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Rahul Arora: Our Slot & Casino Expert

We hired Rahul Saini as a fresh recruit in 2020. The man amused us with his potential to unlock the hidden secret about the online casino Industry. Rahul Arora has a real experience of playing at many of the brick-and-mortar casinos in India and other countries. Luckily Rahul has proved to be an asset for ProIndianCasinos. His personal experience helped us in writing better reviews and revealing all the myths, facts of the online casinos.

Rahul is worth reading for! Let’s quickly take a look at his profile!

Rahul Arora

Personal Information
  • Born:04.12.1990
  • Economics
  • Job Profile:Casino Expert
  • My Favourite Quote:“The road to success and the road to failure are almost exactly the same.”

My story: How I became a Slot & Casino Expert?

Hi! I am Rahul Arora; born and raised in Goa. I love everything about goa from beaches, the surroundings, and not to forget the casinos. I have been hearing a lot about casinos since my childhood. Nothing is new to me as I have tried almost all the casino games like Roulette, poker, blackjack, etc. at popular casinos of goa. The casino environment has always fascinated me.

I have completed my bachelor’s in Economics and luckily got hired by ProIndianCasinos in an online interview. I always have wanted to do something new. So, my experience and their job offer were perfect for both of us.

I started working for them in June 2020 and it’s been a year almost now. Our team of 4 members is deliberately putting lots of effort into taking our site to new heights.

We work with a single objective to entertain our Indian audience by sharing in-depth knowledge about the gambling Industry.

Like a coin has two sides; online casinos always have some pros and cons. So I highly recommend my Indian players to only pick the legal and verified casinos to avoid any prosecutions.

Check our game guides or casino reviews, we have done all the hard work for you! I really hope you’ll appreciate our efforts.

My job description: What I do?

I am working as a slot and casino expert for ProIndianCasinos. Having an enormous amount of experience playing at online and offline casinos. I am the advisor with in-depth knowledge about casinos, casino games with better RTP, and far beyond that. Take a look at my key roles:

  • Providing behind-the-scenes information on the exact working of casinos.
  • In-depth analysis of the Online Gambling Industry &  our competitors.
  • Updating the site with changing casino trends & newly launched games.
  • To help players sharing the best winning strategies on our site.
  • How to become a professional casino player?
  • Pros and cons of playing video poker games and so on.
  • To share RTP stats, graphics, and animation experience of a casino.

I always try that our readers turned online casino players enjoy the gambling experience and taking a lot of money at home.

You can Ask me anything

Which is your favorite slot game?

Whether it’s about playing traditional or modern slot games; My love for slots is eternal. Fruit reels, avenger-themed slots and mega moolah slots jackpot are among my top favorites. Need any suggestions about Slots with the best RT; I am always ready to help you.

What if a live dealer makes a mistake?

This has happened to me in one of the sea-based goa casino. It was a misdeal on the poker table and my hand value was declared as dead. Though mistakes are rare. But somehow the pit boss’ll fix it for you by offering other cards.

Is free bet blackjack worth playing?

Yes, of course! I have tried this online casino game. The initial bets are placed like the regulat blackjack variant. But you are allowed to take some actions for free. Like double down or split a pair or double down on 9, 10, or 11.

Any suggestions about playing Online Slot Machines?

The payouts are fixed in slot machines. The house always has the upper hand. They usually pays less than the size of your bet. Winning is random while playing this game and can favour either of player or house.