Best Live Casinos In India – How To Play Live Casino?

A live casino can be described as an authentic or real casino where real players interact with real dealers. Unlike the traditional casino where you’d have to visit a land-based casino to play a real game, everything is done online with a live casino.

In a live casino, real dealers have major function which including placing bets and chatting with players.

A live casino offers a middle-ground between a land-based casino and an online casino. Therefore you get to choose to interact with an authentic dealer, which gives you the actual feel of being in a casino. In India, live casinos are very popular, and we have the best live casino recommendations on our website.

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Comparing the best Live Casino & Land-Based Casino In India

Casinos are popular in India, and many states allow players to bet and win prizes. Although land-based casinos have been around for many decades, the live casinos are now trendy thanks to the convenience of playing anywhere.

Land-based casinos are allowed in a few states, and the main disadvantage is that they are less and far apart. For this reason, live casinos offer Indian players the opportunity to play, win bonuses, and bets even at home.

Furthermore, you can play a live casino and chat with a real human dealer. The few states that allow live casinos include Sikkim, Daman, and Goa. Some of the best live casinos include BetWay and 22bet.

In our review we’re going to compare the best live casino dealers vs. real dealers in India.

The Most Popular Live Casino Games

In India, there are different varieties of live casino games that are popular amongst Indian players. In our comprehensive review, we shall look at the most popular so that you can have a clear understanding of each and choose your best option. Our collection is aimed at matching your busy lifestyle so that you can play your game anywhere.

1) Live Baccarat

It’s not hard to find a live Baccarat dealer in India and is the best live casino. Most online live casinos offer this game, and we have some recommendations on our website. There are many live casinos where you can play live Baccarat, such as BetWay, LeoVegas and Royal Panda. There are different variations and these include; mini-bac and squeeze.

In Live Baccarat, you’ll need to peel a card with possible outcomes. Here, options are limited, and the game is filled with fun and suspense.

2) Live Roulette

You can play Live Roulette in India from the many live dealers available. However, it’s important to note that there are different variations of roulette offered by leading casinos. It’s also available as a mobile app for your convenience. Some of the best live casinos to play live roulette include Royal Panda and Leo Vegas.

3) Live Blackjack

Live Blackjack is available in major online live casinos in India. On our website, we recommend only the genuine casinos where you can bankroll your cash. There are two ways to play blackjack in Indian casinos. You can play the power strategy where you can boost your winning at a fast rate or the full table option where the chance to lose is slower.

4) Live Hold’em

Casino Hold’em is popular in live casinos in India, where the best card wins the bet. Here the poker has five cards, and after you’ve placed your ante, you can get an extra bet. There are two cards with holes for the players and the dealer. The common cards are spread out to the community.

5) Live Teen Patti

Live Teen Patti is the best live casino available in many casinos websites in India, such as LeoVegas. This game is both exciting, and the majority of Indian players love playing it. It’s one of the easiest casino games, and likewise, there’s a high chance of winning. Even better, there are bonuses available to the players. The game has a user-friendly interface that even beginners find easy to navigate.

Other Live Dealer Games that we have

Other than the above mentioned casino live dealer games, India has a collection of different live dealer games, which we shall discuss shortly. As you choose the best live casino dealer game, there are things that you need to keep your eyes on, such as bonuses, software providers, payment methods, and table limits.

Live Casinos In India

1) Live Sic-Bo

Sic Bo is a popular game in India that originated in China but has spread its wings all over the world. It involves the use of dice and is a game of luck. It’s present under the live dealers’ sections of online casinos. Like many live casino games, it has different variations. Live Sic Bo has a live dealer, a player, and a banker with three dices and different outcomes ranging between 3-18.

2) Live Dragon Tiger

Like the other live casino dealer games we’ve discussed in our review, Live Dragon Tiger involves engaging with real dealers. This game is popular in Asia, and India is no exception. It’s more like an upgraded version of a baccarat game from the giant software developer Evolution gaming. The game involves predicting the topmost card and placing your bet.

3) Live Dream catcher

Live Dream catcher is an innovative game from Evolution Gaming, which is available in reputable Indian live casinos. The live dealer operates huge vertical wheels where you can bankroll your money and win big money. This prominent game is a thriller, and the live dealers run the show. They are full of energy, and the game is simple to play.

What Is the Difference between Live Dealers and Regular Casinos?

