Is Betway Legal in India: Can You Legally Gamble at Betway in India?

Betway is among the most popular online gambling and betting platforms for Indian people, as this platform has impressive casino games and sports betting options for Indians. Betway is also licensed and regulated by the Malta and UK Gaming Commissions, which proves that the platform is legit and safe to use. Now let’s look more closely at whether Betway is legal in India and explain the key features of how Betway is legal in India.

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Is Betway Legal in India?

Betway is legal in India – that is the short answer. But let’s discuss how and why Betway is legal in this Asian country. India does not have any laws prohibiting access to online betting platforms, which allows online platforms like Betway to provide their services to Indian residents freely.

The majority of Indian states follow the Public Gambling Act of 1867, which is a seriously outdated law. Per this law, running and visiting public betting houses is prohibited, and only games of skill are allowed. Since this law does not mention anything about accessing online gambling and betting platforms, Betway and similar websites can be legally used by Indian people.

If things are unclear, let’s take, for example, the online gambling options for people from the USA. This country has a similar situation as India, with a federal law prohibiting access to online casinos, but has only states that have updated their gambling laws and they allow their residents legal access to online casinos.

Can You Bet Online in India?

Legally speaking, you can bet online in India, but only because there is no modern law regulating this field. Online betting in India is the subject of several laws, including the Public Gambling Act of 1867 and several other laws regulating some aspects of online activity related to online gambling and betting.

Indian states like Goa and Sikkim have legally regulated gambling in the state and have land-based casinos. There are only two Indian states that have updated their state laws regarding access to online gambling; these are Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, where online gambling is strictly banned. All other states have no law explicitly regulating access to online gambling websites, thus making it possible for Indian people to join an online gambling website like Betway.

Conditions Proving Betway is Legal in India

Now that we outlined the legality of online gambling websites in India, let’s talk more about how Betway is legal in India. For any online casino to be legit and able to provide their services to people, they need to have a suitable license and several other conditions that we’ll outline here.

Registered and Licensed Company

For an online casino website to be legitimate, it must be registered and licensed, preferably by a reputable casino licensing entity. In the case of Betway, this online casino is licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority and the UG Gambling Commission.

The Malta Gaming Authority, or MGA is among the strictest and most reputable online casino licensing bodies that ensure the online casinos they license uphold all the rules and regulations. However, Betway is also licensed by the UK Gambling Commission. This premier online licensing commission ensures that each online casino they regulate is adhering to the strict rules they have.

Thus, Indian players can freely enjoy joining Betway, placing bets, and playing all the exciting casino games this website has to offer.

Seated Outside India

The following condition that makes an online casino and sportsbook like Betway legal in India is for the platform to be seated outside India. Betway is based in Malta, a European country where gambling is legal. Since the condition states that any offshore online casino can be freely used in India, accessing Betway is completely safe; you will not be breaking any laws if you join the fun at this betting website in India.

Accepting Players from India

An apparent condition for an online casino to be allowed in India is for it to accept players from this country. Betway easily fulfills this condition, as this website accepts players from many countries, India included. The online casino platform has also ensured they have all the Indian-favorite sports to bet on, like horse racing betting, cricket betting, and even kabaddi; they also have Indian-favorite casino games like Teen Patti and Andar Bahar.

Accepting Payments in Indian Rupees 

Per the Indian Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA), only licensed exchange agents can convert currency in India. It also relates to online payments and the accepted payment methods at online casinos. Betway is also a step ahead; the Betway online casino platform accepts deposits in various currencies, including Indian Rupees.

How Can You Legally Deposit Money and Withdraw on Betway?

To be entirely on the safe side when using online casino websites like Betway, Indian punters should prefer to use Indian-based payment methods. While this is not always necessary, and many globally accepted casino payment methods like Visa, MasterCard, Skrill, and Neteller are accessible and legal, it is better to use Indian-based payment methods.

Making financial transactions like deposits and withdrawals on Betway is easy, safe, and secure. To better cater to Indian players, Betway provides different options for making transactions on the platform: PayTM, UPI, PhonePe, Google Pay, Much Better, and bank transfer.

