rules and Improve Your Skills

How to play online casino games in India is directly related to learning the rules of the chosen game. By learning the rules of each casino game, you improve your winning chances and hone your casino game skills.

Each online casino game has its playing rules that may differ from playing the same casino game in a land-based casino. Thus, paying attention to the playing rules is essential for a better online casino game experience and for improving your playing skills. Many online casinos like 1xBet will provide a demo version of your chosen casino game so you can learn the ins and outs.

The Best Casino Strategies

To learn more about this, please refer to the winning casino strategies we have prepared for you:

What to DO and What NOT to Do at Online Casinos in India

When it comes to joining and playing at an online casino in India, there are things you should and should not do. We have prepared the following table outlining the important do’s and don’ts when gambling online:

Do’s of gambling

  • Learn the rules
  • Prepare Strategies before the game.
  • Set your minimum and maximum bet limits
  • Play with money you can afford to lose
  • Know when to walk away from a game

Don’ts of gambling

  • Don’t rely on a betting system
  • Don’t chase your losses
  • Don’t be rude to the dealers or other gamblers
  • Don’t get drawn in by too-good-to-be-true offers
  • Don’t use hacks on restricted casino sites

Winning Tips for Online Casino Games in India

Here we share some proven winning tips for playing online casino games in India. These tips come from long-time experts knowledgeable in online gambling and have honed their skills over years of playing:

  • Leave emotions at the door – quoting Ocean’s Eleven is apt here, as there is no place for emotions when playing casino games. It won’t matter if you are winning or losing; you should keep a level head anytime you play an online casino game. Be practical, as keeping your emotions aside will allow you to make the most appropriate decisions at the necessary times.
  • Only join legal, trusted online casinos – to ensure the best online gaming experience, you must only join legal, trusted online casinos with quality services for their members. Remember that you trust the online casino platform you select, as you share all your personal and banking information with said online casino. The online casino you join should have an active license, extraordinary security measures, and quality game offerings.

Types of Casino Games for Real Money

Every real money casino game you can find at land-based casinos is also present at online casinos. So, you can enjoy poker, roulette, blackjack, craps, slots, game show games, Baccarat, bingo, keno, lottery, scratchcards, etc.

Online Casino Game Considerations

Please read the following considerations explaining why joining online casinos and playing online casino games is a great option, especially in India, where brick-and-mortar casinos are extremely rare. These benefits are evident, as online casinos provide more variety and convenience than land-based casinos:

  • Online casino bonuses and promotions
  • More game variety than in brick-and-mortar casinos
  • Play anytime, anywhere from any device with mobile casino apps
  • Possibility of large payouts
  • Play for free to test the games
  • Lower casino game house edge
  • Casino game fairness and RNGs
  • Increased security and safety

Live Casino Games to Play

You can play various casino games at the top online casinos in India, including RNG-based games and plenty of live casino games. The live casino games found at online casinos are streamed live, with the dealer sitting in a live casino studio and multiple cameras recording their every action. You can find all sorts of live casino games to play, like:

  • Live Poker
  • Live Baccarat
  • Live Roulette
  • Live Blackjack
  • Live Game Show Games
888Casino India Review 2024
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Betway India Review 2024
100% up to ₹50,000 Bonus For All New Players

Indian State Gambling Laws

The federal Indian Gambling Law is outdated, and it doesn’t have any mentions of regulating access to online casinos. However, there are other considerations, like the requirement to only make online payments in INR at online platforms from India, including online casinos. Plus, many Indian states have enforced state laws related to gambling, which any state resident must know to safely play their favorite casino games:

Online Casino Game Myths

You may think there are hidden hacks to winning at an online casino, but this is untrue. First, no one can guarantee a win at an online casino, and you should stay away from sites that offer such guarantees. Gambling is a combination of skill and luck, and as such, there is no guarantee that you’ll win or lose. The opinion that all casino games are rigged is invalid, and we’re here to debunk some of the most famous myths about online casino games:

Myth Fact
Winning is all about luck A myth! The outcome of many casino games depends on skills. Casino games like blackjack or poker depend strongly on the player’s skills.
It is illegal to count cards A myth! Counting cards is a blackjack strategy, not illegal or cheating. However, counting cards while playing online blackjack is nearly impossible.
Play more to win more A myth! It is best to walk away after a specific time; it does not matter if you win or lose. Playing during a fixed timeframe is best for managing your bankroll.
The casino can change the outcome A myth! In online casinos where RNG (random number generator) is used to draw the numbers, the outcome is not changing. Plus, live dealers are there to ensure the results are not rigged.
Bet higher to boost winning odds A myth! All betting amounts have equal winning opportunities. Some slots can have boosted odds for higher bets, but generally, betting higher amounts does not equal a boost in winning odds.

Top Online Casinos in India

Now to the good part, let’s talk about the top online casinos in India where you can apply your newfound knowledge of online casino games. Our selections are based on testing and reviewing critical factors like online casino licenses, game variety, design and navigation, bonuses and promos, and customer support. Our research team was diligent in testing each factor, and we’ve narrowed our selection to the top online casinos in India to play casino games:

22Bet Casino India Review 2024
1xBet India Review
Betway India Review 2024


What kinds of real-money online casino games are available in India?

Indian gamblers can play all sorts of real money online casino games like slots, Baccarat, poker, blackjack, roulette, dice games, Andar Bahar, Teen Patti, Jhandi Munda, etc.

How to find the best casino game?

There is no single best casino game, as this is a personal preference. Instead, you should find the best casino game for you, which depends on your skills, wishes, desired gameplay, and outcome.

Are online casino games legitimate?

Online casino games are legitimate if played at reputable online casinos that get regular audits from third-party regulatory bodies, have up-to-date casino licenses, and have high safety and security standards.

Are online casino games rigged?

No, online casino games are not rigged. The computer games are run by RNGs that ensure random outcomes and live dealers run the live games from live casino studios.

Are online casino games safe?

Most reputable online casinos have high security standards, SSL certifications, and data encryption, ensuring the safety of online casino games.

Are there betting limits to online casino games?

Most online casino games have a betting minimum and maximum, depending on the casino platform and specific casino game.

Where can I play free online casino games?

You can play free online casino games at many reputable casino platforms. Many reputable casinos like 888Casino, 10Cric, 20Bet, 22Bet, and Betway have free demo versions of the top online casino games.

What online casino game has the best winning chances?

Even though the house always wins, some casino games come with good winning chances. These are roulette, with about 50% winning chances; craps, with about 50% winning chances; and blackjack, with about 49% winning chance.

How to win at online casino games?

Learn the rules of your chosen online casino game, the odds, the tricks, the casino rules, and all you can about the particular game: this is the best winning strategy to win at online casino games.

Which casino game has the best odds?

Blackjack is a casino game with the best odds, followed by craps, Baccarat, and roulette.

Which casino game is most profitable?

Generally speaking, roulette is the most profitable casino game, as this depends solely on luck, and the wheel determines the fate, with your winning chances being about 50%.

What online casino game is easiest to win?

Generally speaking, betting on the Banker’s hand in Baccarat gives you the easiest chance to win.