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Best Online Football Betting Sites in India 2024

Football, the most important side thing in the world, is a prevalent sport worldwide. It is the second most-followed sport in India, second only to cricket. Thus, Indian football fans love to watch and bet on football, and here we’ll discuss the best online football betting sites in India in 2024. Please read on as we discuss football betting, football betting tips, football betting predictions, and much more.

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Is Football Betting Legal in India?

Sports betting, and football betting as a part of it is considered a game of skill, making it legal in India. Yet, looking closely at the Federal Indian Gambling Law, called the Public Gaming Act 1867, you will note that there is a specific categorization and legal status of the games of skill and games of chance. Still, the actual legal status of sports betting in India is still unclear, as some states allow sports betting and others don’t.

Sports & football betting is a game of skill – fully legal in India per the PGA!

But the good news is that online football betting in India is unregulated by any law. So any interested sports punter from India can join an international online sports betting platform and bet on football.

Why Bet on Football in India?

In short – because it is fun! Now, to elaborate: sports betting has always appealed to many. Betting holds deep roots in Indian culture, people have always found reasons to bet. The practice has not changed to this day, and most sports fans love to place bets on sports, football included.

The appeal is strong for many reasons; it makes the game more exciting to watch, you can test your football prediction abilities and knowledge. Of course, you get a chance to win real money by betting on football. So to sum up:

  • Betting on football is fun
  • It is deeply rooted in Indian culture
  • It makes the football match more exciting to watch
  • It lets you test your knowledge and predictions on football
  • You get the chance to win real money
Indians bet on football to make the game more exciting to watch!

How to Bet on Football in India?

As we discuss betting in India, we need to emphasize that we are talking about online football betting, as this is your best and most secure football betting option in India. So, here is how to place online football bets in India:

  • Register online – register to a trusted, reputable online football betting site that accepts players from India;
  • Depositing Funds – deposit Indian Rupees using one of the preferred Indian payment methods for easy and convenient depositing;
  • Claiming Welcome Bonuses – claim your welcome bonus and use the free money to learn the ins and outs of the online football betting site;
  • Place a Bet – select the league and the football game you wish to bet on, fill in your bet slip, and place your bet. Enjoy the football match, and hope your team wins;
  • Withdraw your Winnings – if you have been lucky enough to make a correct football prediction and have won the bet, withdraw your winnings via the available withdrawal methods and enjoy your prize!
Prefer to join reputable betting sites to get the best experience!

Football Betting Predictions

Football betting prediction is a forecast of the possible outcome of a football game. Football betting predictions are also called football betting tips. These are provided online by experts who follow everything about the games, the stats, the condition of the players, etc. The data can help them make an informed prediction on the possible outcome of the game.

You can find football betting tips online to help you place smarter bets that have a good chance of being right. Still, we need to outline that if you are a real football fan, you can make your own predictions. Avoid falling under online scams where someone is selling you a “possible winning combination.”

You should not pay someone to give you a football betting prediction!

Betting on Live Football

Most football matches are watched live, and quality online websites have the option for their members to place live bets. The live football bets happen after the start of the football match, and the football betting odds change as the game progresses. Here are the top reasons why people find live betting appealing:

  • Live betting is exciting
  • You can decide how to place a bet based on the progression of the live football match
  • You can watch the football betting odds change as the match progresses
  • You can opt to place a new bet based on the game’s progress
  • You can cash out early of you don’t like the odds

It can’t be easier to bet on live football: you only need to find an online football betting site that supports live betting.

Live football betting happens after the match starts!
20Bet India Review 2024
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Betway India Review 2024

All of the online betting sites we recommend for you here support live betting. Some even have live streaming, which lets you watch the actual live football match via the betting site.

Live streaming is a great way to watch a football game you can’t watch elsewhere!

Next, please create an account, deposit money into it; you can take advantage of the provided welcome bonus. Then, find the live betting section on the online football betting site, see the match schedule and wait for your favorite team to start. Once the match begins, you can place your live football bet and enjoy the game.

Football Betting Bonuses and Promotions

All online betting sites have a welcome promo deal for new members and provide regular promotions for their loyal members. Here we list the most common football betting bonuses and promotions you can find on online betting sites in India:

Welcome Bonus

The welcome bonus is the most common bonus at online betting platforms. Every newly joined member can opt-in to get a welcome bonus. The bonus is usually a percentage match on your initially deposited amount, and you can use this to place a bet on any football match you like.

Free Bet No-Deposit Bonus

Many online betting platforms also offer new members a free no-deposit bonus. This is an exciting bonus, as you don’t have to deposit after joining the football betting site. Instead, you can test the betting options by placing a free bet.

Cashback Bonus

The cashback bonus program gives back a percentage of the amount one has lost on betting. The cashback usually involves getting back from 1% to 8% of the amount you’ve bet (or lost) on the platform, and you can use this money to place more bets.

Free Bet Bonus

A free bet is a bonus that most online football betting sites award at their discretion. Any member can get a free chance, which they can use to bet on a football match of their choice.

Refer a Friend Bonus

The Refer a Friend bonus is a commonly found promotional program with online football betting sites. You can refer the online betting site to a friend via a special referral code. If they join the platform using your referral code, you get a special prize, a bonus amount, or a certain percentage of their initial bet amount.

Bonuses are free money you can use to try the betting site!

