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Best Real Money Casino Apps To Play Online In India

Indian gambling industry is vibrant and has countless online casino apps. Without a doubt, like any industry, there are good ones and not so good ones. These are downloadable from App Store or Play store, and due to variety, it can be tricky trying to pick the right one.

For an expert, picking the right app could be easy; however, for a beginner; things can get a little complicated. Worry less; we have a comprehensive review to help you decide on the best opting that will meet your needs. We shall have a detailed comparison of fake and real money apps. Read on as we explore the topic.

Our Recommended Online Casinos Apps In India

20Bet India Review 2022 20Bet India Review 2022
Up To ₹10,000 Bonus for Indians

Jackpot Guru Casino India Review 2022 Jackpot Guru Casino India Review 2022
Up To ₹100,000 Bonus for Indians

BC.GAME India Review 2022 BC.GAME India Review 2022
Up to ₹57,000 First Deposit Bonus

BlueChip India Review 2022 BlueChip India Review 2022
Up to ₹75,000 Welcome Bonus

22Bet Casino India Review 2022 22Bet Casino India Review 2022
100% up to ₹25,000 Bonus for All New Players

Hands down, the best selection for Indian players even in 2022!

1XBet India Casino Review 2022 1XBet India Casino Review 2022
100% Up-To ₹10,000

Great games and promotions for Indian players

Betway Casino India Review 2022 Betway Casino India Review 2022
100% up to ₹50,000 Bonus For All New Players

Very friendly for Indian players

4RABET India Review 2022 4RABET India Review 2022
200% up to ₹20,000 Bonus

Dafabet Casino Review 2022 Dafabet Casino Review 2022
100% up to ₹8,000 Bonus for All New Players

Royal Panda Casino Review 2022 (for Indian Players) Royal Panda Casino Review 2022 (for Indian Players)
100% up to ₹1,00,000 Bonus

Indian Online Gambling Apps – Complete Comprehensive Guide

As we mentioned earlier in our introduction, we are here to offer an in-depth analysis of the best casino apps for gambling in India. Our team has tested most apps in India and even played their games. The apps we suggest are safe for players In India. We don’t just pick apps that come our way; we have a strategy in place so that the options we present to you are fair.

We understand that the online casino market is saturated with many players. That is why we only recommend apps from trustworthy game providers or software developers. We check on the adaptability of the apps to various devices for use in mobile phones or laptops. Ordinarily, we prefer those supported by Android and iOS devices which are standard systems in India.

We do a background inspection on the app and analyze the kind of reviews from other users. We examine several guidelines in recommending an online app to our clients.

For beginners, we look at the bonus criteria and whether it’s desirable for Indian players.

Other things we pay attention to include the loyalty program, the payout ratio, reliability and whether the apps support standard payment solutions in India

What Is The Difference Between Casino Apps And Browser Casinos?

In India, Online casinos offer two types of games, those that you can play on a browser and those that you need to download on your smartphone or tablet. Here we highlight the differences between casino apps and browser apps.

Casino Apps


Browser Apps

Requires download from App Store or Play Store.
Users play games directly from a casino’s website.
The main options are Android and iOS device.
You can play from a computer, laptop or any device.
Convenient to play on the go on your phone or tablet.
Requires a reliable internet connections.
Requires a reliable internet connection.
The choice of games is unlimited.
Free mobile slots don’t require signing up or downloading for you to play. You can play instantly on the casino website.
Under real money, users can sign-up, download the apps, deposit, place a bet, and withdraw rewards.
Only a few games can adapt to mobile phones screen.
There are multiple features that improve user experience.
Some features can’t be optimized for smartphone adaptability.
There’s no need to keep on updating the browser for current setting.
Requires software license
Requires software license

“Fake “Casino APPS- Avoid using from App store

Every online gambler dreams of striking rich, of course after staking money.

However, this dream can easily be watered down when you encounter a fake casino app.

If you’re a beginner, the temptation to win real money can drive you into the hands of scammers who are out to deceive you. What are Fake apps, and how can you avoid them? Keep reading as we share the tips.

A fake casino app is a copy of an original app. It mimics a real app and will deceive you into thinking it’s what you’re searching for. When you type the apps name on your Android or iOS search boxes, you might find several other apps with the same name and logo appearing on the list. These apps will not win you any money, and their wins or prizes are fictitious.

One way to beat this is to click on the app, read the reviews and look the ratings. But who has time for all that? We agree that time is precious, and it can be tedious clicking on every app and reading the reviews.

The only viable option is to avoid downloading the casinos from the App Store or play store. Download the app straight from a Casino website. We also recommend the best casino apps for Indian players.

Our Recommended Real Money Casino Apps

Now we have a basic understanding of what Fake casino apps are and how to avoid them. We’ve done detailed research of the Indian gambling industry, and below here, we recommend the best real money casino apps. Unlike Fake apps, the real apps will win you real money.

Legitimate online casinos in India have secure mobile casino and apps for their clients. These are downloadable from the website via a link. We recommended Indian players to avoid free apps as they’re not genuine. You’ll not be charged anything to download the real apps as long as your phone is compatible. They are rich in features, and the inter-phases are highly optimized for use in smartphones.

