theLotter India Review 2024

Operating for more than 20 years now, theLotter has become one of the leading lotteries in India and globally. The platform provides various opportunities for gamblers as they can enjoy over 50 lotteries and jackpots. In addition, gamblers can try their luck with the platform’s exclusive scratch cards and lottery raffles, and that’s why theLotter is one of India’s most preferred online lotteries.

You can deposit and withdraw effortlessly using some of the most famous payment options in the industry and around ten different currencies. If that’s not enough to convince you, you should check all available bonuses and promotions on the platform and take advantage of incredible discounts.

So, what are you waiting for? Join theLotter and start your gambling journey in India right away!

TheLotter Pros & Cons

    ✅ Around 60 Lotteries

    ✅ 24/7 Customer Support With Live Chat

    ✅ Almost 20 Incredible Payment Options

    ✅ Most Popular Lotteries are Included

    ✅ Excellent Reputation

    ✅ Up to 25% Discounts

    ✅ Multi-Platform/Device Website

    ✅ Good Design and Navigation

    ✅ Straightforward Registration Process

    ✅ Paid Over $100 Million to 6 Million+ People

    🚫 Service Fees

    🚫 Restricted in Some Countries

Is theLotter Legal and Safe in India?

Immediately after you first visit the platform, you will feel like you are in safe hands, and that’s quite understandable considering the incredible design and navigation that theLotter provides. It’s not surprising that the website has been one of the leading lotteries in India for 20+ years, considering the incredible reputation that platform has built over the years.

But does theLotter really allow you to buy online lottery tickets effortlessly, without fear of being scammed? The answer to that question is definitely yes, considering the fact that the platform has 2000+ positive reviews on Trustpilot, maintaining an overall “Great” rating. With such a reputation, there is no doubt that your safety is 100% guaranteed.

If that’s enough for you, we should state that the company responsible for theLotter (Lotto Direct Limited) is operating under the license and regulations of MGA (Malta Gaming Authority), which is one of the most reputable gambling license providers worldwide.

You have nothing to worry about if you intend to join theLotter.

What We Like About theLotter

😎 Fantastic Variety of Lotteries

When we researched theLotter, three particular things immediately caught our eye. First, we must start with the great variety of lotteries that Indian gamblers can take advantage of. With almost 60 different lotteries available and considering the fact that a player can buy as many tickets as wanted, Indians can significantly increase their chances of hitting the jackpot and change their lives forever.

With more than 60 lotteries, theLotter is the leading platform with the most extensive selection of lottery games.

😎 Great Customer Support Service

What really impressed us on theLotter’s platform was the responsive and friendly customer support. Of course, nobody wants to face a glitch while buying an online lottery ticket or face any other obstacle enjoying a particular platform, but it can happen. That’s why the customer support of every lottery platform must be top-notch, and that’s precisely the case with theLotter.

The Lotter provides customer support directly via Live Chat, Email, and Phone Call.

😎 Excellent Online Reputation

The online reputation of a particular gambling site speaks a thousand words about the way these platforms deal with their users. And with theLotter, you can rest assured as the site has more than 2,000 positive reviews on established platforms for reviews.

With more than 2,000 positive reviews, theLotter has one of the best online reputation among all the lottery gambling sites.

😎 Incredible Selection of Payment Methods

The aspect that most caught our eye was the platform’s payment methods section. With around 18 deposit options and five withdrawal methods, Indians can fund and empty their accounts anytime, and do it by using Indian rupees.

theLotter provides one of the most extensive payment method selections in the lottery gambling industry.

What We Dislike About theLotter

When we have such a reputable lottery platform in front of us, it’s always hard to find any negatives. That’s why we decided to dive deeper into the topic, and two things immediately caught our attention.

🙃 Ticket Service Fee

We have to point out that you will have to pay a service fee every time you buy a lottery ticket from theLotter. So naturally, this makes the purchase of a ticket more expensive than going to the store and buying it by yourself. That’s not surprising, considering that this is the case with most online lotteries worldwide. However, we found that fees are relatively standard compared to other online lottery platforms.

theLotter charges a fee every time a player buys a lottery ticket.

