Lottoland Casino Review 2022

Online gambling has taken the Indian market by the storm and has grown to unprecedented heights. Indeed the industry is worth over billions of Rupees every year. However, only half is legal betting. International gambling has different sets of laws, which can be confusing.

Although gambling is a bit restricted in India, many states allow online casino gambling. The advantage of online gambling is that it can navigate the strict regulations since, as of now, there exists no act of law that prohibits Indian online players from staking money online. The future is bright, and with many licensed casinos, Indian gamblers can bet and win lucrative prizes. One perfect example of a gambling site is Lottoland, which is one of the biggest lotteries in the world.

In our review, we explore the Lottoland lottery in India and give some insight into the different features. Keep reading.

Lottoland Online Lottery

Lottoland India: An Overview

Lottoland online lottery has been around since 2013, and within this short period, it has managed to emerge one of the most popular betting sites in the world with a huge following.

Lottoland has outsmarted the competition due to high-quality products and a good reputation. Additionally, Lottoland has a big selection of lotteries in the world and has new releases quite often.In a nutshell, Lottoland has a reputation for fairness and quick payouts.

Lottoland website offers bets on big lotteries like amazing jackpots with huge amounts and has a wide variety of games. The Lottoland casino has table games and popular video slots that guarantee instant wins. Even better, there are scratch cards, and hence it attracts lots of clients globally. Best of all, Lottoland has international lotteries such as Euro Millions, US Powerball, and Euro Jackpots.

International Lotteries Available On Lottoland

As earlier mentioned, Lottoland has some of the most popular lotteries in the world. Although these lotteries are released in Europe and US, Indian players can participate online by placing a bet through ticket purchase and subsequently win.

Indian players participate in Lottoland lotteries for odds and other affordable stakes. For instance, staking your money on lotteries costs less than when you buy a ticket. There are many lotteries to choose, and instead of spending your money on a ticket, you can stake and win huge jackpots.

Additionally, Lottoland has a double-jackpot feature that allows you to have a double win. There’s also another feature for new players to join a syndicate and place a bet, thus getting a chance to win some money.

Here we look at some of these lotteries. Read on.


US Powerball

The US Powerball is one of the popular lotteries in the US, where players win enormous jackpots. It’s been around for many decades, and there are two draws every week. Thanks to Lottoland, Indian players can participate in this  lottery without leaving India. How amazing!

One unique thing about US Powerball is that you can choose five numbers between 1-69 and a Powerball between 1-26. After selecting the play option, you can increase your chance of winning by X10.

Powerball has had many payouts than other lotteries with millions of dollars ending in players’ pockets. If an Indian player wins the lottery, they can claim the win via the same process as in the US. You can purchase the through Lottoland, and there’s a tax applicable of 30% of the winnings.


Euro Millions

Euro Millions is one of the popular lotteries globally with an impressive jackpot that starts at 17 million euros and with a cap of 190 million euros. Other than that, it has enormous draws where winners can take home 130 million euros.

The draws are held in Paris every Tuesday and Friday, where winners can win cash prizes and the jackpot. Here, you get to select numbers between 1 and 50 and choose the other two numbers between 1 and 12. Although most of the players are in Europe, it does allow participants from across the globe. The combo bet will enable players to increase their chances by two.

There easy steps to follow. First, join the Lottoland website and click on the Euro millions link. You’ll receive a Euro million ticket as a proof that you’ve purchased. When a Jackpot reaches a cap, it rolls over at least four times before it’s won.


Euro Jackpot

Euro jackpot has been around since 2012 and is available in Europe. It’s almost similar to Euro millions in terms of betting and payout structure. The lottery has spread to other parts of the world, and India is no exception. The cap amount for the Euro jackpot is 90 million euros.

You can play the Euro Jackpot million lottery in India by purchasing a ticket online. You’ll need a trusted operator such as Lottoland and place your bet.


SuperEnalotto Max

SuperEnalotto Max is yet another jackpot available on the Lottoland online casino. It traces its origin in Italy and has been around since 1997. There are lots of prizes, including massive jackpots for winners. Even though it’s an Italian Jackpot, players from all over the world can participate online. Indian players can buy tickets and join in this frenzy.

There are draws every Tuesdays, including Saturdays. The jackpot for SuperEnalotto is massive and rolls over to other draws if there are no prizes. The enormous amount won was 248 million dollars in 2010 and shared amongst seventy players who joined as a group. To buy a ticket in India, you can buy online from reputable casinos such as Lottoland. We recommend Indian players to only buy from trusted agencies.

Other Products Available on Lottoland

Other than the lotteries, there are other products available on Lottoland.  You can stake your money on a wide selection of games, video slots, classic table games and live dealer games. Here we look at these other products available on Lottoland.

Video slot games

Other than the lotteries, there is a wide selection of high-quality video slots games from reputable software providers such as NetEnt, Microgaming as well as Yggdrasil gaming.

Most slots are classic and new versions with excellent graphics. With more than 100 video slots, new launches are added regularly, and hence Indian players have a wide variety to choose.

Generally, Lottoland is no longer a lottery website but a fully-fledged gaming site.

Video slot games

Instant games

Apart from the video slots, Indian players also have a chance to win on instant games. Both El Gordo and Euro millions have instant versions where you don’t have to bet in a lottery and wait to win. The draws are instant, and you can win massive amounts.

Another type of game is Keno, which is an example of Slingo games. Here you can win huge amounts of up to one million Euros after placing a lower bet.

Scratch cards

The other feature is the scratch cards, which are usually on offer. These include Dream car, Instant Millionaire, Everyday Payday, Lucky Irish, and Dream Car, which offer a good opportunity to win that buying the cards from the shops.