Top Payment Methods When Betting on Football in India

To bet on football in India via an online betting site, you must have an appropriate payment method that works for you. To comply with Indian laws, Indian people should only use Indian Rupees when making online payments. So, when you join an online football betting site in India, make sure they accept payments in Indian Rupees and have Indian-favorite deposit methods.

How to Choose a Football Betting Site in India?

You’ve come to the right place when it comes to selecting an online betting site in India. We have made a comprehensive list of the factors you need to know when choosing a football betting site in India:

  • Football Odds – the football odds determine the payout you get on your bet. Make sure you choose a betting site with good odds;
The odds determine your winning, so choose a site with good odds!
  • Bonuses and Promotions – check the available bonuses and promo deals and join a betting site that has the most appealing perks for you;
  • Turnover/Wagering Requirements – each bonus and promo deal comes with a wagering requirement, called a turnover requirement. It is a mandatory amount of money you must bet to access to the money you’ve won using the bonus amount;
Look for a bonus with low wagering requirements!
  • Live Streaming and Live Betting – live betting and live streaming of football matches are also important to check. Many bettors find live betting and live football streaming a great option with their selected online betting site.
  • Deposit and Withdraw – Indians should use Indian Rupees when making online payments. Any Indian should choose online betting sites with deposits and withdrawals in Indian Rupees. Also, these should have the payment methods Indians prefer.
Join sites that accept deposits in India Rupees!
  • Mobile Betting – opt to review and join quality online betting sites that have dedicated mobile apps that facilitate placing bets and offer other perks for sports bettors.
  • Safety and Security – online safety and security are vital when joining any online platform, especially when you join an online football betting site.
Join only trusted online betting sites that have high regard for data safety and security!

Types of Football Bets

Let us now talk about the types of bets you can place on football in India. Here we’ll list the most popular football bets you can place on online betting sites in India:

  • Match Winner – the bet with the prediction of who will win the match is the most common football bet you can place;
  • Goals (Under/Over) – try to guess how many goals will be scored during the football match;
  • Correct Score – predict the correct score at the end of the football match;
  • Half-Time/Full-Time Score – predict the half-time and the full-time scores;
  • Outright Bets – this bet is placed on the outcome of the entire tournament/league/competition instead of the outcome of a single football match;
  • Football Accumulator Bets –accumulator bets are quite popular, including placing bets on several matches and accumulating the odds into one bet slip.
Predicting a match winner is the most popular football bet. outright bet has highest odds!

Football Betting Tips for Indians

Before you go and place a football bet in India, please read our betting tips that might help you place better bets:

  • Learn the game – learn the rules of the game, the judge’s decisions, and everything else that may impact the outcome of the football game;
  • Follow stats – follow the statistics and bet on the team that has the best winning chance;
  • Bet impartially – stay impartial when placing a bet, and don’t involve emotions when placing a bet;
  • Keep a record of your bets – having an insight into your betting is essential to keep track of your spending and having an insight into your winnings;
  • Enjoy the small wins – it is more common to win several smaller bets. This is a valuable strategy overlooked by many, but it is a successful plan, as you can start small and enjoy every win.
Enjoy every small bet win, as you can better learn the game!

Popular Football Tournaments & Events to Bet On

Here we list the top football tournaments and events anyone in India can bet on. These are the most famous football events worldwide and attract a significant following:

UEFA Champions League

The most famous football club competition is an annual football club competition organized by UEFA. This tournament starts in late June, and the final match concludes in late May. It is the top club competition in Europe and one of the most famous in the world.

The Champions League is the favorite international football event for bettors.

FIFA World Cup

The FIFA World Cup is an international football competition that happens once every four years. The top senior men’s national teams compete in a tournament phase, 32 teams enter the competition. The World Cup is one of the most anticipated football events in the world, both for fans and bettors.

English Premier League

The English Premier League is England’s highest level of men’s football league system. It has 20 teams and the season runs from August to May, with matches played every Saturday and Sunday afternoon. It is by far the most-watched sports league in the world and is a favorite among sports bettors in India.

Indians love to bet on the English Premier League!

Olympic Football

Football was introduced to the Olympics in 1908, became a part of the Summer Olympics, and became the most popular and viewed sport in the Olympics. It is also a favorite among football bettors in India.

Should You Bet on Football in India? 

We will conclude that if you are a football fan, you should try your luck with football betting in India. It would be best if you were careful to join reputable online betting sites catering to Indian people. We outlined the essential things you need to note when entering an online football betting site in India. Here is a list of the top online betting sites that carry football and have excellent terms for Indian betting enthusiasts:

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Is online football betting legal in India?

While officially, sports betting is classified as a game of skill and is thereby legal in India. The actual legality differs on a state level. However, online betting is not regulated. Anyone can take advantage of this fact and join an international online football betting site and place a bet on any football match they want.

Can I make real money betting on football online?

If you play smartly, you can make real money via online betting. However, you should follow our advice only to join reputable online football betting sites and adopt a wise betting strategy.

Is live betting an option for Indian bettors?

Yes, live betting is an available option for Indian bettors. Reputable online betting platforms we’ve suggested for you here all have live betting for their members.

Do football betting sites accept Indian Rupees?

Reputable online betting sites that cater to Indian bettors accept deposits in Indian Rupees. It makes it easier for Indian bettors to join these platforms, deposit money, and start placing football bets.