🙃 Minimum Three-Ticket Buying Clause

What popped out in front of us was that you can’t buy a single ticket from theLotter. At a minimum, you will have to pay for three lines, which means you will have to buy at least three tickets every time you want to play. 

With theLotter, players can’t possibly buy less than three lottery tickets

How to Sign Up at theLotter from India

When you decide to start your journey at theLotter and buy your first lottery ticket in India, you will first have to complete the registration process of the platform. It will not take you more than 3 minutes to create your free account and start playing, but you must complete a few easy steps first.

  1. Visit theLotter’s main pageTheLotter-homepage
  2. Click on the Log In/ Sign Up button on the top right corner of the pageLogi in-Sign up button
  3. Fill in your personal details and other required additional informationCreate a New account
  4. Click on the orange “Sign Up” button to create your accountSing-up-button
  5. That’s it! Your account is created, and you are ready to play

Lottery Games and Tickets at theLotter

When it comes to the pure amount and quality of the available lottery games, theLotter is one of India’s best platforms in the gambling industry. 

Basically, you will have everything that the industry in India has to offer, including U.S. – Mega Millions, Europe – EuroJackpot, Spain – El Gordo, and many more. We created a short table with some of the best lottery games available at theLotter, and you check it below:

Lottery Ticket Price Maximum Jackpot
SuperEnalotto ₹1,166.77 (5 Lines) ₹16.5 Billion
SuperStar ₹909.36 (3 Lines) ₹16.5 Billion
Mega Millions ₹1,168.50 (3 Lines) ₹8.5 Billion
Euro Jackpot ₹1,400.13 (3 Lines) ₹7.5 Billion
Powerball ₹1,168.50 (3 Lines) ₹7 Billion
Powerball Lotto ₹652.05 (4 Lines) ₹4.5 Billion
TotoLoto ₹608.75 (3 Lines) ₹1.2 Billion
France Loto ₹1,333.73 (3 Lines) ₹1.2 Billion

Other Games Available at theLotter

There is no doubt that the lottery betting selection of theLotter is among the best in the gambling industry. However, the wide lottery selection is not the only thing that keeps the Indian gamblers entertained.

In addition to the lottery betting selection, theLotter also provides two more gaming sections, which increases the chances for the regular player to get rich overnight. Therefore, we decided to divide the other type of games that you can play into two different sections:


Scratchcards are preferred by many gamblers nowadays, as they are usually cheap and sometimes provide great opportunities. For example, in theLotter, you can choose between 26 different scratchcards and win up to ₹15 million if you are lucky.


Raffles is another excellent option, and it has become a favorite for a lot of players nowadays. As you probably know, when you buy a raffle ticket, you get a random combination of numbers that participate in the next draw.

However, theLotter provides the opportunity to buy a share of a ticket, and participate in the draw, instead of buying a full ticket. Furthermore, the odds of winning raffle prizes are often much better than those given in the lotteries, and if you are lucky, you can win up to ₹12 million.

Withdrawals and Deposit at theLotter

  The wide variety of deposit and withdrawal options at theLotter really make the platform shine even more.

But, of course, players must have the freedom of choosing between various payment methods, and it looks like theLotter ensured that for its players.

So, to help you explore the different deposit and withdrawal options that the platform provides and help you find which one will suit you best as a player, we will list each one in two short tables below:

Deposit Options

Withdrawal Options

Method Min. Withdrawal Max. Withdrawal Processing Time
Visa ₹77 ₹77,500 1-3 Days
MasterCard ₹77 ₹77,500 1-3 Days
Neteller ₹77 ₹155,000 1-3 Days
Skrill ₹77 ₹155,000 1-3 Days
Bank Transfer Varies ₹3,875,000 Varies

How to Deposit at theLotter?