Live Dealers


Regular Casino Games

Players interact with real dealers and there are live chats which create a live atmosphere. A live casino only avails few games whose stakes are high. There is limited game selection.
Players control the game, pause and multi-task. There are no live dealers and you have the flexibility to do other things as you play the game.
There are fewer seats and tables can fill very fast. There is a limited capacity on the number of players who can play each round.
There is no competition for seats amongst players since there are many seats and tables.
Players can interact with other players and see them typing. They can also chat amongst themselves and a live dealer can join the discussion.
Although it’s hard to see the activities of other players such as typing, there are poker games where you can play with real players.
Players and dealers stake real money and the payout rate is high. There’s a low chance of errors since the live dealers run the show.
There are automatic chips and betting cards. Players can bet with chips instead of real money.
Since a live casino operates like a land-based casino, players can tip the dealers.It’s expensive to run tables since the dealers must be paid their remuneration and other costs.
There are no tips for dealers and it’s cheaper to run the betting tables.
Players play real time and the dealers decide on the time limits. There’s no wastage of time.
The live casino game is not real time and players get to choose when to play with no dealer controlling their time.

Largest Selection of Live Casino Tables in India

Due to many online live casinos in India, it can be difficult deciding the best option to play a live game and win. If you’d like to explore and sample a number of casino tables, it’s vital to choose a casino with a variety of live tables. After an in-depth analysis, we recommend LeoVegas Live Casino.

LeoVegas Live Casino

LeoVegas has a wide collection of live casino tables in India, and when you compare it to other online sites, it comes tops. It has exclusive tables where players can interact with the real dealers.

You can play many live casino games here, and these include blackjack, baccarat, roulette, wheel of fortune, and more. Best of all, there are many live tables that you can indulge for an extended period.

One unique thing about LeoVegas is that it has top-notch live tables and in-house dealers. In addition, there are some live tables from other providers. Moreover, depending on your preference, you can choose high or low stake tables. Whether you’re an expert or a beginner, there’s a table for everyone.

Best Possible ways to deposit the Money on LeoVegas in India

The majority of online gamblers in India worry about depositing and receiving money at various online live casinos. Luckily, LeoVegas has a simplified way through which Indian players can deposit and withdraw money from the online casino account.

LeoVegas allows for transfer of money to widely used eWallets like Neteller and Skrill. The good news is that you can use a debit, credit, or other acceptable cards for payment in India.

Even better, LeoVegas has an impressive bonus for new players after their deposit. For instance Indian players can get a welcome bonus of a maximum of Rs. 10000 after making their initial deposit. Therefore, with this offer, you can sample different live casino games depending on your needs. Click here to know more about LeoVegas in detail.

Top Live Casino Games In India

We recommend the Royal Panda, another renowned casino in India that offers a wide variety of games from reputable software developers. There are top-rated live casino games where you’ll get to interact with real dealers. In addition, you’ll get substantial progressive jackpots where you stand to win big. Fortunately, it accepts Indian players, and you can stake big or small amounts.

Royal Panda Live Casino

Royal Panda online casino traces its roots to Europe and offers premium games the world over. It’s popular in India due to a wide selection of games for players of different levels of skills. Whether you’re a beginner or a high roller, you can stake your cash in Royal Panda and get to win big money. The games are carefully selected from reputable game developers such as Micro Gaming and Evolution. Here, you’ll get the ultimate live casino experience.

In Royal Panda, you can play two different live roulette variations, which makes it one of the best live casinos in the world. Although the selection of live casino games is relatively smaller, you can be assured of high quality.

How to Deposit the Money on Royal Panda in India

Royal Panda is the best live casino in India that cares about online players when it comes to matters of money. For this reason, it offers a convenient way to deposit and withdraw money for its casino players in India. The options are many that you get under LeoVegas casino. You can use mobile wallets such as Skrill, Paypal, Trustly, and Neteller. Additionally, you can use several acceptable prepaid-cards like AstroPay, which are used all over India. Similarly, the bonuses are very attractive, and you can get a reward of up to Rs.10000 when you make the first deposit. Therefore, Royal Panda will give you an incredible experience to play live casino games in India.

BetWay Casino

BetWay casino is a good choice for new players and professional players in India who roll big money. It has some of the best live casino tables where you can stake your cash. You’ll have VIP treatment as you sip your favorite champagne drink and drive through the magnificent strip as you win millions of rupees. Some of the live casino games you can play are various versions of roulette.

In a BetWay live casino, you get to be part of the draw, and you can spin the legendary roulette wheel to try your luck.

You can also play other thrilling live casino games such as blackjack and get royalty treatment. There’s also a fantastic bonus for new players. One unique thing about the BetWay Casino is that you can play live casino games on your phone, tablet, laptop, or personal computer.

