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Deal or No Deal Live Casino Game Show in India

Deal or No Deal Live is a world-famous casino game show that is based on the famous TV game show of the same name. Evolution Gaming, one of the most famous live casino software providers, developed Deal or No Deal Live. The game is a worldwide phenomenon and is regularly found at reputable online casinos, as it is a 24/7 thrill-filled live casino game show where any player stands to win massive prizes. Read on to learn the Deal or No Deal Live particulars and where you can play this fun game show in India!

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How to Play Deal or No Deal Live?

Deal or No Deal Live is exciting and fun, including multi-level gameplay. The players must qualify for the game in the Qualification round and then get to top-up the possible prize amount by spinning the Top Up Wheel and selecting a multiplier. Deal or No Deal Live is found at many online casinos in India, and we suggest you try playing at 888Casino.

The live portion of the game starts then, hosted by a live host, where the gameplay involves eliminating the briefcases until only two remain, and the player gets to select between the two possible payouts and gets offers from the Banker. The rules are straightforward, and we have compiled the most critical aspects of Deal or No Deal Live in the table below:

Terms Description
Minimum Bet ₹100
Maximum Bet ₹4.5 lac
Multipliers 5x to 500x
Playing Time 24/7
Hit Rate 30%
RTP 95.42%
Variance Low
Live Chat Option Yes
  1. Qualification Round
    The initial start of Deal or No Deal Live to qualify for the live game show; you do this by spinning the wheel and trying to align a sequence of gold segments around the pointer in the upper sector of the wheel. With each spin, you put a set amount of money in the briefcases, which is 17x to 500x of your bet, but you don’t know which briefcase the biggest prize is. The Deal or No Deal Live qualification round has different difficulty levels, and the levels come with different costs or bet amounts. The standard bet is the Normal level, and you can select Easy or Very Easy, and even Instant – in this case, you will have to pay 18x your initial bet. After you fill the locked zone with the gold segments, you enter the Top-Up Round.
  2. Top-Up Round
    Please note that because this is a live casino game show run from a live casino studio, you must wait for the previous show to end so you can enter the live portion of the game. However, you can spin the Top Up wheel, where the result of your spin will award you a possible multiplier ranging from 5x to 500x. The Top Up wheel has amounts proportional to your bet, so you should be lucky to hit the highest amount. You can choose to top up as many briefcases as you want before the clock runs out, and you and the briefcases are taken to the live game show section.
  3. Main Game Show
    The live game show part of Deal or No Deal Live is the most exciting part of this casino game show, and it follows a similar display as the original TV game show. The live dealer has one briefcase in the foreground (the player’s), and the other 15 briefcases are in the background. The player predicts which prize is in the briefcases, opening them one by one in batches. After each batch of briefcases is open, the Banker offers a sum of money and a chance to cash out, and there are four offers in total. The trick is to guess correctly which briefcase hides the max prize and beat the Banker’s offer.If you don’t accept any of the Banker’s offers, you will be left with two briefcases, yours and the last remaining one, and you can either switch them out or keep yours and keep the prize inside the last briefcase. You can try playing this live casino game at 10Cric and get a chance to win the coveted 500x payout.

Mobile Deal or No Deal Live

Like on desktop, Deal or No Deal Live can be played on mobile, as mobile casino apps are becoming the standard for any online casino enthusiast. Evolution Gaming, the game’s creator, has ensured you will get the same user experience should you play on a desktop or a mobile device. As mobile casino apps are becoming prevalent, you can now enjoy all your favorite casino games while on the go. We’ve tested many of these, and we suggest you try the Betway and Jackpot City mobile casino apps, as these support live casino game shows like Deal or No Deal Live.

Deal or No Deal Odds and Payouts

The game of Deal or No Deal Live has an exciting payout structure, and this depends on the size of your bet and the difficulty level you choose in the qualification and Top-Up rounds. That is why we prepared the following table with the possible payouts you will get playing this live casino game show at 1xBet and other great online casinos in India (please note that these are multipliers of your initial bet amount):

Briefcase Payout
1 0.10X
2 0.20X
3 0.50X
4 0.70X
5 1x
6 2x
7 3x
8 5x
9 8x
10 10x
11 12x
12 15x
13 20x
14 25x
15 50x
16 65-500X

Where to Play Deal or No Deal Live in India?

20Bet India Review 2024
22Bet Casino India Review 2024
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How to play Deal or No Deal Live casino game show?

To play Deal or No Deal Live, join a reputable online casino in India like Betway, 22Bet, 20Bet, 1xBet, Spin Casino, 888Casino, or Jackpot City. Then, you must deposit money to your casino account, find the live casino game shows, and join the Deal or No Deal Live queue. Finish the qualification and Top Up rounds, and wait your turn for the live part of the game.

Can I play the Deal or No Deal casino game show for free?

Unfortunately, you can’t play Deal or No Deal Live for free; you can only observe how other players play this game, but you’ll have to make a real money bet to play yourself.

Can I play Deal or No Deal for real money?

Yes, you can only play Deal or No Deal Live for real money, as there is no way for you to play this casino game for free.

Is there a banker in Deal or No Deal Live?

There is a “Banker” in the Deal or No Deal Live, but this is a person who sits behind the cameras in the live casino studio and calculates the real-time odds, and makes appropriate offers based on your bet amount and the prizes in the remaining (unopened) briefcases.

How to win at Deal or No Deal live casino game show?

To win at Deal or No Deal Live, you have to finish the qualification and Top-Up round and accurately predict which briefcase the bigger prizes are – like the ones with 50x, 65x, or 500x of your initial bet.