To start playing at theLotter, you must fund your brand new account with your first deposit. But, we found out that this is not the only way to buy lottery tickets, as the platform provides an opportunity to purchase tickets with direct payments without making a deposit.

This is an excellent option for players that don’t play regularly and only want to try their luck on the platform, and from our point of view, this is great. However, if you are a regular player, you will have to follow a few easy steps to make your first deposit on the platform.

  1. Log into your accountLogin-to-your-account
  2. Click on the “Deposit” button on top of the screenDeposit
  3. Choose the payment method and the amount you want to deposit
  4. Confirm and finish your transaction

How to withdraw at theLotter?

If you turned out to be lucky and accumulated a certain amount of money while playing, you would probably start thinking of withdrawing your winnings. But, like deposits, you have to complete a few easy steps to make a withdrawal.

  1. Log into your account
  2. Click on the “My Account” button on top of the screen
  3. Select “Withdraw”
  4. Choose the payment method and the amount you want to withdraw
  5. Confirm and finish your transaction

theLotter Bonuses and Promotions

One of the essential things in an online lottery is the variety of bonuses and promotions. That’s why we decided to dive deeper into the topic and see what theLotter has to offer to its players. However, we were a bit disappointed when we found that there are only three promotions available on the platform and an exclusive VIP club.

theLotter India Review 2024
Get 25% Off On ALL Lotteries On The Site

Of course, that doesn’t look very satisfying at first glance, but we might be able to change your mind when we show you the benefits of these offers. So, we will describe every single offer and how can you exploit it to the fullest below:


Without a doubt, it’s uncommon to find an offer like this in other online lotteries, but it’s worth taking a look at. To take advantage of this offer, all you have to do is subscribe to the website’s newsletters. This way, you will never miss a draw, and on top of that, you get 25 VIP points right away, which is a significant boost for your account when it comes to joining the VIP program.

Raffle Special Offer

This fantastic offer is exclusive only to the Raffles section of the platform. But, again, claiming this offer is relatively easy, and all you have to do is purchase at least two or more shares of Europe’s biggest raffle, and you get a 10% discount as a reward. It might not sound significant at first, but it’s an excellent offer for players playing Raffles regularly on the platform, as you can claim it unlimited times. 

Multi-Draw Package

Undoubtedly, this is the best offer that theLotter provides to its players. So, if you are a player who likes to play several consecutive lottery draws, this promotion is just for you. You can play from 5 to 52 consecutive draws simultaneously and save up to 25% from your initial price. Again, you can claim this offer unlimited times, so don’t lose more time and take advantage of this amazing opportunity.

VIP Club

The VIP club at theLotter immediately caught our eye. If you manage to become a VIP member on the platform, we found out that you get perks that just a few other online lotteries worldwide provide.

However, what really impressed us is that you need just 51 VIP points to join the VIP club. Considering the fact that for every $1 deposited in your account, you get 1 VIP point, it won’t be challenging to achieve VIP status at theLotter.

You can always check your VIP status when clicking “My Account” and seeing how many points you have accumulated. The best part of the VIP club is that you can claim up to 20% discounts on all lottery tickets, take advantage of exclusive VIP offers that theLotter will send you regularly, and on top of that, you get personal 24/7 account management.

However, we have to point out that the VIP club is divided into five levels, and the rewards become even better when progressing through different levels. To help you understand how different levels work and what the perks for each level are, we will list them in a short table below:

Level VIP Points Discounts
Bronze 51-200 2.5%
Silver 201-500 5%
Gold 501-2,000 7.5%
Platinum 2,001-5,000 12.5%
Diamond 5,000+ 20%

As we mentioned above, it won’t be hard to join the VIP club, but as you can see, it will be a bit challenging to advance to the last level as you will need at least 5,000 VIP points. Finally, keep in mind that your VIP status will be updated every first of the month, and it will be based on your participation on the platform during the past three months.

  theLotter offers top-notch bonus offers and a generous VIP club

theLotter App for Android and iOS

The opportunity to enjoy gambling on the go has become so important over the years, and that’s why every online lottery must provide a mobile app for its platforms. It looks like that’s precisely the case with theLotter in India too. There is no doubt that theLotter clearly understands the importance of mobile apps, and that’s why they offer two incredible apps for Android and iOS users. 

