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Tennis Betting Sites in India 2024

Tennis is a fast-paced, dynamic sport that has gained a lot of popularity and is a favorite sport for people to bet on, and Indian bettors love betting on tennis. Plus, with so many tennis tournaments around the year, people never lack the opportunity to bet on tennis. Here we’ll discuss the top betting sites people can use in India to bet on tennis. Also, we’ll outline how we’ve selected the best tennis betting sites in India and share tips and tricks to help you win your tennis bet.

Trusted Tennis Betting Sites in India

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Is Tennis Betting Legal in India?

Betting on a tennis game is a type of sports gambling where the bettor places a wager on the outcome of the tennis match or tournament. As a form of online sports betting, it is legal for people in India to bet on tennis, primarily because of the lack of relevant, up-to-date laws against online sports betting.

Please note that to be on the safe side, you should only choose to place tennis bets via online sites hosted outside of India. It is a way to ensure you are not stepping on any legal red tape and are free to enjoy your favorite pastime safely.

Why Bet on Tennis?

If you are asking yourself why you should bet on tennis, let’s clarify things here. Tennis is a fast-paced sport played between two players, and it is exciting to watch because of the dynamic nature of the game and the simple rules that are simple to follow.

As there is no home-field advantage like in team sports, sports bettors can predict the game’s outcome more easily. Also, there are no complex or lengthy stats to follow, and you can only keep track of the scores and make an informed decision on your tennis wager.

Common Tennis Bets

Tennis rules are relatively straightforward, and it is actually easy to place a tennis bet. However, the actual bet you can place depends on your chosen tennis betting site. Here is a list of the most common tennis bets you can find on the top Indian tennis betting sites:

  • Match Winner – the most common type of tennis bet, the bettor places a wager on who they think will be the winner of the tennis match.
  • Set Bets – a wager is placed on the match’s outcome by betting on the player the bettor thinks will win. Still, the bettor must predict how many sets the player will play to win the match.
  • Total Games Bet – an over/under bet where the bettor wagers on the number of games a player will win during the tennis match.
  • Handicap/Spread Bet – the bettor places a wager on the point spread (handicap) between the two players. In other words, the spread is the margin between the winning and losing players, and the bet is placed on the payer who will cover the margin.
  • Game Score Bet – the bettor places a wager on each game’s score, which is difficult to predict.

Tennis Betting Odds and Payouts

The betting site or bookie creates the odds, showing the implied probability of the game’s outcome, and are directly related to the amount you stand to win by winning the wager.

Each individual sportsbook creates the tennis betting odds and betting odds in general. The tennis odds are usually similar between all betting sites, and there is usually a tiny difference between tennis betting sites.

The betting odds and the bet amount are directly linked to the payout you will get if you win the wager. For example, if you place a bet that Djokovic will win the match with odds of 3.00, then you stand to win a payout of ₹300 for a wagered amount of ₹100.

Types of Tennis Bets

Online tennis betting sites have various offers regarding betting on the tennis game. Thus, you can often find the option to place these types of bets:


Singles betting is when you place a single bet separately, each bet slip having one bet. It is the simplest form of betting, and it is supported by the top online tennis betting sites and recommended for novice bettors.


The multiple or accumulator bets wrap several bets in one and usually provide a higher payout. These are created by adding multiple bets and collecting them into one bet slip.

Full Cover Betting

The full-cover betting consists of placing a bet on all available multiple bets over several selections. This type of bet usually has a giant payout attached to it, but it is very challenging to guess the outcome of all the possible bets correctly.

Live Tennis Betting 

Among the possible bets one can place on tennis, many online tennis sites in India also support live tennis betting. Live tennis betting is an even more exciting way of betting on tennis, as you add your wager once the game has started. Live tennis betting is accompanied by changing odds and exciting turnarounds that are directly affected by the progress of the tennis match. Live tennis betting is possible on India’s top tennis betting sites, like 1xBet and others.

Biggest Tennis Tournaments

When it comes to tennis betting, you will never lack major tennis events you can watch and bet on. There are four major world-famous tennis tournaments that everyone has heard of, and these provide thrilling betting opportunities for all tennis lovers:

  • Australian Open: one of the world’s most significant tennis events, started in 1905 and is held annually at Melbourne Park in Melbourne in the middle of January. This tennis tournament attracts millions of spectators and is among the favorite tennis events to bet on.
  • French Open: also called Roland-Garros, has been held annually in late May ever since 1891. It is played on a clay court and is a famous event favored among tennis punters.
  • Wimbledon: the oldest tennis tournament in the world, Wimbledon was established in 1877 and is held every year from late June to early July in London, UK. Wimbledon is under royal patronage, has a strict dress code, and is also a favorite for tennis bettors.
  • US Open: held annually since 1881, the US Open takes place in Queens, New York. The main prize at the US Open is a fantastic $60.1 million, attracting all major tennis players. Also, it is found on the top tennis betting sites, and many tennis fans choose to place wagers on the outcomes.

