The Best Blackjack Strategy to Play Like a Pro

Do you want to earn some real money playing online blackjack? If yes, then we’ll guide you with every single detail and strategy to be implied to get the best out of this casino game. The blackjack game is all about your actions or decisions. Blackjack strategies are not just assumptions but are the actual mathematical proofs. Our Blackjack strategy guide will help you make wise decisions like when to:

  • Hit or stand
  • Split pairs
  • Double down
  • Surrender

It’s always better to plan before you play as improved gameplay can get you RTP(return to player) above 99%.

Blackjack Strategy

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How does the Basic Blackjack Strategy work?

In most of the casinos, using a basic blackjack strategy is a standard to get the best possible outcome. It helps in making connections with all the table buddies. The basic strategy depends on the number of card decks, table rules, and dealer rules, etc.

it can even reduce the house edge to 0.5% or even lower. It does not guarantee that you’ll win but helps you know the game better. We suggest you learn all the terminology of blackjack before you get into the game. That’ll help you taking the better decision and you can predict the game easily. Let’s see how this basic strategy operates:

To Surrender or not?

The most important thing; you’ll have this option when the first two cards are dealt with. In case you’ve already taken the hit card, you won’t be able to surrender.

To Split or not?

In case you got two similar cards i.e. a pair or two ten-value cards (10 and any face card). It’s totally your call, which way you’ll go.

To Double or not?

Many casinos restrict doubling, as the chances of winning are quite high. If doubling seems like the need for an hour then go for it, it’s a good thing.

To hit or stand?

The last step in strategy, if all other options seem inappropriate then you can opt for a hit or stand depending on the total hand value.

Blackjack elements you need to know:

  •       H: Hit
  •       S: Stand
  •       P: Split
  •       DH: Double down if permitted, else Hit
  •       DS: Double down if permitted, else Stand
  •       PH: Split if doubling down is permitted after splitting, else Hit
  •       PD: Split if doubling down is permitted after splitting, else double down
  •       RH: Surrender if the option is available, else Hit
  •       RS: Surrender if the option is available, else Stand

Blackjack strategy for single deck

A single deck has 52 cards in it. It depends on whether the dealer stands or hits on hard 17 or soft 17. Also, you have to keep track of other player’s total hand value (soft, hard, or a pair). It is always advised to never make an insurance bet as it uses half of your initial stake and can raise house edge to 5.9%.

Blackjack strategy for multiple decks

The strategy is always different for single deck and multiple deck blackjack games. About 4 to 8 deck of cards are used which are shuffled all together.

So it becomes quite difficult to keep a record of card counting but you can also make notes while playing. No doubt the payouts in Insurance bet are 8:1 but it is always avoided as it can raise the house edge.

In case re-split is not possible, it’s best to treat hand value as a hard hand.

How to use the Blackjack Strategy?

After you are done with the process of how to play blackjack and the basic operation of strategy, you are ready to play!

You can pick any of the casinos from our list of India’s best casinos. Let’s know some simple steps to use a blackjack strategy while playing at an online blackjack table.

  • Register your account at any of the casinos here at
  • Click on the live casino tab.
  • Select a live blackjack table.
  • Decide your bet limit.
  • Now, place your bet as well as other side bets
  • Keep a record of cards that have been dealt with.
  • Use the strategy card accordingly.

Top 10 blackjack strategies:

  1. Always double down on Hard 11.
  2. Double down on 8 against dealer’s 5 or 6 upcards.
  3. Stand with a pair of 9’s if the dealer has 7 up card.
  4. Never split a pair of 5’s or 10’s.
  5. Never play a 6 to 5 blackjack game.
  6. Avoid placing insurance bets
  7. Stand on hard 16 against a dealer’s 10 upcard.
  8. Always split a pair of ace and 8’s.
  9. Hit soft18 if the dealer’s upcard is an ace, 9, or 10.
  10. Surrender hard 16 against dealer’s ace,9 or 10.

Other strategies for blackjack

Blackjack strategies are rules and guidelines that enhance your odds of winning. Without implying strategies, it’s hard to make a profit out of this skillful game.

It’s best to memorize the strategy or you may ask for a textual or table version of the basic strategy while playing. Rest than this basic strategy, there are other popular and effective strategies used in almost all of the casino games like Roulette, Andar Bahar, and Teen Patti.


This strategy is also known as Gambler’s Fallacy and is based on the theory of universal balance. The reason is if a gambler is losing his bets consistently following a similar pattern; so changing the pattern might help him saving the rest of his money.


This strategy is used almost in all the casino card games. But it is advised to use Martingale only when chances of winning are 50-50.

Fibonacci sequence:

It’s mathematic series that adds two previous numbers to form the new number for eg: 1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21 and so on. But you have to be skillful to recognize this pattern.

Basic Blackjack Strategy with Card Counting

Counting cards is banned at some of the Indian casino sites. So always go through the terms and conditions before your register at your selected casino site. Card counting has proven quite effective when combined with basic blackjack strategy.

It doesn’t guarantee a definite win but surely increases the chances of your winning. If you know how to keep track of cards, we assure you it’ll be difficult for the rest of the players along with the dealer to win over you. Always remember that the timeslot of every player is fixed so make sure you don’t miss your chance as all your effort will be wasted and you’ll have to wait for the next game session.

Final Words

Several blackjack strategies are available on the internet, but in the end, it’s your action. We want to make it clear to our readers that applying strategy cannot be called cheating. It just adds a fun, excitement to your game. Hence, benefits the players with some real cash.

There are lots of genuine online casino sites where you can try playing blackjack free for the first time. Once you get familiar with the blackjack rules, gambling environment, terms, and conditions, you’ll definitely enjoy online blackjack. All the Best!