Which casino game can help me win faster and bigger prizes?

Looking for some real money casino games that offer Instant and huge winning payouts? Online gambling has gained immense popularity in the recent few years. The reason is people are earning a considerable amount playing online games.

Plenty of online casinos are available on the internet, offering a wide range of games. On this page, we’ll unleash the Top #2 casino games with huge potential of winning.

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Top #2 Casino Games with high RTP

We have shortlisted these two games considering many factors like speed, reliability, device compatibility, and robust software. Both the games are entirely different from each other. One is entirely luck-based, while the other needs skills to win.

The RTP in both games is impressive, and payouts are instantly credited to your account without any complexities. Let’s learn how to play at online casinos in India?

Casino Games with high RTP

#1. Jhandi Munda

Originated in Arunachal Pradesh, Jhandi Munda is a popular traditional game of India. The game is also known as crown-anchor in European countries and is Nepal’s most played casino game. 

Jhandi is a Hindi slang used to represent a flag, whereas Munda refers to the symbol of anchor or boy. It’s a unique and exciting dice game that deserves to be tried at least once. Winning or losing is a matter of luck. 

What’s the objective of Jhandi Munda?

The aim is to make the right predictions about the most likely picture, or symbol that will appear on the 6 dice rolled together.

How to play Jhandi Munda?

The game comes with easy-to-understand rules and a betting system. Playing online Jhandi Munda is one of the easiest ways to win at casinos. Six dice are rolled together in one go. Each side of the dice contains different Jhandi, Munda, Heart, Spade, Club, and Diamond symbols.

So that means we have a total of 6×6=36 symbols. The player has to place the bet before the dice are rolled together. Players are free to place bets on one or multiple symbols as per their budget.

The casino player has to predict the accurate number of symbols that will appear on the dice. In case they win, payouts are instantly credited to the casino account.

Where to play Jhandi Munda?

We suggest visiting the Jeetwin casino. This popular gambling site is legal, safe, and provides diverse payment methods to make online deposits. Jhandi Munda offers a relatively high RTP of 97.14 that means the house edge lies at 2.86%.

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#2. Teen Patti

Who doesn’t know about Teen Patti in India? The game belongs to India. Also referred to as flush/Flash or 3-card brag in other regions of the world. The game is often compared with the European card game poker.

The most strategic card game has become a favorite among casino players. The game is best played with 6-7 players. You can easily find this game on almost every local as well as international casino site. 

What is the objective of Teen Patti?

As the name suggests, Teen represents the card, and Patti refers to cards. So basically, you have to To make the best three-hand value and get the boot amount by winning over all the players on the table.

How to play Teen Patti?

How to play Teen Patti?

Teen Patti takes some time to know the rules and card rankings. It’s the card ranking that plays a crucial role in winning or losing the game.  Let’s  take a quick overview of the game:

  • First of all, it’s essential to know the betting system, stakes, and hand values.
  • Three cards are dealt with each player and dealer.
  • Players can either raise or pass the bet.
  • The betting continues until a single players win the game.

Where to start playing Teen Patti?

Teen Patti game is readily available on almost all the online casinos in India. The Teen Patti app is also available for iOS/Android devices and is compatible with different devices like tablets, desktops, laptops and, smartphones.

The additive advantage is you can easily play the Teen Patti at foreign-based casinos accepting Indian currency. So there is no issue of money conversion charges and taxes. Teen Patti offers an  RTP of 97.39%. All you need to do is create and verify your casino account, make a deposit, and get started playing Teen Patti.

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