LottoSmile India Review

LottoSmile is an excellent online lottery messenger service that allows you to play some of the world’s largest lottery draws. The site is an independent third-party ticket purchasing service that purchases official lottery tickets on your behalf, scans the official tickets, and sends you the scans, allowing you to play impressive lotteries that would otherwise be inaccessible for Indians. The website has impressive services for its clients. It provides information, results, winning numbers, and a range of playing options like syndicates, bundles, multi-draws, and subscriptions. The site has dedicated mobile apps and impressive 24/7 live chat support.

LottoSmile Pros/Cons

Pros Cons
You can play 45+ lotteries. Only a few payment methods
Regular promotions and bonuses Somewhat expensive services
24/7 live chat customer support
Email & SMS notifications of wins
100% commission-free use
Licensed with an Isle of Man license
Prompt scanned copy of your tickets
India-specific website
Multiple playing options

Is LottoSmile Legal and Safe in India?

LottoSmile is legal and safe in India, as this is a specialized website only for players from India. The Indian lottery laws don’t mention playing online lotteries, and the laws differ on a state level. Thus, all the Indians who wish to play a globally-famous lottery that they cannot access from India can join online lottery sites and get the chance to play 45+ lotteries and win massive prizes.

What We Like About LottoSmile

😎 Play 45+ globally-famous lotteries

LottoSmile offers any Indian the chance to play 45+ world-famous lotteries otherwise unavailable to Indians.

Play 45+ world-famous lotteries and get the chance to win impressive jackpots!

😎 Easier claiming of your winnings

LottoSmile allows any lucky winner who purchased a ticket via their service to easily claim their winnings. The website has streamlined the claims process.

LottoSmile helps any lucky lottery winner.

😎 Beautiful design and a seamless user experience 

LottoSmile has an excellent website design with no learning curve; it is easy to navigate, and you can use it immediately after creating your account.

LottoSmile has impressive design, easy navigation, and an incredible user experience.

😎 A secure and licensed platform 

The world-renowned Isle of Man Gambling Commission licenses and regulates LottoSmile, guaranteeing this is a safe, secure, and legitimate online lottery messenger service.

LottoSmile is licensed and regulated by the Isle of Man Gambling Commission.

😎 Play syndicates, bundles, and raffles

LottoSmile allows you to partake in syndicate plays, bundles, and play world-famous raffles, getting the chance to win massive prizes.

Play alternative lottery options like syndicates, bundles, and world-famous raffle competitions.

What We Dislike About LottoSmile

🙃 Only a few payment methods

LottoSmile only supports Visa and MasterCard payments now, but they support deposits in INR.

You can deposit INR to LottoSmile only via Visa and MasterCard.

🙃 Somewhat expensive services 

LottoSmile is a lottery messenger service, and they charge a fee to purchase lotto tickets on your behalf, but this service is more expensive than some of their competitors.

LottoSmile has relatively expensive ticket purchasing fees.

How to Sign up at LottoSmile from India

LottoSmile has made a seamless registration process, as you only need to click the Register button in the upper right corner of the screen. From there, you only need to follow the on-screen instructions in the registration form, and your account will be ready in minutes. The registration form is straightforward, and you can start playing after a single step:

  • Sign up by clicking the Log In/Sign Up button on the top of the page. At this step, you must list your email and choose a password. Make sure you choose a strong password to protect your account. You must confirm that you are over 18 and have read and accepted the Terms of Use. The account will be created in seconds.

Open Your Free Account

The following steps are also necessary, and you must fill in additional personal details like your name, birthday, complete address, and phone number. Then, add a payment method to your account to fund your lottery play. You will be shown the available payment methods, choose the one you prefer, and fill in the information required by your specific payment method.

Personal DetailsPayment Details

Lottery Games & Tickets at LottoSmile

LottoSmile allows its members to get access to 45+ globally famous lotteries. The platform operates as a lottery messenger service, meaning you can play your ticket via the website. Still, a real person will go and purchase the actual ticket on your behalf and send you a scanned copy of the ticket via email.

