Lottosmile India Reviews 2023

Want to try your luck? Thinking to buy an online lottery ticket in India? In this article, we have revealed and reviewed the best online lottery platform for Indian users. And, That’s Lottosmile!

The lotto smile is the most trusted and safest lottery platform to purchase tickets from any part of the world. Established in 2002; Lottosmile is operated by The Lotter limited. The Lotter is a registered company in Alderney, Cyprus.

Lottosmile connects you with 45+ international lottery jackpots. Lottosmile purchases the ticket on your behalf from authorized lottery retailers. We have rated this lottery site as 4.5/5 for their excellent lottery services. 

List of the Online lotteries available on Lottosmile

Lottosmile is among the best online lottery sites. It also provides you with the opportunity to form syndicates and use bundle lottery option to increase your winning odds. You will get more than 45 lotteries from across the world. Check the list of all available lotteries on Lottosmile.

You can buy local to international lottery tickets or jackpots as per your budget. You can participate in the largest lotto games or small-scale ones, and it all depends on your preferences. Before you start playing on this website, read our LottoSmile website to learn more about it!

Spain – EuroMillions Austria – EuroMillions Italy – SuperStar Italy – SuperEnalotto U.S. – Mega Millions
Spain – La Primitiva U.S. – Powerball Spain – El Gordo France – Loto Special Draw Australia – Superdraw Saturday Lotto
Germany – Lotto Europe – EuroJackpot Canada – Lotto 649 Portugal – Totoloto New Zealand – Powerball
France – Loto U.S. – Cash4Life Texas – Lotto Texas Texas – Lotto Texas Extra Japan – Loto 7
Romania – Joker Hungary – Otoslotto Australia – Saturday Lotto Colombia – Baloto Ireland – Lotto
Italy – Lotto Romania – Lotto 6/49 Ontario – Ontario 49 Peru – Tinka Australia – Oz Lotto
Mexico – Melate Austria – Lotto Ireland – Daily Million Italy – MillionDAY Ukraine – Super Loto
Hungary – Hatoslotto Spain – BonoLoto Poland – Lotto South Africa – Lotto South Africa – PowerBall
Chile – Clasico Loto Australia – Monday Lotto Australia – Wednesday Lotto New Zealand – Lotto Mexico – Melate Retro
Ukraine – Megalot Texas – Texas Two Step Poland – Mini Lotto Japan – Mini Loto Peru – Kabala
Ukraine – Loto Maxima South Africa – Daily Lotto Texas – Cash Five Mexico – Chispazo

How Lottosmile works?

No matter wherever you are, try your luck while sitting in an office or relaxing at the beach. Visit the lotto and play your favourite international jackpots like euro million, US Powerball and so on.

Lottosmile connects you to hundreds of millions of international jackpots. You can select any lottery from 45+ world’s biggest draws. Lottosmile acts as a mediator between you and the retailers. Lottosmile has 20+ local offices 

The lotto is the best and secure lottery purchasing platform With over 10 years of experience and millions paid out. Take a look at the following steps to know how Lottosmile works!

lottosmile India reviews

Step 1: Pick your Lottery from 50+ official lotteries from any part of the world.

Pick your Lottery and pick your number

Step 2: Select your favourite numbers.

purchase the ticket

Step 3: The lotto agents will purchase the ticket on your behalf from an authorized retailer.

The receipt is scanned

Step 4: The receipt is scanned that you can see in your private account.

subscribe to results notification

Step 5: you can subscribe to results notification via SMS or email alerts.

credited without any commission

Step 5: The winnings are credited without any commission.

Benefits of Buying lottery ticket Online

After you have selected your favourite lottery game, the next question that arises is how to buy a lottery ticket?

Lottosmile offers various options to their users for buying lottery tickets online. According to our review and analysis winning opportunities in online lotteries are a way better than offline lotteries. Look at the 3 options offered by Lottosmile!

Standard Entries –  Using this option you can select your lucky numbers randomly or via RNG technique. It’s your call to buy single draw or multiline draw.

Syndicates – This option allows you to play multi-line draw packages forming a group. The advantage is you don’t need to pay more and can split the winnings in end.

Bundles – The perfect blend of standard entries and syndicates. You can play both the entries at the same time. Thus increasing your odds of winning.

Select your favourite lotto game from the list above and buy your lottery tickets online before the next draw. Afterwards, you can sign up for free result alerts, that will be delivered into your account directly or send you a notification by SMS or email.

You can also subscribe to the Lottosmile’s newsletter or SMS alerts for free upcoming lottery events alerts. We think Lottosmile is the best and secure option for Indian players to choose from 50+ international lotteries.

Still in doubt? Check the winning stories of various players who bought tickets at Lottosmile.

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How does the lottery Syndicate work?

First of all, we need to understand the Lines and total shares terms when talking about syndicate.

 working of lottery Syndicate

Lines are the different possible combinations. For example, a 50 line syndicate has 50 unique combinations. Also referred to as blocks or tickets.

the share of each person

Total Share determines the share of each person participating in the lottery syndicate. The more share you buy more will be your winning amount.

Lottery Syndicates benefits

Lottery Syndicates benefits you more than other buying options as:

The purchasing cost remains the same

The purchasing cost remains the same.

Better odds of winning

Better odds of winning.

Exciting and fun

Exciting and fun at the same time.

Why one should buy a Lottery bundle?

Bundles eliminate the need to buy separate lottery tickets. Lottery Bundles are cost-effective and boost your odds. The perfect combination of both the standard and syndicate lotteries.

There are two types of lottery bundles, the classic bundles and premium/deluxe bundles.

