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How to Play Blackjack: The Gameplay Ultimate Guide!

Playing blackjack is simple; you must reach 21 or closest to 21 and beat the dealer without going bust. You will get two cards from the dealer, and depending on them, you can get a third card, but there are other decisions you must make to get the best winning chance. These are a part of the blackjack gameplay which we discuss at length here.

But we will also cover all the bases and share how to play blackjack in most casinos, where to play online blackjack and everything else you need to know about this exciting casino game. Read on to learn the particulars, and see our top favorite online casinos in India where you can play a round or two of blackjack!

The Goal of Blackjack 

The main goal of blackjack is to reach a score of 21 (or closest to 21), beat the dealer, and not go over 21. The blackjack objective makes the game exciting and appealing to many, primarily because of the 3:2 payout – for every ₹2000 you bet, you stand to win ₹3000. Most top online casinos in India, such as 888Casino and 10Cric, have excellent blackjack options for their players.

Blackjack Gameplay Explained

In blackjack, you must beat the dealer’s hand without going over a score of 21; if you reach a score of 21, it’s referred to as blackjack. It is a relatively simple game to understand, but the excitement and suspense make it tempting and a fan favorite among many Indian casino lovers. Here we give you a rundown of the blackjack rules and gameplay that you will encounter at all online casinos.

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1. You Need to Buy Casino Chips or Deposit Money

The first thing you need to do before joining a blackjack game is to buy your chips. If you play at a brick-and-mortar casino, you will do this at the cashier’s desk. At online casinos, you need to deposit money using your preferred deposit method, and you’ll see the available bankroll you can use to play your chosen blackjack game.

2. You Need to Place a Wager

Then, you select and join the blackjack table, and you must place a wager. The wager amount depends on the table, as each blackjack table has minimum and maximum bet amounts. This is clearly outlined on your screen at online casinos, and at land-based casinos, the dealer shares the table minimum.

3. The Dealer Deals the Cards

After you join the blackjack table and place your initial wager, the dealer deals the cards. The players get two cards face-up, and the dealer gets one hole card that is face-down and one face-up at the start of the round. You need to sum up the value of the two cards and see your score. If you get a score of 21, it is a natural blackjack, an automatic win. If not, then you have the option to ask for another card.

4. You Decide How to Play

If you have a score lower than 17, you can ask for another card, in which case, you ask for a Hit. If you are happy with your cards, you tell the dealer to Stand. You can also use Split, Double Down, or Surrender; these actions depend on your current hand. To learn more about this, please follow our article on the blackjack rules you can use.

5. The Dealer Makes their Play, and the Winner is Decided

After you make your play, the dealer reveals their face-down card and makes their play following the table rules. If the dealer’s hand is lower than 17, they must take a hit. Then you compare your hand to the dealer’s, and whoever has a score closest to 21 wins the round. Please note that if your hand goes over 21, you go bust and lose the round.

6. Cards’ Values

Now that you know how to play blackjack, we must outline the card’s values used in blackjack. The numbered cards (1-10) have their face value, the face cards (K, Q, J) are worth 10 points, and the Ace can be valued as 1 or 11, depending on whichever is more beneficial at the moment.

7. An Example Round of Blackjack

To clarify things, here is an example round of blackjack: you place your bet and get your cards, followed by this gameplay:

  • You get a 9 and a 3; the dealer’s face-up card is a King.
  • You score 12, while the dealer’s King is valued at 10. The best action for you is to ask for a Hit, as it is possible to get a card lower than 10, in which case you will get a score very close to 21.
  • Your Hit card is 8, your score is 20, and you decide to stand.
  • The dealer reveals their face-down card, a 9, bringing their score to 19.
  • You have the winning hand, and you get the payout!

Blackjack Table Layout

Blackjack is played on a table with a specific layout: the players are arranged in a semi-circle around the table, with the dealer standing in the center on the other side. This way, the dealer stands at an equal distance from all the players to comfortably distribute the cards. Each player has a playing field in front of them where they get their cards and make bets.

In online live dealer blackjack, like at most casinos like the one you can play at 22Bet, the player watches the dealer on the screen, but the dealer sits at a standard casino blackjack table. In an RNG-run online blackjack variety, the table layout is slightly changed, as this blackjack variety is often played one-on-one, and there is no live dealer.

