Best Tennis Betting Sites In India 2021

Tennis is the most delightful, captivating and fast-paced action sport. Tennis betting in India offers utter variety and has always remained an easy target for bookies. Tennis betting tournaments are played for almost 9 months of the year from Wimbledon betting to US and Australia open for both men and women.

There are plenty of betting sites with promotions, offers and upgraded odds to sugarcoat the deal. In this article, we have explained everything about tennis betting, from best online tennis sites to rules strategy, betting odds and tips to win. With this mini sports guide, you can surely make a smart bet.

Best Tennis Betting Sites

Trusted & Licenced Tennis Betting Sites 2021

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Our recommended tennis betting sites in India

From the past few years, online tennis betting has gained so much trust and love from all across the globe. Online tennis betting is one of the mainstream sports such as football and cricket betting etc. There are some aspects of betting if you want to win. One must know the key points related to common bets, tennis wagers, competitive lines, odds and payouts.

We recommend you to visit LeoVegas casino, one of the best tennis betting site in India for a rich experience. It will help you plan a better live strategy with our expert knowledge. Play like a pro and you definitely can beat a bookie.

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  • You can place free bets via mobile on any in-play tennis and tennis market. Plus enjoy the top players swaying their rackets.
  • They offer you additional offers and promotions when you make live bets, up to 11 tennis bonuses per week.
  • Your profit boosts when you bet on in-play tennis via mobile.
  • Enhanced odds on tennis, football, cricket and other sports available on site.
  • A range of deposit option is available like MasterCard, visa, Neteller, Paytm and so on.

How to bet on tennis Sports?

The first thing that comes to mind is how to enter into online tennis betting tournament in India. You need to go through the signup process to start your online betting account. It’s easy just go through some steps below:

Step 1: click on signup or register, fill your details as per your ID proof.

Step 2: next is to fill account information, create a username and password along with your email address.

Step 3: the important and final step, all your information like address, pan card number. You have to set your deposit limits which can be altered later. And it’s done you can now start playing.

Online Tennis is a game that provides adversity of bets. So it is always good to know all types of betting options available in online tennis tournaments.

Match bets: Simplest of all other bets, you just need to judge and place a bet on your favourite player. So it is advised that you must go through players statistics pre-tournament.

Over/under bets:  This is the most popular bet where you have to judge the number of games in a set before placing the bet. The sportsbook will issue a number accordingly and it’s up to your decision that it will be over or under the number.

Outright bets: based on the potential of the player, you can select any player whom you think will rise and may win the tournament.  You have to fulfil the wagering requirement before placing the bet.

Handicap or spread bets

Spread is the margin between winning and losing player. You have to place a bet on the player who will cover that spread.

Score bets

This is one of the hardest kind of all other bets.  You have to choose the correct wager score. Only consistent players and experts chose to make such bets as without any betting experience you will lose.

In-play bets

The best bet available for beginners. This is a live bet you can make while the play is in action. You need not pay before the tournament.

Tips on how to bet successfully

  • To know the Surface type (hard, clay and grass) on which matches are played and each player’s performance on a particular surface.
  • Analyze the stats for ATP (association of tennis professionals) consistently every day. It is free and available readily.
  • Never forget to go through the common glossary and different tennis terms associated with the play.
  • Susceptibility of match-fixing, pre-tournament as only two players are involved.
  • Maintain head to head record of your competitor, their current fitness and winning possibility.

How we review the best tennis betting sites?

Tennis betting sites are continuously growing each year due to its excitement level and ease of betting. If you are new to online sports betting, you will look for the reputation and security of the selected site. To analyze the best tennis sites we make sure that our review criteria match with the site.


If you find anything suspicious about the security then there is no point to take risk of betting. It is the most important aspect, your data and money deposits should be safe from any external sources. Look for the site’s history, reputation and customer feedback.  Always check their license terms and conditions.