Classic table games

Like any other Indian online casino, Lottoland offers Indian players a wide variety of table games. Some of the classic tables include blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and hold em poker. There are virtual options where Indian players get to interact with real dealers. Therefore Lottoland casino offers a wide variety of games to give you the ultimate gambling experience.

If you’re a new player, you can practice with these classic games and have the best strategy in place to win. Lottoland is a fully-functional casino, and its lotteries are some of the best products available on the website.

Live Casino Games

The live casino games include the different classic roulette variations and live blackjack, where you can choose a strategy to win. Baccarat is a famous card game that you can play at Lottoland live dealer online casino. If you’re a fan of poker, then there’s some action for you in the live dealer room where you get to play live hold ’em poker. Players can stream the live games in HD video, and this offers a real casino experience.

Whether you want to participate in lotteries, video slots games, instant lotteries, or live table games, these options are available on different types of devices such as the Mac, PC, or mobile phones.

Play Lottoland On Mobile

For most Indian players, the mobile phone offers a lot in terms of convenience. The reason for this is that you can get to play your favorite game anywhere on the go. Luckily, you can download the Lottoland app from the Play Store or app store, depending on the type of gadget you’re using.

The most common phones in India are iOS and Android versions. However, you can also play Lottoland using a tablet or any other smartphone. Also, a Blackberry, Windows Phone, Sony, Surface Pro, Samsung Galaxy, among others, are suitable devices where you can download the app and access the website.

Players can also play directly through an intern browser where you can place a lottery bet and play a wide variety of games.

Lottoland Security Concerns

Like any other gambling website, Indian players’ must register their personal details when joining. The Gibraltar Gambling Commission issues licenses and regulates the activities of Lottoland. The safety of players is guaranteed since it’s an Encrypted system that ensures their privacy is not interfered with. Additionally, this protects their financial details from falling into the wrong hands.

Indian players need not worry about the safety of the information they provide to Lottoland. This website offers a secure platform for all the players, and since it’s licensed, there’s no need to worry. The website uses 28 bit SSL encryption, which is the most recent version so that your privacy is protected and funds secured. When it comes to international lotteries, the huge prizes are insured, and in case you win, you’ll receive your prize fairly and with maximum security.

Lottoland Casino Bonuses

If you’re a new member, you’re eligible for a welcome bonus, including a free lottery bet. This bet is available upon signing up to the website. Therefore this essentially means you can strike a massive jackpot by paying absolutely nothing. A new Indian player can choose to bet small amounts on the popular Euro Millions lottery or the Powerball. For you to claim the free tick to join Lottoland, simply fill your details, which take only a few minutes. Then, pick a free bet, and for this, you don’t need a promo code since it’s automatically available to new members.

Other than the incredible welcome bonus, you also have a chance to participate in lots of promotions. However, these are only available for members. From here, you can win prize draws, cash awards, free spins, and free bets. The website has updates where are new offers or promotions, so you can keep on checking. Thankfully, Lottoland has a Facebook page and Twitter handle, which you can follow to get more information on upcoming competitions, prizes, free bets, or scratch cards. One good thing with Lottoland is that it’s such a rewarding online casino website where Indian players can stake and win.

Reliable Customer Service At Lottoland

Lottoland befits the status of a reputable online casino, and as such, it has a huge customer base. For this reason, their customer service is a world-class unit with many operators who respond to your concerns and any questions you may have. Other than that, you can contact their customer service via email, telephone, or live chat. The response is within 24 hours, and if you don’t need instant answers, you can visit the FAQ page at the Support and Feedback section. Here, you’ll find lots of questions and Answers that offer a lot of information for members.

How To Make Payments With Lottoland?

Unlike other popular online casinos such as LeoVegas and Royal Panda, Lottoland India has few payment solutions to deposit and withdraw. But, these payments are widely accepted in India. Some of the popular methods include credit cards or debit cards. However, you need to consult your bank first to activate your card for online transactions. Other methods include e-wallet solutions such as Skrill and Neteller. You can also request your bank to make a direct funds transfer. A Rupay card is a popular Indian payment solution that can work with Lottoland. Although these methods are suitable, e-wallets solutions are the most reliable since they are an instance.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs) About Lottoland

Can I play international lotteries with Lottoland in India?

Yes, you can. Lottoland offers Indian players the opportunity to bet in some of the world’s largest lotteries, such as the US Powerball and Euro Millions. All you need is to register online and purchase a ticket.

What other games are available on Lottoland casino for Indian players?

Other than lotteries, you can get an authentic casino experience with Lottoland. You can participate in live dealer games such as live roulette and live baccarat. You can also play video slots as well as classic table games.

How can I deposit/withdraw money from Lottoland in India?

There are several options to deposit or withdraw money. You can use e-wallet solutions, debit/credit cards, and a direct bank transfer.

How can I access Lottoland offers and promotions in India?

You can access offers via the Lottoland website. Similarly, you can follow social media pages such as Facebook and Twitter to stay updated about current offers/promotions.

Can I access the Lottoland casino via my mobile phone in India?

Yes, you can. Lottoland mobile version is available for players across India via their Android or iOS devices, which allow you to play the game on the go.

Where can I buy a lottery ticket in India?

You can buy it via the Lottoland website. You’ll need to join first and sign-up. After filling your details, you’ll receive one free ticket to bet and probably win a lottery without spending a penny.


Lottoland is a major site for lottery betting and is popular in India. However, other products such as live casino games, classic table games, instant lottery games, and more make one of the strongest in the industries. The websites offer you the chance to bet on international lotteries anywhere in the world. Therefore you don’t have to reside in a particular country to participate in the lotteries.

Other unique features include jackpot hunt, double jackpot, number shield, and subscriptions that enhance your experience. Players can play for real money, and new players can test their skills on the demo option. On this, we recommend Lottoland casino for Indian players.


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