Recommended deposit Payment methods On BetWay Casino

BetWay Casino offers various options through which Indian players can deposit or withdraw their funds. The most popular choice is an e-wallet, which is convenient to most players in India.

You can use Neteller or Skrill to deposit and withdraw money in India. There’s also the option of using credit and debit cards, whether Visa or MasterCard. With BetWay, you have an opportunity to win an impressive welcome bonus of up to Rs 60,000 after you make the first deposit.

Without a doubt, the bonus is one of the biggest in India. Lastly, BetWay live casino is a flexible casino that allows players regardless of their stake amount.

What are online Live Casinos & How do they work?

Online live casinos have taken the gambling industry in India by a storm. They offer a middle ground between a live casino and a land-based casino. In a sense, they are virtual casinos where you get to play via the internet. However, unlike the usual online slot where you get to play alone, live casinos offer the opportunity to interact with a real dealer.

Therefore, you get to play alongside a human dealer, which mimics a land-based casino experience. In India, there are few land-based casinos by a view of the fact that most states prohibit them. Thankfully, with a live casino, you can get to play anywhere. Live casinos are legal in India, and there’s no law prohibiting their presence.

To play in a live casino in India, you need to select a reputable casino where you can stake your cash. We have several recommendations on our website such as BetWay, LeoVegas, and Royal Panda, where you can play live casino. In live casinos, you can play live casino games such as roulette or blackjack from renowned gaming companies.

How to Sign-Up at your Live Casino?

The sign-up process in a live casino in India is simple and straightforward. If you’re a beginner, you’ll need to register with a reputable casino such as BetWay or Royal Panda. Some casinos have promo codes that you can use during the sign-up.

  • Pick a suitable live casino to stake
  • Choose a username
  • Enter your email address
  • Choose a unique password and complete the sign-up process

How do you play Live Casino?

There’s a scenic environment in a live casino that includes a video/audio system that enables players to communicate with the live dealers. Remember, the live dealers manage, shuffle, and deal with the live game.

  • For you to participate in your favorite game, you need to sign in to your casino.
  • Choose the payment method and make the first deposit. Here you can use an e-wallet or use a secure method such as a debit/credit card.
  • Using the navigation icon, scroll to where the live dealer is and choose the game you’d like to play.
  • Read through the rules so that everything is clear from the onset. Remember, live casino games have a 50/50 chance of winning, and it’s essential to understand and master all the rules.
  • For you to win, you need a combination of luck and strategy. Before you stake your cash, it’s vital to understand all the odds. Blackjack live casino games have the edge over the other games, and the odds have a high chance of winning.
  • During a game, you can ask questions to the live dealer via the chat section. They can also participate in live chats between players.
  • Another function is to draw and play cards from the roulette wheel. The betting table is a computer-generated set-up where you can choose your bet and choose your wager amount in live roulette. These items are placed on a table alongside the live dealer.

How can you deposit the money into a Live Casino?

There are different ways through which you can deposit money in a live casino. You can use the eWallet option or debit/card from your bank. The first step is to open a casino account with a reputable casino.

Next, initiate the process from your bank account, mostly a wireless transfer. The amount will be deposited into your casino account. Also, online systems are easy since they allow seamless transfer from e-wallets to your casino account.


Skrill is a popular online payment method that you can use to deposit money to your live casino game. It offers a safe and convenient method through which you can transfer money to a live casino website. The good news is that Skrill is acceptable to many regions of the world, including India. Therefore, Indian players will find favor in using this method.


Additionally, Skrill is acceptable by reputable online casinos such as Bet365. You’ll need to open a Skrill account by signing up with your email. You’ll be sent a verification link, and once your account is validated, you can deposit money from your bank account to Skrill. When depositing to an online casino, you can select Skrill as your payment method.

Local Indian Bank Deposit

Some Live casinos such as Betway in India allow players to deposit or withdraw using the local India bank transfer. In this method, you need to activate bank transfers from your bank to make online payments. Next, money is wired directly from your bank account to the live casino account.

It’s a straightforward process since many Indian banks have gone online and allow their customers to make secured payments. You only need to register for online banking. However, only reputable casinos accept this method, and as a precaution, you need to check with your local Indian bank for any rules regarding its use in betting.

Debit / Credit Card

Debit/Credit cards are top-rated among Indian online players. However, due to security issues surrounding the use of cards, it’s important to only play in reputable casinos such as BetWay, LeoVegas, and Royal Panda, as we recommended earlier. These two methods are widely accepted worldwide, and if you’re traveling, you can still pay or withdraw from anywhere.

