How to Claim a No Deposit Bonus in India?

We are conditioned to take note of free things, which goes for taking the free bonuses that online casinos have in store for us. The best one is the no deposit bonus that most online casinos in India provide for their new members. The no deposit bonus is appealing, and since it is free money, you can’t lose anything if you use them to gamble. We’ve done detailed research into the no deposit bonuses online casinos in India have, and we bring you everything you need to know about them here.

What Is a No Deposit Bonus?

The no deposit bonus is the free bonus an online casino gives you upon registering to the platform, which you can use to play certain games. As the name explains, you don’t need to deposit to be eligible to claim the no deposit bonus – you only need to register to the platform, and you’ll get a measure of free money to play.

The no deposit bonus is free money the player can use to gamble without investing their own money!

The no deposit option allows new members and novice players to get familiar with the casinos’ offers, games, and other features. The no deposit bonus does not benefit the casino as much as it benefits the new players. Still, many casinos have them to attract and entice new members to join their website.

How to Claim a No Deposit Bonus in India?

Claiming a no deposit bonus is effortless, as all you need to do is become a member of an online casino platform with this kind of bonus for newly signed-up members. Here is a step-by-step outline of how to claim a no deposit bonus that is found in most online casinos:

  1. Find a casino that provides a no deposit bonus
  2. Create an account with the online casino
  3. Opt-In for the no deposit bonus
  4. Once the deposit is credited to your account, start playing the games
The no deposit bonuses are a favorite thing among Indian casino players!

Not all online casinos in India offer a no deposit bonus; use our reviews to find one with a no deposit offer for newly registered players.

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Types of No Deposit Bonuses

Now that you know how to claim a no deposit bonus offer, let’s talk about what are the most common types of no deposit bonuses online casinos have for you:

  • Free Spins – self-explanatory term, as free spins are what the name says: free spins you can use to play slot games. These usually come with lower wagering requirements and can be used on preselected slot games.
  • Free Bets – the free bet no deposit casino bonus is a small cash sum you can use to wager on a casino game. The free bets almost always have wagering requirements in place.
Some online casinos grant small cash amounts to new members!
  • Cashable No Deposit Bonuses – cashable no deposit bonuses are no deposit bonuses that can be withdrawn as cash amounts after satisfying the T&Cs and wagering requirements.
  • Non-Cashable No Deposit Bonuses – the non-cashable no deposit bonuses can only be used to play casino games and can’t be withdrawn.
The cashable no deposit bonuses have higher wagering requirements; non-cashable no deposit bonuses have lower wagering requirements.

Pros and Cons of No Deposit Bonuses

If you wonder whether the no deposit bonus is worth it, then you can check out our pros and cons table, where we list the good and bad sides of using a no deposit bonus:

Pros Cons
Play casino games without making a deposit Free spins can be used only on select slots
A free chance to win real money No deposit bonuses have higher wagering requirements
Compare casino games for free
Novice players can learn to play casino games for free
Better bankroll management

No Deposit Bonus on Mobile Casinos/Mobile Apps

As all online platforms have gone mobile, online casinos have followed suit, and now almost all online casinos that accept players from India have a mobile app or are optimized for mobile use. Serving Indian players better means the online casinos have special incentives for mobile users, which often include a no deposit bonus.

To stimulate the casino users to use the mobile platform, many have even more appealing no deposit bonuses for the players who will sign up using the mobile app. Some casinos have exclusive no deposit bonuses for mobile users, allowing players to play exclusive mobile casino games.

What to Know Before Claiming a No Deposit Bonus in India?

In the interest of keeping our status as the go-to site when it comes to online gambling for Indian players, we need to outline the vital things you need to be aware of before you claim a no deposit bonus at an online casino in India. There is usually a long list of requirements and T&Cs you need to know, as simply handing over free cash to newly registered casino players would defeat the casino’s goal of earning money.

T&Cs are in place to ensure players wager more money than the casino gives for free, thus ensuring the casino earns revenue.

T&Cs to Check When Claiming a No Deposit Bonus in India

Here is an outline of the main T&Cs you need to check before opting for a no-deposit casino bonus in India:

Type of bonus – Check the type of bonus the casino has. Is it a free spin bonus, free money, or another no deposit bonus promotion.

Time limit – the no deposit bonus often has a short time limit, meaning it is eligible for a limited number of days after initial registration. These usually range from 48 hours to seven days.

Game eligibility – the no deposit bonuses can often be used only for specific games that the casino predetermines.

Wagering requirements – all casino bonuses, the no deposit bonus included, come with wagering requirements that you need to fulfill to make a withdrawal. These are a protection from scams against the casinos, as you need to bet from 1x to 70x (or more) to be eligible to make a withdrawal of the winnings made using the no deposit bonus.

Withdrawal terms – most bonuses have specific withdrawal terms, and the no deposit bonuses at online casinos are usually capped at a determined sum like $100 or something similar.

Why Opt-In for the No Deposit Bonus in Indian Casinos – Final Advice

Before you go and join an online casino platform with a tempting no deposit bonus, here is some final advice we feel we need to share with you related to using a no deposit bonus at online casinos:

  • Check the type of no deposit bonus
  • Check the games that are eligible to be played with the no deposit bonus
  • Check the desktop and mobile accessibility of the no deposit bonus
  • Check the T&Cs related to the no deposit bonus
  • Check the wagering requirements related to the no deposit bonus

Lastly, we’ve covered all the essential knowledge you need to be aware of when it comes to no deposit bonuses, and we can freely share a list of online casinos that we’ve thoroughly researched and reviewed, and we know accept players from India and have appealing no deposit bonuses:

Your Bonus
Up To ₹10,000 Bonus for Indians
100% up to ₹20,000 Welcome Bonus for New Casino Players
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100% up to ₹8,000 Bonus for All New Players
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100% up to ₹80,000 Bonus


Are no deposit bonuses a scam?

No, the no deposit bonus online casinos have is not a scam. The online casinos provide these to tempt new members and allow them the chance to get familiar with the casino’s games.

Why do online casinos have no deposit bonuses?

Online casinos allow no deposit bonuses to tempt new players to join their platform, to get familiar with the games, and give them the taste of gambling without using their own money.

How do casinos afford the large no deposit bonuses?

Online casinos afford the large no deposit bonuses because they don’t actually give you the cash to withdraw, but they grant a credit that the players use to play the games. Also, the no deposit bonuses come with high wagering requirements, which guarantee the players will wager several times to bonus amount, thus making the no deposit bonus sound advertising.

Why do some online casinos have and others don’t have any deposit bonuses?

It depends solely on the online casino’s discretion and advertising policy.

What is the biggest no deposit bonus for Indian players?

There are different no deposit bonuses available for Indian players. You can check out the no deposit bonus amounts on some of the best online casinos available for Indian players that we’ve reviewed for you.

Is the no deposit bonus free money?

Yes, the no deposit bonus is free money that can only be used to play casino games. In rare cases, the no deposit bonus amount can be withdrawn only after all the T&Cs are satisfied and the wagering requirements are fulfilled.

Is it possible to satisfy the no deposit wagering requirements?

It depends on the wagering requirements the online casino has in place. For example, there are online casinos that have a 1x wagering requirement that is pretty easy to satisfy. On the other hand, there are online casinos with no deposit bonuses that come with 50x or 70x requirements that are much more difficult to satisfy.