  • Classic Bundles consists of a personal lottery ticket number and a syndicate share.
  • Premium bundle offers more syndicate lines, and hence better odds of winning.

In case of any winning from your personal lottery ticket, the amount will not be shared and will be totally credited into your private account.

Whereas in syndicate winning, the amount will be equally split into the equal number of participants.

Lottery bundle

How to Sign up/Create an account at Lottosmile?

As per our experience, the sign-up process can’t be better and simpler than Lottosmile’s registering process. It hardly took a minute to sign up at Lottosmole. Look at the steps below!

Step 1: Click on the SIGN-UP button at top of the screen and a pop up will be displayed

Step 2: Now click on create a free account.

Step 3: Enter your email, password and country.

Step 4: Click on Sign-up now.

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How to deposit money at Lottosmile?

Step 1: Click on the deposit button at the top of the homepage.

Step 2: Fill in your personal details( name, address, phone number etc.)

Step 3: Choose your recommended payment method.

Step 4: Enter the credential details and click on submit.

How to withdraw money from Lottosmile?

Step 1: Click on my account tab at the top of the screen.

Step 2: Now choose to withdraw option

Step 3: Enter the desired money.

Step 4: Choose your payment method and click on withdraw money.

Payment Method Min (US$) Max (US$) Processing (business days) Fee (US$)
Visa 1 1000 1-3 Free
MasterCard 1 1000 1-3 Free

Play Lottery on Mobile- Download the App

Everything is readily available on smartphones nowadays. So is the lottery! You can download the Lottosmile app on your phones. The lotto app supports both the android and iOS operating system. Our experts have self-tested and compared the app experience with the laptop/desktop version. The good news is mobile experience is equally good and commendable. You can easily download the app. Take a look at the criteria of how we reviewed the lotto smile app?

  • Smooth navigation
  • User interface available
  • 24/7 Customer support
  • An equal number of payment methods
  • Easy to buy tickets
  • Same options for lottery tickets

Lottery Taxes at Lottosmiles

Lottosmile is a lottery agent that do not charge any local fees or commission. They do not deduct any amount from your winning money. Lottosmile will deposit the whole money without any commission into the winner’s account. 

But let us clear you one thing. Every lottery retailer has different terms and conditions. You must have read the phrase ‘lottery winnings are subject to taxation. This means that you will be credited the money post-tax deduction into your account. 

We suggest you check the tax band mentioned on every lottery’s info page. This tax band reveals all the information about the tax percentage on the winning amount.

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Lottosmile’s VIP Lottery Club

VIP members are offered exclusive benefits, red carpet services and other huge benefits.

  • You are rewarded with discounts up to 20% on all lottery tickets.
  • VIP members are notified with upcoming lottery events and other perks to stay ahead in participation.
  • 24/7 priority assistance by lottery professionals.

The VIP status updates on 1st of every month. The status depends on the time and money you spend on this lottery site. Each one dollar spent on the site equals 1 point. 

The logic is pretty simple. The more you participate on-site, higher will be your status and thus more numbers of cashback offer you’ll be awarded.

VIP levels are divided into 5 categories like gold, silver, platinum, bronze, platinum. Look at the table below to know how much points you require to get entry into a particular category.

Lottosmile’s VIP Lottery Club
VIP Level VIP Points Discounts
Diamond 5,000+ 20%
Platinum 2,001 – 5,000 12.5%
Gold 501 – 2,000 7.5%
Silver 201 – 500 5.0%
Bronze 51 – 200 2.5%


Is Lottosmile a genuine site to win the Powerball lottery in India?

Yes, Lottosmile is the leader and safest platform when it’s about buying a Lottery ticket or international jackpots from any part of the world. It connects you with over 45 lottery jackpots and 50+ official lottery options.

Is Lottosmile safe and legal in India?

Yes, it is totally safe and legal to play at international lottery sites in India. As Lottosmile is based out of India, so there is no such law that stops you from playing at Lottosmile. Lottosmile is a registered and licensed online lottery site, so you don’t need to fear about losing money or being fraudulent. Rest lottery is about trying your luck.

How to purchase US Powerball tickets using Lottosmile in India?

It’s pretty simple! You can check the above-mentioned details about Lottosmile working. All you need to do is to pick US Powerball lottery from other available options, now select your lottery ticket numbers and pay via any convenient payment method. The Lottosmile will send you a scanned receipt in your private account.

Where to buy a lottery ticket online?

The lotto is the leader when it’s about buying the lottery tickets. They are the most trusted and safest lottery platform with over 45+ international lottery jackpots and 50+ official lotteries options.

Can Indians win US Powerball jackpots?

Yes, of course! Many Indians have shared their winning stories also. You can check google to check the reviews. Lottosmile is a genuine and trusted site. Rest Luck matters the most in winning lotteries.

Which lotteries can I play in India?

Lottosmile acts as a mediator between the buyers and the lottery retailers across the globe. This online lottery site lets you play all the available lottery tickets and jackpots from various countries like America, Canada, German, Italy and many others.

Can I ask for money back on Lottosmile, if not satisfied?

To your surprise, Lottosmile guarantees full money refund on first purchase. In case the customer is not happy with the services he can claim cashback policy.

Does Lottosmile tax the winning amount?

No, lottosmile doesn’t deduct any commission fee from your winning. The tax-free winning amount is credited directly into your private account.

Lottosmile owes a Visit!

Nothing could be better than Lottosmile if it’s about playing online lotteries in India. We have mentioned every single detail about this online lottery site from signing up, how to buy a lottery ticket, payment methods to the benefits of playing online. 

Our experiences at the lottosmile site and their mobile app were ultimate! We hope you too will get the best out of our lottosmile review! 


Deposit bonus 25% off your first purchase!

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