Lightning Roulette Guide to Play Online

Lightning Roulette is a brainchild of the Evolution gaming developer. As a new entrant, it has joined the league of other roulette versions such as the European, American, and French online roulettes. Due to a growing popularity, you can play Lightning roulette online in reputable casinos.

The game has a stunning view comprising gold ornaments and black decorations. If you’re looking for some action and chance to win real money, this is the place.

In pro Indian casino, we review and explore the Lightning roulette so that you can have a clear understanding of what it’s all about. We look at the rules to win money, betting strategies, tips, and other useful information.

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What is Lightning Roulette?

Lightning roulette is a variation of other roulette versions, and it’s an outstanding game. The bet amount attracts a multiplying factor of 500 which boosts your winning chances. Accordingly, this game has regular bets alongside other features to give you the best experience.

It has a color combination of black/red/green and gold frames where you’ll get to find the lucky numbers.

However, what sets this version apart is the “Direct Game Launch” function in the live version. Here, you can share invitations to other users by email, web pages, or SMS. It has an impressive RTP of 97.30%, which means you’ll have a higher winning chance.

Lightning Roulette Basic Rules to Win Real Money

As we earlier mentioned, Lightning roulette is developed by Evolution Gaming. From the outlook, it’s just like the European roulette, however it’s more advanced.

There is the betting table with a 0 digit and 36 numbered pockets. However, unlike the traditional roulette where a dealer gets to spin, everything is automatic. You can place a bet on;

  • A distinct number
  • Several numbers
  • A combination of colors.

Lucky numbers

Once the reels of the wheel stop, a bolt of lightning strikes the numbered board and a random number is selected. This is known as the lucky number 1-5 which is picked together with the corresponding payout. If you win, the bet will be paid, and the game starts all over again.

Lightning Roulette Bets, Lucky Numbers and Payouts

The betting system is similar to European roulette except for straight-up bet where there are lucky numbers. Below here, we look at the various bets under the Lightning roulette.

Lightning Roulette Bets, Lucky Numbers and Payouts

Straight-up bet.

In a straight-up bet, you can stake on a single digit that includes the zero number. When placing a bet, it should be adjacent to the number.

In a normal straight-up bet in European roulette, you get to be paid in the ratio of 35:1. However, under Lightning, there’s a multiplying factor of between 50x-500x of the initial bet.

Split bet

In a split bet, the payout ratio is 17:1, which is similar to the European version. You place your bet on two digits, such as 12/13, 12/16, or 12/10, which must be adjacent to each other on the betting table.

Street bet

Similarly, in a street bet, the payout is 11:1, just like the European roulette. Here, you place a bet in a triple sequence number such as 4/5/6 or 19/20/21.

A corner bet

The payout ratio for corner bet is 8:1, and here, you place a bet on four different numbers in a way they form a square. For instance, you can pick 1/2/4/5.

A line or double street bet

In a line bet, the payout is 5:1, and you get to place a bet on different numbers on double rows. Each row contains six different numbers.

Lightning Roulette Betting Tips and Strategies

The lightning routine features a different outlook from other online roulette versions. The studio has a stunning background similar to a television show, and the dealer plays the role of the host. In addition, there it has a double-column along the edges of the numbered board.


At the center, you’ll find a huge wheel that illuminates the entire studio.

You can play the live version anywhere, and the interface is user-friendly with easy to navigate the menu. Hence, betting is easy, and if you’re a beginner, you’ll pick up pretty fast.


The betting table has a normal layout, just like the original roulette. However, there is a racetrack where you’re likely to find unique bets. It’s an important feature that holds the key to your winning formula. The strategy is to play more here and utilize Voisins, Orphelins, and le tiers numbers.


There is an extra feature where you can watch other players as they place their bets. Even better, you can run a report of the previous 500 spins. The statistics will show the numbers that are likely to win the frequency of the hit and win.

Live chat

Another feature is the chat window that lets you interact with the players and live dealers.

Lucky numbers in straight-up bet

Like all other casino games, winning in lightning roulette is by luck. However, you can’t wait upon luck to determine your win; you must have some strategy. Under a straight-up bet, you may not need a strategy to win due to lucky numbers.

Betting in Lightning roulette involves placing a single bet and waiting for the upshot after a double spin. Next, select the multiplier and the lucky number. For you to get your winning chance, the wager must have a double win.

It’s not possible to hit a multiplier number all the time. The secret is to hit an actual number before you get the multiplier number. A summary of the multiplier would look like this:

  • A non-multiplier number pays between 29-1 units
  • A multiplier of 50x pays 13 units
  • A multiplier of 100x pays 63 units
  • A multiplier of 200x pays 163 units
  • A multiplier of 300x pays 263 units
  • A multiplier of 400x pays 363 units
  • A multiplier of 500x pays 463 units

Lastly, it’s not easy to predict how the multipliers will pay. However, the game lists the RTP to be approximately 97.3%.

Other tips

  • If you’re a beginner, choose an online casino that offers enticing bonuses or promotions. For instance, you can choose a casino with prizes for players who stake a lot or those with a lot of multiplier numbers.
  • Pick a comfortable strategy, depending on your bankroll. You can start on lower amounts until you find a strategy that works for you.
  • Keep your cool and avoid bias. Have a plan before you place a bet. Remember, quit when you feel confident that you’ve managed a win that’s worth your bankroll.
  • Be realistic as you set your goals and work towards achieving them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Winning in lighting roulette requires a combination of luck and strategy. It also depends on the amount you're willing to bankroll and how easily you can tolerate the risk. The multiplier factor is a unique feature of this game, which increases your chances of winning.
There's not much difference between the two games. However, lightning roulette has some exciting improvements in terms of features and overall user experience. Other than the appearance, the bets are the same except for straight-up bet, which has a multiplier factor of up to 500x.
Luckily if you're a roulette fan, you'll be happy to note that reputable online casinos accept this game in India. On our website, we recommend our clients only the best options with a good standing where you can play Lightning roulette online.
In the Lightning roulette, there are lucky numbers located along the golden pillars. Once the wheel stops, there's a random selection of the lucky number, and this means a flash of lightning has struck the numbered board.
Yes, you can interact with human dealers in a live version of Lightning roulette. They are easy to interact with, and fortunately, there is a chat window where you can send messages and get replies.


Without a doubt, lightning roulette is a striking reminder of classic television shows like the legendary wheel-of-fortune. The dealer plays the role of the host, and this makes the game even more exciting.

There’s more than meets the eye since the game is similar to the European version. However, the multiplier factor is the main attraction of this game, and the higher RTP of 97.3 makes it a choice of many players.

Along with modernity, you’ll get to experience the thrill of a lifetime. But like all other games, there’s a chance of winning or losing. You’ll need to adopt the best strategy. Stake little amounts and only bankroll a huge figure when you’re confident of your strategy.