Apart from the four major tennis sporting events, we must mention that tennis is also an Olympic sport. Numerous other tennis events are part of the ATP (Association of Tennis Professionals) and WTA (Women’s Tennis Association) tours. Each of these allows tennis fans to enjoy matches and place tennis bets on their preferred tennis players.

How We Choose Top Tennis Betting Sites in India

Now that we’ve covered the tennis aspect of this topic, we need to outline how we’ve come up with our list of selected top betting sites for tennis in India. We’ve used the following selection criteria, as these are the essential factors contributing to a legitimate online tennis betting site and ensuring you get a high-quality experience.


The active license is something we always check on any online sports betting and casino website, as it is the primary thing that confirms the legitimacy of the tennis betting site. Regarding the top tennis betting sites in India, our selected sites all have active casino licenses from reputable governing bodies like Curacao or Malta.

Payment Methods

The payment methods available at the top tennis betting sites in India all work with the paying habits of Indian people. Each of our recommended tennis betting sites here accepts payments in Indian Rupees and supports the Indian-favorite payment methods.

Google Pay
Master Card
Net Banking
Local Bank Transfer
Astro Pay
Eco Pay

Design & Usability

The design and usability of a website are also important, which is why our test team reviews every aspect of a tennis betting site, confirming that the top tennis betting sites in India have impressive design, excellent user experience, seamless navigation, and overall satisfaction usability.

Customer Support

Customer support is an aspect that every tennis betting site should have within easy reach, as Indian sports bettors can have an issue with the site that needs resolving. Thus, we always test the available channels for contacting customer support, like live chat, email, phone support, and even contacting them through social media.

Best Tennis Betting Sites in India

Now to the good part, let’s outline the top tennis betting sites in India. We’ve shortlisted the top three selections, as these rank high across all testing criteria and provide impressive tennis betting and even casino opportunities for Indians, not to mention fantastic betting options for Indian punters.

1xBet – Great for Live Tennis Betting

We’ve placed 1xBet on top of our list, as this is an excellent online tennis betting website with all the amenities one can need. On top of having all the major tennis events one can bet on, 1xBet also has an incredible selection of different sports, impressive casino and live casino games, fast loading, and seamless navigation. 1xBet accepts Indian Rupees, has all the Indian-favorite payment methods, and has fast, on-point customer support.

Pros Cons
All the major tennis events are present Not very clear T&Cs
Most Indian payment methods
Easy navigation and good user experience
24/7 live chat support
1xBet India Review
100% Up-To ₹10,000

22Bet – Amazing Tennis Betting and Great Design

22Bet is among India’s top tennis betting sites and has everything an Indian sports punter may need. The 22Bet is licensed in Curacao and has an active SSL certificate. It supports deposits in Indian Rupees, has all the Indian-favorite deposit methods, and has a fast withdrawal policy. You can find all the major tennis events in their bet list, and 22Bet also has excellent betting odds that all tennis punters would find appealing.

Pros Cons
Varied and long tennis betting options Higher odds for some tennis matches
Most Indian payment methods available
Generous welcome bonus
Fast loading and live streaming, and live betting
22Bet Casino India Review 2024
100% up to ₹25,000 Bonus for All New Players

Betway – Versatile Tennis Betting Options

Betway is a trusted online tennis betting site in India, and it has almost all sports one can think of. Betway has a UK Gambling Commission and a Malta Gaming Authority license and has an Indian site explicitly catering to Indian punters. The platform accepts payments in Indian Rupees via most Indian-favored payment methods, convenient withdrawal options, excellent welcome bonuses, and a free bet for every new member that can be used to bet on tennis.

Pros Cons
All global tennis events available for Indian punters Members need to get used to the website
Dual licenses from reputable licensing bodies
All Indian-favored payment methods
Hindi version of the website
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What happens if my player retires or is disqualified?

Should your chosen player retire or be disqualified, on reputable tennis betting sites, the bet is usually voided.

What if the match is postponed?

In case of the tennis match postponement, the bet stands until the official results are out. Bets will not be voided until the match cancellation is confirmed.

What does each way betting in tennis mean?

It means you’ll have to bet double the regular bet amount, but you will win the prize if the player ends up first or second. In case the player finishes first, the payout is fairly higher.

How do tennis odds work?

Tennis odds are straightforward and fun to learn. For example, if you bet ₹100 on Djokovic winning the match with the odds of 3.00, you stand to win ₹300.

Is online betting in tennis profitable?

Generally, tennis betting is not profitable because the bettors place frivolous bets, not taking care of the bet amount, the odds, and similar factors. To be able to turn tennis betting into a profit, you should learn all the ins and outs of the sport, bet wisely, and choose bets with fantastic odds.

How many tournaments are played in a year?

There are four major tennis tournaments per year; on top of these, many smaller tennis tournaments are part of the ATP and WTA tours. Also, tennis is an Olympic sport, another major tennis event Indians can bet on.

How do you score in online tennis betting?

Each event is fixed with two to three sets, and to win a set, the player must win six games. The scores start at 0 and go up to 40; if the score is tied, one player must make a difference of two points to win.