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Top Casino Payment Methods in India: A Complete List for 2024

What good is an excellent casino offer without a way to get first-hand experience in all they have to offer? Yes, you are guessing that, and we bet it has also crossed your mind that not having adequate deposit and withdrawal methods to your favorite online casinos makes the whole online gambling moot. That is why here at Pro Indian Casinos, we’ve done the research, and we’ll share everything there is to know about online casino payment methods you can use with the top trusted online casinos in India.

Top Online Casinos with Indian-Favorite Deposit Methods

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Trusted Casino Depositing Methods

To gamble at an online casino in India, you will have to have a way to deposit Indian Rupees to the site, as per the IT Act of 2000. Thus, the best way to join an online casino in India is for it to accept deposits and withdrawals in Indian Rupees and have India’s favorite deposit methods. Here is an overview of the trusted casino deposit methods in India:

Google Pay
Master Card
Net Banking
Local Bank Transfer
Astro Pay
Eco Pay

Bank Transfer/Net Banking

Almost all online casinos that cater to Indians accept deposits and withdrawals via bank transfer, as most Indian banks now support internet banking called Net Banking. This method is widely accessible via a smartphone app, and you can use it to safely and securely transfer money from your bank account to your online casino account.

Pros Cons
Available for deposits and withdrawals Up to seven business days of withdrawal time
Direct deposits in Indian Rupees Withdrawal fees may apply
Depositing via a mobile app
Great for withdrawals

Visa & MasterCard Cards

Visa and MasterCard are the two most famous globally accepted payment methods used in almost every country. Visa and MasterCard cards are also widely accepted payment methods with online casinos, and every trusted online casino in India accepts these payment methods. The convenience of the Visa and MasterCard cards is that they support deposits and withdrawals in Indian Rupees and are safe and quick payment methods.

Pros Cons
Free deposits Up to five business days for withdrawals
Instant depositing of funds Difficult to keep track of spending
Deposits in Indian Rupees
Supports deposits and withdrawals


Cryptocurrency has taken the world by storm, and now you can use your cryptos to deposit funds or withdraw your winnings from many trusted online Indian casinos. Almost all casinos accept cryptocurrency, and it is a method that anyone can use. To deposit funds using cryptocurrency, you must select the deposit cryptocurrency option from your selected online casino list, copy the particular link into your crypto wallet, specify the amount you wish to deposit and confirm the transaction. Please note that you need to buy cryptocurrency via cryptocurrency exchange platforms if you don’t already own cryptocurrency.

Pros Cons
Anonymous way to deposit funds Some fees may apply, usually about 1%
You can use Indian Rupees to buy cryptocurrency India frowns upon using cryptocurrency
Fast transactions
Deposits and withdrawals are supported


Skrill is an online payment method invented to help people navigate the world of online payments. As such, it has become a staple in online casinos, as almost all online casinos accept it as a viable payment method. Skrill supports about 40 currencies, including Indian Rupees (INR). Skrill has a good advantage, as you don’t share your financial data with the online casino, but it is kept secure by Skrill. However, Skrill has a lengthy verification process, and some banks may refuse to process a Skrill transaction because it is a known gambling deposit method.

Pros Cons
Fast deposit method A 2.99% fee on every transaction
Secure transactions It has a lengthy verification process
All online casinos accept Skrill
Skrill accepts Indian Rupees


Neteller originated in Canada, but it became a global payment service that is prevalent in the online betting and gambling industry, and almost all online casinos in India accept Neteller payments. It is a safe and secure payment method that adds a layer of security and anonymity to your transactions, but unfortunately, some Indian players could have issues with Neteller. On top of being fast and convenient, Neteller is also accepting Indian Rupees and is an instant payment method that Indians can use through UPI.

Pros Cons
Accepts Indian Rupees A 2.5% fee on every transaction
All online casinos accept Neteller payments A lengthy account verification
Instant deposits and withdrawals
Safe and secure online payment service


UPI stands for Unified Payment Interface, and it is the most widespread and most commonly used online payment interface in India. As such, UPI is a safe and secure deposit method that most trusted Indian online casinos allow for their members. In fact, UPI is not an actual payment method, but it is used in conjunction with an additional payment method like Paytm, PhonePe, or Google Pay.

Pros Cons
Secure payment interface An additional payment method is required
Most Indian people use UPI Not suitable for large transactions
Free deposit transfers
A fast and convenient method


Paytm is one of India’s largest online payment platforms, with hundreds of millions of customers across the country. Thus, most of the trusted online Indian casinos accept deposits and withdrawals via Paytm, as these are safe, secure, and available for everyone. The Paytm payment system does not charge for instant deposits, but it charges a 4% fee when withdrawing funds and has a lengthy verification process. Seeing as most Indians already have a Paytm account, this should not be an issue.

Pros Cons
Allows deposits in Indian Rupees A 4% withdrawal fee
Safe and secure payment platform Lengthy account setup and verification
Accepted by trusted online Indian casinos
Instant deposits


PhonePe is another Indian online payment method that is widely popular in the country. Still, it is not as widespread with online Indian casinos as the other Indian payment methods. Still, there is a simple catch: you can still use PhonePe to deposit money on the online casino, even though this method is not listed; you only need to use the UPI option, which is more commonly found. Deposits via PhonePe are safe and secure and can be combined with other, more convenient banking methods. Still, there is a slight downside to using PhonePe, as the transfers are not instant but take several hours.