Debit / Credit Card

With a debit card, you must have money in your bank account, and most banks require users to activate their cards for online transactions. You’ll have an arrangement with your bank to pay later for services or goods purchased for a credit card.


PayPal works in the same manner as Skrill and is simply a mobile wallet that you can use to make payment online. Globally, PayPal is a widely accepted method that is safe and secure. In India, most reputable casinos accept players to deposit and withdraw money. The first step is to sign up for your PayPal account.

You’ll need a valid email address and a bank account for verification purposes. You’ll also need to link a card to be allowed to make or receive payments via PayPal. Some countries don’t allow PayPal; however, you can use your PayPal account for payments in India.


Paytm is an online payment solution that enables users to transfer money into their e-wallet through digital banking, credit cards, or debit cards. You can also use Paytm to deposit cash through selected banks or their partners in India.

The process is pretty much the same when it comes to depositing or withdrawing cash from a live casino. You’ll need to sign up for a Paytm online account and have an e-wallet. Money transfer is instant, and there are two options to either receive money from your bank account or accept payment.

The advantage of using Paytm is that it’s a seamless account, and it’s not mandatory to have a bank account.


Neteller is a money transfer solution that is both faster and easy. It allows users to make payments and receive money online. It works in the same way as Skrill; however, there are many ways to deposit your money. Also, it has a VIP section where you’ll pay less for higher transactions.

In Indian live casinos, Neteller is widely accepted and is very popular among players. You can connect your Neteller account to your bank account after a verification process. In this way, you can transfer money to make your deposits. Neteller’s unique thing is that you can operate it before verification; however, only a certain limit is allowed.

Mobile and APP Live Casino Dealers




With the digital revolution, there are numerous outlets through which you can play live casino games. You can play on your Android devices, such as smartphones and tablets. You can also play on your iPhone and iPad, which are popular among Indian players.
Some live casinos in India provide Apps to their users. You can download these apps from Google Play or Apple store and get to play your favorite game via your mobile phone. Some game developers, such as Evolution Gaming, are leaders in providing superior delivery through the apps.
Mobile live casino games haven’t been around for long, and before their advent, players could only play on laptops or PCs. Currently; you can play your favorite blackjack, baccarat, or live roulette on your mobile phone. Big names in the casino industry offer online options to players, and Indian casinos have not been left behind. There are commendable steps, and although the screens are smaller, the experience is awesome.
The quality of the videos and navigation helps users enjoy the ultimate casino experience. Some live casinos such as LeoVegas and Unibet offer apps for users to download and play their favorite games such as live roulette and blackjack in India. On our website, we have the best recommendation for the best casinos with App live dealers.

Our Rating Process Of Live Casino Dealers

There are hundreds of live casinos in India, and players have a tough time deciding on the best choice where they can stake money and win. Our reviews offer reliable information to Indian players. Our research is objective and has an in-depth analysis of the reputable casinos in India.

review of Live Casino Dealers

We give recommendations and are experts in rating the best live casino. On our website, we rate the casinos depending on their reputation and licensing. We look at the payment methods offered and whether these are acceptable in India. We explore reviews from other users to get a balanced opinion about a specific casino. Lastly, we consider the bonus offered and the diversity of users to win money.

1) Online Safety

Your safety is an essential consideration as you engage in online gambling. With many scams out there, this is an essential element in which we take key concern. We only recommend the best live casino sites which offer games from trusted developers and those with positive reviews.

2) Reviews

We recommend live casino websites depending on the reviews from previous players. Players will rate a casino depending on the customer service, reliable website, payout history, technical issue, misleading information, slower payouts, few poker tables, etc.

3) Accept Indian Players

It wouldn’t make sense to play in a casino that doesn’t accept Indian players. It’s one of the conditions we look at when recommending live casino sites to our clients.

4) License & Registration

Although live casinos are legal in India, we look at their registration and whether they’re allowed to operate in different Indian states. We also look at the history of registration of such a casino and it’s compliance with local laws.

5) Oldest in the market

Older live casinos are more reliable and genuine than recently launched options. An old casino has a history of payout and reviews from previous users. This information is critical in rating the casinos.

6) Access to different Games

For a live casino to be attractive to many players there should be access to other games. Our recommendation includes those casinos which offer legitimate games such as roulette and baccarat.

7) Quick payout

Most players worry about a delayed payout process after a win. It can be frustrating if you don’t receive your hard-earned money instantly. Our recommendation covers only those casinos that have a faster payout process.

8) 24/7 Responsive Support

Whenever there are technical issues, it would help if they live casino has a 24/7 customer service unit that responds to member’s queries. Most casinos that we recommend have a help tab for the players.

