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Cookies Policy

What Are Cookies?

Other than the sugary and delicious treats people indulge in from time to time; cookies are synonymous with websites and computers. Cookies are tiny files with vital information. A website will share this information with the PC or a mobile device every time you visit the web pages.

Cookies are useful features for any website and will boost your ultimate experience. A website can remember your presence and will store your data. Therefore, you can navigate pages more quickly and efficiently. In simple words, cookies allow for easy and quick navigation on a website.

Cookies At Our Website

We use only strictly essential cookies on our website that will facilitate easy navigation and provide a valuable experience to our visitors. Hence all elements such as language are properly loaded.

We also use functionality cookies that boost the functions of our website, like storing your preferences. These cookies store your choices, web visits and track website information. In addition, previous visits to a page and the kind of content that was displayed. This information is useful since it helps arrange a website’s layout depending on other users’ preferences.

Finally, we use performance cookies that will boost the overall performance of our website. These cookies track the websites that users have previously visited, including data analysis, mining, and testing.

How We Manage Cookies

After landing on our website, a cookie will be placed on your computer or device. It will remember all your preferences so that you can visit our website anytime and enjoy the experience.

A window will pop up, asking you to accept the cookies. If you click on Accept, it means you’ve agreed with our cookies policy. Some browsers may have restrictions, especially if you’re in a strict environment, such as work, due to security concerns. In this case, the browser may not accept cookies.

Normally when you land on our pages with such restrictions, you may be unable to navigate to some areas. Also, it can be slow, and this could affect your user experience.

If you don’t want cookies in your devices or PC, you can set your browser so that the cookies are not stored.

Types Of Cookies

There are different categories of cookies, depending on their different functions.

  • Technical necessity is system or technical based
  • Storage duration depends on the time taken to store the cookies in your devices
  • Cookie providers are cookies stored by our website or a different provider.

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