Banking and money

Make sure the online betting site is providing you with a range of transferring funds. In India mostly MasterCard, visa, Pay TM, PayPal are some trusted banking.  Always start with a site where waging requirements are kept low. Cash deposits and withdrawal should be fast and easy. In case you win money, cash-out conditions should be simple.

Mobile compatibility

Mobile is the future. If you enjoy betting on mobile, make sure sites and their software must support mobile devices also. A high-speed internet connection is recommended to enjoy live betting.  There are chances of losing if the video is buffering.

Betting options

Betting options are different for different sites. We are providing you with the best tennis betting sites in India that not only allows you to make winning bets but also other tournament long bets that are important to professional bettors.

User interface

It is not rocket science though but most of the sites are still struggling to meet this requirement. A site has good user interface if placing bets and navigation is smooth. If a site has a bad interface, you will probably make mistakes and can lose a big amount of money.

Best tennis betting sites In India

After our deep research and comparing with other best tennis betting sites in India, we can say that betway is the best in terms of providing better tennis odds. You can double your profits if playing for a longer period.

Betway casino

Betway casino is best for beginner bettors. It is considered as one of the best tennis betting casino brand not only in India but across the world. It accepts Indian rupee and suitable banking options. First-time users are credited with an attractive welcome bonus.

It has all the key features like excellent website user interface with several betting options you look for. If you are sports bettor and consistently place huge bets, betway is meant for you.

betway has high transaction and betting limits. You can always ask for changing transaction limits. You can contact through support and customer service. Betway is also listed as the best real money mobile casino for all users who can’t leave their mobiles. You can download the HD betway betting apps either on ios or android. So, what are you waiting for?  enjoy a seamless and elegant visit.

Live tennis betting – bet on tennis with live dealers

Live betting in tennis requires a skilful mind and is much fun than online betting.  You have to keep a constant eye on the clock, the injury report and player’s performance. You don’t have the time to do much research and can place your bet while the event is happening. So as per our expertise, we have ranked #1 as Bodog casino on our live tennis betting list in India.

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Bodog is a reputed and trusted tennis betting site in India. It is the best online sports and casino site in India. Above 1000 of games are available from the casino, poker, esports, and virtual sports to live betting games such as football, cricket, basketball and tennis tournaments. Below are the guidelines you can follow to start playing on Bodog.

  1. Create your account and activate it using the link sent on your email.
  2. Deposit money into your wallet via available secure payment methods.
  3. You can start playing on the sportsbook, slots or live dealer.
  4. If you want to withdraw your winning amounts, they are fast and easy.

The best-added feature by Bodog casinos is the 24X7 customer service. They provide you assistance in English or your local language if requested. Also, mobile compatibility is the icing on the cake.


Tennis betting bonuses and promotions-how to get the welcome bonus?

Interest in sports betting is escalating each year. The sports bars and even sports sites are gaining popularity around the world for the same reason. To entertain more and more traffic, betting sites and bars always put promotional events and bonuses. Below are some trending online betting bonuses in the tennis market.

  1. Sportsbook bonus:

A smart way to bring new customers to the site an keep the existing ones happy. Also called sometimes as the match deposit bonus. the bonus you will get depends on the money you deposited. It’s a  pretty fair deal.

  1. No deposit betting bonus

This is a kind of free bet as you don’t need any deposit. This offers betters to play with in house money. It is kind of impossible to avoid them.

  1. Cashback specials

This bonus is offered on selected betting options only. This offer applies to pre-tournament bets. They allow punters to take risks with high payouts.

How to get a welcome bonus?

In Tennis betting, many online sites providing sign up bonuses, and even if you bet more usually you get guaranteed win. Few of the sites which provide welcome bonuses on tennis betting are listed below.

Bet365: The only requirement is to place accumulator bets on two or more selections and a bonus will be paid in cash and is added in your withdrawal account. Bets placed with bet credits are not considered. Bonus will not apply if stakes are fully cashed out.

