What are Baccarat Roads?

Baccarat is a well-known game among casino players. But have you heard of baccarat roads? Most of the people will say no. because that’s entirely a different concept. Road maps are also referred to as scoreboards. It is quite complicated, confusing, and hard to understand at the first glance. Different charts, formats, and names are used in roadmaps.

Though other casino games like roulette use simple statistics to display the result with baccarat it’s a whole different thing. Baccarat roads don’t guarantee that you’ll win but they enhance the odds of your winning.

Baccarat roads help us to predict who will win; the banker or the player? And hence we can place the safest bets. These are the statistics that contain lots of information.

In this article, we have explained the most common and popular baccarat roads that are often used in both traditional as well as online HD casinos. So, let’s start our small tour to baccarat roads!

What are Baccarat Roads

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Different Roadmap Patterns in Live Baccarat

As per the latest trends in the online gambling market, 5 standard roadmap patterns are available help to analyze baccarat strategy. You can look for these patterns while playing that’ll help you determine the winning side. It varies from user to user as each player has a different perspective.

  • The Bead Plate
  • The Big Road
  • Big Eye boy
  • The Small Road
  • The Cockroach Pig

Let’s discuss every pattern in detail!

Bead Plates

While playing baccarat online you must have noticed that there are many grids on the baccarat table. There are certain circles, dots of red, green and blue colour which we refer to as Bead plates.

These colourful circles hold the record of outcomes of bets placed i.e. banker, player or a tie. Most of the bead roads have a minimum of 12 columns and six rows to hold the result of at least 60 Bets. It follows top to bottom approach as you can see in the image below:

  • Red big circle-Banker
  • Red small dot-Banker pair
  • Blue big circle– Player
  • Blue small Dot– Player pair
  • Green big Circle-Tie
  • Yellow Circle– Natural win

The Big Road

The most common and main roadmap containing 6 Rows and column between 36 to 50. It shows the same record as the bead plate with some slight changes.

  • The first game result is recorded from the top left corner of the grid.
  • If the second game result is same as the first game then it is recorded below the first one.
  • If the second result is different, the top right corner of the grid is used.
  • A tie win won’t receive its own row; they are represented as a green diagonal.
  • The circles and dots work in the same way as in bead plates.
  • Banker win is marked as red circled whereas blue circles show player win.
  • Natural Winners are represented by a yellow dot in the circle.
  • Winning pair bets(banker or player) are marked on edge of the circle.

Big Eye Boy

This is an entirely different and complicated concept to understand. You must get Tzungi before trying hands at Big Eye Boy. It is used along with the big Road map. A player has to be skilful to analyze the repetitive and non-repetitive patterns.

  • A mark is placed on Big eye each time a new column starts in big road.
  • The red circle represents a repetitive and predictable shoe.
  • The Blue circle signifies unpredictable and unlucky shoe.
  • On comparing 1st and 2nd Columns; if they have some circles, a red circle is added in big eye boy. Otherwise, the blue colour is shown.
  • Colour of the next circle is decided by looking at the left and above cell of new entry; if both are identical then red is marked otherwise blue.

Cockroach Pig

Cockroach, the last baccarat road is another variation of Big eye boy. The name Cockroach has have been derived from Cantonese and Mandarin-speaking players as it’s quite similar to the Cantonese pronunciation Whereas Pig simply represents Roads in Chinese. It’s again similar to small road concept with the difference that :

  • You have to skip two columns instead of one as in small road map.
  • The next thing to keep in mind is to not start until the first entry has been completed in 4th column on the big road.
  • It uses diagonal lines instead of dots or beads.

Small Road

It’s quite identical to Big Eye Boy. The only difference is the rule to skip the column to the left of present one of the big road. And to start only when first entry is completed in 3rd column of the big road. While playing Just remember, column to the left of present entry doesn’t exist.

If you know how to analyze big eye boy strategy. Then the small road is a simple task for you.

The Dragon Tail

As there are only six cells in a column from top to bottom. if there are six consistent wins of either banker or player. The display runs out of space. In such case, the next win is placed at the right of the bottom cell and is continued horizontally thus forming a dragon tail pattern.

However in online baccarat; it is always advised to bet at dragon tail pattern as chances of winning are possibly high. It is always good if a long dragon tail appears on the grid.

Double Dragon Tail

There is a possibility that another steak may bump into dragon tail then it will immediately turn to its right thus forming another dragon tail. This is called Double dragon tail. Just see the image below:

Baccarat Predictions

We won’t say that these roads are easy to grasp at an instance. But once you have read all the details in the articles as mentioned, you’ll get familiar with these new terms. If you still found these roads difficult to follow; we suggest you follow the two buttons marked P and B in the upper right corner above Big Road Map.

This concept has been designed and developed by Evolution gaming. These buttons will help you bet on the possible next winner based on their analysis of statistics and entries of all the five roads. But it’s purely your decision as no online casino will guarantee 100% accuracy in predictions.

Baccarat Predictions


What are baccarat roads?

Baccarat roads are the maps, statistics or formats that help you predict and place the safe bets. you can check your player interface to notice the baccarat roads or roadmaps.

What are the different types of baccarat roadmaps?

There are 5 most popular baccarat roads; a big road, small road, bead plate, cockroach pig, big eye road. These are the colourful patterns of red, blue, green and yellow small dots or big circles inside the different grids of the player interface.

How can I use baccarat roads to place a bet?

Baccarat roads or roadmaps will help you predict and place safer bets with minimum risk of losing money. Once you get familiar with the concept of baccarat roads, your odds of winning becomes far better.

Why is baccarat so popular?

Baccarat is the only game where you’ll find the number of strategies, betting options, baccarat roadmaps and tricks to win baccarat. Once you have acquainted with all the rules, betting options and know the different gaming patterns. No one can stop you from winning.

Is baccarat the best casino game?

Baccarat is both a game of luck and skills. It is known as the best casino game that can entertain both the novice and veteran punters, from low to high stake rollers.

Is Online baccarat rigged?

Yes! There is a possibility. Many of the online rogue casinos may fool you with aim of making money by hook or crook. That’s the reason we always advise our players to check the license and legitimacy of the casinos before depositing money.

Are there any patterns in baccarat?

Playing online baccarat has many advantages that boost your odds of winning. Baccarat roads and strategies help you recognizing these patterns and predicting the safest bets.

Why baccarat is dangerous?

The house edge is very thin. if the players are smart and skilled; they can earn lots of money playing online baccarat. Plus baccarat strategies and baccarat roadmaps reveal a lot about the safest and better bets.

How to use Baccarat roads to make a bet?

Baccarat is a simple card game of luck/chance. Even if you don’t use roads, you won’t regret playing baccarat.

No other casino game is as fun and entertainment as baccarat. Our baccarat road map theory will surely help gamblers to place a safer and better bet. Knowing the roads will enhance your odds of winning. One can earn huge and real money with the help of this game.

Moving to the end, we’ll say you’ll not get strategies, best bets, predictions and patterns in any other casino game but Baccarat.