The table below lists some of the more notable global lotteries you can play via LottoSmile, the ticket price you have to pay per line, and the possible jackpot you stand to win:

Lottery Draw Ticket Price Max Jackpot
US Mega Millions ₹410 ₹59 Billion
Euro Jackpot ₹527 ₹5.4 Billion
Spain La Primitiva ₹264 ₹4.3 Billion
Spain Euro Millions ₹573 ₹3.2 Billion
Austria Euro Millions ₹366 ₹3.2 Billion
Australia Powerball ₹188 ₹3.3 Billion
Italy SuperStar ₹343 ₹2.7 Billion
Italy SuperEnaLotto ₹263 ₹2.6 Billion
US Powerball ₹410 ₹1.8 Billion
Australia Superdraw Saturday ₹118 ₹1.1 Billion
New Zealand Powerball ₹192 ₹999 Million
Texas Lotto Texas ₹205 ₹499 Million
Texas Lotto Texas Extra ₹410 ₹499 Million
Mexico Melate ₹183 ₹714 Million
Spain El Gordo ₹421 ₹689 Million
Japan Lotto 7 ₹440 ₹587 Million
France Lotto ₹504 ₹551 Million
Portugal Totoloto ₹229 ₹826 Million
German Lotto ₹297 ₹367 Million
Japan Lotto 6 ₹292 ₹393 Million
Canada Lotto 649 ₹467 ₹311 Million
Australia Saturday Lotto ₹118 ₹277 Million
Australia Oz lotto ₹209 ₹277 Million
Italy Lotto ₹550 ₹155 Million
Peru Tinka ₹286 ₹82 Million
Canada Ontario 49 ₹155 ₹124 Million
Philippines Super Lotto ₹75 ₹10 Million
South Africa Powerball ₹68 ₹10 Million
Austria Lotto ₹297 ₹91 Million
Italy Million Day Extra ₹458 ₹91 Million
Italy Million Day ₹257 ₹91 Million
Hungary Otoslotto ₹211 ₹78 Million
Philippines Ultra Lotto ₹75 ₹75 Million
Australia Monday Lotto ₹87 ₹55 Million
Spain BonoLotto ₹137 ₹45 Million
New Zealand Lotto ₹90 ₹51 Million

How to Play Online Lottery via LottoSmile?

Playing any of the available lotteries via LottoSmile is simple, safe, and secure; here are the steps you need to know and take to start playing world-famous lotteries from India:

  1. Create your LottoSmile account;
  2. Choose from the 45+ lotteries listed on LottoSmile;
  3. Fill in your tickets online (same as if you were purchasing them in person);
  4. Select your numbers manually or by using a random Quick Pick selection;
  5. Click PLAY to complete your order;
  6. Pay for your tickets and confirm the purchase;
  7. Receive an automatic email notification when the order is complete;
  8. A lotto agent will purchase the tickets for you and send you a scanned copy of your tickets;
  9. Wait for the draw to see if you are a winner!

Other Games Available at LottoSmile

Currently, LottoSmile only allows lottery games and related plays like syndicate play, bundles, and raffles. The raffles you can play via LottoSmile are interesting, as these come with guaranteed prizes, as only the numbers purchased will participate in the draw.

Games Available at LottoSmile

Withdrawals & Deposit at LottoSmile

LottoSmile supports deposits in INR via Visa and MasterCard, bank transfers, and lets and allows withdrawals from the platform via Visa and MasterCard and bank transfers. The minimum deposit and withdrawal amount is the same: ₹82.

Withdrawals & Deposit at LottoSmile

How to Deposit at LottoSmile

Depositing funds on LottoSmile is seamless, but you only get two deposit methods now: Visa and MasterCard. Still, here are the steps you need to take to deposit LottoSmile:

  1. Sign in to your LottoSmile account;
  2. Go to Account> Payment Details, and enter your preferred payment method;
  3. Click on the Deposit button and enter the amount you wish to deposit;
  4. You will receive an automatic notification to your email when your deposit is complete.

Deposit at LottoSmile

How to Withdraw from LottoSmile

Withdrawing your wins from LottoSmile is seamless, as the platform has made it almost effortless to do this. Before you can withdraw, you must complete the KYC policy and follow the withdrawal steps:

  1. Sign in to the LottoSmile account
  2. Go to My Account>Withdraw;
  3. Select your preferred withdrawal methods from the drop-down menu;
  4. Enter the amount you wish to withdraw;
  5. Click “Withdraw” to complete the transaction
  6. You will receive an automatic notification to your email when your withdrawal is complete.

