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Rahul Arora: Our Slot & Casino Expert

We hired Rahul Arora in 2020; he amused us with his potential to unlock the hidden secrets of the online casino Industry. Rahul Arora has genuine experience playing at the few offline casinos in India and other countries, which has proved that Rahul is an asset for ProIndianCasinos. His real-world casino experience helped us write better reviews and reveal all the online casinos’ myths and facts.

Rahul is worth reading for! Here is a quick peek at his profile!

Rahul Arora

Personal Information
  • Born:04.12.1990
  • Economics
  • Job Profile:Casino Expert
  • My Favourite Quote:“The road to success and the road to failure are almost exactly the same.”

My Story: How I Became A Slot & Casino Expert?

Hi! I am Rahul Arora; I was born and raised in Goa. I love everything about Goa; the beaches, the nature, and, let’s not forget the land-based casinos. I have heard much about casinos since childhood; the casino environment has always fascinated me. Luckily, I have tried almost all the casino games at popular Goa casinos, like roulette, poker, blackjack, etc.

I started working for ProIndianCasinos in June 2020, and it’s been a few years of fruitful cooperation. Together, we work like a well-oiled machine that continuously puts high-quality content that helps take our platform to new heights. Our primary objective is to entertain our Indian readers and educate them by sharing in-depth knowledge about the Indian gambling industry.

I must emphasize that online casinos always have pros and cons. Thus, I highly recommend to my Indian readers to pick and join legal and verified casinos to avoid legal prosecution and get the best online casino experience.

I suggest you check our game guides or casino reviews, as we have done all the hard work for you by bringing you honest, trustworthy reviews and guides, and I really hope you’ll appreciate our efforts.

My Job Description: What I Do?

I am working as a slot and casino expert for ProIndianCasinos. With my extensive experience playing at online and offline casinos, I am the primary advisor with in-depth knowledge about casinos, casino games with better RTP, and much more. Here are some of my key roles:

  • To provide behind-the-scenes information on the exact working of casinos;
  • In-depth analysis of the online gambling industry & our competitors;
  • Updating the site with changing casino trends & newly launched games;
  • Helping players by sharing the best winning strategies;
  • Helping our readers become a professional casino player;
  • Sharing the pros and cons of playing the various online casino games;
  • Sharing the RTP stats, graphics, and overall experience with a given online casino in India.

I’m always here to help any of our readers who want to become an online casino player; also, anyone can come to me for advice on gambling experience and how to get the best chances to win some money by having fun at online casinos.

You Can Ask Me Anything

Which is your favorite slot game?

Whether it’s about playing traditional or modern slot games, my love for slots is eternal. Among my top favorites are fruit reels, avenger-themed slots, and the Mega Moolah slots jackpot. I’m always here to help anyone looking for suggestions about online slots with the best RTPs.

What if a live dealer makes a mistake?

Interestingly, this has happened to me in one of the sea-based casinos in Goa. It was a misdeal on the poker table, and my hand value was declared dead. Fortunately, the pit boss fixed the issue then, and the game continued as it should. Should this happen during a live casino game online, which is pretty rare, the studio will undoubtedly take care of the issue.

Is free bet blackjack worth playing?

Yes, of course! I have tried playing this online casino game, and I like how the initial bets are placed like the regular blackjack variant. However, in the free bet blackjack, you can make free actions, like double down or split a pair, and my advice is to always use these to your advantage.

Any suggestions about playing online slot machines?

The payouts are fixed in slot machines. Please note that the house always has the upper hand and that slots usually pay less than the size of your bet. Winning online slots is random, and the outcome can favor the house or the player. My advice is to start with low bets and play for fun!