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Online Baccarat Rules: Master the Basics to Win!

Being one of the oldest casino games, baccarat is immensely popular among novice and experienced gamblers. The game is relatively straightforward to play and has the highest winning odds of any other casino game. Also, the baccarat rules are straightforward to learn and follow, and the baccarat gameplay is simple to follow. Read on as we discuss the rules of baccarat and everything else you need to know to start playing baccarat online today.

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Baccarat Rules

We are discussing the baccarat card game rules here, so let’s get straight to the point and outline the baccarat game rules that will help you understand how this game is played:

  • Baccarat is played on a custom layout table with up to 14 players
  • The bets are placed before the cards are dealt
  • Face cards count 0; number cards have their face value
  • Two hands are dealt with by the casino’s dealer: the Player’s hand and the Banker’s hand
  • There are just 3 outcomes to bet on in baccarat: the Player’s hand, the Banker’s hand, and a tie
  • Some online casinos allow side bets in baccarat which sweeten the deal
  • There is a possibility of a third card being drawn (which we’ll outline in a table below)
  • The winner will be the one with a total closer to 9
  • The winner is announced, and the bets are settled: the Player and Banker bets pay 1:1, and the tie bet pays 8:1
The objective in baccarat is to get a hand closest or equal to nine!

In the baccarat game, the total a hand can reach is nine, and if the sum of the cards exceeds nine, the player and banker subtract ten from the total sum or drop the first number of the entire sum. Please note that in baccarat, the ten, jack, queen, and king are valued at zero, and all other cards have their face values, so an Ace is 1, a two is 2, and so on.

Player Hands Rules

The Player hand in baccarat is straightforward, as the player gets two initial cards, and the total of the first two cards decides the player’s next step. So, if a player has a 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5, they are dealt a third card; if they have a 6, 7, 8, or 9, they don’t get another card.

  • Bet Outcome: The player’s hand is nine or closest to nine
  • Payout: 1:1
  • Odds of winning: 44.63%
  • House edge: 1.24%
Betting on the player is viable in baccarat because of the appealing winning odds and low house edge!

Banker Hand

The situation with the Banker is not as straightforward as with the players’ hand. The Banker gets two cards, the same as the player, and whether they get a third card depends on the player’s hand.

  • Bet Outcome: Banker’s hand is nine or closest to nine
  • Payout: 19:20 (with 5% commission)
  • Odds of winning: 45.87%
  • House edge: 1.06%
Betting on the banker is the safest bet in baccarat because of the low house edge and high winning odds!

Tie Bet

When the player and banker have hands with the same sum, this is called a tie. The tie bet has the most negligible probability in the baccarat game, and naturally, it comes with the highest payouts. Generally, the tie bet gets an 8:1 payout, but the bet has the lowest winning odds.

  • Bet Outcome: Players and Banker have the same value hands
  • Payout: 8:1
  • Odds of winning: 9.51%
  • House edge: 14.36%
Betting on a tie bet in baccarat is one of the worst bets one can make because of the high house edge and low odds!

Third Card Rules

The player and the banker get two cards each, and a third card may be drawn depending on the score. The table below shows the third card rule chart: the third rule card for the banker and the third rule card for the player:

Player’s Hand
The sum of the first two hands Action
0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Gets a third card (Hit)
6, 7, 8, 9 No card (Stand)

The table below outlines the banker’s options: whether the banker will get a third card depends on the hand the player has. As you can see in the table here, which also explains the banker’s advantage, the banker will get a third card only after the player has made their play:

Banker’s Hand – the banker gets a third card when the player has
The sum of the first two hands Banker gets the third card when the player has: Banker does not get a third card when the player has:
3 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9 8
4 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 0, 1, 8, 9
5 4, 5, 6, 7 0, 1, 2, 3, 8, 9
6 6, 7 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 9
7 No Card
8 or 9 No Card

Baccarat Payout Rules and House Advantage

Baccarat has earned a significant reputation because of the appealing payout rules and relative house edge.

