Top #6 Winning Roulette Strategies 

Who doesn’t love spinning Wheels? To your surprise, Roulette is a perfect blend of gambling and entertainment. Roulette is the most popular wheel game and one of its own kinds.  

Roulette is said to be a game of luck or chance as no one can control the wheel spinning and ball landing. You just can’t change the rules by using any of the roulette strategies but you definitely can enhance the odds of your winning by controlling your bank limit, implying the best betting options. 

Keep reading to explore the best winning roulette strategies!


Roulette Strategies Explained

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Different Roulette Strategies

Before you start applying strategies, we suggest you learn the roulette rules as they give you a better perception of the gameplay. Below are some steps that’ll help you apply the best strategy:

  • Choose a strategy with higher winning odds.
  • Always place the safest bets.
  • Set minimum and maximum bet prior to gameplay.
  • Maintain your bankroll.

We cannot call Strategy as cheating. It is just a tool that may bring winning. Applying strategies doesn’t guarantee a definite win. Some of the strategies are aggressive and risky while some works progressively. Let’s get into detail!


This is the most preferred and used strategy. It works best when the chances of winning and losing are 50-50. You have to keep applying this strategy until you win. But we suggest you be careful and smart about your actions else you can lose all your money.

This strategy works best on roulette bets such as Red/Black, High/Low, Even/Odd, and many others. Most of the punters when confidently placing the chips down on the table are using this strategy.

Martingale Strategy Step-by-Step 

  • Always start with small minimum bets as you have the opportunity to double your losing bets.
  • Wager should be low for Black/red; even/odd etc.
  • In case you win, don’t raise your betting limit and if you lose, double your initial wager and place the same bet again.
  • In case you win the second wager, keep the winnings and get back to a smaller amount.
  • If you lose the second wager, double your wagering amount and keep trying again.
  • Continue this process, either you’ll get all your money back or will lose all your money.

Paroli or Reverse Martingale

The logic behind this strategy is to double the bet each time you win and lower them after the losses. As the name indicates it’s a reverse version of Martingale. It works best when you place the minimum bets and bankroll is low. To get the best out of this strategy it is advised to not play more than three game sessions

The major drawback of Paroli; it is extremely risky as if you lose, you’ll lose all your money.

Gun & Run Martingale

This approach follows almost the same rules as that of Martingale. The only difference is, it is less aggressive and risky as compared to the former.

You don’t have to keep placing bets until and unless you win or lose all your money. For example, if you are consistently losing two bets in a Roulette game, guns and runs recommend walking away from such a situation. A player can make a fresh start by placing new bets without losing all of his money in a single game round. This strategy works when there are 50% chances of winning or losing.

Labouchere Strategy

It’s not easy to understand and apply this strategy at first glance. it is based on the cancellation theory that once you have won using some numbers, the numbers will not be used again. This strategy works best when martingale is extremely aggressive. If a player is smart and strategic he/she can definitely enhance the odds of winning.

  • The player has to set a goal of their desired winning amount and a series of small numbers which further is added to the goal.
  • Now, the numbers at the far left and far right of the sequence are added together to know their first bet.
  • If the player wins, the last used numbers are canceled and the next two numbers of the sequence are used to place a new bet.
  • And, if the player losses, the bet amount is added to the far right side of the sequence.

Let’s say you have selected a series (2,3,4,5,6), now you will add the first and last number (2+6=8). if you win, you’ll cancel 2 and 6 from your list of series, and in case you lose, you will add some of the number i.e. 8 to make a new bet.


This is basically a mathematical series that is formed by adding two previous numbers to form new numbers Eg: 1,2,3,5,8,13,21……so on. So, the same rule is applied in the Roulette game also i.e. to add the last two bets together to place a new bet. If you are lucky enough this strategy can profit you with huge payouts.

Fibonacci strategy step by step

  • Start the game by placing a minimum value bet on black/red, high/low numbers.
  • If the player wins the bet, two last bets numbers are added.
  • If the player loses, raise your bet by going down the sequence.
  • Do not continue for a long time, fix a time frame whether you win or lose.


This strategy is also called as the Gambler’s Fallacy based on the progression. The logic behind this strategy is everything should be balanced. For an instance in the roulette game, if bets on red numbers are winning consistently it means black numbered bets will be winning soon. It’s not as risky as other available strategies. Some of the punters refer it to as superstition but to your surprise, this strategy works well in the game.

There are no particular rules for this strategy as it depends on players, they have to put on wagers on the same bet until they win. 

Roulette Bets

There are several versions of roulette (EuropeanAmerican, and French) available in the market. Each version offers different betting options. Once you get familiar with Roulette rules and how to play Roulette, betting becomes an easy task for you. There are two basic categories of Roulette bets that are used most often in Roulette games. 

  1. Inside Bets
  2. Outside Bets

Inside bets

Inside bets are placed on the original numbers only. The chances of winning are low, the house edge is high and the winning payout is low too. There are different variants of roulette like Double ball roulette, you can place a gold bet with a huge payout of 1300:1. You’ll find six inside bets Straight, Corners, Trio, Basket, Split, and Street.

Outside bets

The exact opposite of inside bets is placed on the pairs or combination of numbers like even/odd, high/low, and so on. The odds of winning are high in these bets, the house edge is low and one can get huge payouts. Some of the most commonly used outside bets are High/Low, Even /Odd, Black/Red, Dozen bet, and Column Bet.

Gamble Safely

Though there are plenty of online roulette strategies available, no genuine site will guarantee any win with the use of strategy. So, we advise you to take self-assessment tests that are consistently conducted on the sites to inform you whether you are in control of gambling or not.

The best strategy is to play responsibly and make sure you are not losing all your hard-earned money. We suggest always start with placing minimum bets.


Which is the best bet in roulette?

On the European roulette table, the best bet is said to be en prison which lowers the house edge to half. House edge is about 1.35%. As per En prison rule, the player’s bet is imprisoned if the ball landed on zero.

Which is the best strategy to win online roulette?

A player must focus on outside bets of roulette like high/low, odd/even, red/black. Outside bets are known to be the safest bets with the minimum risk of losing money.

How to win consistently in online roulette?

Always start with the minimum wager on outside bets like Even/odd, black/red. Target the same spot on the table till you succeed. If you win, you can double your bet unless keep sticking to the minimum bets.

What are the odds of winning in roulette?

Roulette is all about luck. No one exactly knows where the ball will land after the wheel is spun. To enhance your winning odds, always opt for the classic European table and start betting with the minimum amount.

Does roulette strategies guarantee win?

No, roulette is more about luck. Once you are aware of all the rules, roulette strategies like Martingale, Fibonacci, D’Alemberts etc; yours odds of winning gets better.

Where to play online roulette for free?

Many reputed and genuine casinos offer online roulette for free like LeoVegas, betway, Purecasinos. So, you don’t need to spend any real money.

Which is the best casino site to play roulette?

You can visit Royal Panda, Spin casino, 10CRIC etc. to get the ultimate gambling experience with different variants of online roulette. All these casinos are licensed and legitimate. So there is no fear of any third-party sources like hackers and money fraudulent.

What are the different roulette strategies?

Martingale, Reverse Martingale, Gun & Run martingale, Fibonacci, Labouchere, D’alemberts are some of the online roulette strategies that help you recognize the patterns and place safe bets.

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