Blackjack Betting Options

The initial bet in blackjack is placed when the player joins the table. But after the dealer deals the cards, if there is no natural win on the table, there are appropriate actions the player can take. Here is a table with the blackjack actions the players have:

Action Meaning
Hit Get another card
Double down Double the initial bet when you have a good hand
Split Split the same suit cards into two hands
Stand Stop making any actions and don’t get any cards
Surrender Forfeit the hand and lose only half the same value of the initial bet

What are Blackjack Outcomes?

Depending on the card hand combinations, blackjack has several possible outcomes. Knowing these is important, as you can use these to improve your game strategy and get better winning chances:

  • Bust

Bust means that the blackjack hand (yours or the dealer) has gone over 21, and it is an immediate loss, and no payout is given to the party that goes bust. You can go bust before the round ends if your third card brings your card score over 21.

  • Push

After you and the dealer make your final moves, you need to compare the scores of the hands, and if yours and the dealer’s hands are the same, you get a tie, known as a push. The push is also considered no action, and the dealer refunds the player’s bet.

  • Insurance

Insurance is a betting option in blackjack where you bet that the dealer will get a natural blackjack, and it requires you to invest half your initial bet. If the dealer indeed gets a 21, then you get a 2:1 payout. If the dealer does not score 21, you will lose the initial bet but will get a 1:1 payout on the insurance amount.

  • Surrender

A surrender is a viable option in blackjack, and per this rule, you can surrender your hand and half your bet after the initial deal if you have a particularly poor hand and the dealer has a strong face-up card. Surrendering means you withdraw from the round and get half your money back.

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How to Play Different Online Blackjack Varieties?

Playing blackjack is simple and very attractive for players looking for excitement and thrill. But there are several online varieties. We’ve listed the most famous blackjack varieties you can play:

  • American Blackjack – one of the most common blackjack varieties found in most online and land-based casinos. In this variant, the dealer gets their hole or face-down card before the player makes any decisions regarding their hand.
  • European Blackjack – a popular online blackjack variant, and in this one, the dealer does not get their hole or face-down card until the player decides on their hand.
  • Lightning Blackjack – the Lightning Blackjack variant is a popular game provided by Evolution Gaming. While the general rules are the same as with standard blackjack, there is the Lightning element – the players collect 2x up to 25x payouts by winning two or more consecutive hands.

Play blackjack different variants at top online casinos like 10Cric, Betway, or 22Bet.

How Do You Play Virtual Blackjack?

To play virtual blackjack variant, you must join a virtual blackjack game, enter the required bet amount and click on the dealer to deal the cards. Then, check your hand and make the appropriate decisions by clicking on the possible options.

When satisfied with your hand, click the stand option, and the automated virtual blackjack dealer will do the rest. Learning the game and the rules by playing virtual blackjack is a great option, as honing your skills as a blackjack player before you move on to real-money blackjack.

Virtual blackjack is a computer-generated game; you can easily play this by yourself. An RNG runs the virtual blackjack table, and you can play for free using virtual money.

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How Do You Play Blackjack with a Live Dealer?

To play live dealer blackjack, join an online casino of your choice, and find the live dealer blackjack option you like. Then, add the required table bet and start the round. The dealer, located in a live casino studio with multiple cameras, will deal the card hands, and you will see your cards displayed on the blackjack table.

After making any necessary decision (hit, stand, split, or double down), the dealer will continue the round until the dealer shows which one is the winner. If you are lucky enough to win the live dealer blackjack game, your winnings will be added to your online casino account.

Live dealer blackjack offers you the closest experience to playing at a land-based casino as you interact with the dealer and other players. Playing live dealer blackjack is a fascinating online casino game that you can play at 20Bet.

Card Counting

When playing blackjack, you can also use a blackjack strategy known as card counting. Per this strategy, you count the high-value cards (aces, 10, J, Q, and K), the low-value cards (7, 8, 9), and the bad cards (2, 3, 4, 5, 6). Then, based on the probability of the frequency of the high and low-value cards, you determine whether you should place a higher or a lower bet.

It is simple to count cards in blackjack, but you need an excellent memory, and this practice does not guarantee you’ll win. Still, when applied correctly, it can boost your winning chances, and there is a limited number of high and low cards. There are several card counting strategies that we’ve covered at length in a separate post.