We recommend the following real money casino apps in India

Royal Panda

Royal Panda is one of the most popular online casinos in India. For this reason, you can download the casino app straight from the website and benefit from a wide range of features. There are impressive bonuses for first-time players and supports several payment solutions.


LeoVegas is yet another reputable online casino in India and has an app version that you can download and play games. There are many games and stunning features that will keep you on edge. There is also a welcoming bonus when you deposit access to several incentives and payment solutions.

How To Download A Real Money Casino App On Your Phone?

Whereas the market is overflowing with real money casino app, not all are compatible with all types of phones. Also, it can be hard to find a casino with a wide variety of casino games, fat jackpots and faster payouts.

  • By being a member of a reputable casino, you’ll have an opportunity to download its app and access a lot of services.
  • The first step is to sign up
  • Create an account by filling the sign-up form.
  • Choose a username and choose a unique password.
  • Click on download icon depending on the device you’re using
  • Installation commences, and the app is stored in your phone’s memory

Below here, we have a step by step process of how to download a real money app on your Android or iOS device.

Downloading for Android Device


Downloading for an iOS device

Scroll to settings
After initial set-up scroll to app settings on your gadget.
For the app to have rights on your phone, select Allow.
For the app to have rights on your phone, select Trust.
The app is ready for use
our casino is ready for use.
Navigate different menus and test your experience.
Navigate the settings to test your experience.

Best Online Casino Games – All available In Your Mobile App

The advantage of casino apps is that they give you the convenience of playing your favourite game anywhere on the go. You’ll get a real experience of playing online casinos on your phone, stake cash, withdraw winnings, earn bonuses, and play slots and other virtual games conveniently on your mobile device.

Best of all, you can also interact with a real dealer and experience the thrill of a land-based casino right at the palm of your hands.

There are different types of apps you can download on your phone, which include video slots, live casino and sports betting apps.

Video slot apps

Video slot apps are popular in India since they are flexible and you don’t have to visit a land-based casino to play on a slot machine. The jackpots are massive, and you can have access to innovative games. There’s also a chance to bet and win real money. Additionally, video slots have the buttons in the right places such as the lines, cashouts and paytable. Beginners can target small wins while expert players can target progressive slots.

Live casino apps

In India, there are few land-based casinos where players can interact with real human dealers. However, with improvements in technology, live casinos are common in most online casinos. Even better, live casino apps are available for download from major websites where you can bet and interact with real dealers.

Sports betting apps

Major casinos in India also offer sports betting apps for download for their players. These are popular for sports lovers. You can place bets for popular games such as crickets or football leagues. You also get notifications on your phone on possible odds.

Does Casino Apps Play To Safe In India?

As we saw earlier, there are many online casinos in India where players can play, bet and win real money. These casinos provide apps that players can download to their smartphones. Normally these apps are safe, and that’s why we recommend downloading from a reputable website. For a casino to have an app, there are strict laws that it must adhere to and which ensures data protection for the players.

The level of security and data encryption is one of the stringent in the world to prevent hackers, scammers, identity theft and money laundering. For instance, all the online casinos at the pro Indian casino must have in place security installations for their apps.

In India, it’s relatively safe to install the app but only download from a reputable website. We have recommended the best casinos in India in our review guide.

Payment Methods Available At Online Gambling Apps

When you download the online gambling apps, the next step, of course, is to bankroll your cash, play and possibly win. For this to happen there must be a payment platform for depositing and withdrawing cash.

Before you download the app, it’s vital to consider the payment methods of the online casino and whether it’s favourable to you. As a tradition, we only recommend those casinos whose payment methods are reputable and acceptable in India.

Depending on your preference, you can choose e-wallet platforms such as Neteller or Skrill. However, you need to sign-up with those platforms and have your account approved.

Lastly, Google pay, Paytm methods are also acceptable.

Mobile Apps Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

How do I download the best casino apps for my device?

You can download the latest casino from the online casino website. Simply create an account and navigate to the app section. Select either Android or iOS, depending on your device preference.

How can I ensure the payment system is secure when using a mobile app?

Normally mobile apps in India are safe, and the security system is highly encrypted. Nonetheless, it's important to download only genuine apps from a reputable online casino website?

How can I differentiate between a real money and fake casino app?

Fake casino apps are available in the app store and are fictitious. Although they try to deceive users into believing they are genuine, you don't get to win any money even after placing a bet. A real money app is available for download from the online casino website.

How do I know if my phone is compatible for casino apps?

The Indian market Android and iOS devices, compatible with mobile apps. Hence, you only need to have reliable internet to access the app.

Will I get all the games after downloading the casino app?

Unlike a real browser, there's no guarantee of getting all the games after you download. This is one shortcoming of a mobile app. Also, the features may not be fully optimized for mobile view.

Do casino apps provide live games?

Again, that depends on the casino provider. Some reputable online casinos have live provisions for their players.


Our review has dwelt on the pain points of mobile apps in India, how to download, key features and payment solutions. We hope that now you have the best knowledge of casino apps for gambling in India. Additionally, you can also tell the difference between a fake and a real mobile app.

If you’re a beginner, the information is useful as you kick start your journey. The most important thing is to learn how to sign-up with an online casino and download a real app where you can play games and stake. Our website is rich in information, and you’ll get everything you need to know about gambling in India. Mobile apps offer the convenience of playing anywhere, and you wouldn’t want to miss having one on your phone.