Unibet: It gives you risk-free credit when you lose in your first game as well as casino credits too. The requirement to get the free credits at Unibet, the person must wager 3xbonus money on a particularly odd and for the casino, the wager needs to be 25x. Bonus credit unused will expire after 7 days.

Betway: They offer a welcome bonus of 100% of your first deposit up to a predetermined value. Wager 1x is a must at required odds to qualify.

22Bet: welcome bonus matches the deposit amount up to a set amount and a promo code is required. To activate this offer wager needs to be placed on certain odds.

What are the best tennis odds and where we can find it?

When we talk about the best tennis odds means we are referring to money line betting.  Almost all the betting sites have the same odds. It is either positive or negative. Bookmaker’s job is to provide you odds on an outright winner; it’s your decision whom you pick. If the odd is positive, it means there is a less probability of outcome to happen and the payout will be more than the wagered amount. On the other hand, negative odd indicates outcome will pay less. As per our surveys, we have found spin casinos as the best odd providing casinos.

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Indian players love playing in the spin casino. Online gamblers usually get fascinated by the gaming environment and unexpected bonuses.  They not only include betting but also famous for poker, slots and other casino games in India. Spin casinos support almost all the operating systems, you can even access yo live stream betting on mobile phones and tablets.

It owes everything from huge welcome bonuses to best payment methods. They accept almost every currency and in case you don’t want to continue, cash withdrawal is convenient.  Navigation from one page to another is easy. You can interact with them directly in case of any complaint.


Rules for the tennis betting in India

Online Tennis betting in India has a different set of rules. If you know the rules, betting on tennis can prove to be a good investment rather than just gambling. Four different rules are available in the market but they can be altered by bookmakers.

  1. Ball served

The first ball served or 1 ball is the same thing. The rule is mandatory for all the match winners as bet will stand only if at least 1 ball is served.  In case if the player retires due to an injury, the punters or bookies are declared as winners.

  1. 1 Set completed

This rule says that if the player has completed 1 set, the bet will stand with him. But if he retires before the set completion, the bet is cancelled and you will get your deposit money.

  1. 2 set completed

At least 2 sets are required to be completed if a player retires after two sets, the bet stands. And if he retires before completion, the bet is null or void.

  1. Match completed

According to this rule, the player must complete the whole match to win otherwise the bet does not stands and the wager is void.

Tennis Betting FAQ’s

What happens if my player retires or is disqualified?

The player retires either of some major injury or if he gets disqualified in the first round. All the bets will be voided except bets on completed service games.

What if the match is postponed?

In case of postponement, all the bets stand until the official results are out. Bets will not be voided until the match cancellation is confirmed.

What does each way betting in tennis mean?

It means that you’ll have to bet double the regular bet amount. This way you will win the prize if the player ends up first or second. In case, the player finishes first, the prize is fairly higher than regular as well.

How do tennis odds work?

Tennis odds are very easy and fun to learn. For example:  if you bet $50 on Nadal and his odds are 1.50 and he wins. This means you tend to receive 1.50*50 and it works the same with the fractional odds. Like 3/2, 5/3.

Is online betting in tennis profitable?

If you know about the statistics, and head to head record of players. You can earn a huge profit. It's your consistency and dedication to making a smart move.

How many tournaments are played in a year?

A total of four grand slam events- the US Open, French Open, Wimbledon and Australian Open. It can vary for ATP (Association tennis professionals) and WTA (women tennis association).

How you score in online tennis betting?

Each event is fixed with two to three sets. You must win at least six games to win a set. Scoring starts from 0 as love up to 40. In case both the players' scores (40-40), it's a deuce or tie.


Every day thousands of tennis betting sports matches are being played.  Online bookies are making huge money via betting especially in online tennis market India. As betting on tennis is much easier than other sports. To boost your success rate be selective about the best tennis betting sites in India where you can win. Not all the sites have a good website and user interface.

Budget is another important aspect. Start experimenting with short term goals before placing all the wagers. Trust us, following our guidelines and strategies, you can excel in the online tennis market. Our motto is to make our update our users and make them competent tennis bettors.