How to Claim a Blackjack Bonus?

All online casinos have welcome bonuses for new members, and most online casinos run regular promo deals you can use to play your favorite casino game. So, when you join an online casino, you need to check the best bonuses and see if you can use these to play blackjack. To claim your blackjack bonus, you need to:

  • Join an online casino with an appealing blackjack bonus
  • Check the available bonus T&Cs
  • Make the minimum required deposit
  • Claim the bonus and use it to play your favorite game

How to Withdraw Blackjack Winnings?

If you win big at blackjack, you can easily withdraw your winnings as many of the top online casinos have made a seamless withdrawal process. Still, you must verify your casino account and fill out the KYC/AML policy forms. After completing this, make a withdrawal request, entering your preferred amount. After the withdrawal request is approved, your winnings will be in your account in a day or two.

How to Find the Best Online Blackjack Casino in India

Finding the best online blackjack casino in India is effortless with our advice. You must find an online blackjack casino with an active casino license, beautiful and helpful design, varied game offers, Indian-favored deposit and withdrawal methods, and excellent customer support. We check all the casinos we recommend, thus being able to provide you with sage advice on the best online blackjack casinos in India. We’ve narrowed our selection down to several online blackjack casinos that check all the conditions we tested:

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Blackjack House Edge

Like all casino games, blackjack has a house edge calculated into the odds. This is the amount the casino will take from the placed bets, and in the game of blackjack, the house edge averages at about 2%: for every ₹100 you bet, the casino will take ₹2. Still, the house edge depends on the following factors:

  • The number of decks used in the blackjack game: single or multi-deck game;
  • The type of win (natural win or dealer bust);
  • The dealer is standing on soft 17;
  • The option to double down after splitting the hand.

How to Avoid Online Blackjack Beginner’s Mistakes? 

To avoid online blackjack beginner mistakes, you need to apply a basic or a good blackjack strategy and have a plan in place. Even if you are not a professional blackjack player, you can learn the common tips that can help you avoid making basic mistakes that can be quite costly:

  • Avoid placing insurance bets;
  • Always double down on Hard 11;
  • Double down on 8 against the dealer’s 5 or 6 up cards;
  • Stand with a pair of 9’s if the dealer has 7 up card;
  • Never split a pair of 5’s or 10’s;
  • Always split a pair of Aces and 8’s.


Is online blackjack legal in India?

Online blackjack played at an international, licensed online casino in India is perfectly legal; Indian law does not forbid playing games of luck at offshore casino platforms.

Is online blackjack worth playing?

Online blackjack is worth playing, as this game can be an exciting way to pass some time and get the chance to win real money. However, you need to join a reputable online casino where you can be safe and secure while playing online blackjack.

How do you beat the dealer?

In blackjack, to beat the dealer, you need to get a better score than the dealer, equal to or closest to 21, without going over 21.

How do you lose to the dealer?

In blackjack, to lose to the dealer, you need to have a score over 21, or the dealer to get a better score than you that is closest to 21.

Where to play real money blackjack online in India?

You can play real money blackjack online in India at one of our trusted online casinos. We recommend you try 888Casino, 20Bet, 22Bet, 1xBet, 10Cric or Betway, as we’ve found these to provide impeccable blackjack opportunities.

Can you play blackjack online for free?

Yes, you can play blackjack online for free, as most online casinos have free demo versions of their most popular blackjack variants for new members.

How to play blackjack like a pro?

To play blackjack like a pro, you must remember and implore an excellent strategy and even learn how to count cards.

How to play blackjack without money?

You can play blackjack without money at a free online blackjack simulator for fun or at an online casino that allows demo games. Otherwise, you must make an account and deposit money to play online blackjack.

How to play blackjack with 2 players?

You can play blackjack with 2 players at any online live dealer casino game, as the standard blackjack table seats six players.

How to play blackjack online for real money?

To play blackjack online for real money, you need to join a trusted online casino like 10Cric, 888Casino or 20Bet, make a deposit, and select and join the blackjack game you want.

How to play blackjack double-deck?

Double-deck blackjack is played with two card decks, and it has the same rules as a single-deck blackjack games or a six-deck blackjack variant. Still, the double-deck blackjack has a lower house edge and is preferred by blackjack pros that are experts in counting cards.