  • Players’ bets pay out 1:1 and have a house edge of 1.24%
  • Banker bets pay out 1:1 and have a house edge of 1.06%, the lowest house edge of any casino game
  • Tie bets have a payout of 8:1 (9:1 in an 8-deck game), and the house edge is 14.44% (14.36%)
Always prefer to bet on the banker; this bet has the best winning chances.

Table Layout

There are three types of baccarat tables found at many casinos. Please note that these are primarily located at land-based casinos, and based on the actual games, online game providers have designed and adjusted the online versions of these baccarat games:

  • Big Table Baccarat – comes with high minimum bets and can be played by up to 14 players at a time. The gameplay at the Big Table Baccarat is slower as the dealer places the banker cards face-down, prolonging the game’s duration. You can play an online version of baccarat at 10 Cric!
  • Mini Baccarat – follows the same rules and gameplay as big table baccarat, but it has fewer players and faster gameplay as all the cards are placed face-up on the table, and the players can make quicker decisions. Mini Baccarat is a very popular online casino game which you can find at 888Casino.
  • Midi Baccarat – has fewer players and follows the same gameplay as the mini baccarat layout. Also, the mini and midi baccarat games have a lower minimum stake. You can try your luck at this game at 22Bet!

What are the Most Successful Online Baccarat Bets?

When you think of placing an online baccarat bet, you should know that the math and statistics favor the banker bet. It is because this bet has the best odds, and even considering the 5% casino commission on the banker bet, it is still the most viable bet.

Please note that you cannot use any particular winning strategies when playing online baccarat at online casinos like 888Casino or Betway, mainly because this is entirely a game of chance – it comes down to luck. If you wish to improve your winning chances, you can try analyzing the baccarat road maps, but this is unnecessary for you to have fun playing online baccarat.

Online Casinos to Play Baccarat in India

Now that you know the online casino baccarat rules, let’s outline where you can play baccarat in India. We suggest you look at the available online casinos and select one with an active casino license, all the necessary safety and security measures, and a great variety of casino games, including excellent baccarat game offers. Also, ensure the online baccarat casino you select has Indian-favorite payment methods and has good customer service. To help you out, here are our top favorite online casinos in India where you can apply your newfound understanding of the baccarat rules and strategy:


What are the rules for playing baccarat?

The baccarat playing rules are simple: the player joins a table and can make one of three possible bets: the Player’s hand, the Banker’s hand, or a Tie. The player and banker get two cards each, and based on the total sum of the cards, one or both can get a third card, after which the winner is decided.

How to win at baccarat using flat betting?

You can win at baccarat using flat betting, as flat betting is a playing strategy where you bet the same amount on each hand.

What are the betting rules in online baccarat?

The betting rules in online baccarat are simple and follow the same layout as the land-based game. All bets are placed before dealing with the cards, and the option for a third card depends on the player’s hand. Still, to sweeten the deal, many online casinos have added side bets one can make when playing online baccarat.

Which is the best casino to play online baccarat?

We can’t single out one best online casino to play baccarat, but we can list our top favorite online casinos to play this exciting casino game: 10Cric, 22Bet, 20Bet, Betway, 1xBet, and 888 Casino.

What are the winning odds in baccarat?

The Banker’s hand has a 45.8% winning chance, the Player’s hand has a 44.6% winning chance, and the tie bet has 9.6% winning odds.

Which is the best bet in baccarat?

The best bet in baccarat is the Banker’s hand as this has the highest winning odds and the lowest house edge – the banker wins over 50% of the time.

Why does the banker have an advantage in baccarat?

The banker’s hand has the best winning chances and the best advantage because the banker enjoys a positional advantage, getting more information before they decide to draw a third card.

How to play mini baccarat?

You can play mini baccarat by betting on the banker, the player, or a tie, as it follows the same betting rules as regular baccarat. The difference is the lower table minimum and fewer players.

How many betting positions are there on a baccarat table?

There are two betting positions on a baccarat table: the player and the banker. You can bet on either hand, depending on your preference.