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Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Live Casino Game Show in India

Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt is a slot-inspired live casino game show that offers you a lot of entertainment and many winning chances. Evolution Gaming, a world-renowned casino software provider, is behind the game, and they’ve created an audio and visually-pleasing casino game show.

The casino game show follows the adventures of Spanish explorer Gonzo, who is looking for the lost city of Eldorado and its hidden treasures. The game features impressive graphics, smooth animations, and plenty of exciting features, like the wall with the stones where you and an animated Gonzo will start your adventure searching for treasures. The game is streamed live from a live casino studio, has a live host, and it also combines AR elements; you can also use a VR headset and play it in an authentic, immersive live casino game experience. Read on as we cover the main features of this game and where you can play Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt at online casinos in India.

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How to Play Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt?

Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt is an exciting live casino game show with simple yet fascinating gameplay. The game is divided into several stages, and you start by searching for the hidden treasures in the stone wall, and you get rewarded with Prize Drops that increase your potential winnings. Here are the playing stages:

  1. Betting Stage – the betting stage starts with selecting the stones you wish to look for and how many chances you want to buy to find these. You can buy up to 20 picks. Each stone has a different multiplier: 1x, 2x, 4x, 8x, 20x, and 65x. Please note that the higher the multiplier value, the less likely the stone appears.
  2. Treasure Hunt – the stones are shuffled and hidden on the wall, and you need to open them to reveal their value. Because each player buys a different number of stones, they get a different game experience.
  3. The Prize Drop – the Prize Drop is an added excitement, and it can significantly increase the value of your win, even up to 20,000x. This stage starts when Gonzo turns the gold key, bonus prizes appear on the top of each row, and prizes drop down the wall, falling on randomly selected stones. There are bonus prizes, multipliers, and re-drop symbols, each bringing a different value of the possible prizes.
  4. The Big Reveal – when the game finishes, all the stones on the wall are revealed, and you can see the final values and see if you are a winner. If you have won a stone and a bonus prize, the prize gets added to your initial payout, and the max amount you could win is 20,000x.
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Treasure Stones and Picks

The treasure stones that Gonzo and you are after come in different colors that denominate their value. Any player can select up to 20 stones in one game, but please note that the more picks you select, the more money you must pay to play. Once you place your bets, you select the stones, and your picks are presented as a gold palm print on each selected stone on the screen. The list below shares the multipliers each color stone brings, and these are the same on every online casino in India:

  • Brown – 1x
  • Orange – 2x
  • Purple – 4x
  • Green – 8x
  • Blue – 20x
  • Red – 65x

Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt on Mobile

Mobile casino apps are so popular, and you can now play all your favorite casino games on mobile, including Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt. Playing on mobile is fun and engaging, and all you need is a reliable internet connection, up-to-date casino software, and an excellent mobile device. We suggest you try the Betway and 20Bet mobile casino apps and experience an unmatched mobile casino experience.

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Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Odds, RTP & Payouts

Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt live casino game show is uniquely appealing because it allows a different playing experience for every player; it is because each player buys a different number of picks. However, the odds of winning are relatively fixed, depending on how many times a colored stone appears on the wall. We have compiled the odds, RTP, and payouts for each color stone in Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt that you’ll get when you play this game at online casinos like Spin Casino:

Stone Color Numbers Payouts RTP Odds of Winning
Red 1 65:1 96.25% 1.42%
Blue 3 20:1 96.55% 4.28%
Green 7 8:1 96.56% 10%
Purple 12 4:1 96.35% 17%
Orange 20 2:1 96.51% 28.5%
Brown 27 1:1 96.42% 38.5%

Tips and Strategies to Win at Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt

You can apply some betting strategies to help you win bigger payouts at Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt live casino game show. However, you must consider your available budget, as the higher your budget/bet size, the more choices you can buy and get better winning chances. Basically, you can apply one of three possible strategies when playing Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt on reputable online casinos in India:

  • Low-Risk Strategy: you opt to only search for the stones that appear the most times on the stone wall, like brown, orange, or purple, as you get a higher winning chance.
  • Medium Risk/Best Value Strategy: you opt to select random stones that you think you will find on the stone wall, and you can play with lower stakes.
  • High-risk strategy: you opt to select all the stones on the wall, thus reducing the number of searches you need to find them all. It is also a most likely-to-win strategy, as it allows you to select multiple winning stones, but you will have to invest a high initial stake.

Here are some simple winning tips you can apply when playing Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt online at your favorite online casino like 22Bet. Following our tips can help you hone your strategy and improve your winning chances:

  • Don’t bet on a high multiplier stone, hoping to make a lot of money.
  • Make a balance between the number of stones and picks, as the more stones you bet on, the more picks you’ll need to find them, and the higher your wager amount will have to be.
  • The best prizes come from the Prize Drop multipliers, which are RNG-based, so your possible prize amount comes down to luck!

Where to Play Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt in India?

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How much can I win from Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt game show?

The highest payout you can win from Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt live casino game show is a 20,000x multiplier from the Prize Drop round.

Is Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt a slot game?

No, Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt is a live casino game show that includes elements from a slot game, but it also combines live casino game show elements like a live host and AR elements like the animated Gonzo.

What is the best casino to play Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt game show in India?

We can give you a list of the best casinos you can play Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt live casino game show in India: 22Bet, 20Bet, 1xBet, Betway, Spin Casino, Jackpot City, 10Cric, and 888Casino, as each of these provides excellent online casino experience.

Can I play Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt game show for free?

You can’t play Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt game show for free, as this, like other casino game shows, is only available for real money bets.