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How to Play Blackjack?

Blackjack is a popular game from France also known as (French for 21). Players need to be skillful and strategic to enhance the odds of winning. It’s a game with simple rules that can be found easily in almost every online casino. The game aims to beat the dealer. Winning payouts are quite high.

If you know how to count the cards, the game is yours. In this article, we have discussed everything about blackjack from blackjack rules, deposit methods to winning tips. Let’s take a tour!

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Rules to play Blackjack

Playing Blackjack online is much easier than playing at traditional casinos. The main objective of the game is to win over a dealer. This is a classic six-deck card game with 52 cards in each game. In most of the casinos, all the deck cards are shuffled together. Also, there is a blank plastic card placed at the bottom of the pack that indicates the time for reshuffling. The cards are dealt face down from a shoe. Below are some rules of blackjack:

  • Face cards count as 10.
  • The numbers between 2 to 10 counted at their digit/pip value.
  • An ace is valued as 1 or 11 but that depends on the value that helps the hand.
  • To score as close to 21 without going bust.
  • A player has to stand on 17 but hit on 16.
  • If you exceed 21, you’ll lose the game.

After you have selected your favorite casino and read the rules and instructions to play blackjack, the next thing that would strike to mind is how to play blackjack online? Stop worrying as we are always here to serve our readers. Below are some easy steps, just read it out:

  • Register your account and make a deposit. Select your blackjack table.
  • Make a bet as per your budget.
  • After cards have been dealt with you, take action.
  • Watch out for the next card by the dealer and keep a constant eye on their actions.
  • You have to place the bet before the cards are dealt.
  • Minimum and maximum bets are placed from $2 to $500.

The blackjack title is given to the player whose total card value exceeds 21. Winning or losing depends on the total value of cards dealt.

Different Betting Options

The betting interface is partly visible on the table depending on the casino. On the Blackjack table, you have the options to place main bets as well as side bets. Bets have to be placed before the cards are dealt with the player.

The Deal

After the bet is placed the dealer will deal the cards clockwise i.e. one card to each player facing up and one card for him/her facing down. Another card is dealt with each player again face up and one more card for dealer facing up. Now every player has 2 cards; face up and the dealer has one face-up card and one face-down card. Now everyone can continue playing the game counting their card value.

The Dealers Play

After all the cards are dealt, it is the dealer who has to turn over the face-down card. The dealer’s decision is by default automatic, unlike the player.

  • If the dealer’s total hand value is 16 or under, he has to take another card.
  • If the total is 17, the dealer stands.
  • The dealer can count an ace as 11 if the total doesn’t exceed 21.

The Play

While playing Blackjack, two terms are used simultaneously hit and stand. It is the player’s decision, which way to go. The game round begins with the first player on the left of the blackjack table. Let’s know about the terminology used in gameplay:

  • Hit means to ask for another card; Stand means to not ask for a card.
  • A combination of an ace with any other card rest than 10 is called as ‘Soft Hand’.
  • Hand value with a total of 17 is known as ‘good hand’.

Is Blackjack Legal to Play in India?

Indian laws of gambling don’t state anywhere that it is illegal to play casino games online. But somehow blackjack still is not completely legal in India except for the blackjack sites based in Sikkim. But it’s completely legal to play at foreign online casino sites like 10CRIC, 22bet, etc. Many Indian punters enjoy playing casino games as Indian laws can’t be imposed on these sites. That’s fair enough!

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How do you win at Blackjack?

In blackjack, it’s players versus the dealer. Other players don’t play any role like in other table games like poker. It’s simple either you win or lose. If some online casino sites say it’s a team game, they are just fooling you. Let’s see how you can win over the dealer:

  • If the player cards’ total value is higher than the dealer’s hand value.
  • If the dealer’s hand value exceeds 21.
  • Use blackjack strategy cards that’ll increase your chances of winning.
  • Card counting is a better way to ensure your win.

Money Deposit/Withdrawal Methods

Playing blackjack gives you huge payouts. It is very easy to deposit and withdraw money or winning the amount these days. Plenty of reliable, convenient payment options are available for different customers worldwide. All the payment methods use SSL data encryption technology to secure your money and personal details from fraudulent, hackers, and other third-party sources. Take a look at the most used methods in India for playing online blackjack:

Wire Transfer
Debit / Credit Cards
Crypto Payment

Blackjack Table Layout

A Classic blackjack table is a semicircle in shape with accommodation of up to 7 players. Not necessarily all the 7 spots have to be used. It differs from casino to casino. The dealer is positioned at the back of the table and chip rack and players sit opposite to the dealer. If the dealer stands on 17, blackjack pays 3:2 and insurance pays 2:1.

Responsible Gambling

Almost all the legal and authorized casinos keep conducting self-assessment tests to signal players to play responsibly. If they are getting addicted to casino games they can even self exclude themselves at any point in-game. Many sites have been associated with organizations that prevent gamblers from huge losses. You can even ban these casino sites with software like Netnanny, gamban, Betfilter. They also check whether the customer is 18 above or not.

Play Free for the First Time!

Though many Indian punters want to play games at online sites but with the fear of losing money, they are missing it. So to encourage such players many sites offer free play for first-time users. So you get to know about the rules and gambling environment.

Most of the sites like JungleRaja also offers a welcome bonus of INR 500/- for Indian users. There is no need to make any deposit, they’ll credit this bonus money when you’ll register on their website for the first time. You can utilize this bonus to play casino games like baccarat, roulette, blackjack, and so on.


The basic blackjack table has only seven spots but with the advancement in technology, many sites have exclusively designed tables that can host unlimited players at a time. Other variants of blackjack games such as live Blitz Blackjack, Infinite Blackjack, and unlimited blackjack are even more engaging. Playing the online version of blackjack offers you lots of facilities like live chatting, Pre decisions, self-exclusion at any point, and overall you don’t have to be in a queue waiting for your turn.

You can visit Pure casino to play blackjack, a fully dedicated Indian casino. So we encourage you to try blackjack for at least one time and we guarantee you’ll love this experience