9) Mobile Experience

With busy lifestyles, few people have the luxury of visiting a land-based casino. However, a live casino with a mobile experience for users boosts the convenience of betting anywhere. The casinos we recommend allow users to bet on their mobile phones through apps or live streaming.

Different Software Providers provides Live Indian Casino games

Betting in a live casino has revolutionized the concept of casinos. However, beneath the online casinos are software developers who offer high-quality games. There are many game developers globally, who ensures your live casino experience is thrilling and mimics a land-based casino. The game interphases are impressive with beautiful graphics, videos, and audio.


Evolution Gaming

Evolution gaming is a market leader when it comes to online casino games. It also tops as far as live casino games are concerned. It focuses on superior live casino enjoyment and experience that players can indulge in. It’s an award-winning company with many games to its names. Some of the top games include baccarat, blackjack, casino poker, roulette, and a money wheel.


NetEnt Live

NetEnt Live is a big name in the casino industry. It’s developed high-quality games for many years. It’s a popular creator, and most reputable casinos in India offer games from NetEnt Live. It uses an enhanced approach and has smartly dressed dealers who are experts, professional, and reliable. It promises a 3D experience of live casino for players to immerse themselves in fun.



Playtech is a large game provider for many online casinos. It has wide varieties of games that includes slots and live Indian casino games. The company is not new in the market and has a reputation for premium streams and professional dealers. Their live casino games are world-class and are popular in India. The main highlight of Playtech is the renowned Age of Gods Roulette, which is regarded as a signature game.


Extreme Live Gaming

Extreme is a new game in the casino industry, and although it’s developing, it has made remarkable strides in live casino games. Recently, it got new owners when pragmatic play acquired it and made some changes to the brand. Likewise, the products were rebranded, and it’s gaining popularity in India. It has beautiful games and has a wide color change to boost your overall experience.


Authentic Gaming

Authentic Gaming is a leading developer, especially in the US, where it has collaborated with some land-based casinos like Foxwoods resort to improve its live casino games delivery and experience. It’s also available in leading casinos in India, where you’ll have a chance to stake your money on roulette tables and land-based casinos seamlessly through HD streaming.



Microgaming is one of the oldest live casino games developers in the world. In the past, it was associated with female playboy dealers. However, there have been changes in the recent past, and most of its stake was acquired by Evolution gaming in 2015. But, you can acquire some live casino games since it has automated products in its brand line.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which is the most reliable software developer for live casino in India?

From our analysis, Evolution gaming is the best software developer for live casino with high ratings from users and casinos. Its live casino games include roulette and blackjack, which are popular amongst players.

When can I play live roulette in a live casino in India?

Without a doubt, India has a large collection of live casinos. We have a number of recommendations on our website, and LeoVegas, Royal Panda, and Betway top the list.

Which live casinos in India can I get the highest welcome bonus?

Mostly different casinos have varying offers for their players, and although they may have attractive bonuses, they may stick to the wagering requirement rule where the bonus is spread out. When it comes to payouts, blackjack has high rates, and you can choose to play this game in casino sites.

Can I play live casino games on my mobile phone?

Yes, you can; live casino games in India are compatible with mobile devices to allow users to have flexibility and convenience. Therefore, you can play your live casino game anywhere on the go as long as you have a tablet, smartphone, or laptop.

How can I deposit or withdraw money in a live casino in India?

There are numerous payment solutions available for players in live casinos in India. The most common options include e-wallets such as Skrill, PayPal, and Neteller. You can also pay directly from your local Indian bank and use your debit/credit.

How can I ensure my online safety in a live casino in India?

Your online safety matters since you’re taking money, and there are scammers everywhere. We only recommend legitimate live casino sites on our website with a proven track record. Before you register in any live casino, ensure that it has been registered and is licensed.

What games can I play in a live casino in India?

There are many games you can play in a live casino in India. It’s worth noting that each casino offers a different variety depending on the needs of their players. The most common games you’re likely to find are online live roulette, baccarat, and blackjack.


From our review, India has a wide collection of live casinos that you can indulge, stake money, and win. However, if you’re a beginner, the road may be rough, and choosing a suitable option can be an uphill task. For this reason, we’ve recommended three best live casino where you can bankroll your money and take your chances.

Certainly, LeoVegas, Royal Panda, and Betway are big live casino games. Even as you pick your casino, it’s essential to know the type of games it offers and check on previous players’ reviews. Hopefully, this guide has been helpful, and now you can play your favorite live casino game in India.