You can download the app for each device directly from the platform’s website and install it on your device in less than 2 minutes. After we tried both Android and iOS apps, we can say there is no difference in design and navigation.

Both apps worked perfectly on our mobile devices, and we were able to buy tickets and participate in different games effortlessly. However, if you prefer not to download the platform’s mobile app, you can still enjoy theLotter directly from your mobile browser without facing any difficulties.

Playing on the go is easy with the Android and iOS apps of theLotter

How to Download theLotter app?

If you’ve decided to start your gambling journey at theLotter on the go, you can quickly download the platform’s mobile app. You just have to follow these easy steps to start playing from your mobile device in less than 2 minutes:

  1. Go to the main page of theLotter
  2. Go to the bottom of the page, and you will see both Android and iOS appsDownload-TheLotter-App
  3. Click on the app you want to download and just wait for the installation process to finish
  4. That’s it! You are ready to play

theLotter Customer Support

One of the sections that really distinguishes theLotter from other online lotteries is customer support. Everyone wants to feel in safe hands while playing their favorite online lottery, and that’s why every platform’s customer support must be top-notch.

After spending some time speaking with an agent using the live chat facility of the platform, we can approve that’s exactly the case with theLotter. First of all, live chat is available 24/7, so if you face any obstacles while playing at theLotter, you can rest assured that you can reach a staff member knowing you will get the help you need.


The other way to contact customer support of theLotteris via email, but you have to wait for up to 24 hours to get a response. Furthermore, if the support could not resolve your issue, you can leave your phone number, and a staff member will contact you via phone call to help you resolve your problem more quickly.

Terms & Conditions to Play theLotter in India

Before you start playing and enjoy the incredible lottery games that theLotter provides, you must be aware of the terms and conditions of the platform. 

To avoid dreadful scenarios like account closures or unpaid winnings, you should check the list with the most important terms and conditions that we compiled below:

  1. You must be at least 18 years old to play
  2. You must provide accurate personal details
  3. You should pay all legal taxes on your winnings from theLotter
  4. You are not depositing funds originating from criminal activities
  5. You must have only one account at theLotter

Our Verdict: Should You Play with theLotter?

After we completed our detailed review of theLotter, some crucial things caught our eye and some that we think require improvement.

However, we can easily say that the platform has everything needed to keep a player satisfied. Here are some reasons why playing at theLotter might be the best decision for your gambling journey:

  • The website is licensed and regulated by one of the best license providers worldwide (MGA)
  • The platform provides 50+ lottery games for the players in India, which is something worth considering
  • theLotter provides other types of games, including Scratchcards and Raffles
  • There are almost 20 different payment methods that you can use
  • Unique customer support


Who owns theLotter?

theLotter is owned by Lotto Direct Limited, a company registered in Malta.

Is theLotter available in Hindi?

Yes! theLotter is available on a number of different languages, including Hindi.

Can I legally play on theLotter from India?

theLotter has been one of the most popular lottery gambling sites in India for many years. Considering the site is licensed by the MGA, it’s completely legal and safe to enjoy the platform even from India.

Does theLotter accept Indian Rupee?

Of course! Among many other currencies, theLotter also accepts payments in Indian rupees.

What are the available payment options at theLotter?

There are many available payment options you can use on the platform. However, there are some that are more suitable for the Indian market like GiroPay, EPS, Bacontact, Rapid Bank Transfer, PSE, Efecty, Net Banking, RuPay Debit, Visa, MasterCard, Skrill, etc.

How do I withdraw money from theLotter?

To withdraw funds from theLotter you just need to log into your account, choose your preferred withdrawal method, and choose the amount you want to get.


Get 25% Off On ALL Lotteries On The Site

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