Indian Betway members have a minimum amount they can deposit on the website, which is ₹500. Overall, depositing funds on Betway is effortless, as this online casino and sportsbook has ensured everyone can quickly start using their services.

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For the quickest and safest results, we recommend our Indian readers join Betway and deposit money using UPI, as this is India’s premier payment method that allows fast, simple and secure online payments. Still, below is a table outlining the possible deposit and withdrawal methods Indians can use on Betway.

Payment Method Deposit Min. Deposit Deposit Time Withdrawal Min. Withdrawal Withdrawal Time
Visa Yes ₹500 Instant Yes ₹500 5-7 Days
MasterCard Yes ₹500 Instant Yes ₹500 5-7 Days
PayTM Yes ₹500 Instant Yes ₹1000 7 Days
UPI Yes ₹500 Instant Yes ₹1000 1-2 Days
Skrill Yes ₹500 Instant Yes ₹1000 15 minutes
Neteller Yes ₹500 Instant Yes ₹1000 15 minutes
Bank Transfer Yes ₹1000 Instant Yes ₹1000 1-2 Days

Top Tips to Use Betway in India!

We have been very thorough and covered all the aspects of why Betway is legal in India so there is no confusion among our readers. But since we are being thorough, here are some tips to help guide you and use Betway in India safely while enjoying all its offerings:

Sign Up on Betway With Ease

Signing up on Betway from India is seamless, as the platform has a simple sign-up form you fill out, and your account will be ready in seconds. After that, the platform will send you a welcome email, and you’ll need to fill in all the account details.

Please note that Betway adheres to the KYC/AML policies and will require you to verify your account, so you should use the correct information. If you try to lie on your account, the platform will suspend you.

Sign Up on Betway

Deposit Indian Rupees Using Indian Payment Methods

Indian Betway members get plenty of payment methods they can use to deposit funds to the online casino, but the best are the Indian payment methods. The great thing is that all the Indian-favorite methods like UPI, PhonePE, PayTM, Much Better, and others are available here. Also, make sure you always deposit money in Indian Rupees to avoid breaking the rules of FEMA and losing money in conversion fees.

Utilize the Betway Welcome Bonus

Betway has different welcome bonuses for its new members – people can opt-in for different welcome bonuses like the casino welcome bonus, live casino welcome bonus, sports welcome bonus, a matched free bet bonus, eSports welcome bonus and more.

You can choose to participate in any one of these and get free money to bet and gamble with. Still, we need to note that these come with T&Cs like bonuses are valid for only seven days and come with accompanying wagering requirements.

Start Small and Spread Your Funds

Both novice and experienced Indian gamblers who’ve joined Betway should assume an intelligent strategy of starting small. You should start with lower or minimum bets and play the minimum stakes in a casino game. Using this strategy, you can more easily spread your money, take lower risks and increase your winning chances by playing more games with less money.

Look for the Games With Low House Edge

The house edge is always calculated in the odds with online casinos and sports betting platforms like Betway. To get a better chance, you should look for the games on Betway with the lowest house edge and the highest RTP (return to player). This is a valuable skill, as you can hone your betting and gambling strategy to increase your chances of winning big money on Betway from India.


Is Betway safe to use in India?

Betway is safe to use in India as it has a valid SSL certificate and proper data encryption. Also, the Betway platform fulfills all the conditions that make it legal to use in India: it is hosted outside India, has Maltese and UK gambling licenses, accepts Indian players, accepts deposits in Indian Rupees, and has all the Indian-favorite payment methods.

What payment methods are accepted at Betway?

Betway has a lot of available payment methods; for Indian players, Betway provides UPI, PhonePe, PayTM, NetBanking, Google Pay, Much Better, AstroPay, Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, etc.

Can I legally withdraw my winnings from Betway in India?

Yes, you can legally withdraw your winnings from Betway in India. You can use one of the Indian-preferred withdrawal methods and withdraw your winnings in Indian Rupees.

Do I have to pay taxes on my Betway winnings in India?

Yes, you must pay taxes on your winnings from Betway in India. Indian federal law stipulates a 31.2% income tax rate on anything over ₹10,000 a year. You are required to declare your yearly income, including offline or online income, including your Betway winnings.