What Are The Best Ways To Count Cards In Blackjack?

Do you want to master Card counting in online blackjack? Card counting is not something that you can grasp instantly. No doubt it’s a simple technique but it takes some time to enroll.

A good thing for the players with terrible memories that card counting has nothing to do with memorization. You don’t need to make notes on how many kings or aces are dealt out. It’s simple i.e. to calculate the ratio of low cards to high cards.

It’s the best blackjack strategy that enhances the odds of winnings and is available at almost all of the real money casino sites.

Count Cards In Blackjack

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How to Count Cards In Blackjack (The Hi-Lo System)?

Once you have learned the blackjack rules, it’s very easy to count cards. In a single deck, there are 52 cards including high and low cards. High cards are referred to as good cards like aces, a 10, and face cards whereas low cards are called as bad cards like 6’s or 5’s The aim is to count the cards. Let us explain to you how it works:

  • If a player has low cards, he/ she have to place a higher value bet.
  • And, if a player has high cards, to place a bet or not is optional.
  • It follows simple addition, subtraction, and probability to determine the next card.
  • All the cards have been assigned different values (-1,0 and 1).
  • Cards between 2 to 6 are values as +1; (7 to 9) values as 0.
  • All the aces and face cards are worth -1.

Does Card Counting guarantee win?

No, Card counting doesn’t guarantee any win. However, it’s a clever shortcut to boost the odds of winning. But you have to keep in mind that cards are shuffled every time the next round starts. So you have to be quick and that is possible only with practice. Another important aspect is the cut. A blank colored card is used to cut the cards. You need to skillful to know where the cut will be made.

It’s always good to know the terms and conditions, FAQs of your selected online casino. As many trusted and reputed companies like evolution gaming has mentioned their dealer’s cut percentage that can benefit you.

Card counting in 4 easy steps:

  • To Assign a value (-1,0, + 1)to every card. We have already mentioned this in the hi-lo system.
  • To keep a running count; add or subtract each card in a shoe. If the running count increases the advantage goes to players and if it decreases, probably it’s the dealers who win the game.
  • To calculate the count per deck or “true count”; true count is the ratio of running cards to the remaining decks.
  • To place higher/ lower bets as the true count increases or decreases.

Is Card counting allowed in Indian Casinos?

Unfortunately, some of the online Indian casinos have banned card counting. This technique has benefited many online punters, so casinos have to pay huge winning payouts. We advise using this technique only at sites where it is permissible else your account can be banned permanently and there’s a risk of losing your deposited money including your winning amount. Always try to play free game sessions before you invest in your real money.


The only purpose of the Blackjack game is to win over the dealer. That sounds simple, isn’t it? Card counting has helped many of the punters to win real money. It’s not just an assumption but a proven mathematical tool which no doubt is magical at the same time. Card counting just boosts the chances of winning yet there are chances of losing too. It depends all on the player’s actions.

You can combine card counting with basic blackjack strategy and some other casino strategies such as Fibonacci, Martingale, etc. Moving to the end we’ll say always start with a low bankroll and low bet limits. Blackjack is a fun game. So, all the very best and play safe!