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Baccarat Roads: Guide to Understanding Patterns

Baccarat roads are scoring cards that help players spot game trends based on each round’s results. This is the simplest definition because baccarat roads are, in fact, grids that have colored dots and circles that have significant meaning. There are several different baccarat road maps, and below I’ll explain the most famous baccarat roads, what they mean, and how to use these to your advantage.

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How to Read Baccarat Roads?

The baccarat roads are patterned cards where the player (or the online casino in most cases) fills out the fields with the results of past round outcomes to establish a pattern and use it to hone the future online baccarat strategy.

Most baccarat roads have red, blue, and green dots that represent the results of the previous rounds, and the reading of the baccarat scorecards depends on the actual baccarat road used. Keep reading on as I explain how each of the six most famous baccarat roads are read and can be used, for example, to play baccarat at 10Cric.

Best Baccarat Roads

There are many baccarat roads, but there are six that are the most used and can even be considered as standards found at many online casinos. Knowing how to fill out and read these can help you hone your baccarat strategy, and you could use it to predict the winning bet. Here are the most common baccarat roads you’ll find at online casinos in India like Spin Casino:

Baccarat Road Complexity Use At
The Bead Plate Simple Play at Jackpotcity
The Big Road Simple Play at 1xBet
The Big Eye Boy Intermediate Play at Spincasino
The Small Road Complex Play at 20Bet
The Cockroach Pig Complex Play at 10Cric
The Dragon Tail Simple Play at Betway

The Bead Plate

The Bead Plate is the primary, most commonly found baccarat road map you can see at all online baccarat games. Historically, baccarat players in land-based casinos were given a plate with colored beads to record the outcomes, thus the name Bead Plate. It has red circles that denote the Banker’s hand win, blue circles that denote the Player’s hand win, and green circles to represent the ties.

The Bead Plate is a simple grid pattern with about six rows and 12 columns, able to record the outcomes of 72 rounds of baccarat. You start filling it out from the upper left corner, moving down the column, one row at a time. The Bead Plate also records the outcomes of possible side bets, marked as colored dots at the corners of the grid fields. You can use the red and blue dot pattern and try to guess the outcome of the following round.

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The Big Road

The Big Road is a baccarat roadmap that was the first used to identify possible trends in the baccarat game outcomes. The Big Road looks like a bar chart that has been turned upside-down, and the columns alternate between blue and red dots. The red dots are the Banker’s hand wins, and the blue dots are the Players’ hand wins.

The Big Road map gets filled from the top left corner, and each time the outcome changes, you start marking a new column. If a tie score comes, you don’t start a new column but strike out the last entry with a green line. If the six rows in the column get filled to the bottom, then you continue filling out the bottom row, a pattern known as the Dragon Tail that I’ll explain below.

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The Big Eye Boy

The Big Eye Boy is a more complex method of recording the outcomes of past wins and includes taking the recorded outcomes and applying a particular interpretation. The idea behind the Big Eye Boy baccarat road is to get insight into whether the deck often gives out results that change or gives steady, repetitive streak outcome results.

Thus, it is usual for the Big Eye Boy to be used in combination with the Big Road. For this, you must mark a same-color dot on the Big Eye Boy chart whenever you start a new column in the Big Road. However, in Big Eye Boy, the red dot represents a repetitive pattern, and the blue dot represents a changeable result. The resulting pattern will show you the bet that has won more often, and you can place that bet in hopes that the pattern will continue and you’ll guess correctly.

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The Small Road

The Small Road in Baccarat is another road map you can use, as this uses the same premise as the Big Eye Boy. You use the Big Road roadmap like in the Big Eye Boy, but with a main difference: skip the column on the left of the current Big Road column.

To fill out the Small Road map, you will need to start recording the outcomes after the third column in the Big Road begins, as only then does it get enough starting data. You need to place a red dot on the Small Road when the first and third columns on the left of the new column in the Big Road have the same number of entries. You must place a blue dot in the Small Road if these differ. In simpler words, you should look at the latest Big Road entry, look at the two columns on the left, and then look up: if the entry is the same, you mark it as a red dot, and if the entry differs, then you mark it as a blue dot.

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The Cockroach Pig

The Cockroach Pig uses the Big Road as a base and uses the same premise as the Small Road. However, it differs in the starting entries, as you need to start filling out the fourth column in the Big Road, and then you can start with the Cockroach Pig baccarat roadmap. Instead of using dots, it uses blue and red diagonal lines.

To fill out the Cockroach Pig, you compare the first and fourth columns from the start of the Big Road, and if they are the same, you record a red line; otherwise, you record a blue line. Then, if the current hand gets the same outcome as the previous hand, you compare the three left-side cells and the latest entry, and if they are the same, you mark a red line, and if they are different, you mark a blue line.

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The Dragon Tail

The Dragon Tail is not a separate pattern but part of the Big Road. I’ve put it as a separate entry, as I feel it is important to note that the Dragon Tail results from a consistent winning of the same hand. It is not an actual baccarat roadmap, but it is a part of the Big Road.

When filling out the Big Road, if a hand wins more than six times and fills out all six rows, you start filling out the lowest row in the next column, getting a Dragon Tail shape. It is advisable to bet on the outcome of the Dragon Tail, as this has the highest probability of winning, and a Dragon Tail pattern is a very desirable shape.

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When to Use Baccarat Roads?

You can use the baccarat roads to spot trends in each hand’s results. But here, I must note that these are effective only when you play baccarat with 8 decks, as only then do you have the long gameplay that allows patterns to emerge.

The baccarat roads help the baccarat players understand the game’s history, and some believe that closely following these can help them make a better betting strategy. In essence, the baccarat roads can show you how repetitive a shoe is or is not, and some players may wish to use these patterns as guides to help them place the next bet.

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What are baccarat roads?

The baccarat roads are patterns that are recorded based on the outcome of the rounds in an 8-deck shoe. Baccarat players believe that these can help discern emerging patterns that can help them develop a better betting strategy.

What are the different types of baccarat roadmaps?

There are several types of baccarat roadmaps: the basic one is the Big Road, and all the others are derived from this baccarat roadmap: the Big Eye Boy, the Small Road, and the Cockroach Pig.

How can I use baccarat roads to place a bet?

You can use the baccarat road to recognize patterns and place a bet that has a higher probability of winning.

Why is baccarat so popular?

Baccarat is very popular as it is a game of chance with simple main bets: you bet on the Player’s hand, the Banker’s hand, or a tie. In online baccarat, you can also place various side bets.

Is baccarat the best casino game?

Playing online baccarat has many advantages that boost your odds of winning as a game of luck and skills. It is one of the best casino games that can entertain both novice and experienced gamblers.

Is online baccarat rigged?

When played at a reputable, licensed online casino, the baccarat game is not rigged, as both the RNG and live baccarat games are subjected to regular audits. It is why I always suggest you avoid unlicensed casinos and ONLY join and play at reputable online casinos like 10Cric, Spin Casino, Betway, 1xBet, Jackpot City, or 20Bet.

Are there any patterns in baccarat?

Baccarat roads record the patterns in baccarat: these strategies help you recognize these patterns and predict the safest bets with the highest winning chances.