Withdraw from LottoSmile

LottoSmile Bonuses & Promotions

LottoSmile has a simple list of promotions that you can find on the promotions page from the main menu. These are straightforward, and we must note that these come with different T&Cs that we’ll outline below:

  • Subscriptions – you can subscribe to your favorite lottery, entering every consecutive draw until you cancel your subscription. With this promo deal, every seventh ticket you play is free;
  • Multi-Draws – you can get the multi-draw package where you purchase lottery tickets in advance and play 5, 10, 25, or 52 consecutive draws with your lucky numbers. With this promo, you get a 25% discount on the regular cost of the tickets;

LottoSmile Bonuses & Promotions

LottoSmile India Review
Deposit bonus 25% off your first purchase!

Terms & Conditions to Play LottoSmile in India

We have read the T&Cs established by LottoSmile, and here we bring you a sum of the most important T&Cs that we feel you must know before you join this lotto messenger service:

  • You must be over 18 to join LottoSmile
  • You can only have one registered account with LottoSmile
  • You must complete the KYC form to be eligible for a withdrawal
  • You must comply with the platform’s T&Cs
  • You must not utilize funds originating from criminal activity
  • You must provide accurate and complete information.

LottoSmile App for Android and iOS

LottoSmile has an iOS and Android version of its mobile app; you can freely download the one that works for your device. Both versions of the LottoSmile app are available via links on the website’s main page; you only need to click on the one you wish to install and follow the on-screen instructions.

LottoSmile App for Android and iOS

The mobile lottery app design follows the same design as the website version. It means you can use your credentials to log into the mobile app and play your favorite world lotteries.

How to Download the LottoSmile App?

The LottoSmile mobile apps for iOS and Android are available via the LottoSmile website. Now, to download these, you need to click on the links, and you’ll see the steps you must follow for each specific app version. The iOS version is available via the App Store, and you can install it as any other iOS app from there. Here are the installation steps for the Android LottoSmile app:

  1. Open the LottoSmile website on your Android device’s browser;
  2. Click on the Android icon to download LottoSmile’s APK file (the file type enables direct installation of Android apps not available via Play Store);
  3. If you get a warning message about downloading files from trusted sources, you must allow the download (the LottoSmile app is safe, secure, and trustworthy);
  4. Once the download is complete, you must click on the Install button (if prompted, you must allow the installation);
  5. When the installation is complete, open the app and purchase lotto tickets!

LottoSmile Customer Support

LottoSmile has an excellent help center on its website. The platform has a very helpful FAQ section where we found all the answers one can possibly imagine about the platform. However, the platform also has incredibly reliable customer support to ensure client satisfaction. A live chat is available 24/7, and the agents are very helpful, knowledgeable, and patient. When we tested the platform with all sorts of questions, they were friendly and patiently answered all our inquiries. You can also contact them via the provided email contact form.

LottoSmile Customer SupportOur Verdict: Should You Play with LottoSmile India?

We tested all the features LottoSmile provides for Indian players, and

  • LottoSmile has 20+ years of experience in the online lottery messenger business;
  • LottoSmile is designed to serve the habits of Indian lottery enthusiasts;
  • LottoSmile has 45+ lotteries on their list;
  • LottoSmile supports deposits and withdrawals in INR via Visa and MasterCard;
  • LottoSmile provides syndicate play, bundles, and raffles;
  • LottoSmile has quick pick and manual number selection options;
  • LottoSmile has excellent bonuses and promo deals.


Who owns LottoSmile?

Serlo Limited owns and operates LottoSmile. Serlo Limited is registered in the Isle of Man (registration number: 134824C), seated at Peveril Buildings, Peveril Square, Douglas, Isle of Man, IM99 1RZ.

Is LottoSmile available in Hindi?

LottoSmile is only available in English.

Can I legally play on LottoSmile from India?

LottoSmile is designed to provide services exclusively to people from India. Because this platform is licensed and regulated in the Isle of Man, you can freely join it from India and play any lottery you want.

Does LottoSmile accept Indian Rupee?

LottoSmile accepts deposits and withdrawals in Indian Rupees.

What are the available payment options at LottoSmile?

Currently, LottoSmile only supports INR deposits via Visa and MasterCard, bank transfers, and certain e-wallets.

How do I withdraw money from LottoSmile?

To withdraw your winnings from LottoSmile, complete the KYC form, then go to Account>Withdraw, select your favorite withdrawal method like Visa, MasterCard, or bank Transfer, and complete the process. Your winnings will be in your account within 1-3 business days.


Deposit bonus 25% off your first purchase!

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