Pros Cons
Safe, secure payments Lengthy transactions
No deposit fees Possible denied transactions due to suspicious activity
Direct & indirect transactions via UPI
Use a mobile app to make the transaction

Google Pay

Google Pay is an online payment system that many Indians prefer, as it is linked to the UPI payment method. Indians love Google Pay, as they can use it to pay bills and make online payments, as it is a safe, secure, and fast payment method. Also, more and more online Indian casinos accept Google Pay as a viable online casino payment method, as it uses your Google account as the base for the payment app (and all of us already have a Google account).

Pros Cons
Fast and safe payment method Not all online casinos accept Google Pay payments
Great way to pay via your mobile device Transactions are not instant
Free of processing fees
Added layers of privacy to protect your data


MuchBetter is an online payment method that allows its users to make online payments using the MuchBetter e-wallet. It is a convenient method popular among many online casinos, and the entire method is safe, secure, and convenient. The MuchBetter platform has added several layers of security, which protects your money and your personal data, and is a straightforward method to use. Also, many Indians use MuchBetter for online payments, which are paired with a debit card for easy funding of your payments.

Pros Cons
Safe and secure payment method Small withdrawal fee
Accepted by many trusted online casinos Still not very popular in India
Extra layers of security protect your money and data
Fast transaction and clean user interface

AstroPay Card

AstroPay card is a virtual prepaid card used for safe, secure, anonymous online payments. It is a 16-digit card that allows you to top it up using your preferred payment method and later use AstroPay to make online payments, shop or deposit funds on online betting sites. Almost all online casinos in India accept deposits using AstroPay cards. Every Indian punter who wishes to make safe, secure, and convenient deposits with their preferred online casino can use the AstroPay card.

Pros Cons
Accepted payment method with all online casinos Does not support withdrawals
Fast setup – no account verification needed It is not regulated in India
No fees when making a deposit
Supports deposits in Indian Rupees

How to Deposit Money on a Betting Site in India

When it comes to depositing money on a betting site in India, it could not be simpler. You should first create an account with your chosen trusted online casino that accepts players from India, like the ones we have suggested for you here.

After you create your user account, you need to select the online casino payment method that works best for you. As we mentioned several times, all the online casinos we’ve proposed for you here support deposits and withdrawals in Indian Rupees and have many of India’s favorite online payment methods.

Now, to deposit money to your account with the betting site, you need to log into your account and locate the Deposit (or Banking) option in the account menu. Next, in the list of possible deposit options, you should locate the most convenient payment method and enter the amount you wish to deposit; follow the on-screen instructions to complete the transaction.

Please note that each online casino has differently designed deposit pages, so we can’t explain each particular one here. Still, most of these follow the same structure, so it should be seamless for anyone to deposit funds on a betting site in India and start playing their favorite games.

Deposits and Withdrawals with Different Casino Payment Methods: Comparison

Above we’ve outlined the most commonly found deposit and withdrawal casino payment methods, and here we prepared a side-by-side comparison table where you can check out the particulars of each method:

Payment Method Deposit Time Deposit Fee Withdrawal Time Withdrawal Fee
Bank Transfer Instant Free 5-7 business days Yes (depends on the bank)
Visa/MasterCard Instant Free 3 business days Yes (depends on the bank)
Cryptocurrency Instant Free Instant No
Skrill Instant 2.99% Instant 2.99%
Neteller Instant 2.5% Instant 2.5%
UPI 2-3 Hours Free 3 business days Yes (depends on the bank)
Paytm Instant Free Several hours 4%
PhonePe 2-3 Hours Free Several hours Yes
Google Pay 2-3 Hours Free Several hours Free
MuchBetter Instant Free Several hours Yes
AstroPay Card Instant Free Not allowed

Online Casino Deposit and Withdrawal Limits and Fees

The table above mentions the most common fees on the online casino payment methods one can use in India. However, deposit limits relate to the minimum acceptable deposit one can make. Also, there are withdrawal limits and fees that online casinos enforce in India. You should check the withdrawal limits at your chosen online casino in India, as they can vary significantly, and there can be different withdrawal limits that apply, like:

  • Daily withdrawal limits
  • Weekly withdrawal limits
  • Monthly withdrawal limits

The casinos enforce minimum and maximum withdrawal limits to protect their financial stability; if all the players start withdrawing their money at once, the casino risks losing its stability and credibility. However, reputable, trusted online casinos have high withdrawal limits and do not impose strict withdrawal limits. Also, all reputable online casinos don’t charge a withdrawal fee on your winnings, which is a trait of trust. There is a limit related to the casino payment method used, depending on your particular casino payment method.


What is the best casino deposit method for Indians?

Regarding online casino payment methods, Indian players can use several convenient methods like Paytm, PhonePe, Google Pay, UPI, MuchBetter, etc.

What online casino payment methods can I use in India?

Anyone looking to join a trusted online casino in India can use most of the Indian-favorite payment methods like Paytm, PhonePe, Google Pay, Visa, MasterCard, AstroPay, MuchBetter, Skrill, Neteller, Net Banking, and cryptocurrency deposits.

Are there fees for depositing money in casinos in India?

Most online casino payment methods don’t charge a deposit fee; Skrill and Neteller are the only deposit methods that charge a deposit fee.

What online casinos have the best casino payment methods for Indians?

Most of the trusted online casinos we’ve outlined for you here have a great majority of casino payment methods that favor Indian players. Still, several of these stand out above the competition with their ease of use, excellent selection of games, and the best casino payment methods for Indians, and these are: 20bet, 888Casino & Betway.

What is the quickest way to cash out your online casino winnings?

The quickest way to withdraw your online casino winnings is to use some of the e-wallet options like Skrill, Neteller, or MuchBetter, but you need to note that all of these come with withdrawal fees.